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Bathory - Bathory Bootleg CD
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 2:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Rabenschwarzes Königreich wrote:
Cursed_Reefer wrote:
Does anyone have a CD bootleg called Call From The Grave? How is the sound on that one?

I remember I bought that very CD at a small flea market near my hometown from a guy who was selling his used-to-death heavy metal CDs. It wasn't in too bad condition, but the music's sound quality wasn't the best, in fact, it's one of the worse Bathory CDs I ever owned. I ended up giving it away at a show for some easy cash along with other Bathory stuff.
You could obtain the same result by downloading all the tracklist from YouTube and putting them on a CDr or sending all the music to a company and having them printing a pro-cd (for yourself only obviously). If you are any familiar with DAWs and the remastering process like I am you could try to do so and make them sound better, but that really takes almost no time either.

Thanks for the info!
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 20, 2018 5:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Professor Black wrote:
This is a pretty good list. I think you would find that a lot of this material exists but on average the actual number of songs is quite a bit less than claimed. Quorthon once made the good point that the stuff went unfinished/unreleased for a reason -- and not because it was "so awesome".

But yeah, from 1987-1989 they literally had the keys to the studio and were free to absorb and explore a lot of new ideas. It was a quite priveleged time really.

Deathwish wrote:
From the old fan site. None of this ever saw the light of day. Chances are most of this never existed in the first place.Quorthoon wasn't exactly known for being 100% straight in ANY interviews.


Unreleased songs
There are lots and lots of Bathory songs recorded that were never released. Based on what Quorthon has said in interviews, here is info in chronological order on the material that remains to be released:
1983-1984: There are some old demo songs from 1983-1984 on tape. They are in the same vein as "You Don't Move Me (I Don't Give A Fuck)" and "Die In Fire". Two of them ("Satan My Master" and "Witchcraft") were released this on "Jubileum Volume III", but there are more old titles, such as "Dirty Women" and "Live And Die In Sin"
1984: After the debut album was released Bathory recorded an EP called "Necronomicon" or "Maleficarum" (Quorthon can't remember which).
1985: In this year a Black Metal album called "Occulta" was recorded.
1987: 28 songs were recorded between "Under The Sign Of The Black Mark" and "Blood Fire Death".
1986-1988: Around this time Bathory were experimenting a lot and recorded some 20-30 songs, some of them for a double album called "Valhalla". Supposedly some of the songs ended up on "Blood Fire Death" and some on "Blood On Ice". Three of them have been released on the Jubileum volumes; "Rider At The Gate Of Dawn", "Burnin' Leather" and "In Nomine Satanas".The song "Valhalla" which was released on "Hammerheart" was recorded during this period.
"Descend To Hell", "Marching Off To War", "Cry" and "Nine Lakes Of Fire" are some titles that were recorded. "Descend To Hell" and "Marching Off To War" are finished, "Cry" is recorded in a demo version and "Nine Lakes Of Fire" has unfortunately disapeared...
1989: After "Hammerheart" had been recorded Bathory wanted to play brutal music again. The legendary "Requiem" (has nothing to do with the 1994 album) was recorded but never released. It features six or seven brutal deathrash songs, although not quite finished. "Crawl To Your Cross" from "Jubileum Volume II" is supposedly one of those six or seven.
1999-2000: From 1999 until the Summer of 2000, 22-23 songs were recorded. According to Quorthon there are lots of medieval and classical instruments on it. It sounds much like classical music with great big drums. Not the typical verse-chorus-verse-chorus structure. An album that hasn't released because Quorthon felt they moved in the wrong direction and instead decided to do an album which would contain 50% speed and 50% Epic stuff - "Destroyer Of Worlds".
As you can see, there are quite a few Bathory songs that never made it onto LP/CD. Quorthon said in many interviews that most of the time, Bathory recorded 15-20 songs in the studio. 13 songs were recorded for the "Hammerheart" album for example, but only seven were released.
Maybe all, or some, of these unreleased songs will be released in a box set (maybe along with a Bathory book) sometime in the future when Bathory is no more. It is up to Quorthon. Black Mark has nothing to do with these unreleased songs, though, so there's no reason e-mailing them telling them to release it.

I would love to hear Occulta, even though I don't expect it to be on par with the released albums.
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