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Vinyl/Tape/CD For TRADE only!

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Black Shit Noise

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PostPosted: Tue Sep 01, 2009 2:03 pm    Post subject: Vinyl/Tape/CD For TRADE only! Reply with quote

i have a few more original demo tapes and cds i will update later, for the most part this is my whole trade list, only trades. I am looking for more obscure bestial black/death metal bands. I will also accept tapes/cds/shirt/hoodies/patches for trade. PM me or email @ chaoschannel87@hotmail.com!

mental disease- sometimes like flowers - mcr 138 - mcr company
gas-1982-1996 - partners in crime (red vinyl) limited 200
buzzcocks-a different kind of tension-liberty/united ltd
the undertones-1979 sire records
fleas and lice-global destruction-skuld releases
born dead icons- ruins -feral ward
contrasto-statico senso-agi punk(has cool lyric insert)
the accused-straight razor-nastymix records 1991
slaughter and the dogs - where have all the boot boys gone/youre a bore -1977 decca records
rattus- ratcage- zcm records 2003
actives-reactivated-intimidation records- #8/500 black/white splatter edition
appendix- top of the pops-hohne/assell records
fleas and lice/ bleeding rectum-skuld 022
wolfpack-allday hell-anomie/farewell- (gatefold)
laaz rockit- holiday in cambodia-restless records 1989
agrotoxico-estado de guerra civil-dirty faces (71-200) black and red splatter on clear vinyl
crude ss-crust'll survive-??- 13/500-purple splatter
AGE-scar of lead test press- scar of lead- limited screen printed cover
The Mobs- ressurection- AVR L001
The wankys- the very best of hero- lavidaes unimus discos- green vinyl
S.D.S- Ameber- MCR 100
Parasytic-Hymn- despotic records
Sodom- pretenders to the throne- scrotum records
Toxic Holocaust-an overdose of death- relapse limited edition- orange vinyl
Crude-1999- straight up records
bastard sons of apocalypse- strangled by the system-todo destruido/adelante
Desastre-pesadelo real-undilessed records
sarcasm-crematory die hard-nwn prod-
nunslaughter- fuck the god in heaven inverted shape lp (GONE)
evil army- die hard self titledlp w/ patch- hellsheadbangers(GONE)
krum bums- the sound lp(die hard w/patch)
new order-true faith
the church-star fish
kruw- i love punky night w/ obi strip
acrostix- a chain of hatred
Gallhammer- ill innocence(gatefold)
world burns to death-totalitarian sodomy-hcholocaust
blind illusion-the sane asylum-combat records
ozzy osbourne- the ultimate sin
znowhite-keep em when theyre down
total fury- 15 track lp
summon the crows- scavengers feast-cradle to the grave records
kat-666- nwn productions(gatefold)
sacred reich- surf nicaragua- metal blade records
bastard- wind of pain
skeletonwitch- beyond the permafrost
blood spit nights- despot butchery- hcholocaust
muga- self titled lp- putrid filth records
the lords of the new church- self titled
last bomb- self titled-??
the swankys- the last punk show-kwlp(w/ obi strip
gloom- vokusatsu seisin hatansha- crust war 23
framtid- under the ashes(w/ limited silkscreen printed cover)
state of fear- the tables will turn-profane existance
(in the sign of) sodom- sodomaniac tribute-hells headbangers
twisted sister-come out and play-atlantic records
Crude- immortality
Rappresaglia- 1982-1983-agipunk
proclamation-execration of cruel bestiality (die hard w/ poster,sticker and diecast pin)- nwn productions
teitanblood-seven chailices DLP
bone awl- meaningless leaning ness-nwnprod
bone awl- not for our feet-klaxon records
front beast- black spells of the damned die hard # 7/100- hellsheadbangers
blasphemophagher- nuclear empire of apocalypse( die hard version)- nwn productions
blasphemy- gods of war/blood upon the altar die hard - osmose productions
hellbastard- the good go first( japanese pressing RARE)- dirty thrash records
genocide- submit to- new renaissance 1987
metalucifer-heavy metal drill- iron pegasus records
tiger junkies- d beat street rock n rollers-destroy/tardis records
gospel of the horns- realm of the damned- black ace records
atrocious madness-total control-wicked witch records
von- satanic blood angel( die hard complete w/ back patch) nwn prod 2009 edition
abigail/syphilitic vaginas- rescued from life
sabbat-karisma(japanese version)- evil/iron pegasus records
mutilation- majestas leprosus(gatefold)- battsk prod/ordacilus records
venom- from hell to the unknown(gatefold DLP)
venom- calm before the storm
G.A.T.E.S- devastation- M.P.D.S edition cover w/ obi strip- make offer!!
G.A.T.E.S- total death
axegrinder- rise of the sepent men
apocalyptic raids- the third of the storm- dark sun label
hellhammer-apocalyptic raids
hellhammer-crucifixion(fanclub edition)
coroner- R.I.P- noise international
virus- force recon- combat records
virus-pray for war- metal works
black alice-endangered species-combat records
d.s.b- kill the phantom city
l.s.d- schizophrenic records
incubus- beyond the unknown- nuclear blast records
morbosidad- morboso metal pic lp- hellsheadbangers
grim reaper- rock you to hell(signed by band) 1987
Pest(swe)- in total contempt(gatefold)
Pest(swe) -daudafaerd- no colours records
Pest(swe) desecration(gatefold)-no colours recrods
Clown- livestock world
judas priest- defenders of the faith
judas priest-screamin for vengeance
possessed- seven churches- combat records
Proclamation- messiah of darkness and impurity-nwn prod
Metal Church- the dark
Metal church-blessed in disguise
toxic holocaust- demos 2007-relapse
worldburns to death- graveyard of utopia(first pressing)- prank records
mustang-freestyle-deadlive records
sanctum- crust crush tour ediiton w/ screenprint cover #356/381
revenge- infiltration downfall death(die hard edition) nwn prod
revenge-victory intolerance mastery(die hard rzor cover edition # 49/111)- hhr
morbosidad- profana la cruz del nazareno(die hard)
atrocity exhibition(pre C.F.D.L)-crazy fucked up daily life- scruffy records
witchfinder general- stonebridge doom metal(die hard w/ live session ep) nwn prod
antisect- in darkness there is no choice
syphilitic vaginas- selftitled- hc holocaust
anvil- metal on metal pic disc
ratt-reach for the sky-atlantic records
zoe- the last axe beat- crust war
the wankys/exit hippies(yellow splatter)
lobotomia-??- black water
bastards-siberian hardcore
profanatica-unholy crucifix-nuclear desecration/goat sodomy- trampling the holy faith
kiss- hotter than hell
judas priest- ram it down
agent steel- unstoppable force
Death- meet your archangel rehearsal 85
extinction of mankind- baptized in shit
private jesus detector-the complete workz
broken bones-f.o.a.d
profanatica- profanatitus de demonatia
profanatica-triumph of virtue
judas priest- unleashed in the east
nattefrost-terrorist nekronaut pt 1
nattefrost- blood and vomit

barbatos-victory! blazing war

10 in

kat- noce szatana/ostatni tabor( die hard) nwn prod
havohej- hornbook seytan( #98/100)
blasphemophagher-atomic infested carnage
havohej- tungkat blood band
alehammer-mines a pint of crust
Dont burn the witch- minotaur/toxic holocaust/goat messiah/evil angel
midnight-farewell to hell(die hard)
riistetyt- orjat ja kurjat
uncurbed- ackord for frihet/chords for freedom


nifelheim/sadistik exekution-
judgement- just be.,.
dclone/morpheme- progressus ep
syphilitic vaginas/nunslaughter
nocturnal blood- nocturnal crucifixions( test pressing limited to 5 copies, only given out to us and the band)
children of technology/bastardator- deaths fury(die hard w/ bandana)
D-clone- enjoy D beat and noise (w/ sticker sent to me directly from band)
D-clone-drop a noise bomb
dead noise- ep- (red vinyl)
father befouled/decrepitaph(w/ sticker)
inepsy-see you in hell
final-grow strong/empty
front beast/inferno
front beast/har shatan
front beast/thy ashes
snobb slakt- ?? ep-
anguish-within the darkness ep
G.A.T.E.S- one sided members edition
zyanose-crossing ep
Pest-evil return
cutthroat-thrash metal crazy night
nunslaughter/mutilated messiah- maggot cover(#16/111) *maggot cover reissue*
defector- punk system destroy-crust war
final massakre- the bells of hell toll the final chime
gauze-?? - prank records
warcollapse-indoctri nation
deceased-inject the ugliness(green splatter vinyl)
cluster bomb unit- raagh
asta kask- till sista droppen
3 way cum/deformed conscience
karnvapen attack- postnuclear hardcore
acrostix-truth turned gray with justice
thrash attack do brazil-comp
stagnation-destruction ep
hog- hombre muerto
the shitlicker-cracked cop skulls-extortion recs
Crude-just go go ahead
contrast attitude- sick brain extreme addict
Slaughter- bloody karnage( Demo 1984)
expose-hardcore heart attack
sds-scum system kill(red splatter edition)
midnight-slay the spits
morbosidad- legiones bestiales
eliminate-the attrition ep(die hard w/ patch)
war ripper- hellstorm
Toxic holocaust/oprichniki( my personal favorite toxic holocaust release)
abigail/hate kommand-street war metal command
hellshock-ep- whisper in darkness
driller killer/instinct-mcr company
disclose-apocalyose continues
crow- neurotic organization
driller killer- life ep
paintbox-cry of the sheeps
evil army-under attack(#80-100)
woes-time bomb flexi
sqwad-set me free out(flexi)
gorilla angreb/lokum
mess- we are selfish( flexi)
confuse-nuclear addicts (flexi- red) original!
mental disease- get the knowledge free your mind
screen out-despair of ignorant
severed head of state-fucking butchery
barbatos/bludwulf- die hard #88/111
sick terror/ruido
abigail- tribute to sigh( die hard w/ patch&sticker)
crocodile skink- self titled
result-i can go die
G.A.T.E.S/bludwulf( black vinyl edition)
maho neitsyt/okei beibi?
rocket core-the wind blows with free..
satanic threat-in to hell(red vinyl)
dodsdomd- de sju dodssundema
heresy-whose generation?
unit 21-death stripes(die hard w/ patch)
sabbat-finish demonslaught
sabbat-icelandic and greenlandic demonslaught
disclose/world burns to death
discard-death from above
s.d.s/hong kong knife
persevere-instant accident
odio-invio( sounds like zyanose/gloom w/ spanish vocals)
societic death slaughter- never arise
final bombs-very fragile thing-overthrow records
gai-extermination ep(blue cover)
kuro- who the helpless-blue jug records
liberate-meaningless step
no evacuations-silence of war
bestial holocaust/nuclear desecration- marching towards the nuclear holocaust(red)
rotten cadaver- self titled ep(clear vinyl)
tiger junkies- sick of tiger
driller killer- what goes around..comes around
reality crisis- who is your messiah
children of technology/cancer spreading
netjajev society system-??- rescued from life
nocturnal-fire of revenge-bestial onslaught
nocturnal/pagan rites-hhr
speed n spikes volume 1(red)
syphilitic vaginas-black motor covenant(blue vinyl)
disarm/migra violente
etae-rotten to the core
aghast-desolate legacy
total noise accord- ep-crust war
kruw-??-partners in crime
the futures-broken roll for junky boys and scum girls
CTR-kuruzaiki attack
blood spit nights-ghoulish reminders
lebenden toten-death culture deprivation


effigy/abigail-black khonflik
toxic holocaust-only deaf is real
lebenden toten-state slaughter w/ patch
invocation war-infinite power demo
abraham cross- end of time
abigail-demo1( original bought directly from yosuyuke)

more tapes to be added soon

awaiting in the mail

goat vulva-discography tape limited to 50!
bone awl- only for our feet tape
proclamation- advent of the omen tape
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