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PostPosted: Sat Mar 10, 2012 3:40 pm    Post subject: - WANT LIST - Reply with quote

I'm looking for the following stuff, I'd prefer to buy, but trade is also possible.


*BOLD = Major wants.

LPs /7 inches:

Abhoth - The Tide (EP),
Absurd (swe) - Drained of Body Chemicals (EP),
Anguish - Ground Absorbs (EP),
Baphomet (USA, NY) - Torn Soul (single 1990),
Baphomet (USA, NY) - The Dead Shall Inherit (Peaceville vinyl testpress),
Decomposed (UK) - The Funeral Obsession (EP),
Crypt of Kerberos - Visions Beyond Darkness (single 1991),
Crypt of Kerberos - Cyclone of Insanity (single 1992),
D.I.V - Mein Kampf (CD 1992),
Demonic Christ - Punishment for Ignorance (LP),
Funebre - Brainspoon (EP),
Nirvana 2002 - Split 1990 (w / Fallen Angel / Authorize / Appendix),
Phantasm - Gut Suckers (single 1995),
Phantasm - The Abominable (compilation),
Poison - Into the Abyss (MLP),
Purulence - Inverted Decay (EP),
Purulence / Amaymon split 1993,
Requiem (Ita) - Ex Voto (EP),
Sabotage (Ita) - Heroes from the Grave (EP),
Trr - Chcpni o kus dl (LP),
Traumatic - The Morbid Act of a Sadistic Rape Incision (EP),
VON - Satanic Blood Angel (double LP).


Abhoth The Matter of Splatter,
Adversary (swe) Beyond Death,
Carnal Dissection (US) Demo 1,
Carnal Dissection (US) - Gore,
Carrion (swi) - Evil Is There!,
Carrion (swi) - Demo '85,
Cremation - Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor,
Cremation - Hail the Rise of Med Pe Gal,
Cremation - The Flames of An Elite Age,
Dawn (swe) - Apparition,
Demilich - Regurgitation of Blood,
Demonic Christ - Deceiving the Heavens,
Dorsal Atlantica - Antes do Fim (promo),
Entrapment Dismemberent Redeemer,
Funebre Demo II,
Korrozia Metalla - Cannibal + Russian Vodka,
Korrozia Metalla - Orden Satani,
Morbosidad - Demo 1993,
Mortem - Slow Death,
Necrotomy - Oretic Awakening,
Phantasm - Lycanthropy,
Phantasm - The Abominable,
Poison - Awakening of the Dead,
Poison - Bestial Death,
Poison - Into the Abyss 1987,
Poison - Sons of Evil,
Pyrexia - Liturgy of Impurity,
Purulence - Atrocious Execration,
Sickness - Eternal Horizon,
Slaughter Lord Taste of Blood,
Strana Officina The Ritual (Promotional demo),
Von - Satanic Blood.

TS/LS/Hoodies (All in size M or L):

Cranium - Speed Metal Slaughter (TS),
Demilich - Nesphite (TS/LS),
Conqueror - War.Cult.Supremacy (Hoodie),
Blasphemy - Fallen Angel of Doom (Hoodie).

Contact also if you have any kind of KORROZIA METALLA vinyl testpress, VHS, rehearsal demo, etc.

List under updating....

Flesh, eyes, tongue, hands fly in the air... his shadow appears, death is a moment away!

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