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Salelist (Cds, tapes, vinyls, zines)
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 09, 2011 12:38 am    Post subject: Salelist (Cds, tapes, vinyls, zines) Reply with quote

-No trades
-Ask for pictures.
-Location: Montenegro, Europe
-Contact through private message or on avrlabel@yahoo.com
-Payment: cash in letter or Western Union
-Trade: exchange possible (I will trade gave multiple copies for certain books from Germany and USA)


Acrimonius-Perdition Gospel 2 euros
Amputator-Amputator 2 euros
Amputator-Deathcult Barbaric Hell 2 euros
Amputator/Baphomets Horns split 2 euros
Ankrismah-Dive in the Abyss 1 euros
Arkhaeon- Deathprayer Evangelium CD 2 euros
Arphaxat-Loudin la maudite 2 euros
Assault-Nuclear deaththrash 2 euros
Atomizer- Caustic Music... 2 euros
Bestiar-Lethal Venom (special pack) 1 euros
Black Fire-The hereafter Live 2 euros
Black Serpent-Nightside Cosmology 1 euros
Black Torment-Ten Years of Blasphemy 1 euros
Blasphemous Noise Torment-Ancient Insignias 2 euros
Bloodtirsty/Excidium split 1 euros
Bohemian Grove-Age of retrogression digipack 2 euros
Carnyx-Leaving Reason 1 euros
Chainsaw-Chainsaw 3 euros
Church Bizzare- Sic Luceat Lux DCD 5 euros
Church Bizzare-Sinister Glorification 3 euros
Dark Morbid death- Satanic kill 1 euro
Deception-Nails Sticking Offensive (special pack) 1 euros
Denial of God-Klabautermanden digipack 3 euros
Descending Darkness-Gevatter Hein 1 euro
Descending Darkness-Seelenruhe Cd 1 euro
Dethroned Christ-Roots of all evil 2 euros
Devastator-Conjuring Evil 2 euros
Devastator-Summoning 2 euros
Deus Ignotus- Chrismation 2 euros
Deus Ignotus-Hexapterygon digipack CD 3 euro
Disjecta membrae- Taedum Vitae 2 euros
Exordium Mors-Serva Ad Mors 2 euros
Extirpation-Reverse the Reality 1 euro
Faustcoven- The Priest Command 3 euros
Grenade-The Howling damned 2 euros
Grim Destroyer-Might and Majesty 1 euro
Hammergoat-Regeneration throgh depopulation 1 euro
Infernal Goat-666 years of bestial passion 1 euro
Infernal Goat- We like the goat and the goat like us 1 euro
Korihor /Maniak split 1 euro
Kratornas-Over the Fourth part of the Earth 1 euros
Legacy of Blood-Tyran Horroru Cia.. 2 euros
Malas-Conquest 1 euros
Mantak-Polymorphous perversion 1 euros
Miserycore/Unholy Force 1 euros
Mor-Lutanja Sakatoga.... 3 euros
Morbid Goat Fornicator-Nuclear Vaticano 1 euro
Mortem tribute Cd 1 euros
Nahual-Apostasy Art 2 euros
Necrodeath- 20 years of Noise digipack CD 3 euros
Necromessiah-Antiklerical terroristik... digipack 3 euros
Necrowretch-Bestial Rites 4 euros
Nigredo- Facets of Death digipack Cd 2 euros
Oltretomba-The Death, Schierąti con la morte 2 euros
Pandemonic Genocide/Obscure split (special pack) 1 euro
Pathogen-Blasphemous communion 1 euro
Profancer-Demos 2 euros
Prosatanos/Smoke- In HAte and Blasphemy split Cd 2 euros
Ravendark Monarchal Canticle/Misanthropic Triumph split 1 euro
Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle - Sob a Bandeira do ... 1 euro
Resuscitator-Iniciation 3 euros
Revenge-From Hell 1 euro
Rites of Degringolade- An ode to sin 3 euros
Sabbat- Live 666 Japanese harmagedon 5 euros
Sabbat- Sabbatical 25 Years Kamikaze Demoslaught 5 euros
Sabbat/GoatSemen split 3 euros
Scorched Earth-Devils in Iron 1 euros
Shud-Rot in Pieces DCD 5 euros
Seges Findere-Massacre Supremacista 2 euros
Stormnatt-Funeral Apocalypse 1 euro
Sworn-Impious Best within 1 euros
The Vein- Scourging the wreckage of time 3 euros
Tork Ran- Tales of Death DCD 5 euros
Unholy Archangel-Obsessed by War 2 euros
Unholy Archangel-The demos 2 euros
Unholy Archangel- The Wrath of Kosmosistis 2 euros
Vulga-Mayhem with mercy 3 euros
WoodenStake/Blizaro split CD 1 euro
Wooden Stake- At the stroke of midnight CD 1 euro


Apolion-On the Altar EP 2 euros
Apolion/Eswiel split EP 2 euros
Black Priest of Satan Ep 3 euros
Christicide/Cantus Bestiae split EP 5 euros
Cirrhus- Cirrhus EP 7 euros
Conjuration/Fool Moon Lycanthropy split EP 2 euros
Daemonlord-Coil of Devatstion Ep 2 euros
Death Attack-Death Attack EP 5 euros
Devilry/Ravening split Ep 2 euros
Divisions-Divisions Ep 4 euros
Front Beast- Untold Occult mysteries EP 3 euros
Fallen Souls - God is Dead LP 5 euros
Furdidurke-Native to a Noxios Glow EP 5 euros
Gnosis- The Third Eye (die hard edition) 8 euros
Godslaying hedllblast-From the devilish.. EP 3 euros
Grafenstein-Death Born LP 5 euros
Lado Obscuro- Senhor des Trevas EP 2 euros
Leichengott/Todesweihe Ep 3 euros
Libation/Itnos discography LP 7 euros
Mastomah-Luciferi Advocare 3 euros
Mongrelss Cross-Whoresana Ep (with patch) 3 euros
Morbid Execution/Exorcism split Ep 3 euros
Movarbru-Eterno Guerreiro EP 2 euros
Mutation-Void of Disharmony EP 2 euros
Myrdrin/Instrinct split EP 2 euros
Necrowretch-Putrid Dead Sorcery LP 8 euros
Nexwomb/Goryphiac split Ep 3 euros
Nocturnal Blood- Devastated Graves LP 5 euros
Nocturnal Blood-Invocation of Spirits EP 5 euros
Parasite/ Blutwulf split Ep 2 euros
Profanation- Devastation of Purity EP 3 euros
Rademassaker-Reanimation Ep 1 euro
Rademassaker/Bloody Sign EP 1 euro
Rademassaker/Exorcism split EP 1 euros
Scalare-Wine of Satan EP 2 euros
Unholy Crucifix- The rite of Satan EP (with patch) 6 euros
Unholy Crucifix- Black Mass Metal MLP 6 euros
WAIL-Wisdom through Agony into illumination and lunacy LP 8 euros
Witchcurse/Witchtiger split EP 1 euro
Witchtrap/Revenge EP 1 euro
Wacht/Pale Mist split gatefold EP 2 euros
Wargoat- Materia Prima EP 2 euros


Abberant Path-A dead of reason to come 2 euros
Abberant Path-The winds that defy god 2 euros
Abigail/Korihor split tape 2 euros
Afflictis Lentae- Chaos Fire Hate 1 euro
Aka Manah- Stygian Darkness 1 euro
Alcoholichrist- Promo MMX 1 euros
Art Malefica- As Florestas do Sul 1 euros
Amputator/Devastator split tape 2 euros
Amputator-Amputator 2 euros
Amputator-Bloodvomit Fistfuck 2 euros
Andramelech-SUMMUS LUX pro tape 2 euros
Andramelech-Destroyers of Cosmic Order 2 euros
Armageddal Age- Deathfire 1 euro
Arphaxat-Loudin la maudite 2 euros
Ataraxic Ataxia- A Letter 1 euro
Atomizer- Songs of slaughter 2 euros
Atomizer- Death Mutation Decease 2 euros
Ash Pool- The Genital Tomb 2 euros
Aurvandil/Dead as Dreams split tape 2 euros
Ayyur-Agurzil Screams 1 euros
Balberith-Beast ov Hell 1 euros
Balmog-Pestilent Rats for your moribund.. 1 euros
Beast-Thunder Of Vengence 1 euros
Befoul-Thy Feast of Sacred Blasphemies 2 euros
Begrime Exemious- demo 2006 2 euros
Bemdesar- Glorificando A Satanas 1 euros
Besatt-Black Mass 1 euros
Besatt- Hellstorm 1 euros
Bestial Summoning-Sodomistic Rituals 2 euros
Bilirubin-June 4th, 2010 Rehearsal 3 euros
Black Mastorbation-Death by the semen 2 euros
Black Priest of Satan-The Black Candles Burn 2 euros
Bloodrain- Ten bestial years 2 euros
Bloody Sign- Explosion of Elements 2 euros
Chalice of Blood-Angelus diaboli 2 euros
Chaotic Aeon-Demo I 2 euros
Chasma - Chasma 2 euros
Circle of Ouroborous-Streams 2 euros
Circle of Ouroborous-Shores 2 euros
Conjuration- Demo I, 1 euro
Coprofagi-Demo II 1 euro
Crifotoure Satanarda- Demo tape 2 euros
Daemonlord- The end of the Era 1 euro
Daemonlord- Of war and Hate 1 euro
Dawn of Crucifixion-Dawn of Crucifixion 2 euros
Death Squadron - Rememberance of Past Atrocities... 2 euros
Deception-Nails Sticking Offensive 1 euros
Deep Vein- Symbols for the dead 2 euros
Deggial- Upon the path... 2 euros
Deicide-Legion 3 euros
Demoncy-Joined in Darkness 3 euros
Demonic Rage-The Anquish Doomaelstrom 2 euros
Departure Chandelier- The Black Crest of death.. 2 euros
Der Gerwelt-Revelation 2 euros
Desaster-Touch of Medieval Darkness 3 euros
Descending Darkness-Seelenruhe 1 euro
Descending Darkness-Bloody Rehearsal 1 euro
Deus Ignotus/Abnorm split 1 euro
Dismantle-Satanic Force 2 euros
Doomhammer-Ghouls of Ginnungagap 2 euros
Elimi-Summoned from Ashes 2 euros
Elimi- Slutet morkret.. 2 euros
Embalmed Souls- The temple of bizzare cult 3 euros
Embalmed Souls- Become vengeance... 3 euros
Embrace of Thorns/Chaosbaphomet/Wargoat/Bethor split 2 euros
Engrave-It's the Age of Ragnaroek 1 euro
Evil Nasty-Blasphemous Canorae 1 euro
Evil/Dethroned Christ split tape 2 euros
Eroded-Test the Grace Infiltrating 2 euros
Excessum-Death redemption 2 euros
Excoriate- In the darkest anguish 2 euros
Fornication-Hell Metal 2 euros
Fornication-Sewer Dwellers 2 euros
Freezing Fog- Eosforos Falling 1 euros
Front Beast/Hati split tape 2 euros
Gevurahel-Enlace 2 euros
Goat Synagogue- Law of the Headless architect 2 euros
Goat Tyrant-Demo 2008 2 euros
Goat Tyrant-Necromantical Curse 2 euros
Goat Tyrant-Gate to the Necro 2 euros
Goat Tyrant-Thy Summoning of Three Demonic Rituals 2 euros
Godslaying Hellblast- S/T demo 2 euros
Grimlord-Through hatred of life 1 euro
Gyibaaw-Ancestral War Hymns 2 euros
Hammergoat-Regeneration through depopulation 1 euro
Hell Molestor- Demo tape (Archasm) 2 euros
Heptameron-Blessed be the name of the Dragon 2 euros
Heretic-Black Metal Holocaust 2 euros
Heretic-Gods over Humans Slaves under Satan 2 euros
Heretic/Bestial Smmonist split 2 euros
Hordes of the Black Cross-Demo tape 2 euros
Impaled Angel- Ceremonial Extermination 2 euros
Imperial- Aggressors ... not followers 1 euro
Impure Possession- Impura Impeidad Bastarda 1 euro
Impure Worship- Goathorns 2 euros
Incapacitate-March to the death 1 euro
Infest-Onward to Destroy 2 euros
Inside- Hellish Hate Holocaust 2 euros
Kathaaria-Promo 2000, 2 euros
Katachthon-Katachthon 2 euros
Kerberos- Rough tape 2001, 2 euros
Kratornas- Statues before your Death 1 euro
Kratornas-Enorht eht nihtiw... 1 euro
Kreditor-Evil Enthroned 1 euro
Lazers of Inquisition/Stabwound Empire split tape 2 euros
Leichengott-Psalmy Przeklenstva 2 euros
Leichengott- Ostrza 2 euros
Leprosy/The Helpless split pro tape 1 euro
Lethiferous- Demo MMX 2 euros
Levitating Spirit- The Path to Endless Void 2 euros
Lord Blasphemy-Supremo del Abysmo 2 euros
Majusiah-Goddes of Darkness 2 euros
Maldoror-Burn after first listening 2 euros
Maniac Butcher- Krvestreb 2 euros
Maniac Butcher- Immortal Death.. 2 euros
Mata Mata-S/T 2 euros
Mefitic-Devouring Torment 3 euros
Mongrels Cross- Demo tape 2 euros
Moontower-Antichrist supremacy domain 2 euros
Moontower-Black metal Terror 2 euros
Morbid Blood-Volume One 2 euros
Morbid Execution/Empheris split tape 2 euros
Morbid Tendency-The old Adam 2 euros
Morbid Upheaval-Solar Impetus 2 euros
Mor- U spoznaji 2 euros
Morgue- A fajdalom sotet folyosojan 2 euros
Mortuous-Mors Immortalis 2 euros
Moulded Flesh-Death is redemption 2 euros
Must Missa- Sex beyong the Grave 2 euros
Narcorgasm-Ways of Infernal Brain Devastation 2 euros
Namtar/Dead christ Cult split tape 1 euros
Negatron-Thermal Shock 1 euros
Necroslaughter- Sacrifice to satan 2 euros
Necrosquatch- Demo 2008, 1 euros
Nexwomb -Militant Heretic Aggression, 2 euros
Niemotha-Niemotha, 2 euros
Nekros Manteia/Erebus Enthroned - Split Tape 2 euros
Nocturnal Damnation-Desecration Crucifixion Perversion 2 euros
Nihil Domination-Bestial Alkoholnihilation demo tape 2 euros
Nihil Domination-Jehovah desecration demo tape 2 euros
Nocturnal Damnation-Desecration, Crucifixion, Perversion 2 euros
Nocturnal Evil-Seven Rituals of Hell 2 euros
Nocturnal Vomit- Death will not be swift 2 euros
Ork-Through the Night, I ride 2 euros
Osirion-Evil made history 2 euros
Pansvicide Satanic Protokol-Gospels and Rituals, Imanations and Signs 1 euro
Persecutor- Wings of Death 2 euros
Pervertum Obscurum- Mass murder mutilation 2 euros
Possessed- Seven Churches (bootleg) 2 euros
Promiscuity -Infernal Rock N' Roll 1 euro
Pugnator-Caustic Mist 2 euros
Putrefactor-Putrefactor demo 2 euros
Ravendarks Monarchal Canticle-A Ascensao da arrogancia... 1 euros
Recidivus- ... Mentes Ressurgidas 1 euros
Recrucify-Grimorium Verum 3 euros
Reviler - Rough As Ram Guts 1 euro
Rex Satanachia- First legion of hell 2 euros
Riotor-Fucking Metal 1 euro
Rotting Christ-Triarchy of Lost Lovers Metal Mind records) 3 euros
Sabbat-Demonical Quebecois 3 euros
Sabbatical Rites-The Destruction 2 euros
Supayniyux-Aniquilacion de Cristo 2 euros
Saram-Metal Mayhem Genocide 2 euros
Sargatanas- Knights of the Southern cross 3 euros
Sargatanas-Live 2001 3 euros
Satanachia Agaliareth-Bafomet 2 euros
Septic Flesh-Revelation DNA (Metal Mind records) 2 euros
Shelley-Heavy metal para Satanistas 1 euro
Sigulda-Sigulda (Side of the Sun recordings) 1 euro
Slaughter Attack- Attack of the Iron Beast 2 euros
Sluggard-Demo tape 2 euros
Someone Walking on my Grave- demo tape 2 euros
Spear of Longinus- And the swastikalotus 3 euros
Stake of God-Cumshooting iside 1 euro
Suicidal Winds- Discography tape 1 euro
Sump/Sex Wound split tape 2 euros
Sump-First demo tape 2 euros
Swamp- Live Holocaust 1 euros
T. Boettner – Guilt 2 euros
Tartarus- Satan blood 2 euros
Taut-Fatasy mapped in blood 2 euros
Teeth Gnashers-I have never been colder 2 euros
Terrorama-Horrid Efface 2 euros
Thanatoseptis- Kingdom of Stagnant Desecration 1 euro
Thornspawn-Altars of Perversed flesh 3 euros
Thornspawn-Consecration of Evil Flesh 3 euros
Thornspawn-Blood of the Holy, Taint Thy Steel 3 euros
Thou Shalt Fall-Flaming God 1 euro
Throne of the Fallen- Throne of the Fallen 1 euro
Throneum/Suicidal Winds-Necroblasphemies 2 euros
The Beast- Pacta Conventa Daemoniorum 2 euros
The Wakedead Gathering- Ars Notoria 2 euros
The Krushers- The Dead as Death 1 euro
The Krushers- Memorie di un Anticristo 1 euro
The Krushers-Baruch Ashem 1 euro
Thy Feeble Saviour- Demo 2 euros
Tiger Junkies- D beat street rock and rollers 2 euros
Tiger Junkies-Sick of Tiger pro tape 2 euros
Tudor-Antikrist 2 euros
Ulvdalir- The flame once lost 2 euros
Unholy Archangel- Obsessed by War 2 euros
Unholy Crucifix- Seanse of Death 2 euros
Unholy Crucifix- The Flesh 2 euros
Unholy Death-Antinomian Praise of Death 2 euros
Unlegacy/Belfegore split tape 1 euros
Unpure-Trinity in Black 3 euros
Vaarherre-Kulden, kjoettet 2 euros
Vergreuvbre- Flezh Ritual 1 euro
Victimizer-Live in Fredericia 2009 1 euro
Violent Attack- Demo Rehearsal 2003, 1 euro
Warkult-Rehearsal 1, 1 euro
Warkult-Promo Tape, 1 euro
Warkult-Rehearsal II, 1 euro
Warkult-The scourge is rolling through, 1 euro
Wastelander- I.C.B.M. (second hand) 1 euro
Willful/ Baculum split tape 2 euros
Witchcurse- Rehearsal tape 1 euros
Witchcurse- Demons Warning 1 euros
Witchcurse-The witch is alive 1 euros
Yadokai-Sterile Environment 2 euros

RARE stuff

Carrion of Torrent-Intuum Calamitatis... 3 euros
Conscious Rot-Congental Passivity tape 3 euros
Havohej-Dethrone the son of God 3 euros
Imperator-The time before Time 4 euros
Morstice-Reflections remains tape 3 euros
Ossuary-Fallen to the pits tape 4 euros
Sarcofago-The Rotting (Maze Records) 3 euros (second hand)
Unholy Archangel-Archgoat Incantation tape 3 euros
Unholy Archangel-Unholy Archangel tape 3 euros


Barb Wire zine/book #1 - 3 eur
Blutvergiessen #2 - 1 euros
Burning Abyss # 6 - 2 euros
Call to the Infernal Hordes #5 - 2 euros
Deadbangers # 1 - 1 euro
Deadbangers # 2 - 1 euro
Deadly Illness #4 - 1 eur
Domain zine #4 (die hard version) - 3 eur
Necroscope# 22 - 3 eur
Shrunken and Mummified# 9 - 2 eur
Slava #1 - 2 euro
Womb zine #2 - 4 eur
Words of Nonexistence #1 - 1 euro
Vampir # 3 - 1 eur

T shirts (all new):

Mantak t shirt, medium size, print on both sides, 4 euro
Hammergoat- Regeneration through depopulation t shirt, XL, 3 euros
Dethroned Christ- Roots of Ancient evil t shirt, XL, 3 euros
Phantom Feel -Amblem t shirt, M size, 4 euros


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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 13, 2011 7:42 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 18, 2011 6:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 8:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Communion- Demo I
Ejecutor- 4 vientos de ejecution
Innsmouth-The departure of Shub Nigurath

and more tapes added...
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 10, 2011 10:00 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 17, 2011 2:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Force of Darkness/Bestial Mockery split EP
Deadhead # 4
Compilation of Death zine #1

some Tomhet tapes reserved..
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PostPosted: Sat Dec 31, 2011 2:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Antediluvian-Prehistorik Khaos
Antediluvian-Under Wing of Asael
Antediluvian-Primeval Cyclical Catastrophism
Antediluvian-Serpent's Malignancy
Cirrhus-Rehearsal 2008
Cirrhus-Reh. May 2nd 2009
Degial-Awakening from Darkness
Furdidurke- November rehearsal
Furdidurke-Furdidurke compilation
Miasmal-Miasmal demo
Tomhet- Eklipsen Hord och Karavan
Tomhet- Scald (dub)
Tomhet- Tomhet (dub)
Tomhet- Brandbannr (dub)
Vassafor- Demo I
Vassafor-Demo II
W.A.I.L. Demo 2007


Blood Axis-The gospel of Inhumanity
Descending Darkness-Seelenruhe
Embrace of Thorns-For I see death in their eyes
Impiety-Asateerul Awallen
Devilry-Unleashed to Haunt
Elimi- Summoned from Ashes
Perpetual Demise-Arctic
Carrion of Torrent-Intuum Calamitatis...
Prosanctus Inferi-Sacrilegious desecration...
Danger Drive-Darkness comes...
Armagedon-Invisible Circle
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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 07, 2012 1:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Many tapes added, some gone...
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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 15, 2012 9:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 19, 2012 6:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Joined: 24 Jul 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Jan 20, 2012 4:02 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Blood Axis-The gospel of Inhumanity
Sovereign- Demoniac pride gone...
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 24, 2012 6:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Nocturnal Blood, Archgoat and lot of stuff gone...
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 21, 2012 7:10 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

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Location: Belgium

PostPosted: Thu Apr 26, 2012 11:09 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Check your inbox please.
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PostPosted: Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:17 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some stuff added!

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