Professor Black & Gezol “Tarantula” 7″ Out Now

Professor Black & Gezol “Tarantula” 7″ ANTI-GOTH 373 Tarantula by Professor Black & Gezol (Description by C. Conrad) Nuclear War Now! is proud to announce the release of the “Tarantula” ...

Chaos Echoes Mouvement TS

Chaos Echoes “Mouvement” TS Out Now

Aqueous ink three color print on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes S to XXL. Click here to order.

Dreadful Relic LP cover

Dreadful Relic “Hyborian Sorcery” LP Out Now

Dreadful Relic “Hyborian Sorcery” LP ANTI-GOTH 367 Hyborian Sorcery by Dreadful Relic (Description by J. Campbell) Following closely behind the release of the “Combat Alchemist” 7” comes the first full-length ...

Sabbat envenom

Sabbat “Envenom” Double LP Out Now

Sabbat “Envenom” Double LP ANGI-GOTH 382 Envenom by Sabbat (Description by C. Conrad) Nuclear War Now! Productions is once again proud and honored to continue its longstanding relationship with the ...

Chaos Echoes preview web

Chaos Echoes “Mouvement” LP Out Now

Chaos Echoes “Mouvement” LP ANTI-GOTH 376 Mouvement by Chaos Echoes (Text by J. Campbell) With the 2015 release of their debut album, “Transient,” Chaos Echœs established themselves as not only ...

Gig flyer to promote2

Rites of Thy Degringolade / Profanatica / Auroch EU Tour 2018

“Curling Flame over Europe” tour w/ PROFANATICA (us), RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE (can) and AUROCH (can)! Killtown Bookings is proud to announce the final routing for the “Curling Flame over ...


Moenen of Xezbeth Demo and Other DAR Tapes In Stock Now

Lots of killer tapes from Darkness Attack Records are in stock now! Click here to order.

Dreadful Relic TS

Dreadful Relic “Antediluvian Terror” TS Out Now

Discharge and aqueous ink printing on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes S to XXL while supply lasts. The back image has the same red as the front, but lighting ...


Siege Column Demos Out Now

Siege Column “Nocturnal Attack Formation” Demo ANTI-GOTH 385 NOCTURNAL ATTACK FORMATION by SIEGE COLUMN NOCTURNAL ATTACK FORMATION is the first demo of SIEGE COLUMN. The NJ cult demonstrates its reverence ...


Toten “Dreary Proximity” MLP Coming Soon

Toten “Dreary Proximity” MLP ANTI-GOTH 375 Toten / Contrivisti split by Toten (Description by C. Conrad) In 1987, following a brief stint in the nascent death metal band Revenant, Paul ...