Dying Victims Productions Titles in Stock Now

Dying Victims Productions is Germany’s torchbearer of traditional speed/thrash/heavy metal. Don’t miss out on these great titles from them.

Indian Nightmare “Taking back the Land” LP

Second pressing of their killer debut LP in collaboration with Plastic Bomb! International punks based in Berlin worshiping speed/thrash metal!

Vigilance “Steeds of Time” MLP

Great young band from Slovenia! These young guys know really well how to create a harmonic blend of the NWOBHM sound mixed with European speed metal. The vinyl version of their debut EP features a bonus track.

Vigilance “Hounds of Megiddo” LP

The Slovenian maniacs Vigilance leave their eerie Mercyful Fate inspired heavy metal behind and venture into the realm of black/speed metal with raw vocals, evoking a rough early 80s atmosphere.

Mion’s Hill “Torture” LP

The Norwegian horde which hails early black/death metal recorded 4 new tracks which constitute the A side and add a remastered version of their demo on B side.

Blackevil “The Ceremonial Fire” LP

Gatefold LP version of the debut album of German Black thrash insanity. Regular edition on black wax and comes with lyrics on gatefold, a poster, download code and sticker.

Barrow Wight “Power from the East” 7”

Ever thought how a Tolkien worship would sound if a Venom maniac recorded it? Here you go, 4 track 7” by this Canadian old school black thrashers.

Throaat “The Light/Evil Dead” 7”

An authentic and filthy mix of black, thrash and heavy metal in its earliest form. The Youtube link is for a song from a different release but you get the idea.

Satan’s Cross “Satan’s Cross” 7”

Drawing musical and theatrical influences from various forms of extreme metal, Mexican Satan’s Cross are fascinated by the darkness created by such as Mortuary Drape and Death SS. Their debut EP features two tracks mixing together black, heavy, doom and thrash metal elements.

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