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ATOMKRAFT Interview from Chile!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:23 pm    Post subject: ATOMKRAFT Interview from Chile!!! Reply with quote

It's interview only will be published in Spanish ... Here I leave the words of Tony Doland!..Enjoy!


Greetings Tony!!!
It is an honor for us to have a part of Atomkraft history in our pages, moreover when in our country it is an unknown band for many people… do you want to present Atomkraft in a different way regarding the manner in which you have done it before, as it was the first time?

A; It's an honour to be included in your pages and to reach a new body of fans.Yes it would be to be regarded in a new and different way!

1 Well Tony, tell something about the history of the band. We understand that it was formed near 1979… in those days, what was it that motivated you to do this kind of music? Which bands were your inspirations? Did you always have clear the style you wanted to play?
A; Yeah it was summer 1979 that myself and Paul Spillett,who became the first Atomkraft drummer,decided to form a band proper.We'd messed around with music before but that summer,we decided that a proper band was the way we wanted to go.
I suppose the biggest inspirations back then and the music that influenced us was by Motorhead and Black Sabbath.Motorhead were an extreme band back in the day.Louder than loud and fast,Overkill seemed almost unbelieveably fast,makes you laugh now when it seems positively sedate compared to a milllion other acts!I used to be into Punk before that.I loved it because again it was extreme.The agression was always intoxicating.It was youth screaming at everyone,the way it always is.Motorhead I saw by accident around 1978 and saw there was no turning back after that.Whatever I did I wanted to do something like they were doing was my one and only decision.Paul loved Motorhead too,as well as Thin Lizzy,Saxon and ACDC in particular .He wanted to do metal also and although we had no clear vision of how we were going to achive our goal or what we ourselves would sound like at the begining,we did know we wanted to be the dirtiest band in the world!There was a famous quote by Lemmy once where he said,"If Motorhead moved in next door to you,your lawn would die!".We wanted your whole world to collapse if we moved in!Although that never exactly happened,I guess we were at thevery least bad neighbours!!!

2 Having played during the years you did must not have been very easy, but without any doubts
bands such as Atomkraft were the foundations for all metal we have today… what were the most remarkable moments that you had as band and the most disastrous ones that you’d like to delete from your history?
A; Thanx that great to know that people think we are part of the current metal foundations.It wasn't that easy to gain recognition back then.Only a handfull of magazines and no internet.A small number of independent labels that housed up and coming metal bands.Plus in the UK we had a government that didn't seem to care anymore,there was no money and no employment for anyone but especially the youth.Music was a salvation for us.
Most remarkable moments?Wow,there's a question!I don't know about remarkable but ones I liked the most and won't forget.............opening for Slayer here in London(their only Uk show at the time) on their Hell Awaits tour.
I was a big Slayer fan(still am!).Another memorable moment was watching Exodus for the first time in London in 1985 knowing that that night we'd be joining them on tour.Dynamo 1987,Holland,playing on the bill with Destruction(another fav band) and Testament,15,000 Ducth and German fans,amazing day!Finally,as there is so many I've narrowed it somewhat,playing the Spodek stadium in 1988 to 25,000 Polish fans of Metal,that show was videoed and I had it recorded,every time I play that audio it makes me feel good!
Moments I'd like to delete?Not one,the fights,the arguing,the fun was all part of it and us,so deleting any episodes reduces it from what it was to something else.There were moments that should have been done differently but there always is.What happened in total is what shaped us and still does now.

3 In our previous number we had Angel Witch within our pages, what makes us remember those days in which NWOBHM gave many bands to the world, especially heavy metal.
What do you think today of that time you lived? Under your point of view, which ones were the best? Are you in contact with some of them nowadays?
A; Ahhh,Angelwitch,yet another favourite band and a great influenec to many.Underrated and not given the credit by some they deserve,a very influential band to many believe me!
I stay in touch with lots of artists and bands from the day.The best in my opinion?Well I think whatever I say are the best,some may disagree and then there is the fact that when you list bands someone always thinks it's shameful that you missed a certain band out!So I will give an example of my favourite bands from back then,Destruction,Slayer,Anvil,Saxon,Motorhead,Raven,Hellhammer,Bathory,Backwater,Crucifixion,Satan,Demon,Iron Maiden,Judas Priest,Black Sabbath,Rose Tattoo,ACDC,Girlschool.Jaguar,Avenger,Artillery,Angelwitch,Holocaust,Metallica,Exodus,English Dogs,Testament,VoiVod to name but a few.I ahve included a mix there so no one feels I left a period out!
The time I lived back then?No money,wrecked apartments that were cold in winter and cold in summer.More booze than you could shake a stick at, if you cold salvage enough money from the government handout or convince your parents you need to have some money for something else!Musically?Amazing,everyone was in a aband and metal ruled the world!!!!AHHHHH,what more could you ask for?

4 We imagine that you must have a big collection of NWOBHM bands, for the number of bands that existed was incredible. Currently, many of that material must be hard to get and also very expensive. What are the most precious records from that time which you’d never sell for nothing in the world? Do you think some Atomkraft albums in vinyl still can be found somewhere and also in their original edition?
A; OK,well yeah there were an amazing amount of bands that's true.I think some records can be found and some are difficult for sure!These days and mainly thanx to the Sanctuary group,all those band s from yesteryear are coming out again on CD.There are anthologies from lots of NWOBHM bands and also there are many compilations out also on CD from that period bands.Oldschool Records and Grinder who runs his NWOBHM radio show has a compilation out titled,'Total Metal Attack',whci is a great one,check out tonydolan.net the discography page for deatils and links to the Oldschool metal show etc.Sanctuary put out this year(2006) a 25th anniversary 3CD pack,called simply,NWOBHM 25th Anniversary,that is a great collection.There's the Metal Masters collection from Castle,4CD's and lots of good stuff from the days.
My collection?Well tonnes of cassettes and around 100 pieces of Vinyl(A small amout really!).Quite a large CD collection though.
Albums(original)I wouldn't sell?My original Welcome To Hell - Venom.Black Metal(grey) also Venom.Rock Until You Drop and All For One - Raven.Court In The Act - Satan.Angelwitch - Angelwitch.Crucifixion - Cricifixion mini.Saxon Wheels Of Steel.
Motorhead - Motorhead.Overkill - Motorhead.Bomber - Motorhead.Anvil - Forged In Fire.Girlschool - Demolition.Girlschool - Hit and Run.Black Sabbath - Black Sabbath.Black Sabbath - We Soul Our Souls.Rose Tattoo - Rose Tattoo.Rose Tattoo - Assault and Battery.Metallica - Kill 'em All(UK and US versions).Megadeath - Killing Is My Business.Meatllica demo - Hit The Lights.Hellhammer - Demo.Oh and lots of other demos etc.This list could last but I'll stop there.
There's more of course but I can't look right now so let's just say that's enough vinyl for now!

5 Tony. What is it that you think any person who doesn’t know your history and music should know about the band at first?
A; Well,we are still alive,we with a different lineup than the one that did Future Warriors(the first LP release)or the one that recorded Conductors Of Noize(the last released by Neat records)mini.The new lineup will be seen in 2007 with the official release of the new ATOMKRAFT album through Iron Pegasus.We began in 1979 and demoed and play mainly live up until I moved back to Canada in 1983.When I returned in 1984,I found Ged Wolf(drums) and we looked for a guitarist.We auditioned a few and then a young 16yr old was recommended to us.We eventually decided to take him.We demoed more material and got signed to Neat Records in 1985 and recorded our first official album,Future Warriors that came out that same year.We had a management come in in 1986 that I wasn't happy with so I stepped out after recording several tracks for an E.P. I went on to write for my own Atomkraft album but unfortunately was signed to Neat still so needed to return to get the music out.Ged and the guitarist recorded 2 new tracks and added them to mine and released an E.P. titled Queen Of Death.They also recruited a new vocalist to complete recordings in my absence and a bassist to stand in for 2 tracks on recording and in new photo's.I was approached by the new vocalist and Ged to return in early 1987 and agreed.We then began work on Conductors Of Noize.Myself and the new vocalist wrote together and even our guitarist composed a track that appears on the album.In 1988 we had all wrote some new material and were set to leave Neat records and a large scale tour of Europ was set with Nasty Savage and Exumer(Germany).I took over rythm guitar and we brought back into the fold the bassist that had done work on the Queen of Death E.P.This was easier than auditioning and adding another guitarist who would need to learn everything.As I wrote mainly on guitar it seemed an obvious conclusion.The tour was a success and the recording were OK but once we had completed the tour things fell apart.The singer wanted to leave,I was offered the role in Venom and the rest went their seperate ways.

6 Was it difficult to play metal those years? At first, how were Atomkraft concerts? Trouble with cops, fights for example?
A; NO!!LOL!!The only fights were casued by ourselves.No cop trouble at all.People came,got drunk,banged their heads,shouted at us and left!!!

7 I’m sorry Tony, but it is impossible not to ask about this part of your history… you played in the great legend and what we call the fathers of ‘Black Metal’, we refer to VENOM. Tell us how you became part of VENOM and how was it to spend time with them. Did you share the same likes, ideas and the satanic attitude of the band?
A; That's not a problem,it's part of mine and their history now,no changing that.The band were based around a theme and I have no problems with themes.Theirs was Satan,it wasn't a religion,although some of the ethos of Lavey and his Satanic Bible I truly believe some members of Venom and to a degree myself,found to be worthy.So if that's sharing Satanic ideals then I guess we did.Jeff(Mantas)and myself were close friends,Abaddon?It's funny,you can never really trust him but it's kinda hard to dislike him!We got along very well,all of us,we had a great laugh and enjoyed playing music together as well.It was a bumpy ride though and because of the Venom curse,it was one that was ultimately doomed.How did I get there?Cronos split from Abaddon and took his 2 guitarists(they had all just done the 'Calm before The Storm' LP).Meanwhile there was an offer for Venom and subsequent album's.I had just came back from the last Atomkraft tour where Abaddon was tour manager for us and we had together played a jam onstage in Gdansk,Poland with some members of Wolfspider(Poland),we performed Welcome To Hell(I have a live recording of this!).I guess when Atomkraft returned to the UK and the singer decided to leave,Abaddon and the Venom manager thought I may be interested in joining Venom.There was no Mantas at this point but after many meetings and with them agreeing with Jeff(Mantas)that his guitarist from the Mantas band,Al Barnes,could also join the band,we all came together and Venom continued.
It was great at first and Prime Evil was a joy to do.Temples Of Ice was not as good I think but Tear Your Soul Apart was pretty cool and Kissing The Beast where I did some Classic Venom song was cool(this was a special album for Russia originally and featured 2 new tracks also).The final album,The Wastelands I liked most of but I was never really as happy or content as I was with Prime Evil.

8 In Venom always demons nicknames were used… why didn’t you choose a demon name? what is the origin of Tony “demolition” Dolan?
A; LOL!!!Well I was called the Demolition man from about 80/81,we were playing a show(Atomkraft)and I trashed all my gear at a time I was supposed to be doing a bass solo and as I was fighting the fire with the crew Steve White,the guitarist,went to the microphone and introduced me as the Demolition man!!When I joined Venom,Abaddon said it was natural I should become The Demolition Man without the Tony Dolan part!I evaluate everything in was of life importance and I thought it was not really important as a name coming into Venom.The only importance was flying the flag.

9 What do you think of Venom albums in which you played? Which was the contribution Tony Dolan did in Venom?
A; I think I may have just answered in the answer abouve but I'll recap.Prime Evil was a joy.Jeff wrote the front end into and I wrote the rest,the lyrics were a combination of myself and Abaddon.Carnivorous,Balckened Are The Priests,Parasite,Insane,we all my tracks.Harder Than Ever,Into the Fire and Skool Daze were Mantas.Megalomania was Balck sabbath(of course!) and Prime Evil was my lyrics and the music was mine albeit slowed down,Abaddon's idea and contributory riffage by Mantas,riff's that I actually have on the demos Venom did called Deadline.That's my Prime Evil contribution.The following albums folwed the same paths really.I'd bring in a track like In Memory Of(temples Of Ice) or Riddle Of Steel(The Wastelands)and Mantas would bring in tracks like Playtime or Fairie Tale(Temples Of Ice),then we would work tracks together like Crucified(The Wastelands) or Flatline(Kissing The Beast) and on it goes.
I love Prime evil except the track Skeletal Dance.Temples Of Ice has some good stuff and some terrible stuff but overall the production sucks,I think.Kissing The Beast I loved doing as any fan would!Tear Your Soul Apart I love and the Wastelands has some great stuff on there but was wasted by the record company I think,shame.

10 Many times rumors have been heard about all satanic attitudes and image of the band to be only a pose that you knew how to handle it very well and that you actually never believed in Satan as something serious, but it was more like a joke which was very fruitful to the band.
What can you say about that? When it comes to ideology, is it a really serious band? Are they
antichristian people or just visionaries of how to sell an image very well?

A; I think they sold the image.Up until Venom bands had flirted with the idea but Venom used it openly to shock and it worked.However Satanism is a religion and many out there take it seriously so it's a dangerous area.Also when real satanists came along and wanted to talk it became obvious that the reality of the belief was missing.Well that's not exactly true,let's say that the knowledge of the faith was less than expected.They recieved a lot of attacks for that.In all honesty I have no religion or faith,none of any kind.I think Tony(Abaddon)has none either like myself.Jeff doesn't believe and distains religion for the misery they can cause.Conrad(Cronos)I think tried to live closest to the idels of Satanism.
It's easy to link yourself to certain aspects of anything after the event and once you understand the true meaning of anything.I mean here,when the satanic bible and the writings of Anton Lavey have been read and understood it's philosophy is quite base and easy to make parallels to your own life,especially in a rock band.I guess I am saying that initially the idea of an all out Satanic band was cool but without true meaning but as they grew then they needed to read and find association with satanism and that's when they began to make connections.Although they all have delved and read I think Cronos is the most well read on the subject and lived in the true spirit,good or bad.Noty always of course as we can never deny our basic humanity but he was closer to the..............religion I guess.These are my own observations of course and they may all disagree.
You muts agree with me though that all young bands want to shout out and all youth movements need to be noticed and Venom,by holding high a Satanic flag,stirred everyone up good and bad.Some sriously and some just laughed at them but they all recognised them!That's gotta be pretty cool.

11 During the way Atomkraft edited the great Future Warriors and the remembered ‘Queen of Death’
and ‘Conductor of Noize’, in our opinion the most known material of the band. Can you tell us about
the four demos that you released once? What do you think of all that was edited? What are the main
differences between one production and other? Currently, are you thinking of releasing some other

A; Well we recorded a demo called 'Demon' around 1981 that featured 4 tracks,Demon,Maniacman,Warfare and an untitled track.Also in 1981 we did a demo that featured a cover of Motorhead,Dirty water,Don't Like Your Style,Total Metal and another untitled track,the demo we called Atomkraft.Then in 1983 we recorded 2tracks,Total Metal and Death Valley.In 1985 we recorded(with the new lineup,all before were the original 3 members)another demo,PourThe Metal In,it featured,Pour The Metal In,Carousel and Burn In Hell.
They all had different qualities,the first real demos were basic and with simple sounds as we had to record in 2track and live so there was no time for overdubbing and we had whatever sound was produced.It cost us money and we were on a time scale!The second recordings were much rawer.We were truly becoming Atomkraft.These were recorded with a sound closer to our own and with no time limits at a friends studio.The 83 demo we spent time on and had our sound.We recorded these at Neat records studios and only did 2 tracks so we could concentrate on less material to get things better.The final demos were also done at Neat and we were on our way to an album dela so we had plenty of time and chose 3 tracks to focus on.
As we aged so did our playing,style and sound and we began to realise what we were aftter and I think the demos all reflect that progression.Up until recently the tapes were avaiable on many trading lists.
We also recorded in 1988 10tracks for an album to be titled Atomized but it was never released.On the Atomkraft anthology CD set,I put the tracks I recorded and sang on missing from the Queen of Death E.P.The original versions of Demolition and Funereal Pyre plus the lost title track from the pre E.P. Your Mentor.

12 Several musicians pertaining to other English bands such as Iron Fire, Blinded by Fear, Satan, Avenger, War Machine, Tysondog, Vyperine, Karyan and of course Venom and Mantas under your curriculum pass through Atomkraft’s line up. How different was Atomkraft in relation to all those other bands? Was it too difficult to unmark the sound of the musicians and their previous bands in their way of playing once they were in Atomkraft?
A; The musicians that came into Atomkraft and infact are now in Atomkraft are there and were there because they wanted to play music.I myself have always compromised with fellow players.You cannot be too narrow minded.If you have this amazing guitarist or whatever and he comes in and you say,don't play anything but this here or there then you'll only ever get half of what he's capable of.I always let everyman play how he wants to and I do the same that way you get the best they have to offer no restrictions.that way alaso they feel much mre apart of what they are doing and want to contribute in every way.This can work against you sometimes of course.Right now there is a situation with an ex-guitarist who is attempting to make out he wa the inspirational force of Atomkraft and he was a huge contributor in the writing.He wasn't but he was a huge part of Atomkraft by being there.He was allowed the same freedom to play what he wanted as everyone was but that doesn't mean at the end of the day you wrote a bands backcatalouge!
All those bands you mentioned are great in their own right and were very different to Atomkraft but all the players had the same ethos,they wanted to play metal and play it well.That's always enough for me!

13 Remember how your party days were and tell us something about it. Too much madness in your times of youth? Any amusing anecdote that you can tell us about?
A; Yeah much madness,drinking from thursdays until Sundays,fighting almost every weekend.In Newcastle(my home town in the UK)there was a few metal/rock clubs but one that everyone went to called the Mayfair.Bands played there too but every weekend,there was a metal/rock nightclub and it seemed like the whole northeast went there.Great music and great days.I was going there from the age of 14yrs to see Punk acts and everyone loved the place.Sadly long gone now but great memories!
I have done lots of foolish things,mostly drink induced.One on tur with Atomkraft in germany I ran away from some cops with my trousers round my ankles,I'd been messing about in the road and being very drunk when the cops showed up and I had to escape to the sanctuary of the tour bus!
there was another time in Poland when I got real drunk on Vodka and took on the world.There were prostitutes,gangsters(of sorts)a tour manager,nasty savage in part and the hotal staff,what a mess and we were playing the first show in Poland the next day.I felt so guilty in the morning but man it was a blast that night!!We had a video shot of us live the next day and there's a close up of my hand in one shot laying guitar and it's just about as swollen and bruised as you could wish!!LOL!!
I smashed a lot of instruments and didn't give a fuck about equipment until I could aford real instruments,now I am old and not as destructive unless provoked!

14 Alcohol and women have always been linked to Metal – we imagine that you were not the exception… what was the greatest madness that you did by being drunk or doped? Did you take drugs to stimulate yourselves? Too many women needed of affection after the shows?
A; LOL!!!!I guess I made friends with a few girls and did some drugs,drink was the biggest thing for me and then fighting I liked that a lot!Thing is I always said I got high just being out there and playing, I didn't really need anything else.Food and music were enough for me to survive but of course when there is booze and then girls and you are young enough,then..........................why not.Ask Lemmy,he gets around a lot!!LOL!!

15 Let’s see how sickness is Tony.... how about England whores? Did you ever fuck any? Do you like them or did you like to frequent topless shows and to mess about with women while having a good drink? Do you have some shit of hidden fetish, some fantasy without achievement, some perversion in your head with the passing of time?
A; I have never fucked a whore anywhere.I like to mess around with women with or without being drunk.My fucks have been free.I did do a lot of fucking here but not whores just good old metal chicks!Do I have a perversion?I like South American girls and Black girls,that's my fetish,if they are dressed in white,even better!!
When I lived in Canada I went to lots of topless bars and tabledancing bars but preferred getting shitfaced.I don't see the point of looking if yo can have you know?
My fantasy would be to get nailed by a southamerican babe from every south american country and a hot black chick all at once!Yeah,6 or 8,or whatever at once I guess!

16 I imagine that like all men you must like pornography. Who is the porn actress that you like the most? Are there any xxx films produced in your country? Do you imagine yourself being a guy like Gene Simons and to be surrounded by beautiful curvilinear women of big tits and big asses? (Ha, ha, ha.)
A; I don't like big tits so much as a beautiful ass.Like Gene?No not really,those are mostly californian babes and there for posing and photos etc.That's cool but just models,I like real women and dark not blond really.I used to know porn in the 1980's and see some now but it's not a great thing with me.I was watching when John Holmes was the daddy and there was Marolyn Chambers and desree Coustau(I think?).Films?Deep Throat,Debbie Does Dallas etc,etc.There are xxx movies done here but they are amature looking and I don't like the look of them.The European stuff is pretty hard stuff and some cool stuff.I think the US has the perfect balance really.I do like 2 brit models in particular,Charmaine Sinclair(she dated Robert Dinero for a while and a model called Linda Leigh,she's got that older dirty way about her!
I think most porn I try to stay away from as I don't need to look at another mans cock popping a chick when I'd prefer it to be my own.

17 And just talking about that. A friend of mine told me that you have a similar facet. I didn’t know that apart from playing metal you liked acting and that you acted in a film. What movie was it? How about that experience? Do you still earn money with that?
A; Yeah I do acting.I was in Judge Dredd,Dirty war,Master & Commander,did some of the sountrack for Up & Under,and did several plays and a few TV shows here also.Badger,the Ink Thief,Battlefield Britain for some examples.Check out the pages @tonydolan..net to know more on this.
No you get paid for movies and then that's it ,unless you're Tom Cruise of course!TV is a fee too but sometimes advertising on TV can earn you geat sums every time it's played out there.If they repeat a TV show I did,I do get royalties though.

18 How old are you Tony? Do you have a job, wife, and kids? Do you get along with your mother in law? Etc. Tell us something about your personal life.
A; I am 43yrs this coming January.I have a wife of 14yrs and one daughter who has just turned 5yrs last month.I am currently working on the Queen Musical here in London(again).It's a great job and I get well paid for it too,which is very nice.The show is called ,We Will Rock You.I have been back and forth from this show for 5yrs and it's till a great rock show.We live here in London and my family-in-law are great.My mother-in-law goes to the sme gym as me,she's a beautiful person,very caring and generous,just like her daughter.We have satallite TV and I can't stop atching FOX news when I get a chance to watch TV as it's better than the Simpsons!!!

19 Do you listen to metal nowadays? What bands did you start listening to when you were young? Tell us a little about the first concert you attended as public, your inspirations both in music, art and life in general…
A; Always.Rammstein is top of my list with Rosenrot at the moment along with The new Exodus and Slayer albums.
I was brought up on Rock and Roll,Elvis and Bill Haley and the Commets,Daddy and The Juniors.Music was a big part of growing up.Whe I first heard Mowtown I flipped and that was it.I wanted to be a musician.I didn't get a guitar until I was about 14yrs though,we were poor and the family disrupted somewhat.My parent divorced when I was 9yrs.I tried to learn everything I could.I was inspired for sure,funny that I ended up in a metal band instead of a soul act then isn't it?I have done lots od different styles of music since those heddy days however,including,mowtown gigs.Music is so fucking great isn't it?I studied art and photography for a while at college and my wife is great at both.my daughter is becoming quite the artist too.
My first show?Kiss at the Joe Loius arena in detroit around 1974.

20 Do you believe in god Tony? What do you think of Christianity, dogmas, priests and religions in general? Do you think that they are necessary in people’s lives?
A;No I don't.I think people need to believe in something in order to survive and give reason to being as we find it hard to understand why we are here and why there will be nothing when we die.Faith gives us reasons for being created and something after death.I think if we believed in ourselves instead then we'd have the only reason we'd need.I wish religion was n ot such a frantic excuse for destruction and war.We created it and we are using it in the name of a created God to kill each other,who the fuck needs that?It should be a very personal thing and not some mass hysterical force.Mohammed was a prophet as was Jesus,they lived for real,cool,shoild we kill each other just because we thing either one is better?????

21 And death Tony... what is it for you? A passage to eternal life? The end of all? A moment of pain for those who appreciate you? Tell us how you’d like to die and how you’d wish to be remembered once you do not longer exist…
A; I don't care how I die as long as the family don't have to see it!I like pain so it doesn't bother me really.the end is the end,that's it no more,no afterlife just.........................gone!I just want to be remembered as someone who did for others and was unselfish.I have worked hard for this life and have been too generous sometimes with my time but in the end it doesn't matter as long as you are recognised for being a good guy.Being bad is easy and hurting people is easy too,not doing that is hard.

22 Do you know something of our country? Either bands, events, or even though about where are we
located in the map?
A; Yeah my geography is pretty cool.I have been in Brazil before and Mexico although not Chile.I have friends in Argentina and Peru too.I feel very honoured to be interviewed for Chile and apart from Santiago and Llamas,
I don't really know too much about you guys.Pan pipes,Ponchos and you national music.I guess I know standard stuff and nothing in detail.I could poit to you on a map though,LOL!!!
I'd like you to tell me something from your point of view rather than me reading something that may be a onesided view of Chile.

23 Tell us Tony… do you like the current metal scene? Grindcore, Black Metal, Death Metal bands, etc. what do you think of all those bands that have been reformed such as Witchfynder, Destruction, Death Angel, Exodus, etc?
A; I think while it's great to have so much great metal,back in the day we were all one as it all came under Heavy Metal but now we seemed disolved somewhat,too many fractions,so that when we need to stand together we don't seem to be able to!Everyone in mainstream thinks metal is dying or dead,it really isn't at all,it's just split severely into sub catagories.I wish it was just all one genre but the kinds like it being split I guess.As for the reformations?I think it's fantastic.They were great bands then and are great bands now,long live Metal I say!!

24 In one idea… how would you define Hell?
A; Hell is doing something you hate ,day in day out until you retire.Not following your dream but wishing when you are too old to do it anymore,that you did!

25 If you have the chance to punish someone to his/her death… who would you punish?
A; LOL!!!There's lots of people but I'd need to do it myself if that's OK?

26 Do you have any kind of occult practice that you’d like to share with us?
A; No,no I don't.I wish I could say yeah,I like to.......................................................................but no!Oh I got one.................I love watching the Exorcist!I am also working on a version that may be able to be viewed by 2008!!

27 What is your opinion of an open-minded metal banger?
A; Perfect,you must be openminded or you may miss something that could change your life.

28 Well, we’ll name some things and you’ll tell us what do you think of them or to which you relate them, ok? Napalm Death, Satan, Christ, Margaret Tacher, Nwobhm, Metal, Atomkraft, Tony “Demolition” Dolan, Nazism and Playboy..............
A; Cool,never understood the original vocalist though or understood the style of it??He's cool if he exists,he keeps the balance.He did exist,well Jesus did,a great orator obviously and a great man,whatever he truly was.A twat!Cool in everyway,a cornerstone of what is now the metal scene.GGGGGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAATTT!A pretty cool band,slightly underrated I hope.He's OK I guess.Ahhhhh,das Reich,great uniforms!
Ahhhhh,Playboy,great uniforms!

29 There are always bands or music styles that we dislike a lot… tell us Tony, what are the bands you never liked and what are the ones you hate the most? Why?
A; Mmmmm,difficult,good question!I like all styles really,I love music.I have in my collection Snoop Dog and Dre to Johnny Cash amd Kelly Joe Phelps as well as an extensive metal collection,past and present.I get sent lots of music and I love that.I hear bands from all over the world and it's fantasic music.I wish I had a label and I'd sign everyone of them,I really would!
I was not into certain bands more than others but now I can't honestly say I hated any,I certainly don't now.I dislike shit pop tunes I guess,meaningless money making pap!

30 All right Tony, for finishing, and taking into account the far distance between our countries and that in Chile Atomkraft was never interviewed… we’d like you to tell some secret of the band, or something you have never said in an interview during these years… some guilty pleasure… something amusing for leaving Atomkraft’s fingerprint in our pages and in Chile...
A; Thanx for being the first to interview us for Chile it's a honour!Something I have never said in a interview before now?America is frightening right now,really frightening,they are positioning themselves to destroy the world!A band secret?I played the opening guitar on the Future warriors album and a lot of rythym guitar on Conductors Of Noize as the guitarist couldn't play it,how's that for honesty?I like Haagan das Icecream!I once drank a pint of beer full of ash,cigarettes and lots of sick stuff to prove a point,I was very drunk!!
OK checkout www.myspace.com/atomkraft and don't forget www.tonydolan.net.
Thanx for having me and keep it alive.

31- We thank you, for your patience, your support, your good humor and the most important thing, the records that you gave to us with Atomkraft… certainly a whole history that is worth listening some time in your life… thanks again!!!

A;Thankyou and all the metalheads out there.We are all a brotherhood and it doesn't matter if you like what I have done or not or Dave Grohl or Matellica or Slayer,we are all brothers in arms,bigger than religion and stronger than and army,let's keep ourselves strong and together,metal mustn't die!!Hail to you all!

Interview: Gabriel Gatica Kretschmer
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The Exhumator

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Mmmm .... Not many like Atomkraft .... Jo Jo
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Not really interested in that band, espescially after reading this hahaha:
We are all a brotherhood and it doesn't matter if you like what I have done or not or Dave Grohl or Matellica or Slayer,we are all brothers in arms,bigger than religion and stronger than and army,let's keep ourselves strong and together,metal mustn't die!!

Looking forward to Compilation Of Death though, let us know when it's released and for how much you're selling it.
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The Exhumator

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Ha, ha, ha ... I understand ... You should listen Future Warriors or Conductors of Noise and shelve the farewell Tony Doland Jaja ... .. It is certainly a story to take into consideration
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