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ToT new releases: Melencolia Estatica & Kolp

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Friend of Dick Laurent

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2012 11:47 am    Post subject: ToT new releases: Melencolia Estatica & Kolp Reply with quote

ToT014: KOLP - The Outside DigiCD

KOLP are a mysterious Hungarian horde, now solely comprising the members Knot and Jim Jones. The band's The Covered Pure Permanence debut displayed a black metal band both traditional yet adventurous, and now KOLP's The Outside sees them taking both traditionalism and adventurous even further. The Outside comprises eight tortured compositions that go to the deepest core, as the world shrinks - where light doesn't exist and darkness has no meaning. In that core where only hatred lives, there’s a gateway to the Outside, to the Void: this is the sound of KOLP's The Outside. A new promo video for stalwart The Outside track "The Void and the Silence" visually illustrates this, and can be viewed here:



MELENCOLIA ESTATICA is the sole vision of one Climaxia, arguably the most ambitious woman in black metal. Handling guitar, bass, vocal orchestrations, and overall concept, Climaxia has made MELENCOLIA ESTATICA one of Italy's premiere black metal bands this past decade, and now her third and latest Hel sees her vision growing bolder and more daring. Inspired by Fritz Lang's masterpiece Metropolis, MELENCOLIA ESTATICA’s Hel is a cruel vision of reality where hope is nothing but a shivering dream, a short moment suffocated by the greyness of factories’ background. The repetitive ticking of the clock of modernity that consumes mankind, a golden age of slavery where spirit is just a number to be forgotten: Hel marks a further step on the path of MELENCOLIA ESTATICA, a new dawn of musical decadence.

• MELENCOLIA ESTATICA are a new signing to TEMPLE OF TORTUROUS, having reaped critical acclaim with 2008's Letum, released on ATMF
• 6-page digisleeve with 12-page full-color booklet
• Gold print with embossed effect on logo
• First 100 copies come with new M.E. logo patch.

Promo video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MZJpJBviD30&feature=youtu.be

Pre-order will follow soon!

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Friend of Dick Laurent

Joined: 18 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:07 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Pre-order now POSTAGE FREE at:

Also, we launched a new and discounted shipping rates, so take the advantage with other mailorder items immediately as well!
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Friend of Dick Laurent

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some media feedback:


• “A unique and dynamic musical personality…more than ever, Melencolia Estatica’s music is evocative and even symphonic, but without being ‘symphonic’” – Zero Tolerance

• “This one-woman band from Italy has a very unique sound that while, at times, is extremely chaotic and totally random sounding, it is actually quite intoxicating and interesting to listen to...Often feeling like a nightmare, Hel provides a unique ride through waves of brutal black metal, crushing growls, and crazy orchestrations that flow very chaotically, but in a way they are quite enthralling...If you haven’t been creeped out yet and felt uncomfortable for at least 90% of the duration of this album, then the closer ‘Hel VI’ will get you. In general, we can’t be more pleased/disturbed with how Melencolia Estatica’s new album turned out. This release is very well crafted and very complex indeed; there are just too many things going on that need more than a few spins to be fully digested and enjoyed” – InfernalMasquerade.com [8.8/10 rating]

• “Few bands find the x-factor that enables them to be both boundary-pushing and relevant within a given genre. Typically, ‘too much’ innovation can push a group outside of the subjective boundaries of what some may consider to be black metal, but not enough individuality can keep a band in the shadows. Melencolia Estatica, whether by design or instinct, have side-stepped the problem altogether…somehow manages to remain raw in overall sound yet still be able to carve a niche all their own...one immediately gets the sense that something powerful and unique has manifest itself in your player of choice...The production of Hel is stunningly bleak, but thick, and creates an appropriately dense fog in which all the instruments find their place. The plodding march of the closing track is a fitting end to a record that does its job of bringing you on its makers’ journey to and from Metropolis, and, even without a servile concept, the understated execution of this magnum opus will leave its mark on your auditory senses” – WormGearZine.com

• “Very atmospheric and genuinely quite haunting...There are plenty of great ideas and great moments on this album” – Destructive-Music.com
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Friend of Dick Laurent

Joined: 18 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

The Outside:

• “Leaves a deep wound with their razor-sharps songs filled with interesting tempo changes and cavernous atmospheres...If you like to jump into conclusions, one would immediately discard this band as another run-of-the-mill raw and kvlt BM band with the opening moments of “There Was No Place to Hide”, the first song of this release. Upon further inspection, the guitar distortion sounds a bit off if we are thinking of regular BM, and the Doom/Sludge vibe that suddenly inundates this song makes it quite interesting to listen to. The following tracks keep up with this style, nicely shifting from BM hellish sections into droning passages of powerful riffing and martial drummin...Overall, we have to say that Kolp does a great job at crafting and executing powerful tracks that while not as violent as one might expect, the distortion and perfect timing of the tempo changes makes them very intense and devastating. If you are looking for something that is both powerful and nicely paced, be sure to check out “The Outside”, we are sure you won’t regret it.” – InfernalMasquerade.com [8.7/10 rating]

• “While many are seeking to expand black metal’s horizons through experimentation (and I generally welcome that), I’m chuffed to know some musicians can still create a cold fog of sound through guitar, bass, and tortured vocals alone, without replicating note-for-note that which has gone before. While the repeating and staccato-picked chording found on tracks like ‘The Drowning’ aren’t surprising (we expect bastard BURZUM children to express themselves this way), the oddly comforting overall feel of this album is. And though there are blastbeats, most songs have that Filosofem cadence, and an understated but very real doom resonance – applied through slow, driving tempos and riffs – that can be hard to discern at first. Once you do, you will admire the influence’s understated (but noteworthy) effect upon your mood...Understand that The Outside is not campaigning for the most unusual black metal album of the year. Not every frozen-riffed album should anyway, for each would risk fading forgotten into the background. If creating good, memorable songs remained the ultimate goal of these past-aware BM partisans, then Kolp have quietly triumphed” – WormGearZine.com

• “An addicting spin on traditional and experimental black metal that’s impressive to say the least…Kolp take the amelodic buzzing guitar sound that is standard for black metal and the black macabre psychedelia of XASTHUR, add some muscle under the hood with some diesel motor rhythms that occasionally explode out from beneath the clanging percussion and treble sonic haze, freezing poltergeist vocals, and in the end, creating an entire alter-dimension beyond reality and the penetration of light...The sound isn’t new, but the way the album feels definitely IS...Kolp create something that avoids cliché and drone, creating something that is dark and heartless, gray and desolate just like the cover art but actually is more like a charnel house or abandoned mental asylum, where there’s a lot more treachery behind the grim and dead exterior than can be seen or even heard, and it will get inside you and it will infiltrate your mind for a while. The songs just stick to your skin like thick, humid night air comprised of beings that refuse to cross over” – Forbidden-Magazine.com
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Friend of Dick Laurent

Joined: 18 Aug 2010
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:24 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Free shipping is still valid until tomorrow evenining, all pre-orders will be shipped during the weekend, thanks for all the support!
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2012 3:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I have been a fan of TOT for long. Nice selections and solid artwork. Razz
gromcrom wrote:
I remember I massage Fenriz on myspace some year back say his new Lightthrone record was sucking

Good traders/sellers: Frghl, s.charlach, DTD, Drones, Monad
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