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SALE/TRADE (CD/Tape/Vinyl)!!!!

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 07, 2012 11:57 pm    Post subject: SALE/TRADE (CD/Tape/Vinyl)!!!! Reply with quote

SALE/TRADE!!!! All questions - g.trooper@rambler.ru
I can trade a few items vs one of my TOP-WANT!


ACHERONTAS – Hermeticism (Agonia Records)
ACHERONTAS – Vamachara (Agonia Records)
ARPHAXAT - Laudun La Maudite (Hells Headbangers)
BLOOD REVOLT - Indoctrine (Invictus Productions)
CELESTE - Misanthrope(s) (DigisleeveCD) (Denovali)
DAATH SHADOW - Crown For Kings (Osmose Production)
DARK FUNERAL - The Secrets Of The Black Arts (No Fashion Records)
DRAGOBRATH ‎– Scripture Of The Woods (Stygian Crypt Productions)
EMPTY - A Source Of Hollow Essence (Blackened Moon Productions)
ENEMY SOIL - Smashes The State (2CD) (Bones Brigade)
ERETH - Solus Ipse Sum (Oprich)
FORNICATION - Sectanik Neocide (Battlesk'rs Production)
FUNERAILLE - Dis Pater (Armee De La Mort Records)
GRIVF/SOL – Iss/The Great Plague Imperium (Archaic Sound)
IC REX - Valonkantajan Alkemia (Hammer of Hate Records)
IC REX - Vedenjakaja (Hammer of Hate Records)
ILDJARN – Strength And Anger (Wolfsgray)
MH LMTH - The Call of Cthulhu.Alternative Soundtrack (Slim-box CD-R) (Tormented Whore Of Da'ath)
MORS AETERNA - Behind The Majestic Mirror Of Death (PromoCD) (Fog Of The Apocalypse)
MURMURS - Faedd Ur Eldi (ProCD-R) (Parkbench Records)
NAPALM DEATH – Diatribes (Soyuz Music)
NEKROKRIST SS - Nekrokrist SS (Satans Millennium Productions)
NIGHTBRINGER ‎– Emanation (Starlight Temple Society)
NIGHTBRINGER/ACHERONTAS – The Ruins Of Edom (Agonia Records)
SLAVIA - Strength And Vision (DigiCD) (Drakkar Productions)
SOL – Let There Be A Massacre (Van)
SOL – I Am Infinity (Van)
SOL – This Realm Is Free And Remains Eternal (CD-R) (Les Fleurs Du Mal Records/Cain)
STAV – Meditate To Kill (Chalice Of Blood Angel)
SYTRIS - Confessions Of The Fall [digipack limited to 100 copies - sealed] (Pluton's Rising Productions)
TOD GEHEIM - Todessakrament (Slim-boxed black CD-R) (Art Of Anticreation)
TRINACRIA ‎– Travel Now Journey Infinitely (FONO)
VERGE – Verge (Christhunt Productions)
VERGE – Hatemagic (Omega Recordings)
VERGE - To Rest The Last Time In Our Filth (Helvete.ru)
VERGE - Sex & Violence (Descending Towards Damnation)
VIRVEL AV MORKERHATET - Forsaken Hate Sickness (DVDcaseCD-R) (Forbidden Records)
VITSAUS - Jati Vihassa Ja Kunniassa (2CD) (Hammer Of Hate)
VULTURINE - We Worship Your Death (DigiCD) (Nomos Dei Production)
WOTANORDEN - From The Storm Come The Wolves (Strong Survive Productions)
XASTHUR - Defective Epitaph (PromoCD) (Hydra Head Records)
ИЗМОРОЗЬ - Церковь Что Горит Под Горой (Sound Age Production)



AD LUX TENEBRAE (К СВЕТУ ТЬМЫ) – За Горизонтом Времени (BeBlessedTheCursed)
CANTUS BESTIAE ‎– The Cult Of Sterility [Black & white cover] (Gorification Musix)
DARVULIA - Belladone [sealed] (Battlesk'rs Productions)
DEATHGATE ARKANUM - Schattenkrieger [tape with stickers] (Self-released)
DRAUGLUIN - The Book Of Blotar (Steel Blazes Records)
ESTUANS INTERIUS – Obscura Trance (BeBlessedTheCursed)
FADING SUN – Yawning Void (BeBlessedTheCursed)
KRODA ‎– Поплач Мені, Річко... (Rarog Production/Stellar Winter Records)
HORNS – Dominvs Umbraes [sealed] (Self-released)
MONS VENERIS - The last twilight of existence [tape with stickers] (Teutonic Satan)
MOORD - Negativum I (Wolfsvuur Records)
MURMUURE ‎– Murmuüre [tape with stickers & insert] (Cold Void Emanations)
PERUNWIT ‎– Wszystkie Odcienie Szarosci (Nawia Productions/Eastclan)
PRIMOGENORUM - Отданный берегам бесчеловечности [first edition limited to 20 copies] (Self-released)
PRIMOGENORUM - Down To Erebus (Omega Productions)
PRIMOGENORUM - In Loco Subterraneo (Parasyte Curse)
RAVENCULT - Cosmic Chaos (Self-release)
RHINOCERVS (Unknown Artist) - Untitled 1 & 2 (Rhinocervs)
RHINOCERVS (Unknown Artist) - Untitled [without pin - cat.#RH-07] (Rhinocervs)
SVARTIDAUDI – The Temple Of Deformation (Self-released)
TUKAARIA - Raw To The Rapine [2nd press] (Rhinocervs)
TUKAARIA/ODZ MANOUK - split (Rhinocervs)
VOLAHN/TUKAARIA - split [3rd press] (Crepúsculo Negro/Rhinocervs)
VULTURINE - The Signs Engraved in the Harshclouds (CD-R master with pro-cover) (Goat Music Records)


AZAZEL/GOATMOON – Split [LP] (Werewolf Records)
BLACKDEATH – Jesus Wept [LP] (WOHRT Records)
DISSECTION ‎– Storm Of The Light's Bane [The Ultimate Reissue - DLP] (Black Horizon Music/The End Records/Norma Evangelium Diaboli)
FORGJORD - Ajasta Ikuisuuteen [GLP] (Hammer of Hate Records)
GZEKHRATüS - Nox Occulta [7''EP] (Thor's Hammer Productions)
HORNS ‎– Dominvs Umbraes [LP] (None Shall Defy)
NUNSLAUGHTER ‎– Fuck The God In Heaven [7"/Shape/Picture Disc] (Hells Headbangers)
PSEUDOGOD – Deathwomb Catechesis [LP] (KVLT)


ANTEAUS - tapes & Blood Libels (LP)
AURA SATURNAL ‎– all tapes + To His Kingdom (couloured LP)
BAEL - all, except "Bleeding for Him" (mCD), "Neant" & "Deathly Pale"
DARVULIA - all, except CD's and "Belladone" (tape & 7''EP)
DEVIANT (France) - all
GRAV - Dit Inget Ljus Kan Nå (LP)
KATATONIA ‎– Jhva Elohim Meth... The Revival (VIC Records - 1st press or Vinyl Collectors)
KATHARSIS - vinyl, except "VVVVE" & "Fourth reich"
KNOKKELKLANG - all, except "Kalk & Aske"
HIRILORN ‎– Legends Of Evil And Eternal Death (CD), Depopulate (Prelude To Apocalypse), split with MANITU
MALICIOUS SECRETS - all, except "From the entrails..." (CD) and "Apostle Of Him" (7''EP)
MORTUUS - Silence Sang The Praise Of Death
MYLING - Sotpuke (LP)
ONDSKAPT - Slave Under His Immortal Will , Draco Sit Mihi Dux (The Ajna Offensive - 2xLP) , Dödens Evangelium (NHR/NED - 2xLP)
S.V.E.S.T. - Urfaust (LP)
SKUGGEHEIM - Vinterrikets Konge (Daudings Gjenklang), Kjøt og Blod, Gå All Kjødets Gang, Gravlegging, split with AEVA, split with WULKANAZ (Daudings Gjenklang copies which have stickers on the labels + copies with blood-writing on the labels include a Wulkanaz sticker.)
SWARþ - Þy Tayl Is Deeþ Þurgh Þyn Envenymynge
URFAUST - all, except "Geist Ist Teufel" (LP/regular CD - Terratur), "Drei Rituale Jenseits Des Kosmos" (vinyl - DMP) , "Der Freiwillige Bettler" (vinyl)
URKAOS - Djävulens Ande (CD-r)
VEMOD - Kringom Fjell Og Skog
WAKBOTH (France) - all, except split with Tenebrare
WATAIN - Casus Luciferi (LP not picture)
WULKANAZ - split with SKUGGEHEIM (Daudings Gjenklang copies which have stickers on the labels + copies with blood-writing on the labels include a Wulkanaz sticker.), HaglaNaudizEisaz (tape - REPRESS ), Guþblostreisinôn

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Joined: 23 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

UP!!! Some stuff gone.
All questions via - g.trooper@rambler.ru
SALE/TRADE!!! - http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=638917#638917
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