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INTERVIEWS: CBT, Vomitory, Defeated Sanity

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PostPosted: Fri May 01, 2009 1:13 am    Post subject: INTERVIEWS: CBT, Vomitory, Defeated Sanity Reply with quote

Interview with Tobias Augustin of the groovy goregrind/pornogrind German band COCK AND BALL TORTURE

"I never was the typical heavy metal head. I always had my three or four fave bands and i listened to that stuff all day long, but most grind bands never really appealed me."

"It was cool to see that people liked our stuff. But after some time it annoyed us. They just copied each other in with all their intros or porn images from the internet."

"To easily remember all the songs we just had to use funny names. Some of the girl's names in our titles are inspired by girls from our hometown. Especially Clit-Doris."

"Live we never used lyrics. Mostly I tell some impro story and sometimes I just “rrroarrr grrrggl” and so on. Haha."

- Conducted by Baz

Interview with Tobias Gustafsson of the great Swedish Death Metal band VOMITORY

“The band has existed for twenty years and we know our shit by now, haha. Shame on us if we didn't!”

“I think too that "Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize" is the best Vomitory album in a long time, but instead of thinking that we would never be able to top it, we got inspired to actually do that. And I honestly believe we have with our new album "Carnage Euphoria".”

“In Sweden people are so sensitive for the trends and are scared shitless to miss the latest bandwagon.”

“Metal or not - at least I don't want to look like a bum more than I do naturally. It's not metal being dirty. It's just stupid and... dirty!”

- Conducted by Kunal N. Choksi

Interview with Lille Gruber of the German Brutal Death Metal band DEFEATED SANITY

"''Chapters of Repugnance' will be a concept album dealing with some of humanity's darkest chapters."

"(On our new material) we have found our perfect balance between tradition and avant-garde."

"As a musician you don't wanna sit at home all week and have one rehearsal a week/month, you wanna go out there and play every night."

"I would rather like to see fans supporting young, fresh bands! Nostalgia is bullshit!"

- Conducted by Ewan Gibb
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