Оберън (Oberon) “Течен метал (Techen Metal)” LP Coming Soon

Оберън (Oberon) “Течен метал (Techen Metal)” LP

Aborted from the post-Communist slums of Sofia City Bulgaria, ОБЕРЪН (Oberon) was a short lived crude black metal band from the early 90’s. Influenced by Sodom, Venom, and mainly their nightmarish ghetto surroundings, Oberon created bestial metal in the same ugly spirit as the gods of Blasfemia, Parabellum and Poison. Full of teenage aggression, desperation and rebellion, the hooligans left few recordings dating between 1991 and 1993 before fading into the grips of daily life struggles.

Organized by Medarov/Terozin (http://terozin.blogspot.com/)

December 2017