Announcement flyer MYSTIFIER NWN

Mystifier Back Catalog Now With NWN!

It is a tremendous honor to announce that NWN! has acquired exclusive rights to the early Mystifier catalog. Mystifier, one of the most revered bands in the underground, has long ...


Eastern Front Records – Closed Until Further Notice

The physical store is currently closed until the quarantine rule is lifted in California. The online NWN shop is still very active and all orders will be sent as quickly ...


Never Surrender Fest Vol. III – Final Lineup Announced

NEVER SURRENDER FEST VOL. III November 5-7, 2020 Columbia Theater Berlin, Germany Facebook Tickets With a final lineup of 28 bands now solidified, the Never Surrender Festival III promises to ...


Ignivomous “Hieroglossia” LP Out Now

Ignivomous “Hieroglossia” LP ANTI-GOTH 464 Hieroglossia by Ignivomous Seven long years after the release of their sophomore album, Contragenesis, Ignivomous return with their third full-length album Hieroglossia. Released in conspiracy ...


EKG “Doom” LP (1992) and Immortallity “Born in a Casket” LP (1993) Out Now

EKG “Doom” LP (1992) ANTI-GOTH 482 Doom by EKG Immortallity “Born in a Casket” LP (1993) ANTI-GOTH 483 Born in a Casket by Immortallity (Bio by C. Conrad) The Czech ...


Cénotaphe “Monte Verità” LP/CD Out Now

Cénotaphe “Monte Verità” LP ANTI-GOTH 481 Monte Verità by Cénotaphe (Description by J. Campbell) In a remarkably short period of time, France’s Cénotaphe have risen from obscurity to become one ...


Norman Shores “De L’ombre Surgit la Lumière” LP Out Now

Norman Shores “De L’ombre Surgit la Lumière” LP ANTI-GOTH 473 De l'ombre surgit la lumière by Norman Shores (Description by J. Campbell) For more than 20 years, French multi-instrumentalist Fog ...

Siege Column online flyer Square

Siege Column “Darkside Legions” LP Coming Soon

Coming This Summer! Siege Column “Darkside Legions” LP ANTI-GOTH 491 Crude evil metal of death. June 2020


Blood And Sun “Love & Ashes” LP/CD Out Now on Nordvis

Released by Nordvis and Officially Distributed in the USA by NWN: Blood And Sun “Love & Ashes” LP/CD Love & Ashes by Blood and Sun With might and heart, Blood ...


Xantotol “Black Doom Metal” MC Out Now

Xantotol “Black Doom Metal” MC ANTI-GOTH 429 Black Doom Metal by Xantotol Though relatively small in terms of population and geographic size, Poland made a significant contribution to the development ...