Dead Christ “Calling Forth the Black Heart of Damnation” Double LP In Stock

BACK IN STOCK! Released by Zombi Danz Records and distributed by NWN: Dead Christ “Calling Forth the Black Heart of Damnation” Double LP -Double heavy black vinyl LPs. -5mm jacket. ...


Thrash/Heavy Metal Essential LPs from HRR In Stock

Released by High Roller Records and distributed by NWN: Infernal Majesty “None Shall Defy” LP Manilla Road “Crystal Logic” LP Violent force “Malevolent Assault of Tomorrow” LP Tank “Filth Hounds ...


Isengard LPs In Stock Now

Released by Peaceville Records and distributed by NWN: Isengard “Spectres over Gorgoroth/Horizons” LP Compilation of their two demos “Spectres over Gorgoroth” 1989 and “Horizons” 1991. Primitive black death metal that ...


Крюкокрест LP and Tapes Back in Stock

Released by New Era and distributed by NWN: Крюкокрест “Домовина” LP/MC Крюкокрест “Демо” Demo Russian raw black metal in the style of ildjarn. Stomping boot to the neck of modernity. ...


Vzörbrëzv Double LP and Nahtrunar LP/CD In Stock

Released by Altare and distributed by NWN: Vzörbrëzv “Unhinged Chants of Darkness” Double LP VzörbrëzV demo compilation, presented as a double LP by Altare. Raw French Black Metal from the ...


Mayhem “Deathcrush” LP/Picture LP In Stock

Released by Back on Black and distributed by NWN: Mayhem “Deathcrush” LP/Picture LP Classic Norwegian death metal from 1987. Click here to order.


Gates of Londra “Gates of Londra” MLP In Stock

Released by Urtod Void and distributed by NWN: Gates of Londra “Gates of Londra” MLP Austrian raw black metal with lyrics based on Moorcock’s “History Of The Runestaff” Written and ...

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Merciless Savagery and True Iron Will LPs Coming Soon

Merciless Savagery “Demo 2020″ LP ANTI-GOTH 642 2020 DEMO by Merciless Savagery Bestial black speed metal from Houston with schooling in Bathory, Witchcraft (Fin), and Sodom. Clunky and ugly as ...


Cosmic Church LPs In Stock

Released by Amor Fati and distributed by NWN: Cosmic Church “Ylistys” Double LP Cosmic Church “Vigilia” LP Cosmic Church “Täyttymys” LP Cosmic Church “Absoluutin Lävistämä” LP/Digipak CD Atmospheric Finnish black ...