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Cheap new BM CDs / 2nd hand CD vinyl tape..
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PostPosted: Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:39 am    Post subject: Cheap new BM CDs / 2nd hand CD vinyl tape.. Reply with quote

Following CDs are for sale, items are located in FINLAND. All are brand new and come from my distro (except the 2nd hand list). Items will be sent without jewel cases. Payment via EU bank transfer or Paypal (buyer pays fees). Buy at least a few items at the same time, I am not intererested in packing & sending only a couple of CDs which are priced at 1 EUR..

Contact: nazarene_decomposing [at] hotmail.com



5:45 (ger) "Notwehr" CD 1 EUR
ABORYM (ita) "Dirty" CD 4 EUR
ABSONUS NOCTIS (usa) "Penumbral Inorgantia" CD 1 EUR
ABSTRACT SPIRIT (rus) "Liquid Dimensions Change" CD 1 EUR
ABSU (usa) "Abzu" digi-CD 5 EUR
ABUSIVENESS (pol) "Trioditis" CD 1 EUR
ABYSMAL DARKENING (hol) "No Light Behind" CD 1 EUR
ADUSTUM (bel) "Searing Fires and Lucid Visions" digi-CD 3 EUR
AETHERES (pol) "Dark Wisdom's Domain" CD 1 EUR
AHNENERBE (pol) "Vril" digi-MCD 1 EUR
AKERBELTZ (spa) "A Wave of Darkness" CD 1 EUR
ALIEN DEVIANT CIRCUS (fra) "En To Pan Omegas" CD 1 EUR
ALTAR OF PERVERSION / MORDAEHOTH (ita/hol) "Tributo a Der Blutharsch" CD 3 EUR
AMNION (spa) "Cryptic Wanderings" CD 1 EUR
AMON (cze) "Return Of The Black Metal" CD 5 EUR
AMON (cze) "Zrozeni Smrti" CD 5 EUR
AMYSTERY (ger) "Grim Satanic Blessing" CD 1 EUR
ANABOTH (pol) "Pomiedzy Swiatami" CD 3 EUR
ANABOTH (pol) "Nie czas pomiotow" CD 3 EUR
ANCESTORS BLOOD (fin) "A Dark Passage From the Past" CD 3 EUR
ANCIENT SKIN "Nobis Quoque Peccatoribus.." CD 1 EUR
ANTIPHRASIS (ger) "Gutsfuck" CD 3 EUR
ANTISEMITEX / SELBSTMORD (pol/pol) "We Bring Desolation" CD 4 EUR
ANU (usa) "Opus Funaerum" CD 4 EUR
AORLHAC (fra) "Opus I" CD 2 EUR
APNEA (nzl) "Silent Cities" MCD 1 EUR
APOCALYPTIC FIRE (ger) "Abyss" proCD-r 0.50 EUR
APOCALYPTIC VISIONS (usa) "Leave None Living" CD 1 EUR
APPARITION (kor) "Blackmusa From the East Empire" CD 5 EUR
APPARITION (kor) "Nemesis Divina" CD 5 EUR
ARANA (sal) "Teotl" CD 1 EUR
ARKONA (pol) "Wszechzlodowacenie" CD 2 EUR
ARMAGEDDA (swe) "Echoes In Eternity" CD 7 EUR
ARMAGEDDA (swe) "The Final War Approaching" CD 7 EUR
ARMAGEDDA (swe) "Ond Spiritism" CD 7 EUR
ARMAGEDDA (swe) "Only True Believers" digi-CD 7 EUR
ARPHAXAT (fra) "Loudun la Maudite" CD 1 EUR
ARS DIAVOLI (por) "Clausura" CD 3 EUR
ASAG (sui) "S/T" CD 1 EUR
ASHEN LIGHT (rus) "Compassion To The Outcast, Hell To The Convicted" CD 1 EUR
ASSAULT (chi) "Veneno de Sathanas" CD 1 EUR
ASTRAL WINTER (aus) "Perdition" CD 2 EUR
ATARAXIE / IMINDAIN (fra/uk) "Bethlehems Bastarde" CD 1 EUR
ATOMIC CURSE (par) "Mortal Dawn of Lust" CD 1 EUR
ATRA VETOSUS (aus) "Voices from the Eternal Night" CD 2 EUR
ATRITAS (sui) "1999 - 2001" digi-2CD 2 EUR
ATRITAS (sui) "Where Witches Burnt" CD 1 EUR
AU SACRE DES NUITS (bra) "Anti-Humain" CD 1 EUR
AUSTRALASIA (ita) "Vertebra" CD 1 EUR
AUTARCIE (fra) "Époque Révolue" CD 3 EUR
AVE LUCIFER (bra) "Profanos Segredos Noturnos" MCD 1 EUR
AVENGER (cze) "Live At Open Hell Fest, 2003" CD 3 EUR
AZAGHAL (fin) "Mustamaa" CD 7 EUR
AZAGHAL (fin) "Teraphim" CD 3 EUR
AZAGHAL / POGOST / DECAYED (fin/rus/por) "Bringers of Black Death" CD 3 EUR
AZURE (swe) "Moonlight Legend" CD 2 EUR
BAGATUR (bul) "Skazanie Za Drevnobulgarskoto Velichie" MCD 1 EUR
BAHIMIRON / UNCHRIST (usa/usa) "Last of the Confederates" CD 1 EUR
BALAM AKAB (mex) "Sacrificio" digi-CD 1 EUR
BALAM AKAB (mex) "Xibalba" CD 1 EUR
BARBAROUS POMERANIA (pol) "Duch 300 Z Rany" CD 1 EUR
BARD BRANN / EKOVE EFRITS (usa/ira) "Key to the Kingdom of Shadows" CD 0.50 EUR
BARSHASKETH (nzl) "Sitra Achra" digi-CD 2 EUR
BATTLESTORM (sin) "Demonic Incursion" CD 1 EUR
BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE (hol) "Henosis" digi-CD 7 EUR
BEAST OF THE APOCALYPSE, THE (hol) "A Voice From the Four Horns of the Golden Altar" digi-CD 7 EUR
BEHERIT / ARCHGOAT (fin/fin) "Split" CD 7 EUR
BEKHIRA (fra) "Demo 1996" digi-CD 5 EUR
BELETH / MOONTOWER / WINGS OF WAR (pol/pol/pol) "Bestial Holocaust" CD 1 EUR
BELIAL (fin) "Never Again" CD 4 EUR
BELIAL (fin) "Wisdom of Darkness / Live in Finland" CD 4 EUR
BESTIAL POSSESSION (per) "Duros, Ebrios & Lujuriosos" CD 1 EUR
BETHLEHEM (ger) "Dictius Te Necare" CD 7 EUR
BETHLEHEM (ger) "A Sacrificial Offering to the Kingdom of Heaven in a Cracked Dog's Ear" CD 2 EUR
BETHLEHEM (ger) "Sardonischer Untergang im Zeichen irreligiöser Darbietung" CD 7 EUR
BETHLEHEM (ger) "StönkFitzchen" MCD 3 EUR
BEYOND LIGHT (hol) "Eclipsed Sun Path" CD 1 EUR
BHAOBHAN SIDHE (hol) "Gas Chamber Music" CD 7 EUR
BILSKIRNIR (ger) "Atavismus des Glaubens" CD 4 EUR
BLACK FUNERAL (usa) "Vukolak" CD 3 EUR
BLACK LEATHER JESUS (usa) "Yes, Sir (Filth Play) CD 1 EUR
BLACKDEATH (rus) "Fucking Fullmoon Foundation" CD 7 EUR
BLASFEMIA (hnd) "El Indice De Los Libros Prohibidos" CD 0.50 EUR
BLASPHEMOPHAGHER (ita) "The III Command of the Absolute Chaos" CD 5 EUR
BLOOD OF KINGU (ukr) "De Occulta Philosophia" digi-CD 3 EUR
BLOOD RED FOG (fin) "Harvest" CD 5 EUR
BLOOD RITUAL (usa) "Black Grimoire" A5 digi-CD 2 EUR [heavy and big item!]
BLUTRACHE (ger) "In den Fängen des Wahnsinns" CD 5 EUR
BRIARGH (spa) "Vn Antigvo Trono Olvidado" MCD 1 EUR
BRUMALIS (usa) "Furore Normannorum" CD 1 EUR
CARTHAUN (ger) "Einheit" CD 1 EUR
CATACUMBA (bra) "Kratos" CD 1 EUR
CENDRES DE HAINE (sui) "Bellum Omium Contra Omnes" CD 1 EUR
CHARNEL WINDS / VERGE (fin/fin) -collaboration "Two Serpents" MCD 4 EUR
CHRIST AGONY (pol) "UnholyDaeMoon" digi-3CD 8 EUR
CHRISTICIDE (fra) "Christicide" CD 3 EUR
CHUR / OPRICH (ukr/rus) "Z Moroku... & Ognecvet" CD 1 EUR
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS (fin) "Tree of Knowledge" CD 6 EUR
CIRCLE OF OUROBORUS / CROOKED NECKS (fin/usa) "Ruins of Resurrection" digi-CD 6 EUR
CLOSING THE ETERNITY "Noughtwards" digi-CD 2 EUR
COMBAT NOISE (cub) "After the War... The Wrath Continues" CD 1 EUR
CONQUEROR (can) "War.Cult.Supremacy" 2CD 7 EUR
CORPUS CHRISTII (por) "Carving a Pyramid of Thoughts" MCD 2 EUR
CREMATION (can) "Black Death Cult" CD 3 EUR
CTHULHU RITES (pol) "Acheront Bezksztaltnego Diabelstwa" digi-MCD 4 EUR
CURARE (ecu) "Radical Accion" CD 1 EUR
DAEMONHEIM (ger) "Schlachtfeld" CD 1 EUR
DARK PSYCHOSIS "Obsessed By Shadows" CD 1 EUR
DARK SANCTUARY (fra) "Dark Sanctuary" CD 4 EUR
DARKSTORM (pol) "The Black Stone MLP 1996 + bonus" CD 2 EUR
DARKTHRONE (nor) "The Cult is Alive" CD + slipcase 4 EUR
DE MAGIA VETERUM (hol) "The Divine Antithesis" digi-CD 7 EUR
DEAD BECOMES THE SUN (fra) "The Last Eclipse" MCD 1 EUR
DEAD REPTILE SHRINE (fin) "Burning Black Infinity" CD 5 EUR
DEAD TO THIS WORLD (nor) "First Strike for Spiritual Renewance" CD 1 EUR
DEATH IN JUNE (uk) "Braun Buch Zwei" digi-CD 5 EUR
DEATHGATE ARKANUM (ger) "Stillhallen" CD 1 EUR
DEBAUCHERY (usa) "Dead Scream Symphony" MCD 1 EUR
DEMONCY (usa) "Joined In Darkness" CD 5 EUR
DEMONIC SLAUGHTER (pol) "Dignity of Terror" MCD 1 EUR
DEMONIC SLAUGHTER (pol) "Soulless god's Creation" CD 2 EUR
DENIAL OF GOD (den) "The Dawn of Aemizaez: demos 1992 - 1993" CD 5 EUR
DENIAL OF GOD (den) "The Red Terror" CD 5 EUR
DESTROYER (col) "Prepared for Discharge" CD 1 EUR
DET VIDAAPNE GAP (nor) "The Temple of the Mind" digi-CD 1 EUR
DETHRONED CHRIST (bra) "Roots of Ancient Evil" CD 3 EUR
DEVIL`S EMISSARY (pol) "Malignant Invocation" CD 3 EUR
DEVIL'S ISLAND (pol) "Devil's Island" digi-CD 2 EUR
DIABOLICAL MASQUERADE (swe) "Nightwork" digi-CD 7 EUR
DIE HARD (swe) "Conjure the Legions" CD 3 EUR
DIE HARD (swe) "Evil Always Return" MCD 1 EUR
DIE HARD (swe) "Nihilistic Vision" CD 3 EUR
DIMENSIONAL PSYCHOSIS (hol) "Architecture of Realities" CD 1 EUR
DIMENTIANON (usa) "Seven Suicides" CD 1 EUR
DISGORGE (mex) "Forensick" CD 1 EUR
DISSECTION (swe) "Live "The Witchwood" Ashton UK 05-02-1996" CD 4 EUR
DRAKONHAIL (fra) "...Des Ailes..." digi-2CD 6 EUR
DREPHJARD (nor) "Maktdominans" MCD 2 EUR
DROWNED IN BLOOD / WARCRUSHER (mex/mex) "Impalement of the Mankind" digi-CD 1 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "An Alignment of Dead Stars" CD 5 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "The Blood of the Ancients" CD 5 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "The Fading Rays of the Sun" MCD 3 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "Of Celtic Blood & Satanic Pride" CD 5 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "The Weeping Moon" MCD 3 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT (aus) "A World Long Dead + Vampyric Winter" CD 5 EUR
DROWNING THE LIGHT / EVIL (aus/bra) "Split" CD 5 EUR
DURTHANG (swe) "Passage Beyond the Cold Vales of Desolation" CD 2 EUR
EBLIS (pol) "... and Our Time Announces Black" digi-CD 3 EUR
EINDIG (hol) "Doodschrift" CD 1 EUR
ELEND (fra) "Sunwar the Dead" digi-CD 7 EUR
ELEND (fra) "Winds Devouring Men" digi-CD 7 EUR
ELEND (fra) "A World in Their Screams" digi-CD 7 EUR
EMPATHIE (ger) ":Z:Z:Z:" CD 1 EUR
END (grc) "II" CD 7 EUR
ENDE (fra) "Whispers of a Dying Earth" CD 1 EUR
ENTARTUNG (ger) "Krypteia" CD 5 EUR
ESOTERIC (uk) "The Maniacal Vale" 2CD 5 EUR
ETERNA PENUMBRA (spa) "Odio Antihumano" CD 1 EUR
ETERNAL NIGHT, THE (usa) "Our Failed Human Existence" CD 1 EUR
ETERNITY (ger) "...and the Gruesome Returns With Every Night" CD 7 EUR
ETERNITY (ger) "Pestiferous Hymns – Rev. I-I-XXXIII" CD 7 EUR
ETHEREAL WOODS (uk) "In the Forest of Arden" CD 1 EUR
EVEN SONG "Mysterium" CD 1 EUR
EVIG NATT (nor) "I am Silence" digi-CD 1 EUR
EVIL GOD (usa) "Deeds of the Antichrist" MCD 1 EUR
EVIL PALACE (ukr) "Born In Darkness" CD 1 EUR
EVOKED CURSE (fin) "Merciless Revenge" CD 3 EUR
EWIG FROST (aut) "Rust" MCD 0.50 EUR
EX CALIGA (fin) "First Visions" CD 0.50 EUR
EXCRUCIATE 666 (fra) "Riding Fires of Hate" CD 1 EUR
EXELSUS DIABOLI / INFERNAL (fra/col) "The Reapers of God" CD 1 EUR
EXETHERIS / GOAT PHALLUS (grc/grc) "Obliteration Conquest Crucifix" CD 1 EUR
EXPERIMENTUM (hol) "Misanthropic Slaughter Force" CD 5 EUR
EXTINCTION (uk) "Down Below the Fog" CD 1 EUR
FEARLIGHT (rus) "Our Legacy" CD 1 EUR
FEBRUARI 93 (swe) "S/T" CD 3 EUR
FESKARN (swe) "Raise Your Swords" CD 3 EUR
FIMBULTYR (swe) "Gryende Tidevarv" CD 3 EUR
FIMBULVETR (ger) "Augenblick und Ewigkeit" CD 1 EUR
FINNR'S CANE (can) "Wanderlust" CD 3 EUR
FIRTH OF DAMNATION (usa) "Carpe Diem" CD 1 EUR
FJÖRD (can) "Vor Tru" CD 5 EUR
FLUISTERWOUD (hol) "Laat alle hoop varen" A5 digi-CD 6 EUR
FLUTWACHT (ger) "Breath" CD 1 EUR [comes in DVD-case]
FOLKSTORM (swe) "Sweden" CD 3 EUR
FOLKSTORM (swe) "Victory Or Death" CD 3 EUR
FOREFATHER (uk) "Legends Untold" CD 1 EUR
FOREST (rus) "As a Song in the Harvest of Grief" CD 7 EUR
FOREST (rus) "Foredooming the Hope for Eternity" CD 7 EUR
FOREST (rus) "Like a Blaze Above the Ashes" CD 7 EUR
FOREST OF STARS, A (uk) "Opportunistic Thieves of the Spring" digi-CD 7 EUR
FORGOTTEN CHAOS (sui) "Victorious Among the Damned" CD 1 EUR
FORGOTTEN HORROR (fin) "The Serpent Creation" CD 2 EUR
FORNICATUS / BLACK HATE / HAPPY DAYS / ALL THE COLD (fin/mex/usa/rus) "Children of Failure" CD 3 EUR
FROZEN SHADOWS (can) "Empires de Glaces" CD 4 EUR
FULL BLOWN A.I.D.S. (usa) "Viral Load" CD 3 EUR
FUNERAILLE (fra) "Dis Pater" CD 1 EUR
FUNERARIUM (lux) "Valley of Darkness" CD 1 EUR
FUNEREAL MOON (mex) "Beneath the Cursed Light of a Spectral Moon" CD 4 EUR
FUNEREAL MOON (mex) "Rites of Black Putrefaction" CD 4 EUR
FURZE (nor) "Trident Autocrat" CD + slipcase 3 EUR
GERMANEN BLUT (ger) "Die Wälder Midgards" CD 5 EUR
GERMANEN BLUT (ger) "Wandelnd in der Einsamkeit abgrundtiefer Gedanken" CD 5 EUR
GHAST (uk) "Terrible Cemetery" MCD 1 EUR
GLORIA DIABOLI (can) "Gate to Sheol" CD 5 EUR
GNAT (rus) "Initial Chaos" CD 0.5 EUR
GOATPENIS (bra) "Inhumanization" CD 5 EUR
GOATPENIS (bra) "Trotz Verbot, Nicht Tot" CD 5 EUR
GODHEADSCOPE (usa) "A City Out of Sight" CD 1 EUR
GOETIA (pol) "Theurgia Goetia" MCD 1 EUR
GONTYNA KRY (pol) "Arystokracja Ducha" CD 4 EUR
GORGON (fra) "The Lady Rides A Black Horse" CD 3 EUR
GRAVEWURM (usa) "Funeral Empire" CD 3 EUR
GRAVEYARD DIRT (ire) "For Grace or Damnation" CD 1 EUR
GRAVSORG (den) "Visions of Depression" CD 1 EUR
GRIGORI (nzl) "Principium Et Finis" CD 1 EUR
GRIM FUNERAL / SPECTRE (spa/spa) "Split" CD 1 EUR
GRIMBURG (ger) "Naturherrschaft" MCD 1 EUR
GRIMFAUG (bel) "Blood Upon the Face of Creation" CD 3 EUR
GRIMFAUG (bel) "Defloration of Life's Essence" CD 3 EUR
GRIVF / SOL (den/den) "Iss / The Great Plague Imperium" digi-CD 4 EUR
GROHM (aut) "The Negation of Silence" CD 1 EUR
GROMM (ukr) "Sacrilegium" digi-CD 2 EUR
HAAR (uk) "2012 EP" digi-MCD 1 EUR
HADES ALMIGHTY (nor) "The Pulse of Decay" CD 2 EUR
HAEMOTH (fra) "Mortuales Delect" CD 2 EUR
HAMMERGOAT (bra) "Regeneration Through Depopulation" CD 5 EUR
HARZA (rus) "War" CD 5 EUR
HATEFUL ABANDON (uk) "Famine (or Into the Bellies of Worms)" CD 2 EUR
HAUTAKAMMIO (fin) "Kukaan ei opasta teitä pimeässä" CD 5 EUR
HAVOHEJ (usa) "Kembatinan Premaster" CD 3 EUR
HELCARAXE (usa) "Broadsword" CD 1 EUR
HELL MILITIA (fra) "Last Station On the Road to Death" digibook-CD 5 EUR
HELVINTR (usa) "A Desastrious Collaboration of Coldness and Despair" CD 1 EUR
HESPERUS DIMENSION (pol) "Mental Electricity MMVII" MCD 0.5 EUR
HIGHGATE (usa) "Black Frost Fallout" CD 1 EUR
HILDR VALKYRIE (grc) "Shield Brothers Of Valhalla" CD 1 EUR
HINSIDIG (nor) "I en Tidlös Höst" CD 5 EUR
HOLOCAUSTIA (swe) "The Sacrament Seed" MCD 1 EUR
HOLOKAUST NACHTIGALL "In the Ashes of the Promised Land" MCD 1 EUR
HORIZON... (fin) "Don’t Let The Time Pass You By" MCD 1 EUR
HORNA (fin) "Sanojesi Äärelle" digi-2CD 7 EUR
HORNA (fin) "Ääniä yössä" CD 5 EUR
HORNA / MUSTA SURMA (fin/fin) "Vihan vuodet" CD 5 EUR
HORNED ALMIGHTY (den) "Necro Spirituals" CD 3 EUR
HUNAZ "Unser Wald" CD 1 EUR
HUNTERS MOON (aus) "The Serpents Lust" MCD 1 EUR
HYADNINGAR "The Weak Creation" CD 1 EUR
I SHALT BECOME (usa) "The Pendle Witch Trials" CD 5 EUR
I SHALT BECOME (usa) "Requiem" CD 5 EUR
I SHALT BECOME (usa) "Wanderings" CD 5 EUR
IGNIS GEHENNA (aus) "Revelations of Sinister Rebirth" MCD 1 EUR
IGNIS URANIUM (ger) "Azimuth Nuctemeron Frequency" CD 1 EUR
IGNIVOMOUS (aus) "Death Transmutation" CD 3 EUR
ILL OMEN (aus) "Compendium Melificarum" digi-CD 5 EUR
ILSA (usa) "Tutti il Colori del Buio" digi-CD 7 EUR
IMPAVIDA (ger) "Eerie Sceneries" digi-CD 3 EUR
IMPIETY (sin) "Terroreign" digi-CD 5 EUR
IMPIETY (sin) "Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny" digi-CD 7 EUR
IN MY SHIVER (ita) "Black Seasons" CD 1 EUR
INFERNAL KINGDOM "The Black Throne of Hell" CD 1 EUR
INHUMANE DEATHCULT (fin) "On Behalf of Satan" CD 1 EUR
INQUISITION (col) "Anxious Death / Forever Under" CD 3 EUR
INTOLITARIAN (usa) "Berserker Savagery" digi-CD 5 EUR
IRREVERENT (usa) "Blasphemous Crucifix Profanation" CD 5 EUR
ISVIND (nor) "Dark Waters Stir" CD 7 EUR [solistitium]
IXXI (swe) "Elect Darkness" CD 1 EUR
JAR (pol) "Mala Nocka" CD 1 EUR
JAR (pol) "Niesiem Plon" CD 1 EUR
KATHAARIA (ger) "The Complex Void of Negativity" digi-CD 3 EUR
KATHONIK (usa) "Demonic Horde Rising" CD 1 EUR
KAWIR (grc) "Arai" CD 1 EUR
KERMANIA (ger) "Ahnenwerk" digi-CD 5 EUR
KHOLD (nor) "Hundre År Gammal" digi-CD 6 EUR
KHOLD (nor) "Mörke Gravers Kammer" CD 6 EUR
KHOLD (nor) "Phantom" CD 6 EUR
KHORS (ukr) "The Flame of Eternity's Decline / Cold" 2CD + slipcase 5 EUR
KHORS (ukr) "Wisdom of Centuries" CD 5 EUR
KORIHOR / MANIAK (phi/phi) "From Death... Rising!" CD 1 EUR
KRATORNAS (phi) "The Corroding Age of Wounds" CD 1 EUR
KRIEG (usa) "The Church" MCD 3 EUR
KRIEG (usa) "The Isolationist" CD + slipcase 4 EUR
KRIEG (usa) "Patrick Bateman" MCD 4 EUR
KRISTALLNACHT (fra) "Blooddrenched Memorial 1994 - 2002" CD 5 EUR
KRODA / OPRICH (ukr/rus) "Legend / Wolfen Loyalty" CD 3 EUR
KROHM (usa) "Slayer of Lost Martyrs / Crown of the Ancients" CD 3 EUR
KRYNITZA (rus) "Hail to the Sun" CD 5 EUR
KURGAN (ukr) "...I Zamerzayut Travy Zelenye" CD 1 EUR
KVELL (kor) "Anti-Religion" CD 3 EUR
KVLT OF HIOB (ger) "Thy Kingly Mask" digi-CD 5 EUR
LAST KNELL, THE (chi) "Æon Vmbra Genesis" CD 1 EUR
LEADHAZE (ukr) "Black Water Path" CD 2 EUR
LECHIA (pol) "Akt Woli" CD 3 EUR
LEGACY OF BLOOD (pol) "Murder Hymn" CD 1 EUR
LEGION OF DOOM (grc) "For Those of the Blood" CD 7 EUR
LEGION OF DOOM (grc) "Kingdom of Endless Darkness" CD 7 EUR
LEGION OF SADISM (ger) "The Great World of Satan" digi-CD 2 EUR
LEICHENGOTT (pol) "Cyrograf" CD 3 EUR
LES CHANTS DE NIHIL (fra) "Propagande Erogène" CD 5 EUR
LES CHANTS DE NIHIL (fra) "La Liberté Guidant le Fer" CD 5 EUR
LEVIATHAN (usa) "A Silhouette In Splinters" CD 4 EUR
LEX RHINO (ger) "With A Little Help From Lucifer" CD 1 EUR
LIK (swe) "Besvärtade Strofer" CD 4 EUR
LIK (swe) "Lekamen Illusion Kallet" CD 4 EUR
LIK (swe) "Må ljuset aldrig nå oss ner" CD 4 EUR
LIKBLEK (swe) "Likblek" CD 3 EUR
LILITH (bol) "Monolith" CD 1 EUR
LIVSNEKAD (swe) "Den Sociala Vanförheten" CD 4 EUR
LORD BELIAL (swe) "Revelation" CD 4 EUR
LORDS OF BUKKAKE (spa) "Desorden Y Rencor" CD 1 EUR
LUCTUS / ARGHARUS (lit/lit) "Sonitus Caeli Ardentis" CD 1 EUR
LUGUBRE (hol) "Chaoskult (Hymns of Destruction)" CD 1 EUR
LUST / ANAEL (can/ger) "Split" CD 3 EUR
LYTHANY / VULTO (por/por) "Ritual de Privacao" CD 1 EUR
M8L8TH (rus) "Sturm" CD 5 EUR
MAL ETRE (sui) "Torment" CD 1 EUR
MALEFIC ORDER (tur) "Raging Evil Desekration" CD 1 EUR
MANAGARM / STERBENZEIT / 78424325 (usa/ita/mex) "Three ways to live in pain" CD 3 EUR
MASACHIST (pol) "Scorned" CD 2 EUR
MASOCHIST (usa) "History" 2CD 5 EUR
MAYHEM / THOU SHALT SUFFER (nor/nor) "The True Black" CD 4 EUR
MEK NA VER (ita) "Heresy" CD 1 EUR
MELECHESH (isr) "The Epigenesis" CD 7 EUR
MEPHIZTOPHEL (col) "For My Your Blood For Satan Your Soul" CD 1 EUR
MIASTHENIA / SONGE d'ENFER (bra/bra) "Visions of Nocturnal Tragedies" CD 1 EUR
MINHYRIATH (sui) "Gondolyn" CD 1 EUR
MISANTROPICAL PAINFOREST (fin) "Firm Grip of the Roots" CD 4 EUR
MOLESTED (nor) "Blod-Draum" 2CD 6 EUR
MOLOCH (ukr) "A Journey to the Vyrdin" CD 1 EUR
MOLOCH LETALIS (pol) "Apoteoza Smierci" CD 1 EUR
MOLPHAR (ukr) "Lake of Fire" CD 1 EUR
MORGART (sui) "Die Schlacht (In Achte Sinfonien" CD 1 EUR
MORRIGAN (ger) "The Damned" CD 4 EUR
MORRIGAN (ger) "Headcult" CD 4 EUR
MORRIGAN (ger) "Welcome To Samhain" CD 4 EUR
MORS AETERNA (usa) "Behind the Majestic Mirror of Death" MCD 1 EUR
MORS VINCIT OMNIA (aus) "Opprobrium" CD 1 EUR
MORTIIS (nor) "The Grudge" digi-MCD 1 EUR
MORTUUS INFRADAEMONI (ger) "Daemon Qui Fecit Terram" CD 1 EUR
MR.DEATH (swe) "Death Suits You" MCD 3 EUR
MR.DEATH (swe) "Descending Through Ashes" CD 5 EUR
MR.DEATH (swe) "Detached From Life" CD 5 EUR
MR.DEATH (swe) "Detached From Life" A5 digi-CD 7 EUR
MURW (hol) "Kanker" CD 1 EUR
MYRKR (ire) "Black Illumination" CD + slipcase 3 EUR
NA RASPUTJE (rus) "The Throne of Immortal Ones / Hammer of Holocaust" CD 1 EUR
NARGOTHROND (grc) "Doctrine of Lies" CD 1 EUR
NATTVINDENS GRÅT (fin) "A Bard's Tale" CD 5 EUR
NAV' (rus) "The Wolf Sun" CD 3 EUR
NAZARENE DECOMPOSING (ger) "Demonic Inquisition" CD 1 EUR
NAZXUL (aus) "Totem" digi-CD 6 EUR
NEASIT (pol) "Przedswit w Ramionach Bezkresnej Nocy" CD 3 EUR
NECROFROST (ger) "In A Misty Soar and on it's Swampy Floor" CD 1 EUR
NECROPHAGIA (usa) "Death Is Fun" CD 5 EUR
NECROVOMIT / IN LEAGUE WITH SATAN (ita/ita) "NekroAlkoholik Abominations With Satan" CD 2 EUR
NEFANDUS (swe) "Death Holy Death" CD 4 EUR
NEGURA BUNGET (rom) "Sala Molksa / From Transilvanian Forest" CD 5 EUR
NEKRIST (cro) "Dux Deus" CD 1 EUR
NEKRONOIZ (fra) "Ayn Soph" CD 1 EUR
NEW RISEN THRONE / CRUEL HARVEST (ita/usa) "Shadows Over Humanity" CD 1 EUR
NIGHT MUST FALL (fin) "Dissonance of Thought" CD 3 EUR
NILE (usa) "Legacy of the Catacombs" CD + DVD 5 EUR
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (fra) "Reflections of a Sad Soul" CD 3 EUR
NON ESSENCE GENESIS (fra) "Genesis of the Fall" CD 2 EUR
NORDLAND (uk) "Nordland" CD 3 EUR
NORDLAND (uk) "The True Cult of the Earth" CD 4 EUR
NORDOR (grc) "Honoris Causa" CD 2 EUR
NORTH (pol) "Czekajac Na Sztorm" CD 2 EUR
NORTH / GROMOWLADNY (pol/pol) "Lechia, Slawia, Aria" CD 2 EUR
NOVAE MILITAE (fra) "Affliction of the Divine" CD 1 EUR
NOW (pol) "Nowia" CD 1 EUR
NOX NOCTIS (rus) "Iskuplenie" CD 1 EUR
NYOGTHAEBLISZ (usa) "Apocryphal Progenitors of Mankind's Tribulation" CD 7 EUR
OCTAGON (usa) "Death Fetish" CD 1 EUR
OLD WAINDS (rus) "Death Nord Kult" CD 2 EUR
OLD WAINDS (rus) "Death Nord Kult" digi-CD 3 EUR
OLDE CRONE (uk) "Olde Crone" CD 4 EUR
ORDER OF ORIAS (aus) "Inverse" digi-CD 3 EUR
ORDER OF THE EBON HAND (grc) "A Mystic Path to the Netherworld" CD 3 EUR
OTHALA "Når Alting er Glemt..." CD 1 EUR
OUR SURVIVAL DEPENDS ON US (aut) "Painful stories told with a passion for life" CD 1 EUR
P.H.T.O. (fra) "Affliction" CD 2 EUR
PAGANUS (fin) "Paganus" CD 1 EUR
PERDITION WINDS (fin) "Perdition Winds" MCD 4 EUR
PERSECUTOR (pol) "Wings of Death" CD 1 EUR
PESTROYER (can) "Inquisiteurs des Temps Modernes" MCD 1 EUR
POSSESSION RITUAL (ger) "Incense of Opened Gates" CD 5 EUR
PRAGNAVIT (blr) "Viede..." CD 3 EUR
PREVALENT RESISTANCE (fin) "Dynamics of Creation" CD 3 EUR
PRIMIGENIUM (spa) "As Eternal as the Night" MCD 2 EUR
PROCLAMATION (spa) "Advent of the Black Omen" CD 5 EUR
PROCLAMATION (spa) "Messiah of Darkness and Impurity" CD 5 EUR
PROCLAMATION (spa) "Execration of Cruel Bestiality" CD 5 EUR
PROCLAMATION (spa) "Nether Tombs of Abaddon" CD 5 EUR
PROFANATICA (usa) "Disgusting Blasphemies Against God" CD 5 EUR
PSYKOTISK / VREDGAD (swe/swe) "Split" CD 1 EUR
PURIST "Schwermut" CD 1 EUR
PYHA (Ruined) (kor) "[2011 full lenght]" CD 3 EUR
PYPHOMGERTUM (mex) "Gorific Carnal Confessions" 1 EUR
PYRAMIDO (swe) "Sand" CD 1 EUR
RAPTURE (mex) "Infernal Manifest" CD 1 EUR
RAPTURE (mex) "Sinister Creation" CD 1 EUR
RAVEN DARK (rus) "Autumn Roar" CD 5 EUR
REVERIE (usa) "Isolation" CD 0.50 EUR
REX SATANACHIA (den) "First Legion of Hell" MCD 1 EUR
RHYMES OF DESTRUCTION (bel) "A Sun Revolution" CD 1 EUR
RIGOR SARDONICUS (usa) "Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus" CD 1 EUR
ROOT (cze) "Heritage of Satan" CD + slipcase 6 EUR
S:T ERIK (swe) "From Under the Tarn" CD 1 EUR
SABBAT (I-LOVE-PENIS) "Live Resurrection" digi-CD 3 EUR
SAD / WARWULF (grc/ger) "Walking the Paths of Despair" CD 2 EUR
SADKO (rus) "We're Here Not In Vain" CD 4 EUR
SALVATION666 (ger) "Anima Pestifera" CD 1 EUR
SANCTUS DAEMONEON (den) "Grey Metropolis" CD 1 EUR
SANCTUS INFERNUM (usa) "Sanctus Infernum" CD 1 EUR
SANKTUM SANGUIS (swe) "Tenebra Perpetua" MCD 1 EUR
SATANIZE (por) "Demonic Conquest In Jerusalem" CD 3 EUR
SATURNIAN MIST (fin) "Repellings" MCD 2 EUR
SCHATTENVALD (ger) "I" digi-CD 7 EUR
SCUTUM CRUX (uk) "The Second Sun" CD 2 EUR
SECRETS OF THE MOON (ger) "Antithesis" CD 6 EUR
SECRETS OF THE MOON (ger) "Carved In Stigmata Wounds" CD 6 EUR
SECRETS OF THE MOON (ger) "The Exhibitions" digi-MCD 4 EUR
SEJTANE (ita) "The Burning Cold" CD 1 EUR
SEVERE STORM (pol) "Follow the Paths of Darkness.." CD 2 EUR
SHACKLES (aus) "Coup de Grace" CD 4 EUR
SHACKLES (aus) "Traitors' Gate" CD 4 EUR
SHADOW ORDER, THE (grc) "Untold" CD 2 EUR
SHADOWDREAM (ser) "Path of the Infinity" CD 1 EUR
SHADOWS UNDER ARMS (ger) "From The Abyss... to the Throne" CD 3 EUR
SHORES OF LADON (ger) "Eindringling" CD 3 EUR
SHROUD OF SATAN (ger) "Litany to the Moon" MCD 1 EUR
SIGH (I-LOVE-PENIS) "In Somniphobia" CD 3 EUR
SIGILLUM DIABOLICUM (fra) "Chroniques De L'infamie" CD 1 EUR
SIMPLE EXISTENZ (ger) "Das Leben Vor Dem Tod" digi-CD 5 EUR
SINISTERITE (fin/uk) "The Unclean Days" CD 4 EUR
SIRIN "Usvit Slobody / The Dawn of Freedom" CD 1 EUR
SISTRENATUS (can) "Sensitive Disturbance" CD 1 EUR
SIXX (usa) "Sister Devil" CD 2 EUR
SLEEPING VILLAGE (ita) "Fragments" digi-MCD 1 EUR
SNÖTÅRAR (swe) "Through Time.. Behind Light" CD 3 EUR
SOBIBOR (col) "Furia Y Metal" CD 1 EUR
SOL (den) "Beast of Riddles, Monster of Light" MCD 3 EUR
SOL (den) "I Am Infinity" digi-CD 4 EUR
SOL (den) "Let There Be a Massacre" digi-CD 4 EUR
SOL EVIL (usa) "Sanctus Satanas" CD 0.50 EUR
SOL INVICTUS (uk) "The Angel" digisleeve-CD 6 EUR
SOL INVICTUS (uk) "Thrones" CD 6 EUR
SOMNOLENCE "As Midgard Weeps" CD 1 EUR
SPEARHEAD (uk) "Theomachia" CD + slipcase 4 EUR
SPIDERPACT (fin) "Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum" CD 1 EUR
SPUOLUS (hun) "Behind the Event Horizon" CD 1 EUR
STAHLKLANG (ger) "Bei Nacht und Nebel" MCD 1 EUR
STARLIT (swe) "Ataraxis" CD 4 EUR
STEEL ENGRAVED (ger) "State Of Siege" CD 1 EUR
STERBENZEIT (ita) "L'Oltrenotte" CD 3 EUR
STORMHEIT (fin) "Caelic Weold Finnum" CD 4 EUR
STROSZEK (ita) "Life Failures Made Music" CD 1 EUR
STYGGELSE (swe) "Heir Today - God Tomorrow" CD 1 EUR
SUBAUDITION (fin) "Light on the Path" digi-CD 4 EUR
SUMERIA (usa) "All Paths Lead to Insanity" CD 1 EUR
SUN OF THE BLIND (sui) "Skullreader" digi-CD 4 EUR
SUPPLICIUM (fra) "Atrae Poenae" MCD 3 EUR
SUPPLICIUM (fra) "Magna Atra Missa" CD 4 EUR
SVAFNIR "The Heathen Chapters" CD 1 EUR
SVART (swe) "Förlorad" CD 5 EUR
SVART (swe) "Namnlös och Bortglömd" MCD 4 EUR
SVARTTHRON (lit) "Bearer of the Crimson Flame" digi-CD 1 EUR
SVYATOGOR "With Wolfish Stalk And By Wings of Black" CD 1 EUR
SWAROST (pol) "Brzask" MCD 1 EUR
SWORDMASTER (swe) "Moribund Transgoria" CD 7 EUR
T.O.M.B. "Macabre Noize Royale" CD 0.5 EUR
TELOCH (fin) "Descent-Ascend" MCD 4 EUR
TELOCH (fin) "Morbid Prayer" CD 4 EUR
TEMNOZOR (rus) "Horizons.." CD 5 EUR
TEMNOZOR (rus) "Sorcery of Fragments" CD 5 EUR
TEMPLE OF BAAL (fra) "Lightslaying Rituals" CD 5 EUR
TEMPLE OF BAAL / RITUALIZATION (fra/fra) "The Vision of Fading Mankind" digi-CD 5 EUR
TENEBRAE IN PERPETUUM (ita) "L'Eterno Maligno Silenzio" digi-CD 3 EUR
TENOCHTITLAN (rus) "Epoch of the Fifth Sun" CD 1 EUR
TERDOR (hol) "Axis Panzerzug Anno November 1942" CD 1 EUR
TERRA CAPUT MUNDI (usa) "Warp Speed Warriors" CD 1 EUR
TETRAKTYS (gre) "Voreion Stellas" CD 1 EUR
THALLIUM (bra) "Armanenschaft" CD 3 EUR
THOTH (pol) "From the Abyss of Dungeons of Darkness" CD 3 EUR
THOTH (pol) "Zamglenie" CD 3 EUR
THROMDARR (fin) "NorthStorm Arrives" CD 1 EUR
THRONE OF KATARSIS (nor) "Helvete - Det Iskalde Mörket" CD 5 EUR
THUNDERKRAFT (ukr) "The Banner of Victory" CD 3 EUR
THY DARKENED SHADE (grc) "Eternus Mos, Nex Ritvs" CD + slipcase 5 EUR
TIIL SUM (pol) "In Articulo Mortis" CD 1 EUR
TODESSTOSS (ger) "Stelldichein" CD 1 EUR
TOTALSELFHATRED (fin) "Apocalypse In Your Heart" CD 5 EUR
TRIUMPH (cze) "Klic K Promenam" CD 1 EUR
TROLLFEST (nor) "Brakebein" digi-CD 1 EUR
TSJUDER (nor) "Demonic Possession" CD 7 EUR
TSJUDER (nor) "Kill For Satan" CD 7 EUR
TURPISTA (pol) "Turpistyczny Amok" CD 3 EUR
TWIGHLIGHT ICON (bel) "Serpens Misericordi Nociva" CD 1 EUR
UDAINSAKR (ger) "Udainsakr" CD 1 EUR
UNGOD (ger) "Conquering What Once Was Ours" CD 3 EUR
UNION (pol) "Christ Agony" CD 2 EUR
UNPURE (swe) "World Collapse" CD 5 EUR
V/A "Nuclear War Now! Festival Volume I" CD 1 EUR
V/A. "Resurrected in Festering Slime - The Truly Sinister Death Metal Comp." CD 2 EUR
V.A. "Rising of Yog-Sothoth: Tribute to Thergothon 2CD 2 EUR [comes in 1-CD case]
V.A. "Tormenting Legends II" digi-CD 4 EUR
V/A "Woods Brothers - Baltia / Ukraina" CD 3 EUR
VALFEANOR (aut) "En Ny Tid" CD 1 EUR
VALFEANOR (aut) "Noreia" CD 1 EUR
VAULT, THE / AMES SANGLANTES "Split" digisleeve-CD 1 EUR
(V.E.G.A.) (ita) "Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram" A5 CD 3 EUR
(V.E.G.A.) (ita) "Cocaine" digi-CD 3 EUR
VEINELIIS (ger) "In this Forest Shall be my Gallows" CD 4 EUR
VEINELIIS / KÄLTETOD (ger/ger) "Split" digi-CD 4 EUR
VELDRAVETH (ven) "Undefined God" CD 1 EUR
VELNIAS (usa) "Sovereign Nocturnal" digi-CD 1 EUR
VENUSPULS (ger) "Herzschlag Des Endzeit-Architekten" CD 1 EUR
VERGE (fin) "Sex & Violence" CD 4 EUR
VERGE (fin) "To Rest The Last Time In Our Filth" MCD 3 EUR
VERGE (fin) "Verge" CD 4 EUR
VERGE / BLOOD RED FOG (fin/fin) "Because It's Wrong" digi-CD 4 EUR
VERIVALA (fin) "Kalliolle, kukkulalle" CD 3 EUR
VERZIVATAR (hun) "Transcendent Infection" CD 1 EUR
VESTERIAN (usa) "Anthems for the Coming War Age" CD 3 EUR
VETALA (por) "Satanic Morbid Metal" CD 5 EUR
VETCHE (ukr) "Vetche" CD 3 EUR
VI (fra) "De Praestigees Daemonum" digi-MCD 2 EUR
VIATICUM (usa) "Reliquary of the Horned One" MCD 1 EUR
VINDORN (ger) "Hrana" MCD 1 EUR
VINDORN / TRIUMPH, GENUS / SATOR MARTE (ger/cze/cze) "Split" digi-CD 5 EUR
VISTHIA (ita) "Reditus Conscientia" CD 0.5 EUR
VOLKOLAK (rus) "Disappear" CD 7 EUR
VOMITOR (aus) "Devil's Poison" CD 5 EUR
VRITRA (fin) "Deinde Signum Mortifera" CD 5 EUR [comes in 7" -sleeve]
VSPOLOX (rus) "Sumerki / The Dusk" CD 2 EUR
WALKNUT (rus) "Graveforests and Their Shadows" CD 6 EUR
WARGRINDER (grc) "The Seal of Genocide" CD 1 EUR
WARLOGHE (fin) "The First Possession" CD 5 EUR
WARLOGHE (fin) "Womb of Pestilence" CD 5 EUR
WARNUNGSTRAUM (ita) "Inter Peritura" CD 1 EUR
WATAIN (swe) "Casus Luciferi" CD 7 EUR [drakkar]
WATAIN (swe) "Rabid Death's Curse" CD 7 EUR [drakkar]
WAVELENGTH:SATAN (por) "Time-Blood Theory" CD 1 EUR
WAY TO END (fra) "Desecrated Internal Journey" CD 1 EUR
WEAPON (can) "Embers and Revelations" CD 5 EUR
WHITE MEDAL (uk) "Yorkshire Steel" CD 5 EUR
WILK (pol) "Hammer of Hate" CD 1 EUR
WILK (pol) "Na Rozkaz Krwi" MCD 1 EUR
WINDS OF HYPERBOREA / BENARES (pol/ger) "Jebac zycie" CD 1 EUR
WINTERNIGHT (ger) "Pestilenz" CD 1 EUR
WISDOM (par) "Sacra Privata" CD 1 EUR
WITCH TOMB (usa) "Crippled Messiah" CD 3 EUR
WOE (usa) "Quietly, Undramatically" CD + slipcase 3 EUR
WOLFSBLUT (ger) "Seelenqual / Legions Wolfsblut" CD 1 EUR
WOLFSLAIR (den) "Ateulv" MCD 1 EUR
WOLFSWINTER (ger) "Gestrandet in Nastrand / Der Tag Vergeht" CD 2 EUR
WOLFTHORN (ger) "Towards Ipsissimus" CD 1 EUR
WORSHIP (ger) "Dooom" digi-CD 5 EUR
WOTANORDEN (usa) "The Hands of Fate" CD 4 EUR
WRITTEN IN TORMENT (uk) "Bellum Omnium Contra Omnes" CD 3 EUR
WSCHOD (pol) "O Dumie, Sile I Ogniu" CD 4 EUR
WSCHOD (pol) "Oddalenie" CD 4 EUR
WYRD (fin) "Vargtimmen pt.I" CD 2 EUR
WYRD (fin) "Wrath & Revenge" CD 2 EUR
XIBALBA (mex) "Ancients" 2 EUR
XULUB MITNAL (mex) "Ba'ate'il" CD 1 EUR
YAOTL MICTLAN (mex) "Dentro del Manto Gris de Chaac" CD 0.5 EUR
YCOSAHATERON (usa) "La Nuit" CD 0.5 EUR
ZAHRIM (den) "Liber Compendium Diabolicum (The Genesis of Enki)" CD 1 EUR
ZGARD (ukr) "Spirit of Carpathian Sunset" CD 5 EUR
ZYKLON (nor) "Aeon" CD + slipcase 3 EUR

DVD - sent without cases!

EMPEROR (nor) "Live at Wacken Open Air 2006" DVD 4 EUR
MAY RESULT / THE STONE (ser/ser) "Live Curse From the East" DVD 1 EUR
MORBOSIDAD (usa) "Legions of the Unholy / Demonic Plague and Deadly Commands" DVD 4 EUR
NOCTURNAL DEPRESSION (fra) "Mankind Suffering Visions" DVD 4 EUR
SEAR BLISS (hun) "Official Live Bootleg" DVD 1 EUR
V/A "Gathering of Shadows" 2DVD 3 EUR
ZYKLON (nor) "Storm Detonation" DVD 4 EUR

SECOND HAND ITEMS (some are unplayed but come from my personal collection)

Price € - Artist - Album


25 Abhorer - Upheaval of Blasphemy 7"EP [new / unplayed]
35 Abyssic Hate - A Decade of Hate [new / unplayed]
30 Agatus - The Weaving Fates LP [new / unplayed]
20 Antaeus - Rot 7"EP [new / unplayed]
25 Archgoat - Angelslaying Black Fucking Metal 7"EP [new / unplayed]
20 Aryan Blood / Satanic Warmaster - Split 7"EP [new / unplayed]
20 Baptism - Evil Mysteries 10" [new / unplayed]
20 Bloodhammer / Vomitfago - Cold Blood and Boiling Semen 7"Ep [new / unplayed]
30 Circle of Ouroborus - Old Ghosts LP [new unplayed]
12 Demoncy / Dark Opus - Split 7"EP [new / unplayed]
10 Empaligon - Black Dominated Annihilation LP M/EX [new / unplayed]
10 Flauros - Suicide 7"EP [new / unplayed]
25 Havohej - Unholy Darkness and Impurity 7"EP [desecration of god '93] [new / unplayed]
20 Horna / Legion of Doom - Split 7"EP [new / unplayed]
25 Impiety - Salve the Goat: Iblis Exelsi 7"EP [new / unplayed]
45 Inquisition - Into the Infernal Regions of Ancient Cult FIRST PRESS DLP [new / unplayed]
15 Kindred Spirit - Carry the Flame LP
50 Mysticum - In the Streams of Inferno RED LP LIM 200 [new / unplayed]
40 Necros Christos - Trivne Impvrity Rites DLP [first press, new / unplayed]
?? Paysage d'Hiver - Schattengang LP [new / unplayed, wax seal unbroken]
40 Sarcofago - Crust LP [new / unplayed]
20 Satanic Warmaster / Stutthof - Split PIC 7"EP [new / unplayed]
20 Sigh / Abigail - Evilized Japan vol.1 7"EP [new / unplayed]
20 Sombre Chemin / Arnstadt - Split 7"EP VG/M [new / unplayed]
?? Spear of Longinus - Black Sun Society 3x 7" BOX
40 Spear of Longinus - TYONS LP
25 True Werwolf, The - Weeping Lord of the Majestic Plague 7"EP [new / unplayed]
90 V/A - Crushing the Holy Trinity 3LP [new / unplayed]
50 V/A - Tormenting Legends II DLP [new / unplayed]


1 Absolutus – Ostendit Quam Nihil Sumus CD
5 Ad Hominem - ..for a New World CD
5 Ad Hominem - Planet ZOG - The End CD
1 Adultery – Age of Rebirths CD
1 Aigro Mucifelam – Lost Sounds Depraved CD
20 Allegiance - Hymn till Hangagud CD [no fashion '96]
3 Amalek - Die Rückkehr Wotans CD
4 Anael - Necromantic Rituals CD (Barbarian Wrath 1. press / 666)
1 Animus Mortis – Atrabilis CD
4 Antaeus - Blood Libels digi-CD
20 Antaeus – Cut Your Flesh and Worship Satan CD [1. press]
2 Archandrja - Zimowy Brzast Zwyciestwa CD
4 Arditi – Marching on to Victory CD
20 Arnstadt - Contemplant un Monde Obscur (Tour de Garde, lim.200)
3 Atomtrakt - Schutt & Asche digi-CD
5 Azaghal - Deathkult MMDCLXVI CD [millennium '01]
3 Azaghal - Of Beasts and Vultures CD
2 Azaghal / Beheaded Lamb - Split CD [booklet has some worn]
4 Bael - Bleeding For Him MCD
12 Baptism - The Beherial Midnight CD [original press, booklet missing!]
4 Baptism - Grim Arts of Melancholy CD
35 Barathrum - Long Live Satan CD-r [official live album, lim.100]
2 Barbatos - Live at Factory CD
3 Beast of the Apocalypse, The - A Voice from the Four Horns of the Golden Altar digi-CD
15 Behemoth - Bewitching the Pomerania MCD [solistitium '97]
5 Behemoth - Chaotica... digi-2CD [#620 / ?]
20 Beherit - Electric Doom Synthesis CD [1. press / spinefarm '96]
10 Beherit - Live Joensuu '92 CD [warhammer hell]
20 Belenos - L'Ancien Temps digi-2CD [sacral '04]
5 Belketre - Ambre Zuetki Vuordrevartre CD + slipcase [Goat Moon Worship records]
3 Benighted Leams - Caliginous Romantic Myth CD
15 Bestial Summoning - The Dark War Continues CD [war hammer '02]
3 Bethlehem - Mein Weg digi-CD
15 Bilskirnir - Furor Teutonicus CD [solistitum limited golden edition]
5 Black Blood - Cryptic Rituals CD
?? Black Dawn - Blood For Satan CD [1. press]
1 Branstock – S/T CD
8 Burning Winds / Kerberos / Misanthropy - Where Darkness Reigns Pro-CD-r [lim.333]
5 Capricornus / Der Stürmer - Polish-Hellenic.. CD
3 Carpathian Forest - Morbid Fascination of Death CD
5 Catherine La Voisin - Of Monstrosity CD-r [lim.100]
20 Chasm, The - Conjuration of the Spectral Empire CD [witches brew '02 / lim.1000]
2 Chiva - Oracle Morte CD [witchhunt '96 / photocopied traycard]
20 Circle of Ouroborus - Shores CD [northern sky]
15 Circle of Ouroborus - Streams CD [true face of evil]
15 Clandestine Blaze - Fist of the Northern Destroyer CD [1. press]
1 Climb to Zalem / Plan E - Split CD
20 Countess - Heilig Vuur CD [barbarian wrath, lim.666]
20 Countess - The Revenge of the Horned One - Part I CD [barbarian wrath, lim.666]
20 Countess - The Shining Swords of Hate CD [barbarian wrath, lim.666]
10 Cradle of Filth - Dusk... and Her Embrace digi-CD
5 Crematory - Remind 2CD
20 Crimson Moon - Under the Serpentine Spell CD [thr '05, comes with pouch, snake sheddings... lim.300]
2 Crux Dissimulata - Bleichmond CD
2 Crux Dissimulata - Expedition Punitive CD
2 Crux Dissimulata - Les Lauriers Sont Coupes digi-CD
3 Dark Sanctuary - Exaudi Vocem Mean - Part I CD
3 Dark Sanctuary - Les Memoires Blessees CD
5 Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Nocturnal March CD
?? Dawnfall - Dominance of Darkness CD [nazgul's eyrie 001, lim.500]
1 Debauchery - Dead Scream Symphony MCD
3 Decayed / Urn - Split CD
5 Deepred / Slugathor - Split CD-r
1 Demonic Slaughter - Dignity of Terror CD
7 Der Sturmer / Totenburg – Split digi-CD
5 Desiderii Marginis - Deadbeat CD
5 Desiderii Marginis - Strife CD
3 Diaboli - The Antichrist CD
10 Diaboli - Anthems of Sorrow CD
3 Diabolicum - The Dark Blood Rising CD
1 Die Saat - Der Schlachten Tribut CD
7 Drowning the Light - Of Celtic Blood and Satanic Pride CD [slava satan]
7 Drudkh - Autumn Aurora CD [supernal]
7 Drudkh - Blood In Our Wells CD [supernal]
7 Drudkh - Estrangement CD [supernal]
7 Drudkh - Forgotten Legends CD [supernal]
7 Drudkh - Lebedynyi Shlyath CD [supernal]
7 Drudkh - Songs of Grief and Solitude CD [supernal]
25 Dödsengel - Visionary CD [satanic propaganda '09]
5 Eat My Fuk - Wet Slit & A Bottle of Whiskey CD
5 Empyrium - A Retrospective... digibook-CD
1 Enfeus Lodge - S/T CD
3 Ensiferum - Ensiferum CD
3 Epäkristus - The Greatest Gift of Life is the Awareness of Death CD-r
4 Eternity -- ..and the Gruesome Returns with Every Night CD
4 Evil - Arktogäa CD
4 Exordium (fin) - In Wrath Principle CD
3 Eönä - Croyances Eternelles digi-CD
15 Fleurety – Min Tid Skal Komme CD [1. press]
3 Fluisterwoud - Langs Galg en Rad CD
2 Folkstorm - For the Love of Hate digi-CD
3 Forsth - Helvetic War CD
1 Funeral Moth - Funeral Moth digi-MCD
4 Geist - Kainsmal digi-CD
4 Goatpenis - Trotz Verbot, Nicht Tot CD
5 Godless North / Chemin De Haine - Split CD
20 Gospel of the Horns - Satanist's Dream MCD [einstand '95]
4 Graupel - Aud Alten Wegen.. CD
1 Gravferd - Demonized CD
1 Grim Funeral / Spectre - Split CD
1 Grimburg - Naturherrschaft MCD
2 Grom / Wulfgravf - Fullmoon Warfare CD
2 Gromm - Happiness - It's when you are Dead.. CD
8 Haat - Recidivus in Obscurum CD
25 Havohej - Dethrone the Son of God CD [candlelight '93]
20 Hell Militia - Canonisation of the Foul Spirit CD [new / unplayed]
5 Hellkult - Of Pure Heathen Blood CD-r [lim.100]
1 Himinbjörg - Where Ravens Fly CD [no traycard]
20 Horna / Behexen - Split CD [autistiartili '04]
3 I Shalt Become - Wanderings CD
?? Ildjarn - Det Frysende Nordariket digi-CD [norse league '95, dureco 01 norse 01]
?? Ildjarn - Forest Poetry CD [norse league '96]
?? Ildjarn - Landscapes 2x Pro CD-r [transcendental '06, lim.150]
?? Ildjarn - Strength and Anger CD [norse league '96]
7 Impaled Nazarene / Beherit - Day of Darkness CD
15 Impiety / Surrender of Divinity - Two Majesties: An Arrogant Alliance of Satan's Extreme Elite CD [lim.500]
8 In The Woods.. - A Return to the Isle of Men CD
5 Incriminated / Bloodhammer - Split CD
8 Incriminated / Fulcrum Creak - Split CD
?? Inquisition - Nefarious Dismal Orations CD [comes with "pentagram slipcase", still sealed]
?? Inquisition - Unholy Inquisition Rites MCD [lim.500]
?? Irreverent - Vomit Black Compendium Pro CD-r [bleedingpool '02, lim.100]
1 Israthoum - Black Scenery Avatar CD
10 Isvind - Dark Waters Stir CD
4 Kafan - Injecting Evil In Thy Veins CD
5 Kayno Yesno Slonce – Elohim Neva Senzu
7 Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit - Split CD
20 Kristallnacht – Creation Through Destruction / Adversary CD
25 Kristallnacht – The Funeral Years 1994-1998 CD
25 Kristallnacht / Blessed In Sin / Seigneur Voland – Split CD [1. press]
4 Krohm - Crown of the Ancients MCD [selbstmord]
1 Krueger - Turn On To Death CD
15 Kvikksölvguttene - Gamlem MCD [head not found / posercorpse '96]
4 Kwelhekse / Flammentod - Ooghen van Vuur / Feuersturm digi-CD
10 Kwelhekse / Flammentod - Ooghen van Vuur / Feuersturm CD [black stone '03, lim.200]
50 Kyprian's Circle - Noitatulen vartija MCD
1 Legacy of Blood - Infernal Cult of Blood CD
12 Lord Kaos - Thorns of Impurity CD [warhead '97]
15 Lugubrum - Bruyne Troon CD [skaramasax '01]
3 Lugubrum - De Totem CD
20 Lurker of Chalice - S/T CD [thr '05]
§ Macabre Omen - The Ancient Returns CD [no scratches but first song gets stuck with my CD player]
1 Maleficum Orgia – S/T CD
?? Malignant Eternal - Tårnet CD [hot records '95]
4 Marduk - World Funeral CD
5 Marduk - Wormwood digi-CD
2 Mareritt - Hymner til Döden og Mörket MCD
15 Masacre - Requiem CD [osmose '92]
12 Megiddo - The Atavism of Evil CD [lim.666]
5 Megiddo - The Devil and the Whore CD [2.press, lim.1000]
5 Mittwinter - Vinterdröm CD
7 Morbosidad / Ironfist - Split CD
12 Morningstar - Rivendell CD [wild rags '95]
40 Musta Surma - Riena MCD
5 Myrkr - Offspring of Gathered Foulness MCD
25 Mütiilation - Majestas Leprosus CD [ordealis '03, 1. press]
15 Nazxul - Totem CD [vampire records]
1 Necrofeast - Soulwinds CD (puncholes)
5 Necromortum [pre-vultyr] - Evil Coming Winter CD-r [some tracks have static clicking with my cd-player!]
1 Nephilim / Klandestyn - Split CD
5 Noctes - Pandemonic Requiem digi-CD (cover has mark from a price tag)
1 Nommam Erytz - S/T CD
1 Nordlys – ‘til Pest CD
3 Nordreich - Verschlungene Pfade CD
12 North - Korona / The Crown pro-CD-r
3 North / Gromowladny - Split CD5 Nortt - Galgenfrist CD
5 Oath of Cirion - Dragonmagick CD
1 Obskene Sonare - Todnachten MCD
1 Oferd - Oferd CD
1 Opaque Lucidity – S/T CD
1 Paradise Lost – So Much is Lost CDs
?? Paysage d'Hiver - Steineiche CD-r [kunsthall '98 / lim.500, some songs have static clicking with my CD-player!]
3 Perunwit - Na drodze do sprawiedliwosci CD
3 Perunwit - Wszystkie odcienie szarosci CD
10 Profanatica - Live CD [necroscope]
?? Profanatica / Masacre - Split CD [osmose first press '92]
1 Promethean – Somber Regards CD
3 Prophanity - Stronger Than Steel CD
15 Root - Kärgeräs CD [black hole '96, booklet worn]
3 Sabbat – Geionslaught 1986 CD
3 Sabbat – Live Sabbatical Hamaguri Queen CD
3 Sabbat / Surrender of Divinity – Sabbatical SiameseChristBeheading CD [lim.1000]
8 Sacramentum - Thy Black Destiny CD
3 Sadistic Grimness - Vicious Torture CD
20 Satanic Warmaster - Black Metal Massacre Live CD
10 Seigneur Voland / Chemin De Haine - Split CD
1 Sektarism - L'Offrande MCD
12 Shadow Order, The / Grom – Split CD
1 Sistrenatus - Sensitive Disturbance CD
2 Skepticism - Ethere CD [corner of traycard cut off, otherweise regular [=promo]]
5 Skepticism - Farmakon CD
12 Skepticism - Lead and Aether digi-CD [red stream '98]
3 Slayer - Undisputed Attitude CD
20 Solstafir - Til Valhallar MCD [1.press]
1 Sombrous - Transcending the Umbra CD
50 Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal CD [norse league '96, new / never played]
15 Spear of Longinus - Domni Satnasi CD [vinland winds]
3 Stiny Plamenu - Rany Cernym Kovem CD [barbarian wrath / lim. 666)
3 Subaudition - Light on the Path digipack CD
3 Subaudition - The Scope digipack CD
3 Sun of the Blind - Skullreader digi-CD
1 Tetraktys - Voreion Stellas CD
1 (Thee Maldoror Kollektive) TMK Remixed - 23 Miles Back on the Clockwork Highway CD
1 Thee Maldoror Kollektive - New Era Viral Order CD
10 Throes of Dawn – The Blackened Rainbow CDs
20 Throne of Ahaz - Nifelheim CD [no fashion '93]
5 Torgeist - Devoted to Satan MCD
1 Torka - Old Hatred CD
1 Torture Wheel - Crushed Under.. digi-CD
5 Torturium – Black Lunatic Chaos CD
20 Toxic Holocaust - Evil Never Dies CD [witches brew '03, lim.1000]
5 Toxic Holocaust - Hell On Earth CD
5 Toxic Holocaust - Toxic Thrash Metal CD
25 Tsjuder - Kill For Satan CD [original Drakkar, still sealed]
?? Tulus - Mysterion CD [hot records]
2 Tymah - Funeral Fog CD
15 Ulver - Silencing the Singing MCD
5 Uncreation's Dawn - Deathmarch Over God's Kingdom CD
3 Uncreation's Dawn - Lightning Hammer Falls CD
4 Urn - 666 Megatons 2CD
1 Urt – Saatanhark I – Pyha Soda CD
15 Usurper - Diabolosis CD [head not found '95]
3 Usurper - Threshold of the Usurper CD
3 V/A - Absurd - Tribute to the Tyrants of german Black Metal CD
5 V/A - A Sixth Sense of Darkness CD [vordr, arkha sva..)
1 V/A - ..for All Hate in Man! #6 CD-r
1 V/A - ..for All Hate in Man! #7 CD
1 V/A - Hellenic Black Metal Inferno vol.II CD
5 V/A - War Compilation - War Dance 1 [war music compilation w/ carnal forge, naglfar..]
5 Valar - Magic and Wyrmfire CD
4 Veineliis – In this Forest shall be my Gallows CD
5 Velimor – Ancestry CD
5 Velimor – For the Glory of Our Kin / Rujan CD
6 Verivala - Voittomme CD [autistiartili]
20 Vermeth - Your Ruin... CD [drakkar '01]
1 Viaticum - Reliquary of the Horned One MCD
4 Vinterriket - Berglandschaften 2001-2004 CD
4 Vinterriket – Der Letzte Winter - Der Ewigkeit Entgegen CD
4 Vinterriket - Gebirgshöhenstille CD
4 Vinterriket - Landschaft.... 1996 - 2002 CD
4 Vinterriket - Lichtschleier CD
4 Vinterriket – Retrospektive CD
4 Vinterriket – ...Und Die Nacht Kam Schweren Schrittes digi-CD
4 Vinterriket – Winterschatten CD
0.5 Visthia - Reditus Conscientia CD
3 Vordr CD [nykta 07]
3 Vordr CD [nykta 21]
3 Vultyr - Bleed for Vultyr CD
3 Vultyr - Monument of Misanthropy CD
3 Wereju – Through the Depths of Unknowing 2CD
1 Wilkolak - Serenada Dzjecj Nocy CD
5 Wind of the Black Mountains - Sing Thou Unholy Servants CD
3 Winterblut - Grund: Gelenkkunst CD
3 Witch Tomb / Martyrvore - Split CD
1 Wolfslair - Odin digipack CD (one corner "bent")
5 Wyrd - Unchained Heathen Wrath CD-r
1 X.x.X. - Die Antword auf's System CD

10 Acrimonious - Perdition Gospel TAPE
12 Alttari - Demo II TAPE
?? Anal Blasphemy - Ejaculation of Black Impurity TAPE
8 Anaon - Tenvalijeen TAPE
15 Arghoslent - The Imperial Clans TAPE
?? Armatus - Blutvolk TAPE
1 Arkham - Born to Hate + LivEvil TAPE
?? Arthemesia - Demo '98 TAPE
?? Ashdautas - As the Vile Must Digress TAPE [obscure gate]
7 Aytnachr - Dawn of Despair TAPE
?? Azaghal - Kristinusko Liekeissä TAPE
?? Baptism - Black Ceremony TAPE ["box-set"]
2 Barastir - The Hate Legion TAPE
2 Barbaryan - Des Toten Tatenruhm TAPE
?? Behexen - Blessed be The Darkness TAPE
3 Bestial Summoning - Sodomistic Rituals TAPE [supremacy through intolerance]
?? Black Funeral - Journeys into Horizons Lost TAPE [no rip-off productions]
12 Bone Awl - Almost Dead Man TAPE
10 Bone Awl - At the Ellipse's Arc TAPE
20 Bone Awl - Bog Bodies TAPE
12 Bone Awl / The Rita TAPE
10 Capra Hircus - Goat Metal Assault TAPE
2 Celestia - Delhys-catess TAPE
1 Cendres - Ungeziefer TAPE
?? Circle of Ouroborus - Hiljaiset sanat TAPE
2 Cold Northern Vengeance - Curse TAPE
?? Cosmic Church - Arcana Dei I-III 3x TAPE
?? Cosmic Church - Tähtisumun kuilu TAPE
1 Daemonlord - Hellfire Centuries TAPE
10 Dapnom - Black Abstract Expressionism TAPE
10 Dapnom - Dvoerskreb TAPE
10 Dapnom - O TAPE
?? Dapnom - Potestatem 6x TAPE BOX
1 Defuntos - Mundo de lapides TAPE
?? Drowning the Light - The Master's Empire TAPE
1 Elimi - Summoned from Ashes TAPE
7 Eternal Frost - Rehearshell 1999 TAPE
?? Etmenns Derokwis - Antapex of Suffer TAPE
12 Ever Dark - Gravesite Rites TAPE
5 Evil - Revenge of Iron and Thunder [drakkar] TAPE [not sure if original..]
7 Fog - The Endless War TAPE
6 Furdidurke - Demos 2006 TAPE
7 Glorior Belli - Evil Archaic Order TAPE
?? Goat Molestör - Ancient Barbaric Assault TAPE
10 Gontyna Kry - Welowie TAPE
1 Gravsorg - Visions of Depression TAPE
15 Harvest - Harvest TAPE
1 Havoc - Icon of Destruction - Atrocity Divine TAPE
12 Hellkult - The Christian Holocaust TAPE
12 Hellkult - Hail War TAPE
3 Hellvetic Frost - Cold, Grim, Evil TAPE
3 Hellvetic Frost - Nihilistic Thoughts... TAPE
3 Hellvetic Frost - Vergeltungsschlag TAPE
?? In the Woods... - Isle of Men TAPE
1 Kulto Maldito - N.O.D.D. TAPE
1 Kulto Maldito - S/T TAPE
?? Last Rites / Satan's Sign of War - In Memorium TAPE
?? Manes - Maanens Natt TAPE
?? Mayhemic Truth - 1992 - 1994 TAPE [westwall]
?? Mayhemic Truth - Promo '94 TAPE
5 Nahash - Wellone aeternitas TAPE
1 Nahemoth - Winds of Terror TAPE
15 Nordor - His Fictitious Grandeur TAPE
?? Nyogthaeblisz - Progenitors of Mankind's Annihilation TAPE [ssp]
10 Old Wainds - Здесь никогда не сходят снега TAPE [stellar winter]
30 Peste Noire - Mors Orbis Terrarum 2x TAPE BOX
8 Profane Solitude - [russian title, lim.111] TAPE
?? Raven (fin) - Promo 1998 TAPE
5 Regnum - Weil alles... TAPE
1 Rites of Cleansing - Nemesis TAPE
2 Samayoi - Mournfulness TAPE
?? Satan's Sign of War - Satan's Sign of War TAPE
?? Satan's Sign of War - The Total War TAPE
?? Satan's Sign of War / Last Rites - In Memorium TAPE
2 Scorn - The Midnight Funeral TAPE
?? Shatargat - Wolfe der Nacht TAPE
?? Sick - Filth and Ugliness TAPE
12 Spear of Longinus - ..and the Swastikalotus TAPE
10 Todesstoss / Imperium Sacrum TAPE
2 TOMB - Sacrilegium TAPE
2 Triste - Audial Suicide TAPE [comes without case]
?? True Werwolf, The - Endless Journeys 2x TAPE
1 Venedae - Dekada .... TAPE
6 Verge - T.R.T.L.T.I.O.F. TAPE
1 Vetle - Blodvegen TAPE
5 Wintersturm - Demo TAPE
?? Wormphlegm - In An Excruciating... TAPE
1 Xerbeth - Fuerzas Del Mal TAPE

... more to be added

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Still available
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Added second hand items
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2012 10:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

updated / all paid orders shipped
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 6:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Few new items + list up-to-date.
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Added bunch of 7-inch EPs
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You have got a MAIL Idea
gromcrom wrote:
I remember I massage Fenriz on myspace some year back say his new Lightthrone record was sucking

Good traders/sellers: Frghl, s.charlach, DTD, Drones, Monad

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recommended seller
successful deals with: bMz, Warghoul, Grav, 61514, Somberlain, Lyset_forsvinner, THANORR999, Wavin, DTD, Weltbrand, the_flesh, Golgotha, Humus, Kerker_aus_zeit, Lucko, Division_Lykanthrop, addison, $$, Iscariah, Manta, krall, siax2.0, Magui, Vampallens
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More items & cheaper prices
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Got the parcel, everything is superb. Very safe and tight packing as well. Recommended seller!
gromcrom wrote:
I remember I massage Fenriz on myspace some year back say his new Lightthrone record was sucking

Good traders/sellers: Frghl, s.charlach, DTD, Drones, Monad
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Sold items removed / new items added
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sold items removed / new items added
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PostPosted: Thu Dec 20, 2012 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

more items added
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