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Huge CD, vinyl, tape tradelist!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2007 12:07 pm    Post subject: Huge CD, vinyl, tape tradelist!!! Reply with quote

ABIGAIL (I-LOVE-PENIS) - Ultimate Unholy Death (Nuclear War Now!)
ACHAEMENID (Usa) - As Night Sets On Aryana, profi CDR (Heidens Hart)
ADVENT (Ita) - The Dawn (Golden Lake)
ALGAION (Swe) -General Enmity (Wounded Love)
ANGMAR (Fin) - The Razorblade Redemption (Bestial Burst/Northern Sound)
APRAXIA (Belr) - Hymns Of Dark Forest (Ewiges Eis)
AVENGER (Cze) - Godless (Deathgasm)
AZEROTH (Rus) - Doctrine Of Dark Forest (Manimal Prod.)
BELLUM / RHUNE (Usa) - Vinland Rising (split CD, Desastrious Rec.)
BLACK JADE (Swi) - Of Forests And Fire (Ewiges Eis)
BRUME D'AUTOMNE (Can) - Fiers Et Victorieux (Winter Forest Prod.)
CAPITOLLIUM (Rus) - Symphony Of Possession (Oupiric Prod.)
CERBERUS (Ger) - Chapters Of Blackness (Schwartzdorn)
CRUENTION (Fra) - Promo CD 1998 (Selfreleased)
DEATH IS JUST THE BEGINNING #5 (Various) - Nuclear Blast Compilation 2xCD digipack
DAMNATION (Pol) - Reborn (Pagan Rec./Last Epitaph)
DAMNATION (Pol) - Rebel Souls (digiCD, Last Epitaph)
DEMONIC CHORALS (Svk) - The Power Of Immortal Hatred (Schwartzmetal Prod.)
DESEKRATOR (Nor) - Metal For Demons (Hammerheart Rec.)
DRAUGURZ (Bra) - A Yell From The Past (Dark Hidden Prod., ltd.to 750 copies)
FORBIDDEN SITE (Fra) - Sturm Und Drang (Solistitium)
FUNERAL FOG (Can) - Under The Black Veil (Eclipse Prod.)
FUNERAL FOG (Can) - Channeling Ancient Spirits (Long Ago Rec.)
GROM / WULFGRAVF (Usa) - Fullmoon Warfare (Ewiges Eis Rec.)
HEIDEN (Cze) - Potomkum pozemskeho soumraku (Eclipse Prod.)
HELGRINDR (Fra) - Cold Might Of Winter War (rare!, Velvet Music, Ornaments of Sin members)
HERETIC (Hol) - Devilworshipper (#056/666, Barbarian Wrath Prod.)
HULDREFOLK (Bel) - Eeuwenhout (Slava Satan Rec.)
LUCIFUGUM (Esp) - Invade (War is Imminent) digipack
LUTEN' (Rus) - Rebel Spirit In Pagan Music (Othal)
MESLAMTAEA (Hol) - New Era (Ewiges Eis)
MIASTHENIA / SONGE D'ENFER (Bra) - Visions Of Noctural Tragedies (Evil Horde)
NITBERG (Rus) - Nitsanger (Totenkopf Propaganda)
NOCTIVAGUS (Ger) - Venture In Sombre Passion (Solistitium)
NOCTIS INVOCAT (Guat) - Depressiva Vox Clamentis (Southern Hellish)
OPFER RASSENHASS (Can) - Fierté Ancestrale (Cernovit)
PANIKOS (Arg) - Eclipse I (Southern Hellish)
PRIMAL DAWN (Ireland) - Primal Dawn (Independent)
PROTEST (Svk) - What For Name When Humanity... (Metal Age)
PRIPEGAL (Pol) - Slavia Antiqua (Hammerbolt, limited to #300)
SATOR MARTE (Cze) - Prichod Bolesti a Smrti (Novy Usvit, limited to #500)
SCHOLOMANCE (Usa) - The Immortality Murder (double CD, The End Records)
SKYTHRONE (Rus) - The Way
SMIERCIESLAU / APHOM ZHAAH (Belarus) - Vechnaja Bol/Eternal... (Unisound Records/Possession)
SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM (Fra) - Ira Melanox (black CD, Inspire Hate)-8 tracks, DVD box, limited, 1st edition!
STRIGOR (Svk) - Put Krala Strachana (limited proCD-R with pro booklet and printed CD, slavonic heathen war/ambient)
THERION (Swe) - Deggial (collector item, special velvet/chamois digipack edition, Rare!!!) Nuclear Blast
THIRST (Pol) - Per Aspera Ad Astra (Alles Stenar) [color=violet]ON HOLD

TYPHOID (Svk) - Ruptured Self Control (Immortal Souls Prod.)
UNHOLA (Fin) - Inferno (Plasmatica Rec.)
URSKUMUG (Lat) – Passover (profi CDR, Beverina)
VESPERIAN SORROW - Beyond The Cursed Eclipse (Displeased)
VIKE TARE (Ger) - The Tide Of Revelation (S.D.I.)
VORAGO (Por) - Lobos Da Guerra (profi CD-R w.special packing, Dungeons Records) very limited!
WINTERWITCH (Can) - The Time of Wolves (profi black CD-R, Winter Forest Prod.)
WOLFHORD (Bra) - Realm Of Pagan Storms (profi CDR, Eisenvolk Prod.)
V/A TO MAGIC volume 2 - Prophecy productions compilation (Prophecy Prod.)
V/A Tribute to DEAD CAN DANCE - The Lotus Eaters, awesome double digiCD tribute!!! (Black Lotus Records)
V/A Deep In The Spirit Of UGBM (various) - Grimlair, Hordagaard, Funeral Forest, Ymber Autumnus, Rabennacht (5 way split proCD-R, Krutoslav Prod.)

[color=red]VINYLS FOR TRADE :

AGATHOCLES (Bel) - No Use... Hatred (Uxicon Rec.)
ANAPILIS/VALEFAR (Lith) - Gyvenimo Pilnatve/Mirtis...(split)
CULTUS (Hol) / MESLAMATAEA (Hol) - Split EP (Heidens Hart)
Capitis Damnare/Sarin/Necroplasma/ Dom Dracul - Satanic Butchery (split)
DISASTROUS MURMUR / EMBEDDED - Death Unfolds (split)
EXCRUCIATE 666 (FRA) / WARAGE (FRA) - Split EP (Sabbaths Fire)
MIGHTIEST (Ger) - Sojourn In The Rising Darkness (picEP)
NEMBRIONIC HAMMERDEATH - Themes on an Occult Theory (rare old shit EP)
PERVERSIST (Cze) / PROPHECY (Usa) - Short Ways To Death (split)
SEELENSCHMERZ / SEASONS IN BLACK (Ger) - Blutenphantasie/Seeker (split)
SCRAMBLED DEFUNCT (Rus) - Prenatal Whitting (From Beyond)
VIKING BLOOD (Ger) - Blutes Klagen (Einsatzkommando Prod.)

12“LP + 10“LP:
ANDRAS (Ger) - Die Rückkehr Der Dunklen Krieger [picture LP] (Last Epitaph]
ARCANE ART (Nor) - 10''picture MLP (Prophecy Productions)
CAEDES (Ger) - Blood War Perversion (gatefold, Christhunt)
DARK FORTRESS (Ger) - Tales from Eternal Dusk (gatefold DLP, Fog of the Apocalypse Prod.)
DAEMONLORD (Spa) - The End of the Era (12“MLP ltd.to#500, Ketzer)
DEVIL LEE ROT (Swe) - Soldiers From Hell (10“LP ltd.to#520, Miriquidl)
DUNKELGRAFEN (Ger) - Baphomets Aeon (Last Episode)
ISEGRIM (Ger) - Isegrim [pictureLP] (Last Episode)
NECROPHAGIA (Usa) - Season Of The Dead/Jenna [picture LP] (Red Stream)
NECROPHAGIA (Usa) - Goblins Be Thine (12''MLP, Displeased + poster)
ROOT (Cze) - Black Seal (gatefold DLP, Monster Nation Prod.)
VADER (Pol) - Impressions In Blood (limited pic 12''LP, Regain)

AEIOU (Rus) - F.H.T. (side project of Wewelsburg, color pro-glossy cover, lim.to #500)
AGGRESSIVE TYRANTS (Cze) - Zuzlani klitorisu zdechlé... (perverse porno/grind, pro tape)
BILSKIRNIR (Ger) – Ahnenerbe (tape EP version lim.to #500)
BLUTEN (Svk) – Years of Hate & Misanthropy (reh.tracks from 2000-2002, lim.to #500, glossy cover)
BRUME D'AUTOMNE/TEUTATES (Can) – Unis par le Lys (split tape EP, lim.to #500)
CELTIC DANCE (Por) - Ancient Battlecry (1st edition, copy #231)
COMMAND (Bra) – Sturmangriff (tape vers. including demo tracks, limited)
DAEMONLORD (Spa) - Hellfire Centuries (tape version / lim.to #500)
DARKTHULE (Gre) – Beyond The Endless Horizons (tape vers., lim.to #500)
EISENWINTER/HOLOCAUSTUS (Swi/Ger) - Teutsch-Helvetischer Kampfbund (split demo)
EVIL (Bra) – Depression and Mourning (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
EVIL/ARYAN BLOOD (Bra/Ger) – Ancient Empire (tape EP, lim.to #500, glossy B/W cover)
EVIL/S.A.R./THALLIUM (Bra) - Chaos to Unleash a New Age (split tape, lim.to #500)
FINIST (Ukr) – Awakening (tape lim.to #500, comes with color pro glossy cover, special hard-paper box)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Heil Deutschland, hoch in Ehren (demo 2005, lim.to #500, color pro glossy cover)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Rot von Blut das Winterkleid (demo 2003)
FLAMMENTOD (Ger) - Der Kampf Kapitel 1 (collect.of old, new & unreleased tracks, lim.to #250)
FORGOTTEN SILENCE (Cze) – Senyaan (tape version 1998, experimental & avantgarde death/doom)
GENOZID (Spa) - Reigns Of Black Metal (demo lim.to #500)
GRAFENSTEIN (Ger) - Silence Endless (tape vers., lim.to #500)
GRENOUER (Rus) - Border Of Misty Times (profi tape vers.of debut from 1996, technic death metal)
HEIDENBLUT (Ger) – Freesenleed (almost hour of original BM, glossy color cover)
HEIDENTUM (Ger) – Atenoux (demo limited to #444, B/W cover)
HERJAN (Fra) - Vision naturelle du monde (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
HORDAGAARD (Nor) – Ravnablod/Trollskap (tape LP cont.2 demos, lim.to #500)
HRIMTHURSEN (Ger) - Weisses Reich (cold german pagan metal!!!, lim.to #500)
HROMOVLAD (Svk) – Vladca Lesov... (tape vers., slavonic BM, color pro-glossy cover, lim.to #500)
HYPERBOREAN (Ger) – Völkermord (demo lim.to# eighty-eight)
IMMORTAL HAMMER (Svk) – Immortal Past (unrel.& rare tracks, lim.to #500, glossy cover)
INSANIA (Cze) - EP Woodoo...+EP 995+R.U.Dead? (pro tape, 2 Eps+one demo, thrash metal)
KORIUM (Svk) – Mraziva noc prinasa pokoj (demo 1, lim.to #500)
KORIUM (Svk) – Hradby Samoty (demo 2, lim.to #500)
KRODA (Ukr) – Do Nebokraju Zhittja (tape lim.to #500, comes with color pro glossy cover, special hard-paper box)
KRYPTEIA (Gre) - Hellenic Martial Virtue (demo, with Stutthof & Der Stürmer member)
LOITS (Est) - Ei Kahetse Midagi (tape version of this genial material, lim.to #500)
LUCIFUGUM (Ukr) - Vector 33 (inhuman poisonous black metal, lim.to#999)
LUTOMYSL (Ukr) – Decadence (limited to 666 hand-numbered copies)
MALIGNANT TUMOUR/GRIDE/C.TURBULENCY (Cze) - 3 Way Split (grind split, profi tape)
MOONTOWER (Pol) – Antichrist Supremacy Domain (tape vers., lim.to #500)
NACHT UND NEBEL (Can) - Totalen Krieg (demo EP lim.to #500, color pro glossy cover)
OAK (Hol) - Their Death...Our Freedom (limited to #500, cont. Absurd cover)
ORNAMENTS OF SIN (Fra) - Inhale Zyklon-B (tape version lim.to #800)
PERVERSIST (Cze) – Necrophilharmony (death/grind 2001, profi cassette)
PROFANE SOLITUDE (Ukr) - Awakening In Emptiness (tape vers., lim.to #500)
PROMISES (Cze) – Understanding (original cass.LP 1999, profi tape, doom ala Sentenced)
PYOPOESY (Svk) – Tyrannus (demo 1999, melodic death metal)
RAVEN DARK (Rus) - Ruler's Age (killer russian NSBM!!!, tape version)
SOMBRE CHEMIN (Fra) - Mémoire Paienne (re-release, demo limited to #214)
STRIGOR (Svk) – Povstan rod Strigorov (great fantasy/ambient, lim.to #500)
STUTTHOF (Gre) - Devotion to Black Arts 1997-2005 (compilation of old and unreleased tracks)
T.O.M.B. (Usa) – Sacrilegium (profi demo, limited to #500)
TEMNOHOR (Svk) - Do ponurych smrecin... (limited to #500)
TESSARACT (Ukr) - Sudden Outcome (tape LP, lim.to #500)
THALLIUM (Bra) - A Howling From a Thousand Years (tape LP 2002, lim.to #500)
V/A: Blazebirth Hall – Hammerkrieg – tape version of BlazebirthHall bands compilation (lim.to #1000, pro-cover)
V/A: The Night and the Fog, vol. II – tape version of this legendary P.Front compilation (lim.to #1000, pro-cover)
VALAR / URUK-HAI (Fin/Aut) - To Whatever End / Enslaved... (split tape, pro cover)
VARATHRON (Gre) - Genesis of Apocryphal Desire (tape version, best off songs, incl. EP 1991)
VIKE TARE (Ger) - The Tide of Revelation (tape vers.of CD 2005)
WEWELSBURG (Rus) - The Anti-Architect (tape vers.of killer NS industrial/BM..., lim.to #500)
WEWELSBURG (Rus) - Im deinst der Deutsche Wehrmacht (demo 2005, lim.to #500)
WINTERFROST (Spa) - Worship The Blood Of The Pagan Supremacy (demo 2004, lim.to #500)

CANNIBAL CORPSE - Butchered at Birth
DEATH - Individual Thought Patterns
DEATH - Human
LOUDBLAST - Sublime Dementia
MASSACRA - Signs of the Decline
NAPALM DEATH - Harmony Corruption

AION - Midian
BENEDICTION - Transcend The Rubicon
CREMATORY - Just Dreaming
MISANTHROPE - Variations On Inductive Theories...
SKYCLAD - The Prince Of The Powerty Line

BEHERIT (Fin) - Live in Riihimaki and Nokia (DVD-r bootleg, xerox cover, 2 live videos in poor visual quality, only for true Beherit maniacs)
NOCTURNUS (Usa) - Live in Brooklyn 22.03.1991 (DVD-r bootleg, xerox cover, nice quality)
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Joined: 19 Sep 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

.... update ....
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 19, 2007 1:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

SACRIFICIA MORTUORUM (Fra) - Ira Melanox (black CD, Inspire Hate)-8 tracks, DVD box, limited, 1st edition!

I know someone looking for it, do you sell it or only trade ? If sell, I could give him your mail address.... LMK !
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