Scarecrow “Deo Optimo Maximo” LP Out Now

Scarecrow “Deo Optimo Maximo” LP ANTI-GOTH 351 (Description by C. Conrad) As evidenced by several releases in the label’s back catalog, Nuclear War Now! has always had a special affinity ...

Stargazer COVER

StarGazer “A Merging To The Boundless : Void Of Voyce” LP Out Now

StarGazer “A Merging To The Boundless : Void Of Voyce” LP ANTI-GOTH 350 With the original version of “A Merging to the Boundless,” first released in early 2015, StarGazer once ...


Harvest Gulgaltha – Upcoming Gigs

June 7th w/Heresiarch and Ritual Necromancy Seattle, WA at Highline June 9th Covenant Festival Vancouver, B.C. at Rickshaw Theatre


Life’s Blood “Hardcore A.D. 1988″ Discography LP In Stock Now

Released by Prank Records from San Francisco. The first pressing is already sold out and I only managed to get a few so act fast or you’ll have to wait ...


Ace Still of Goatlord/Doom Snake Cult RIP 5/20/2017

I received the sad news on Sat. morning from Glen (Doom Snake Cult) of Ace Still’s passing. Many years ago when I first heard Ace’s vocals in both Goatlord and ...


Bombarder “Speed Kill” and “Bez Milosti” LPs Coming Soon on NWN!

Coming Soon on NWN! Bombarder “Speed Kill” LP ANTI-GOTH 357 -LISTEN- Bombarder “Bez Milosti” LP ANTI-GOTH 358 -LISTEN- Bombarder (Bosnia and Herzegovina) “Speed Kill” LP 1989 and “Bez Milosti” LP ...


Sangue “Sangue” 7″ and Cassette Out Now

Sangue “Sangue” 7″/MC ANTI-GOTH 338 Regular Black Vinyl 7″: Die Hard Red Vinyl 7″: Music Cassette: (Description by J. Campbell) Charged with the restless emanations of the ancients, the first ...

Death Worship cover

Death Worship “Extermination Mass” MLP Second Pressing Out Now

All versions back in stock! Death Worship “Extermination Mass” MLP/MC/CD/Digital ANTI-GOTH 331 Vinyl: Regular Black Vinyl: Wholesale Red Vinyl: Die Hard Bone White Vinyl: CD: MC: (Description by C. Conrad) ...


Pandemonium “Devilri” LP and T Shirt Out Now

Pandemonium “Devilri” LP and TS ANTI-GOTH 345 Regular Black Vinyl LP: Die Hard Silver Vinyl LP: T Shirt: (Description by C. Conrad) Formed in the autumn of 1989, Pandemonium emerged ...


Mgla LPs Back in Stock Now

Mgla “Exercise in Futility” LP Mgla “Groza” LP Mgla “Mdlosci + Further Down the Nest” LP Mgla “Presence / Power and Will” LP Mgla “With Hearts Towards None” LP Click ...