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!! Huge VINYL sale list *cheap* !! (edited)
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:03 am    Post subject: !! Huge VINYL sale list *cheap* !! (edited) Reply with quote

EDITED LIST! -updated august 17-

All item new and unplayed!

Located in Holland. PM orders or email newera_business@yahoo .
All prices in €

No orders will be reserved anymore, sorry. Tired of packing and reserving stuff that doesn't get paid while others would like to buy it too.

Vinyl 12" and 10":

VI De Preastegiis Daemonum 12" LP 10
AD HOMINEM Dictator: A monument of Glory Gatefold LP limited to 500 copies 15
ABHORER Zygotical Sabbatory Anabapt Picture LP in die-cit sleeve with booklet and poster 16
ABHORER Upheaval of Blasphemy Splatter LP with poster and booklet 15
ABSURD Asgardrei 2012 Satanic Skinhead edition, ltd.500 25
ABSURD Facta Loquunter LP with sticker from Satanic Skinhead Prod. Ltd.500 25
ABSURD / GRAND BELIAL'S KEY / SIGRBLOT Weltenfiend BOXSET edition in transparantvinyl 75
ACHERONTAS Theosis Gatefold DLP limited to 300 copies 20
AGALLOCH Ashes against the grain White vinyl gatefold double-LP 20
AGALLOCH The Mantle White vinyl gatefold double-LP 20
ARKHA SVA Mikama.. LP 13
AKITSA Soleil Noir PicLP 15
ALGOR Úder Pohanského hnevu Ltd. 250 obscure Czech Black Metal LP 12
ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH Tributo a Der Blutharsch Rare gatefold, limited to 400, KILLER release! 15
ALUK TODOLO Ordre 10" on Ajna 12
ANAEL On wings of Mercury LP + 7" 15
ANCIENTS REBIRTH, THE Drain the portal in Blood Killer old Swedish Black Metal LP 13
ANGEL OF DAMNATION Carnal Pholosophy Satanic Doom Metal 12
ANGST SKVADRON Valium Holocaust 10" 10
ANTEDILUVIAN / ADVERSARIAL Initiated in Impiety as Mysteries Split LP 13
ANTEDILUVIAN Revelations in Excrement 12" LP 14
ANTEDILUVIAN Through the Cervix of Haawah Book-like DLP with 12'x12" booklet and etched D-side 22
APATI Eufori Gatefold DLP ala Lifelover 15
ARCHGOAT Whore of Bethlehem Picture LP in sleeve 16
ARCHGOAT The light devouring darkness Picture LP in sleeve 16
ARCHGOAT Heavenly Vulva (Christ's lost rites) Single sided 12" with poster, printed innersleeve 15
ARCKANUM Antikosmos Black vinyl, alternative cover 18
ARCKANUM Fran Marder PicLP in sleeve, beatiful release 15
ARCKANUM Kostogher 2xPicLP in sleeve, beatiful and MASSIVE release 20
ARCTURUS Constellation Deluxe Kyrck re-release, ltd. 500 22
ARCTURUS Asperia Hiems Synfonia Deluxe Kyrck re-release, ltd. 500 22
ARKONA Ot Serdca K Nebu Deluxe Gatefold double-Picture LP 19
ARKONA Ot Serdca K Nebu Deluxe Gatefold double LP 18
ARMOUR Armour European press LP 15
ASCENSION Consoliamentum LP 15
ASCENSION With Burning Tongues LP 15
ASCENSION Fire and faith LP 12
ATRA Death Coven Australian import, limited to 100 handnumbered 25
ATRA Up-turning the Curse True Underground Black Metal 12
BARATHRUM / EPAKRISTUS Split 10" Killer Finnish hordes! 10
BERGTHRON Faust fur Faust Gatefold DLP, limited to 500 copies 15
BEHEMOTH The Return of the Northern Moon Gatefold LP ltd.666 colored vinyl 14
BEHEMOTH From the Pagan Vastlands Gatefold LP ltd.666 colored vinyl 14
BESTIAL SUMMONING The Dark War has Begun LP ltd.666 13
BESTIAL WARLUST Satan's Fist One-sided 12" with etching on the B-side 14
BLACK CRUCIFIXION Promeathen gift Sealed gatefold LP 12
BLACK OATH Black Oath MLP Occult Italian Doom Metal 13
BLACK WITCHERY Inferno of Sacred Destruction Massive gatefodl with booklet, poster etc. NWN! Prod. 17
BLASPHEMOPHAGER Return to Nuclear Hell Killer LP on NWN! Prod 15
BLASPHEMOPHAGER The III Command of the Absolute Chaos Diehard LP in cotton sleeve, colored vinyl, sticker, slipmat 35
BLASPHEMOPHAGER The III Command of the Absolute Chaos LP 15
BLASPHEMOPHAGER For Chaos, obscurity and desolation Diehard PicLP with backpatch 30
BLASPHEMY Gods of War / Blood upon the Altar White vinyl DLP in gatefold sleeve + poster, HEAVY! 20
BLOOD AXIS Born Again Massive DLP in tri-gatefold with booklet 22
BONE AWL / ASHDAUTAS Split LP+7" US import 30
BONE AWL Bowing heads New LP on Iron Tyrant Prod. 15
BEHERIT H418ov21.C LP 13
BEHERIT The oath of Black Blood Picture LP in sleeve, luxorious edition of this cult LP 15
CAPRICORNUS Alone against all Limited LP with printed innersleeve BROWN vinyl limited to 100 20
CAUCHEMAR La Vierge Noire Tour edition Picture LP in outer sleeve 14
CELESTIA Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis Double LP 15
CELESTIA Dead Insecta Sequestration Splatter LP, beatifull release 15
CELESTIAL SEASON Forever Scarlet Passion Rerelease of this old Dutch Doom/Death classic 15
CAPRICORNUS Alone against all Limited LP with printed innersleeve BLACK vinyl 15
CHARLES MANSON Songs from the Sick City LP ltd.500 13
CIRCLE OF OUROBOROS Cast to the Pits Expensive import from Infinite Wisom, ltd.300 heavy vinyl + inlay 25
CLANDESTINE BLAZE Falling monuments The new album! 15
CONQUEROR War.Cult.Supremacy Gatefold DLP 20
COLDWORLD Melancholie Ltd. To 500 LP edition 16
CRAFT Void US edition splatter DLP 40
CULTUS / MESLAMTAEA Tussen werelden.. Split LP, Dutch Black/Pagan Metal! Heavy vinyl 12
DEAD CONGREGATION Purifying Sacred Ground Grey vinyl US-tour edition ltd. 250 15
DEAD CONGREGATION Graves of the Archangels Brown vinyl US-tour edition ltd. 250 15
DEAD TO THIS WORLD Sacrifice MLP + A2 poster, cardboard inlay and heavy vinyl 12
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE Burning Black Infinity Colored DLP gatefold 25
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Diabolus Absconditus / Mass Grave Aesthetics Sealed 16
DEATHSPELL OMEGA Paracletus Massive gatefold, sealed 16
DEATHSPELL OMEGA / SVEST Veritas Diaboli Manet in Aeternum Massive gatefold, sealed 16
DENIAL OF GOD Death and the Beyond Gatefold double-LP. US import 20
DENIAL OF GOD The Red Terror Briljant new 12" 13
DEFUNTOS Nada é Eterno LP 12
DESASTER Desaster Shaped PicLP 12" + inlay! Great collectors item 15
DESTROYER 666 Phoenix Rising Picture LP in gatefold sleeve with poster 16
DEVIL Time to repent Gatefold LP of Devilish Dooom 15
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE The Time of no Time Evermore Gatefold double-12", sealed! 20
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE Come, reap 12" gold on black edition 12
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE I'll be your Ghost 12" 13
DIOCLETIAN Doom Cult Picture LP in cover, limited to 300 copies 15
DIOCLETION Bellum Omnium Massive gatefold LP with poster and inlay 14
DROWNING THE LIGHT / CIRCLE OF OUROBOUROS Moonflares Deluxe release, limited to 500 copies. 15
DROWNING THE LIGHT / CIRCLE OF OUROBOUROS Moonflares Diehard mailorder-only edition, 'moonflare colored vinyl' limited to 150 copies 25
DODHEIMSGARD Satanic Art 10" ltd. 200 15
DÖDSENGEL Dodsengel Deluxe gatefold release, limited to 500 copies. 15
DROWNING THE LIGHT A Pact with Madness Gatefold LP, black vinyl 15
DROWNING THE LIGHT An alignment with dead stars Gatefold double LP, limited to 500 20
DARK FURY Saligia Gatefold LP with inlay.. Limited to 500 15
DROWNING THE LIGHT Catacombs of Blood Gatefold LP ltd. 500 13
DROWNING THE LIGHT The Fading rays of the Sun 10" 10
DROWNING THE LIGHT The blood of the ancients Gatefold LP 15
DROWNING THE LIGHT The weeping moon 10" 12
DROWNING THE LIGHT A Pact with Madness Gatefold, Diehard splatter LP with huge metal logo-pin, limited to 222 30
DRUDKH Estrangement Northern Heritage press ltd.500 20
EIGHT ACTS OF ORIGIN Ft. Akitsa, Ashpool, Woods of Infinity, Nasheim LP + Booklet ltd.488 15
EMBRACE OF THORNS Prating for Absolution Gatefold DLP with etched D-side 20
EISENTWINTER Monumentales Scheitern Controversial LP ltd.300 on DARKER THAN BLACK. 15
EVIL / LONE SUFFER We bring the Gallows of Hope Split LP. Australian import 25
ELITE Kampen Gatefold 2x10" 12
ENCOFFINATION Ritual Ascension Beyond Flesh Purple smoke vinyl, massive poster + cover. Rare Chinese press 19
FAUSTCOVEN Hellfire and Funeral Bells NWN! Prod gatefold LP 15
FEN Ancient Sorrow MLP 12
FLAMES OF HELL Fire & Steel Purple vinyl LP, CULT release! 25
FORGOTTEN TOMB Negative Megalomania Gatefold LP 13
FREITOD Blessed by the Horns of Terror True Underground Black Metal 12
FUNERAL Funeral Old project of the AUTOPSY guys, red vinyl! 15
FUNERAL WINDS Nexion Xul Last album on gatefold LP 12
FUNGAL HEX (SUNN O))) Fungal Hex Rare 2 x 12" picture disc in printed 2 colour vellum slip cover, limited to 500. 26
GEGEN GRAVITATION UND WILLENSFREIHEIT Gegen Gravitation und Willensfreiheit German Black Metal Edition of 321 hand-numbered copies, pressed on 180g black vinyl and comes in a black poly-lined inner sleeve. It is packaged with a poster (320x640mm) which is housed in a silk screened PVC sleeve. 13
GESTAPO 666 Nostalgia MUTIILATION project, LP ltd.300 handnumbered only! 16
GNAW THEIR TONGUES Per Flagellum Sanguemque, Tenebras Veneramus Gatefold double-10", sealed, limited 250 only 15
GNAW THEIR TONGUES / DEMONOLOGISTS Split LP Limited 300, black or white vinyl (surprise) 15
GNAW THEIR TONGUES All the dread magnificence of Perversity Massive gatefold double LP, SICK release! 15
GOATMOON Varjot LP with poster in clear or black vinyl 19
GOATMOON / AZAZEL Split LP On Werewolf / Northern Heritage 20
GONTYNA KRY Welowie LP edition of the debut album 14
GOSPEL OF THE HORNS Ceremonial Conjuration Solid new MLP 13
GULAGGH Vorkuta Grey vinyl LP limited to 250 14
GRAVE MIASMA Exalted Emanation MLP 13
GRAVELAND Thousand Swords Best available edition of this absolute MASTER album 15
HAATSRIJD Cacodaemony Gatefold LP 12
HALGADOM Wille-Tatkraft-Potential Beautiful LP with 12"x24" inlay, red or transparant vinyl and limited to 500 handnumbered copies 14
HATE FOREST Dead but dreaming Limited LP 15
HATE FOREST Nietzscheism Gatefold DLP 20
HAVOHEJ Hornbook Sheytan Silver vinyl 10" ltd. 200 13
HAVOHEJ Kembetan Premaster PicLP ltd.111 DIEHARD EDITION 25
HAVOHEJ Dethrone the son of God PicLP ltd.333 alternative cover 20
HEIDEVOLK Walhalla Wacht LP or PicLP 14
HEIMDALLS WACHT Westfälischer Schlachtenlärm DLP 16
HEKEL De Dodenvaart Gatefold LP of this Dutch Black Metal horde 13
HELHEIM Nidr ok Nordr Brown vinyl LP 13
HELL MILITIA Last station on the road to death Heavy LP with massive booklet, killer post-Mutiilation 16
HERDER Herder Sludge/Doom project with Urfaust members. 15
HERESIARCH Hammer of Intransigence Gatefold single-sided LP with inlay, ltd. To 500 on Satanic Skinhead Propaganda 18
HERESI Psalm I and II Diehard set, LP,PicLP, shirt, embossed cover and cards, ltf. 150 handnumbered 45
HERETIC Devilworshipper Black LP, limited to 300 handnumbered! 15
HERETIC Devilworshipper PicLP in sleeve 20
HERETIC Black Metal Holocaust Diehard RED LP + Shirt (M) + patch + pin, handnumbered 49/100 only! 30
HERETIC Praising Satan Sealed gatefold LP 12
HERETIC / BESTIAL SUMMONING Splitting Skulls for Satan Smoke-colored LP ltd.100 20
HONOR W Dzien Triumfu Known from split with Graveland 20
I SHALT BECOME Requiem Amazing record 15
I SHALT BECOME Wanderings White vinyl LP, sealed 15
INFERNUM Taur-nu-Fuin Briljant Polish Black Metal album 15
INFINITY Enter thy Labyrinth of Hell Gatefold LP 12
INFINITY Nostalgia for the dark age LP 12
INFINITY The Arcane Wisdom of Shadows Gatefold LP 12
INQUISITION Anxious Death.. Forever under Gatefold double-LP on Nuclear War Now! 18
INQUISITION Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Macrocosm Gatefold LP 14
INQUISITION Nefarious Dismal Orations Picture LP in sleeve, sealed, RARE! 25
INQUISITION Nefarious Dismal Orations White vinyl LP, sealed 20
INQUISITION / PROFANE GRACE Split Rare DIEHARD double-Picture LP in gatefold cover 30
KILL No Catharsis Gatefold LP ltd. 500 13
KREUZFEUER Blut für Blut Limited to 400 copies, sealed gatefold double-LP, splatter vinyl 16
KRISTALLNACHT Warspirit picture LP with inlay, ltd. 300 handnumbered 20
KRODA Towards the Firnaments Verge of of Life Gatefold double-LP 20
KRODA Fimbulvinter & Falcon among the Cliffs Gatefold double-LP 20
KULT OFENZIVY Radikalni Ateisimus LP 14
LEBENSESSENZ Tage der Nostalgie LP 13
LEGION OF DOOM The Desecration Rare gatefold 10" edition of the legendary demo. 330 copies exist 13
LEGION OF DOOM For those of the Blood White vinyl, handnumbered to 500 copies, gatefold! 20
LUGUBRUM Face Lion, Face Oignon Brandnew album on LP. Heavy vinyl ltd. 500 15
LUNAR AURORA Hoagascht Limited to 500 sealed LP 16
LUROR Cease to Live picLP in cover 18
LUROR Cease to Live Splatter LP, sealed 18
MAGOG Artglauben PicLP + inlay 15
MAIM Deaceased to Exist Splatter vinyl heavy LP, Swedish Death Metal 14
MALIGNANT ETERNAL Far Beneath the Sun LP 12
MALIGN Divine Facing On Norma Evangelium Diaboli, red vinyl, sealed! 16
MASTER'S HAMMER Slagry NWN press 17
MESCALINE MASSACRE Liquid, Soma, Death Blue vinyl, ltd. 100 20
METALUCIFER Heavy Metal Bulldozer Gatefold DLP 19
METALUCIFER Heavy Metal Hunter Splatter LP ltd.500 25
MGLA With Hearts towards none LP 15
MIDNIGHT Satanic Royalty Blue vinyl LP 15
MIN KNIV Av Aske Rare 10" 12
MONARQUE Fier Heretique Gatefold LP 12
MORDAEHOTH Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart LP, white vinyl ltd.250 + bookler 15
MORDAEHOTH Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart Test press, ltd. 10 in special sleeve and black vinyl 50
MORDAEHOTH Eens weer prevaleert het heidens hart Diehard version ltd.50, green/white splatter + booklet 20
MORTIIS Ånden som Gjorde Opprør Gatefold LP on swirld colored vinyl ltd.250 17
MORTIIS Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent Gatefold LP on swirld colored vinyl ltd.251 17
MORTUARY DRAPE All the witches dance Grey vinyl edition 15
MORTUARY DRAPE All the witches dance diehard double-LP with bonus live-LP 40
MORBOSIDAD Profana del cruz del nazarene Gatefold LP + poster, massive Nuclear War Now! Release 15
MOURNING DAWN For the Fallen.. Doom Metal from Aesthetik Death records. Gatefold DLP on colored vinyl, limited to 350 copies. 19
MURDERS CALLING All you need is violence With Blasphemophager members 10
MURW Kanker Great album, on limited vinyl (300) with inlay 13
MUTIILATION Remains of a ruined, dead, cursed soul Official DAP rerelease 15
MUTIILATION Black Millennium Official DAP rerelease, gatefold cover + inlay 16
MUTIILATION Vampires of Black Imperial Blood Official DAP rerelease, gatefold DLP 22
MUTIILATION Destroy your life for Satan Red vinyl sealed 45
MUTIILATION Sorrow Galaxies red vinyl DLP gatefold 45
MUKNAL Muknal Twilight Black Circle band, ltd.300 one-sided MLP, US import 15
NACHTMYSTIUM Reign of the Malicious PicLP + poster 16
NARGAROTH Crushing some Belgian scum Picture LP ltd. 500 20
NASTROND 666 Age of Fire LP ltd.400 14
NASTROND 666 Toteslaut LP ltd.400 14
NEBIROS Guerreros de Lucifer LP on Black Vomit 15
NECROMASS Mysteria Mystica Zofiriana LP 13
NECROKRIST SS Suicide Killer Finnish Black Metal in the tradition of Hammer, Satanic Warmaster etc. Recommended! 13
NECROS CHRISTOS Triune Impurity Rites Massive gatefold double LP! 20
NECROS CHRISTOS Doom of the Occult Massive gatefold double LP! 20
NIHIL NOCTURNE Necrohell Gatefold LP ltd.500, rare old BLUT UND EUSEN release 15
NIHIL NOCTURNE Wahnsinn, Tod, Verrat Sealed LP + massive booklet on END ALL LIFE 16
NUIT NOIRE Lunar Deflagration LP ltd. 200 handnumbered copies, expensive import from Infinite Wisdom 25
NORDREICH Skatlav Grey vinyl, ltd. 250 copies + poster 13
ODELEGGER The Titan's Tomb Band of Vidar of Bilskirnir / Aryan Blood 13
OF THE WAND AND THE MOON Gatedold DLP on white vinyl 22
OSCULUM INFAME Manifesto from the Dark Age Gatefold DLP + poster 19
ORDER FROM CHAOS Plateau of Invincibility Rare old 10" on red vinyl. Deadstock from Shivadarshana 16
ORDER OF ORIAS Inverse Gatefold LP + printed innersleeve + poster 15
ORCUSTUS Orcustus Gatefold LP + printed innersleeve + booklet + poster 15
PORTAL Outre Gatefold LP, gold/black vinyl. US-import 15
PROFANATICA Sickened by the Holy ghost Deluxe DLP 19
PROFANATICA The enemy of Virtue Silver/red+gold/red gatefold DLP 20
PROFANATICA Profanitatas de.. Red/Gold diehard LP ltd.111 25
PROFANATICA Disgusting blasphemies against god Diehard PicLP ltd.111, alternative cover 22
PSEUDOGOD Deathwomb Cathechesis Col. Vinyl LP with huge booklet, US-import 17
RASPBERRY BULBS Finally Burst../Lone Gunman Bone Awl project 13
REVENGE Triumph.Genocide.Antichrist US-edition limited to 500. Alternative cover 17
REVENGE Scum.Collapse.Eradication US-press LP 14
RIDE FOR REVENGE Wisdom of the few Gatefold LP 15
ROSTORCHESTER Verschrobenheit Project by Greif of Eisenwinter, ltd.300 15
SABBAT Sabbatrinity Gatefold LP 13
SABBAT Envenom LP 13
SADOMATOR Goatblood Panspermia Gatefold 16
SADOMATOR Sadomatic Goatcult Gatefold PicLP 16
SADOMATOR Goatbrew Alcoholust Gatefold PicLP 16
SATANEL Satanel Extremely harsh lo-fi old project of ST Werwolf of Satanic Warmaster. Red vinyl, Australian import 27
SATANIC BLOOD Satan boven Alles LP 12
SATANIC BLOODSPRAYING At the Mercy of Satan Brilliant early ImpNaz worship. Red vinyl 13
SATANIC WARMASTER Opferblut Blue vinyl LP 15
SATANIC WARMASTER Black Metal Massacre LIVE Silk screened red cover 35
SATANIC WARMASTER / BEHEXEN Split Black vinyl 10" 15
SATANIC WARMASTER / BEHEXEN Split 10" PicLP in sleeve 20
SELBSTMORD / We Bring Desolation Gatefold split LP of these extreme Polish hordes 13
SELBSTMORD Dawn of a new era LP ltd. 300 13
SETHERIAL Hell Eternal Swedish Black Metal 13
SETHERIAL Nord Gatefold 13
SILENCER Death Pierce me Killer LP version of this Suicidal Black/Doom masterpiece, limited to 500 handnumbered copies 20
SILENCER Death Pierce me PicLP in sleeve identical to the LP, limited to 500 copies 25
SIXX Sister Devil DIE-HARD double LP in red vinyl, patch etc. 30
SKITLIV / CURRENT 93 Bloodletting Picture 10" 12
SODOMIZER The Dead shall Rise to Kill PicLP in gatefold sleeve 15
SOMBRE CHEMIN Hétérodoxie (opus III) - Involution LP limited to 500 handnumbered copies 13
SOMBRE CHEMIN / EOLE NOIR Split White vinyl in gatefold 10" limited to 500 11
SORHIN Förbannade 1993-2001 BOXSET 2 LP's, 2x10" and 7" booklet, poster NOEVDIA 90
SPEEDWOLF Ride with Death For fans of Midnight etc. white/black vinyl, gatefold, poster 14
STALAGGH :projekt nihil: Total Holocaust LP ltd.500 12
STALAGGH :projekt terrror: LP ltd.500 12
SZRON Zeal Polish Black Metal, obscure release 13
TEITANBLOOD Purging Tongues 12" with etched B-side 14
TEITANFYRE Morbid Death's Sceptre Deluxe LP edition of this Russian Black Metal monster 15
THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN (TAOS) Darkness Dealer Red LP, ltd.100 15
THE ARRIVAL OF SATAN (TAOS) Vexing Versus Blue-black haze LP ltd.100 15
BEING, THE From Madness to mercury Bronze vinyl LP ltd.250 handnumbered 15
THE RUINS OF BEVERAST Rain upon the Impure Diehard 2xLP+7" and special Ván-packaging, ltd.325 75
TODESSTOSS Stelldichein Gatefold LP ltd. 300 on marble vinyl, poster + inlay 13
TOTENBURG Endzeit Killer last album with embossed cover! 15
TOXIC HOLOCAUST / INEPSY Split LP Diehard LP with alternative cover and white vinyl 27
TYPHUS Profound Blasphemous Proclamation Signed PicLP 15
UNHOLY ARCHANGEL Obsessed by War Killer LP by Chalice of Blood Angel records, limited to 500 handnumbered. HEAVY record! 15
UNHOLY CRUCIFIXION Ordo Servorum Satanae Gatefold LP 15
URFAUST Ritual Music for the True Clochard DLP 20
URFAUST Der Freiwillige Bettler LP 15
URFAUST Drei Rituale jenseits des Kosmos LP 15
UZALA Uzala Doom Metal 15
VELES Black Hatefull Metal Red vinyl ltd. 100 20
VENENUM Venenum MLP 13
VENEROR Percussimus Foedus Cum Morte Italian okkult Black Metal 13
VOLAHN Dimensiones del.. LP 20
VOLAHN Live Ritual Silk-screened one-sided LP + patch 22
VOMITOR The Escalation New album 15
VOMITCHAPEL Damnatio ad Bestial Heavy LP with poster 14
WAFFENWEIHE / CELTICMOON Ein Sturm Zieht Auf.. Split LP, ltd.250 12
WEHRHAMMER Der Befehl Double-LP by these German extremists 20
WHISKY & PAIN Rock and Roll Dynamite With Blasphemophager members 10
WONGRAVEN Fjeltronen LP 20
WOODS OF DESOLATION The Darkest Days Gatefold DLP 20
WOODS OF INFINITY Happlös Väntan.. Purple vinyl diehard ltd.100 20
WOODS OF INFINITY Forlät LP with printed innersleeve + poster, ltd.400 13
WRATHPRAYER The Sun of Moloch MASSIVE album: heavy gatefold + vinyl, poster, printed innersleeve. Released by Ross Bay Cult + NWN! Productions 14
YGG Ygg Ukrainian Pagan Metal on Darker Than Black. Somehwat like old Drudkh, Hate Forest, Walknut 15


ABIGAIL / VORKUTA Split 7" Gatefold cover, red-black haze-vinyl, limited to 400 handnumbered 7
ABIGAIL Descending from a Blackened Sky 1993 debut 7" of this Japanese horde. Deadstock. Covers show a little wear but furthermore all unplayed 9
ABRUPTUM / OPHTALAMIA Split 7" With Inlay 7
ACHERONTAS Hermeticism 7" with sticker 6
AGATUS Night Mares Silver embossed cover, limited to 300 copies! 9
AGATUS Gilgamesh Black vinyl ltd. 400 7
AGATUS Gilgamesh Gold vinyl ltd.100 8
AKITSA / THE SYRE Split 7" Sealed, ltd. 500 12
ALCEST Autre Temps Blue vinyl with etching on B-side, ltd. 500 9
ALTAR OF PERVERSION / GOATFIRE Split 7" Over 10 years old split 7", limited to 500 copies + inlay 10
ANAL BLASPHEMY Sermons of a Sodomite 7" 6
ANAL BLASPHEMY / PURE EVIL Pure Blasphemy Sealed split 7" 5
ANGST SKVADRON / SO MUCH FOR NOTHING Split 7" Gatefold split 7"in clear vinyl 5
ANIMUS Homo homini Deus Gatefold 7" ltd.500 handnumbered 5
ANTAEUS / KATHARSIS Split 7" Sealed, heavy with printed innersleeve and inlay 8
AOSOTH / MALKHEBRE Split 7" Gatefold, grey/black SPLATTER vinyl ltd.100 15
ARCKANUM Antikosmos 2008 7", sealed, color of vinyl is a surprise 8
ARCKANUM / SATAROS GRIEF Split 7" (Pic) Split PicEP in gatefold sleeve, ltd.300, sealed 12,5
ARMATUS / VARGR Split 7" 300 handnumered copies on Werwolf Prod (Fin) 12,5
ATRA / MONS VENERIS Split 7" Obscure split 7" of these Australian and Portugese hordes, ltd.300 7
ATOMIZER Songs of slaughter - Songs of sacrifice Splatter vinyl gatefold double-7" EP + poster, MASSIVE!! 12
BAEL Bael French Black Metal, darker than black 7" 6
BANNERWAR Chronicles of Pagan Steel gatefold 7" ltd.500 7
BAPTISM Chalice of Death 7" limited to 500 copies, Northern Heritage 8
BESTIAL SUMMONING Live in Venray '92 Reprint of the Cult '92 7" 6
BESTIAL MOCKERY / AXIS POWERS Tribute to I - 17 Split 7" 7
BILSKIRNIR / HUNOK Allied by Heathen Blood Split Picture EP in cover 8
BILSKIRNIR Der Walkenwander Ltd.300 on DTB. Including Absurd cover 7
BILSKIRNIR Wolfswut PicEP ltd. To 300 copies in gatefold cover. Sealed 7
BLASPHEMOPHAGER Final Atomic Torments NWN! Fest only 7" limited to 500 copies 9
BLOODLIGHTS / IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC Split 7" Limited 7" on white vinyl 6
BOTULISTUM / DOMINI INFERI Acts of excrement terrorism on the holy trinity UrFAUST and FUNERAL WINDS sideprojects. Brown/yellow vinyl ltd.100 7
BOTULISTUM / DOMINI INFERI Acts of excrement terrorism on the holy trinity URFAUST and FUNERAL WINDS sideprojects BLACK VINYL 6
CAPRICORNUS To build an Empire.. Split EP Ltd. 500 copies on DARKER THAN BLACK 8
CELESTIAL BLOODSHED The Serpents Kiss Single-sided etched 7" limited to 500 copies 8
CHAOSBAPHOMET The Black Communion Gatefold 7" 6
CHAOS OMEN Life be Gone Religious Swedish Black Metal 7
CHURCH BIZARRE The Liberating Darkness Gatefold 7" 6
CROWNED IN SEMEN And the black cum shall drip Typhus and Profanatica site 6
CRUCIAMENTUM / VASAELETH Eroding Chaos Unto Ascending Flesh Splatter vinyl gatefold 7" EP 8
CULTUS / MESLAMTAEA De Dodenstoet Dutch Pagan Metal split 5
DARK FURY After the Battle Polish Black Pagan Metal Attack!! 7.5
DEATHSQUADRON Black Guard of War 103/500 8
DENIAL OF GOD Incubus Brown vinyl and inlay 6
DENIAL OF GOD A Night in transylvania Ltd. 100 clear vinyl, HEAVY, sealed 20
DESOLATION HYMN Purgatory Despairing On Blood, Fire, Death records, sealed 5
DEVIL The Blood is boiling Heavy 7" of Satanic Dooom, limited to 500 8
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE Fire Burning First press, amber vinyl, deluxe cover 10
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE The Graveyard Shuffle Sealed 7", gold on black edition 7
DEVIL'S BLOOD, THE The Graveyard Shuffle Sealed 7", red on black cover edition! 8
DIABOLICUM / ANGST Hail terror Sealed split 7" 9
ENCOFFINATION Temples descend below the earth Green vomit vinyl on Archasm releasing, ltd.500 8
ENSLAVED Thorn Killer 7" with exclusive tracks! 8
EVIL I Came from the Abyss Ultra rare EP limited to 150 copies, expensive Australian import 12
FATHER BEFOULED / DECREPITAPH Split 7" Grey vomit vinyl 7
FATHER BEFOULED Rotten Godless throne Diehard 7", purple vinyl, patch, sticker.. NWN! Prod 10
FAUSTCOVEN / CULTES DES GOULES Cultes, Covens, Sinister Rites.. Split 7" 7
FLEURETY Evoco Bestias Grey vinyl 7" with sticker and printed innersleeve 7
FLUISTERWOUD / SAURON Split 7" Limited to 300 copies only, sealed! 8
FOSCOR / NECROSADIST Split 7" HEAVY vinyl, killer cover + inlay, MASSIVE release! 8
FURDIDURKE Furdidurke 7" inc inlay 7
GODLESS NORTH World in Flames On DTB, ltd.300 7
GRAVELAND Blood of Heroes Rare 7" on Vinland Winds (US), long sold out. 12
GRAVELAND / KREUZFEUER Split 7" Handnumbered, limited split 7" with inlay 7
HADEZ / SARGATANAS Split 7" Exotic Black/Death 6
HELL ICON Symphonia Corruptor Old 7" ltd. 100 7
HERDER is Harder 7" ltd.400 black vinyl. Dutch Doom/sludge with Urfaust members 7,5
HERETIC / BARBATOS Split 7" Gatefold split 7" ltd.400 sealed 7
HOODED MENACE / ANIME MORTE Split PicEP Picture EP in cover and innersleeve, ltd. 500, sealed! 12
HORNA Adventus Satanae New 7" 6
HORNA / LEGION OF DOOM Split PicEP Ltd.300 + inlay, HEAVY vinyl 15
HORNA / LEGION OF DOOM Split 7" Ltd.300, sealed, colored vinyl + stickers 15
INFERNAL WAR / INFERNO Split 7" Last one: Rare old split 7" of these Polish and Czech hordes.. 142/500 copies 15
IRON LAMB Peskycostal Preching Limited 7" on Soulseller records 6
ISÄNMA Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien Picture EP in sleeve 7
JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES / DEADMASK The Deepest Sea / Into Startlit Chambers Silver-foil glossy gatefold cover, limited black vinyl (300) on Doomantia 7
JOYLESS / BETHLEHEM Split 7" Black vinyl, sealed! 8
JOYLESS / BETHLEHEM Split 7" White vinyl, sealed! 10
KAWIR / SCYTHIAN Split 7" On Nuclear Winter, limited to 500 copies with inlay 7
KERBEROS / SADISTIC GRIMNESS Split 7" Last one: Old Dutch band + US horde, 329/333 only! 8
KRIEG / NACHTMYSTIUM Daze West Split 7", ltd. 500, sealed 15
KRIEG / NUNSLAUGHTER Split 7" LAST COPY: Rare, blue vinyl. Ltd. 200 20
KRIEG / OPEN GRAVE Resistance is Futile split 7" Last one: Inc. Poster, fold-out cover etc. HEAVY release 20
LEGION OF DOOM / STUTTHOF Split 7" Gatefold, Ltd. 300 only, HEAVY colored vinyl, sealed 15
LOSS / DEFUNTOS Imaculado Sepulcro split 7" Ltd. To 162 handnumbered copies 7
LOITS Legion Estland Last one: Ltd. 224/658, 2003 7" 10
MASTOMAH Luciferi Advocare Cult Polish Black Metal, with booklet, ltd. 500 handnumbered! 6
MORBOSIDAD / WITCHRIST Split 7" Gery/Black splatter in gatefold cover, luxorious HHR-release 8
MORDOR Dark is the Future Ultra rare Picture EP from '96, deadstock from Shivadarshana so mint and unplayed 10
MORTUARY DRAPE Black flames of blasphemy Unplayed copy of the 'festival only' 7", purple vinyl! 15
NACHTKULT Für immer Krieg Controversial 7" on Vinland Winds from 2002, 175 / 300 copies BLUE vinyl 15
NARGAROTH / SARVARI Split PicEP Semper Fi Picture 7" EP in cover, ltd.300, sealed 12
NECROWRETCH Now You're in Hell Swedish Death Metal on Detest Records 6
NETTLECARRIER To Strangle the Heroof Heaven Obscure Norwegian 7" with handmade, blood smeared cover 9
NOCTURNAL BLOOD Invocation of Spirits Picture 7"EP in sleeve with poster/inplay! 8
NOENUM Noenum 7" 6
NUIT NOIRE / H.E.B.V. Opening the Portal Split 7" 6
ØDELEGGER / HEKATE Split 7" Norse and Germanic Pagan Metal 6
OMEN For the horned One Ltd. 100 on 100piecesofammunition records, SICK obscure release! 8
PEK Pek Limited edition of 300 copies, true underground release of this Ducth horde! 6
PEST Towards the bestial Armageddon Gold vinyl 7" of this pre-SATANIC WARMASTER band 15
PESTE NOIRE / HORNA Split 7" Rare split 7", limited to 500 copies. Sealed. 8
PESTILENTIAL SHADOWS / CORVUS Broken Spheres Ltd. To 300 copies, Australian Black Metal. Expensive import 8.5
PROFANATICA The Grand master session 3x8" diehard wooden boxset, colored vinyl, MINT! 80
RIDE FOR REVENGE The Renegade Temple Gatefold 7" with heavy vinyl 7" of obscure Finnish ritual Black Metal 7
SABBAT Dietsland Harmageddon OLD 7" on Berzerker records. HEAVY vinyl, limited to 333 handnumbered copies 15
SABBAT Sabbatical Magicrucifixion 424/500, hyberica rec, ONLY one copy, tiny bent cover 15
SABBAT Svart Eld 228/500 15
SABBAT Finnish Demonslaught Sealed 15
SABBAT Malaysian Demonslaught Ltd.300 15
SABBAT Hamaguri resurrection inc poster 15
SABBAT FETU tribute 7" With inlay and sticker, on Ososo rec. VERY RARE 15
SABBAT / DESASTER Anniversarius Red vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve 12
SABBAT / DESASTER Anniversarius White vinyl edition in gatefold sleeve 12
SABBAT / DESASTER Anniversarius Picture EP in gatefold sleeve 15
SABBAT / GORGON Rain of Terror split 7" 15
SABBAT / IRONFIST Bloodlust Regime Gatefold, splatter vinyl, ltd.666, sealed 15
SABBAT / METALUCIFER Asian Tyrants / Evil Dreams Split 7", sealed 15
SADOGOAT Scourging the Son of God Ltd. 647 copies on pussy-pink vinyl 10
SARGEIST The Dark Embrace 7" with inlay 7
SATANIC BLOOD Satanic Blood Last copy, FUNERAL WINDS-HEKEL project, Ltd.222 10
SATANIC WARMASTER / EVIL Southern / Carelian Black Metal Holocaust Split 7" 8
SATANIC WARMASTER / EVIL Southern / Carelian Black Metal Holocaust Split 7" in RED vinyl limited to 88 12
SATANIC WARMASTER Bloody Ritual 7" expensive US import, limited to 500 9
SATANIC WARMASTER Werewolf Live Attack Live 7" with 14"x7" poster 15
SATANIC WARMASTER Winter's Hunger Ltd. To 666 copies 7" on Northern heritage 10
SATANIC WARMASTER Satanic Warmaster Ltd.666 copies on Northern Heritage 8
SATANIC WARMASTER Onskapens Makt Ltd. To 666 copies 7" on Northern heritage 15
SATANIC WARMASTER / STUTTHOF Split 7" Sealed, no idea about the colour 15
SATANIC WARMASTER / STUTTHOF Split PicEP Ltd. 300 heavy picture disc + inlay 15
SEX MESSIAH Hymns to the Apocalyspe Killer Black/Death 7" 6
SELBSTMORD Voice of Hatred 7" ltd. To 500 handnumbered copies 7
STALAGGH Projekt Misanthropia Single sided 7" limited to 100 copies 10
STALAGGH Projekt Nihil Debut 7" limited to 300 handnumbered copies! 10
STRIBORG Psychedelic Nightmare Heavy grey vinyl 7" on Southern Lord 7
STUDFAUST Half Human.. Project of Faust from Emperor. Ltd. 500 copies 8
SUPERCHRIST Sabbat-tribute 'Black Magic circle.. Gold-vinyl 7" 7
SVARTSYN Genesis of Deaths Illuminating Myseries 7" 7
SYRE, THE / MACABRE OMEN Three years standing proud in Valhalla Last copy: Split 7" ltd. 250. Bathory tribute 8
THE BEAST/ GOAT TORMENT Split 7" Belgian Goatfago Black Metal, The Beast being a project of ENTHRONED's Nornagest. Ltd.300 5
THE TRUE WERWOLF Battlemoon Second press of 500 on purple vinyl 10
THE TRUE WERWOLF Battlemoon Ltd. 500 copies on Satanic Skinhead Propaganda, Satanic Warmaster project 12
THURISAZ / WOLFSZORN Split 7" Westwall Prod. Sealed 10
TUDOR 1558 Ancient Czech Black Metal 5
UNCONSECRATED Slave to the Grave Piss/vomit-colored 7" 7
UNEARTHLY TRANCE / VOLITION WINTER-tribute Split 7" Clear vinyl, sealed 10
UNHOLY CRUCIFIXION The Rite of Satan Limited to 300 copies on CHALICE OF BLOOD ANGEL 6
UNITED BY BLOOD, GATHERED BY IRON Holocaustum, Sturmkommand, Uriburu, Endlösung and Via Dolorosa Controversial TRUE underground split 7" limited to 300 copies only! 7
URFAUST / JOYLESS Split 7" Black vinyl, sealed! 18
URFAUST / JOYLESS Split 7" White vinyl, sealed! 20
URUK HAI / ISENHEIM Split 7" LAST COPY on heavy clear vinyl, ltd. 402/500 on Westwall rec 8
VERIVALA / THE SHADOW ORDER A Fallen world's conspiracy DIEHARD clear vinyl split 7" limited to 100 handnumbered! 12
WEHRHAMMER Unser stolz nie vergeht Gatefold 7", ltd. 500, sealed 10
WOLFSDUISTER Altaar Killer Dutch Satanic ritual sounds, limited to 100 copies only. 6
WOODS OF INFINITY Frozen Nostalgiah 7" 8
XASTHUR / BLACK CIRCLE Split 7" Ltd. 888 handnumbered, sealed 7
ZEMIAL I am the dark Gatefold 7" on Hell's Headbangers, sealed 8
ZEMIAL I am the dark Gatedold 7" on Hell's Headbanger, RED vinyl ltd. 100 (copy 56) 20
ZEMIAL I am the dark PicEP PicEP in gatefold cover + poster, ltd.300, HEAVY 10
ZEMIAL Dusk Orange splatter vinyl, ltd. 100, embossed gatefold cover 15
ZEMIAL Dusk Gatefold embossed cover 6

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2011 6:08 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

That's a shitload of PM's all of a sudden.. I will reply all tonight, sales will be on a 'first-come first-served' base
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 11:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Edited, some stuff gone, some on hold!
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 05, 2011 4:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 3:21 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Small edit..

All orders shipped, except for the two Hellenes today..
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Damn, always unlucky !!!
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Grauballe Man

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 16, 2011 12:49 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

PM sent!
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 03, 2011 7:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote


Mr Skatin4satan, please PM me if you still want your reserved items.
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 04, 2011 3:09 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some stuff sold again, still lot's of cheap and rare goodies there.

Oh, all is new, mint and unplayed!
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 05, 2011 11:32 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Up 4 Satan!
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 08, 2011 12:39 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Up for Wotan!
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 5:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Up for you,

some stuff gone, some added!
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 15, 2011 2:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pile of 7"s added
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 22, 2011 7:34 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

More stuff added
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