Mefitic Confirmed For Kill Town Death Fest 2018

KTDF announcement #25: Our next announcement will leave you in total darkness and despair, serving as the only Italian band on the festival, we are disgustingly delighted to present to you for the first time in the Nordic lands the cavernous horde of MEFITIC!

The birth of Mefitic dates back to 2004. During nearly ten years of activity, Mefitic have released a collection of demos and splits, lurking in the underground with a few carefully curated live appearances. Nearly six years after the release of their last demo “Signing the Servants of God”, Mefitic emerged from light into utter darkness with the album “Woes of Mortal Devotion”, released under the banner of Nuclear War Now! Productions in 2015. The band has since played few but carefully selected shows, each time succeeding in creating a suffocating atmosphere.

The sonic dimension of Mefitic combines different aspects of death metal that successfully infuse black and doom elements into their own personal anguishing sound. Presenting sharp dissonant, and at times hypnotic riffs that align expertly with a pulsating thundering bass and death rattling vocals – all bringing an aura of despondency and a eternity of raw violent darkness to the stage.

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