Snakepit Magazine #18 + Savage Grace “Demo 83″ 7″ Out Now

Snakepit Magazine #18 + Savage Grace “Demo 83″ 7″


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Snakepit returns with a vengeance… and a colored cover ! Issue 18 features, nothing but traditional Heavy, Power, Speed, Thrash Metal one more time with the likes of ARTILLERY, CHARTER, CYCLONE TEMPLE/ ZNOWHITE (exclusive interview with Scott Schaffer !), DECAPITATOR/ NECROPOLIS/ WARGOD, DDT, SLAYER/ KARION/ JAG PANZER/ FATES WARNING/ WARCHILD/ TALISPHERE (Chris Cronk reveals everything !), FISHEL’S BEAST, FRIGID BICH, H-BOMB (the one I should have done in the first place !), HIRAX (Scott Owen speaks about his HIRAX days, something extremely rare !), JUGGERNAUT, KRAKEN, LABEL SPECIAL (Sydney Productions), MORSÜRE (featuring for the first time all members), SAVAGE GRACE (possibly the most in depth interview I’ve ever done ! An absolute MUST for S.G. fans !), SKULLVIEW, TALISPHERE, TNT (France, one of the best Hard Rock bands ever from this country !) and WEHRMACHT !
Not enough? Hmmmmm… as exclusive bonus you will get a 4 track single from the one and only SAVAGE GRACE ! Featuring an extremely rare recording that only a handful of people knew and we thought it would be great to share it with you, die hard Metallers… a demo recorded back in November 83, material that was destined for the first album « Master Of Disguise » but with John Birk on vocals ! So not only it’s a rare performance but also the songs themselves are amongst the strongest ever penned by the band- and it includes a special song that you will discover once you will have the thing into your hands ! Surprise surprise !

First 100 orders will get green vinyl edition of the 7″. This is a first come first serve deal so don’t email me asking to reserve a green vinyl.

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