Oksennus “Kolme Toista” LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

Oksennus “Kolme Toista” LP/CD/MC

NWN! is honored to announce its forthcoming collaboration with Oksennus. Hailing from Finland, Oksennus has, for the last seven years, quietly and consistently released a succession of demos and EPs, along with two full-length albums, displaying the band’s contorted vision of Death Metal. Oksennus draw upon extraneous sources of inspiration and shape them into something wholly original, yet undeniably captivating. One may draw comparisons to other bands, such as Antediluvian, Lugubrum, or Howls of Ebb, that have warped and shaped the boundaries of their respective genres. It’s a rare achievement when such experiments prove successful, and Oksennus is such an example. Indeed, Oksennus are arguably one of the most intriguing bands to emerge in years. The band is currently completing its third full-length recording, representing the bands most ambitious material thus far. Consisting of a single, sprawling 39-minute composition divided into three 13-minute movements, “Kolme Toista” (“Three Others”) is a monumental work of nuance and dimension.

Winter 2017/2018

Oksennus “Sokea Idiootti” CD is still in stock here.