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Wodensthrone Interview... Absolute Zero Magazine

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Marty Worm

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 28, 2009 7:24 pm    Post subject: Wodensthrone Interview... Absolute Zero Magazine Reply with quote




1. For those in the new to Wodensthrone give us a slight history lesson.

- Wodensthrone has existed in some form or another since we formed in 2005. However we first started to resemble the band we are now when we released our split 7" with Niroth in 2006. Since then members have come and gone and each has had their part to play in creating the wodensthrone sound. We feel that everything we have done up until now was working towards this album.

2. Wodensthrone from the amazing loss CD mixes elements of Folk, Viking and Black metal elements is there a strong Pagan/ Heathen belief behind this sound?

- We all feel a connection to our land and the history of our people so it was natural that we would embrace their spiritual beliefs. Each of us holds our own personal beliefs but we share a sense of sorrow at our lost heritage and see 'heathenism' as a rejection of the modern world with its ideals of consumerism and spiritual bankruptcy. Unlike some so called 'pagan' bands Wodensthrone is not a musical history lesson, we strive to provide a reflection of the world around us, viewed through the eyes of a pagan.

3. There has been some delays on Loss was this just time making sure the crafting of songs were they way they were wanted or did members move and change?

- While there were technical issues surrounding the mixing process, most of the delays were due to Huppogramus and Arioch's sense of perfection and we are extremely grateful that they invested so much of their time and effort to help create this album.

4. What is a Wodensthrone live show like and what do you want the audience to get from it?
- Live shows are somewhat ritualistic for us, as we try to conjure an atmosphere where the listener can truly immerse themselves in the music and feel a spiritual connection. We want the listener to feel our sorrow at everything our culture has lost and our fury at those who have desecrated it. Atmosphere is everything.

5. How did you come to work with very well run upstart Bindrune Recordings?

- Wyrd bið ful aræd! Marty first approached us to express an interest in our music when we were just starting to look for a label. We'd received a few offers but Bindrune was the obvious choice for a number of reasons. The sheer quality of artists on the label alone was encouraging, and we are honoured to call bands such as Blood of the Black Owl, Celestiial and Cold Northern Vengeance our comrades, but ultimately Marty has provided so much faith and support that the album might never have become a reality without him.

6.Wodensthrone seem to have a bond with Negura Bunget ... Can you talk about the connection and if they helped with getting Wodensthrone sound or style to a more pagan feeling?

- We first met Negura Bunget when we played alongside them in our home town. We already had massive respect for them as musicians, and we quickly developed bonds with Huppogramus, Sol and later Arioch. So when they offered to produce the album it was an offer too good to refuse. It is important to mention thought that Negura Bunget have never claimed to be a pagan band, and whilst we may share a similar spiritual outlook we are distinct individual entities.

7.Is there a running theme on Loss or is it a collection of mighty powerful songs?

- The simple answer is both. The songs were written individually and at different times, but they do share key themes of loss, be they personal, cultural or spiritual in nature. It's somewhat difficult to define the intrinsic lyrical themes that intertwine throughout the album, but there is a definite connection that we feel comes across in the finished album.

8. Do you feel longer songs in this short term / instant gratification age is a plus or minus in you fan base?

- We have never written with a 'fan base' in mind. We try to remain as organic and natural with the writing process as possible and the songs are simply as long as they need to be. We view ourselves, perhaps romantically, as artists weaving a song out of raw emotion and you cannot hope to explore the vastness and complexity of the human condition in a three minute pop song, no matter how marketable it might be.

9. Are members of Wodensthrone fans of the modern digital age or do you miss the days of old tape trading, fanzines and underground college radio shows?

- This is a difficult question. It's undeniable that the modern age has helped us, without the internet for example we may never have forged our allegiances with Bindrune or bands like Niroth and Fen, but at the same time we feel that the sense of community which underground scenes encourage is important. It's a double edged sword really, as it's now easier than ever to discover great music, but this has led to fanzines and tape trading having to find different forms. It has also meant that bands and labels are finding it harder to actually sell their music, but there are some people still keeping the flame burning! I think that local record stores and live music scenes are the future of the underground.

10. Will Wodensthrone be touring the North America now that your working with Bindrune Recordings?

- Obviously our location is problematic and while we have nothing planned at the moment we would love to come to the US. We've had a lot of support from US shores and would love to finally meet some of the people who've supported us in person, including Marty!

11. If someone asked Wodensthrone what your bands sound is how would the band as a whole explain it to them?

- The sound of our ancestors screaming in despair at the apathy and emptiness of the modern world.

12. Your Cover artwork on Loss is very powerful. how does it play a role in the overall packaging of the complete release?

- We firmly believe that an album is more than simply a collection of songs, and as such the packaging and presentation is equally as important as the music itself. In this age of disposable music, the 'object' becomes more important than ever. Perhaps it's due to our obsessive collector tendencies, but there is nothing more satisfying than a beautiful piece of music which is suitably packaged. This is why we have hand produced a run of 50 special editions of loss, wrapped in parchment, daubed in runes and finished with a wax seal of our crest. The artwork should both reflect and compliment the music, and this is something that is missing with modern downloads. Moga of Kogaion art has truly outdone himself with the artwork he has crafted for this album.

13. Does your earlier material sound very different from Loss recordings?

- Obviously our sound has progressed while we have developed as a band. As I have mentioned, we view Loss as the culmination of everything we have done so far. We regret nothing, as every step we have taken has led us to this point. The real question is where our path will lead us next...

14. Will there be any videos or visual releases for the band as I think the music really fit this format?

- This is something that we would certainly be interested in, as our music has a certain cinematic feel, but the opportunity has not presented itself yet. As you might imagine, the idea of producing a standard music video does not appeal, but to produce a true visual accompaniment to our music would be something spectacular indeed which we may pursue in future.

15. thank you for the time any closing thoughts here..

- We would just like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far on our journey. Waes thu Haels!
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