Gnosis “The Third Eye Gate” Coming Soon on NWN!

(Description by C. Conrad) With distinguished pride and anticipation, Nuclear War Now! is pleased to announce the signing of GNOSIS to its enlisted ranks. Hailing from Florida (and its members ...


NWN “Nuclear Power/Quote” Zip Hooded Sweatshirt Out Now

Discharge white and aqueous red ink on Independ brand Zip HSW. These fit like they should but are slightly longer than normal zip ups. They should fit fine after one ...

Revenge ABR Merchonslaught

Revenge “Attack.Blood.Revenge” TS, Tank Tops, Zip Hooded Sweatshirts Back In Stock

NEW! Revenge “A.B.R. Gasmask” Red Tank Top Black aqueous ink printing on cardinal red Gildan brand Tank Top. Available in sizes M to XL. NEW! Revenge “Attack.Blood.Revenge” Black Tank Top ...


Sabbat “30th Anniversary” LP Tote Bag Out Now

13″x14″ Canvas tote bag. Perfect for carrying your scores from a day of heavy metal hunting at your local record store. Click here to order.

Sacrilege spread cropped

Sacrilege (UK) “It’s Time to Face the Reaper” DLP Official Distribution

Released by Havoc Records and officially distributed by NWN! Sacrilege Time to Face the Reaper, Demos 84-86 Double LP Sacrilege emerged from the UK hardcore scene in the mid 80′s. ...


Cremation “Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor” TS and LS Out Now

The second demo artwork reproduced perfectly using black aqueous ink on charcoal grey Gildan TS or white discharge on Gildan LS. Available in sizes S to XXL. Cremation “Pire Gah ...

Aburamushi TS

Aburamushi “Anarchy” TS Out Now

Before there was Sabbat or Evil or Hot Rod or Black Beast, there was Aburamushi, a band consisting of Elizaveat and Gezol along with some middle school/highschool friends. They covered ...

Sabbat Elizaveatian Goatagram Flag

Sabbat “Elizaveatian Goatagram” 36″ Tapestry Out Now

High quality 36″ cloth tapestry of the classic Elizaveatian line artwork. Colored to perfection by Annick of Cauchemar/Morbid Tales Zine. This is the same tapestry that comes with the Die ...


NWN “Boot of Destiny” Tank Top Out Now

Double sided white discharge + aqueous silver ink printing on Gildan brand Tank Top. Available in sizes S to XXL. Front design is taken from an old 60′s era propaganda ...


Harvest Gulgaltha “I” MLP Out Now

Harvest Gulgaltha “I” MLP ANTI-GOTH 264 (Description by J. Campbell) Harvest Gulgaltha emerged in 2012 from the murky void of the United States Black/Death scene delivering an unassuming, yet mesmerizing ...