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New releases out now

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PostPosted: Mon Dec 10, 2007 6:12 pm    Post subject: New releases out now Reply with quote

Nocturnal Graves “Satan’s Cross” LP / Picture LP

Click here to see more photos.

After releasing some exceptional demos and a picture 7” since they formed in 2004, Nocturnal Graves at last release their first full length LP. An appropriate and honorable addition to the NWN! roster, Nocturnal Graves play searing and aggressive metal in the true Australian barbarian tradition. These songs are far from generic, however. The trio of marauders known as Nocturnal Graves creates maniacal deathrash untainted by all non-metal influences. All of the members are well known in the Australian scene and their professionalism and devotion to their demonic craft is apparent in every riff they have written for this album. In addition to the attention to detail paid to their songwriting, the band spent many hours in the studio to achieve flawless production. The end result is something similar in style and artistry to Ares Kingdom’s Return to Dust yet retaining some of the inherent bestiality that pervades the Australian scene. Ultimately, this is how deathrash should be played and recorded. All other inferior bands should take lessons from these masters. The heavy vinyl LP comes housed in high quality gatefold jacket with printed innersleeve and includes a full color A2 poster. Limited die hard picture disk version also comes with a patch and sticker.

Ignivomous “Path of Attrition” MLP

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NWN! is honored to issue the first vinyl offering by Australia’s Ignivomous. This death metal trio featuring Chris Volcano on drums, released its first demo earlier this year. After it quickly sold out, NWN! agreed to release it on vinyl. This MLP also includes one additional track—a cover of Necrotomy. Musically, Ignivomous picks up where early Incantation left off. Drawing additional influence from the likes of Immolation, Demigod, and others, Ignivomous create brutal death metal that exudes darkness and despair. There is no hope to be found in the music of Ignivomous. And while Ignivomous are clearly technically proficient, their primary focus is on creating a dismal and oppressive atmosphere. Moving effortlessly from aggressively fast riffs and intricate time signatures to brooding and slow doom laden death metal, Ignivomous succeed where many other death metal bands fail—they maintain the intensity of the music by employing flawless transitions between the parts. Moreover, they never attempt to crossover or dilute their pure death metal by overtly incorporating black metal or other influences. Quite simply, this is one of the finest death metal releases to come along in years. Along with bands like Dead Congregation, Drowned, and others, Ignivomous are redefining death metal by returning to the essential elements that defined the genre at its inception. Die hard version is limited to 200 copies on colored vinyl and comes with a patch and sticker. **Die hard version release delayed to Dec. 15th.

Damaar “Triumph - Through Spears of Sacrilege” MLP

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While most bands fantasize about war and glorify violence they have never witnessed, Damaar hail from Lebanon where war perpetually looms. Furthermore, Damaar’s devotion to metal can hardly be questioned. In order to protect themselves from retaliation by the government, they were forced to distribute their demo by mp3 rather than tape or CD. Thus in the face powerful religious zealots, Damaar persisted in pursuing its evil directives. After relocating to Australia, Damaar was able to finally send out a proper (non-mp3) master and collect artwork for the vinyl release of their demo on NWN! This assault is pure aural bestial blasphemy in the style of Black Witchery, Revenge and others. Conceptually, Damaar invoke anti-religious warfare towards all those weak and feeble-minded followers of all false gods. The band is currently inactive following its move to Australia and its future is uncertain. Nonetheless, this crushingly violent demo now preserved on vinyl will ensure that Damaar is ranked prominently among the bestial legions. Die hard version is limited to 200 copies on colored vinyl and comes with patch and sticker. **Die hard version release delayed to Dec. 15th.

Nifelhein “Nifelheim” CD

This masterpiece of satanic black metal fury should need no introduction. Drawing their influence from classic and primitive black metal pioneers such as Sodom, Bathory, and Hellhammer, Nifelheim stood in contrast to the second wave of black metal primarily done in the Norwegian style that was flourishing at the time Nifelheim released its self-titled debut LP in 1995. At the core of Nifelheim’s style and imagery is pure satanic evil. Combine this with heavy metal inspired melodies and raw blackened thrash riffs and you conjure up this flawless classic. After being out of print for years, these unholy hymns are once again available on CD.

Nifelheim “Devil’s Force” CD

Three years after their debut album, Nifelheim returned with one of the most searing black metal albums of the decade. Devil’s Force retains the same traditional thrashing black metal style but also incorporates a frenetic insanity only rivaled by the Brazilian death metal masters such as Vulcano, Sarcofago, and Expulser. Clearly heavily influenced by these and other Brazilian demons, this album reaches and maintains a level of intensity that few black metal bands have ever attained. No longer only available by online auctions and shitty MP3s, this official CD reissue is an essential component to any true metal fanatic’s collection.

Hearse Records release. Officially distributed in the US by NWN.

Ildjarn “Hardangervidda Part 1″ Double LP (HS011)

Ildjarn “Hardangervidda Part 2″ LP (HS012)

Named after a Norwegian mountain plateau that is also the location of one of the largest glaciers in Norway, this album of ambient works by Ildjarn is the embodiment of the exquisite desolation of that cold and alien region in which man and his technologies are rendered meaningless by nature’s majesty. Among the last recordings completed by Ildjarn (although he is accompanied by Nidhogg), Hardangervidda is perhaps the most highly composed of his works. Thorough in its exploration of human solitude and alienation from nature, these albums are the culmination of Ildjarn’s work and a fitting end to the career of one of the most profound contributors to the black metal underground. Originally released on CD in 2002 by the band, this is the first time these recordings have been available on vinyl. Released by Hearse Records and distributed in the US by NWN. Both were pressed on white vinyl and comes housed in quality gatefold jackets. Limited edition of 500 copies each. No trades will be accepted for this release. **Due to a mistake at the pressing plant the center labels for side A of each title is switched. It says Part 2 when it’s supposed to be Part 1. The music contained on the vinyl are correct however.
Contact: nwnprod@gmail.com
Web: https://shop.nwnprod.com/collections/new-arrivals

NWN carries all IBP releases.
IBP carries all NWN releases.

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