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A Lot Of Used CDs Added!

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2012 9:46 am    Post subject: A Lot Of Used CDs Added! Reply with quote


A lot of used CDs added!

Echoes Of Crom Records Update:

SALE ON SELECT NEW CDS: Priced now at $8.00 each...
Added more used cds to the distro...


Amulance CD - The Rage Within and the Aftermath Price: $12.00
Attacker CD - The Unknown Price: $10.99
Axehammer CD - Windrider Price: $10.99
Blackstorm CD - Twist Of Fate Price: $13.00
Blacksword CD - The Sword Accurst Price: $8.00
Blaspheme CD - s/t Price: $10.99
Borrowed Time CD - EP - Arcane Metal Arts Price: $7.99
Briton Rites CD - For Mircalla Price: $12.00
Brocas Helm CD - Black Death Price: $8.00
Brocas Helm CD - Into Battle Price: $8.00
Commandment CD - Engraved In Stone Price $13.00
Convision CD - s/t Price: $10.99
Cypher Seer CD - Awakening Day Price: $10.99
Dark Nightmare CD - The Human Liberty Price: $12.00
Dexter Ward CD - Neon Lights Price: $8.00
Emerald CD - Iron On Iron Price: $13.00
Evangelist CD - In Partibus Infidelium Price: $11.00
Griffin CD - Flight Of The Griffin Price: $8.00
Hellhound CD - Metal Fire From Hell Price: $8.00
High Power CD - s/t Price: $13.00
Ironsword CD - Overlords Of Chaos Price: $8.00
Litany CD - Aphesis: The Sapience Of Dying Price: $12.99
Lord Vicar CD - Signs Of Osiris Price: $11.99
Manilla Road CDs: All of these cds are $8.00:
Atlantis Rising
Crystal Logic
Gates Of Fire
Spiral Castle
The Circus Maximus
The Courts Of Chaos
Morbid Jester CD - Gates To Valhalla Price: $13.00
Ordruin CD - Epicurean Mass Price: $8.00
Sabbat CD - Live In Thailan Demonslaught Price: $13.00
Sabbat CD - Sabbatical Holocaust Price: $13.00
Sacred Oath CD - A Crystal Vision Price: $10.99
Sacred Oath CD - Darkness Visible Price: $10.99
Seamount CD - Sacrifice Price: $11.99
Solitary Sabred CD - The Hero the Monster The Myth Price: $8.00
Steel Assassin CD - From The Vaults Price: $13.00
Steel Assassin CD - War Of the Eight Saints Price: $12.00
Steel Assassin CD - WWII: Metal Of Honor Price: $12.00
Stormbringer CD - Among the Flames of War Price: $12.00
Stormtrooper CD - Armies Of The Night Price: $11.99
Stormwitch CD - Eye Of The Storm Price: $13.00
Stormwitch CD - Stronger than Heaven Price: $13.00
Stormwitch CD - Tales Of Terror Price: $13.00
Stormwitch CD - The Beauty And The Beast Price: $13.00
Stormwitch CD - Walpurgis Night Price: $13.00
Tramontane CD - s/t Price: $13.00
Upwards of endtimE CD - sadly never fore Price: $10.99
Vastator CD - Machine Hell Price: $8.00
Witchcurse CD - Heavy Metal Poison Price: $8.00
Wrathblade CD - The Netherworld's Realm Price: $8.00


Briton Rites DLP - For Mircalla Price: $18.00 (Limted Edition, heavy gatefold cover and comes in black & white splatter vinyl or black vinyl)

Cauldron Born LP - Born Of The Cauldron Price: $20.00 (Limited Edition, heavy gatefold cover & includes poster)

Stone Magnum LP - s/t Price: $17.99 (in cardboard sleeve) SPECIAL OFFER: No Extra Shipping on Stone Magnum if you order "For Mircalla"
in the same order. To get this offer send an email to mail@echoesofcromrecords.com to get a total and find how you can pay because the
shopping cart will not give you the free postage!


USED CDs as low as $4.00 (US Dollars) -- One (1) copy each...
CDs are in jewel cases and in very good condition.
Amulance CD - The Rage Within and the Aftermath (Limited Edition, hand-numbered #651 with slip cover... Price: $8.00
Anvil Bitch CD - Rise To Offend Price: $8.00
Assedium CD - Rise Of The Warlords Price: $8.00
Attacker CD - The Second Coming Price: $8.00
Axehammer CD - Lord Of The Realm Price: $8.00
Beyond Reality CD - Sacred Ground Price: $6.00
Billy Sheehan CD - The Talas Years Price: $12.00
Days Of Yore CD - The Mad God's Wage Price: $25.00
Dead On CD - s/t Price: $8.00
Deep Purple CD - Stormbringer Price: $8.00
Drifter CD - Tales of Dragonia & Beyond the Burning Circles Price: $8.00
Exumer CD - Possessed By Fire Price: $8.00
Frank Gambale CD - Coming To Your Senses Price: $6.00
Hate Eternal CD - Conquering The Throne Price: $8.00
Helstar CD - T'was The Night Of A Hellish X-mas Price: $8.00
Hour Of 13 CD - Hour Of 13 Price: $7.00
Inspell CD - Arcadian Tales: The Egregore Price: $5.00
Jag Panzer CD - The Age of Mastery Price: $8.00
James Byrd CD - Son Of Man Price: $4.00
John Hahn CD - Out of The Shadows Price: $4.00
Lord Vicar CD - Fear No Pain Price: $8.00
Manilla Road CD - Atlantis Rising Price: $6.00
Manilla Road CD - Mystification Price: $6.00
Marty Friedman CD - Introduction Price: $5.00
October 31 CD - Meet Thy Maker Price: $8.00
Queensryche CD - EP - s/t Price: $8.00
Sacred Oath CD - A Crystal Vision Price: $6.00
Saint Vitus CD - Heavier Than Thou Price: $8.00
Saint Vitus CD - LIVE Price: $8.00
Saint Vitus CD - V Price: $8.00
Sarcofago CD - Rotting Price: $8.00
Savatage CD - Dead Winter Dead Price: $5.00
Savatage CD - Gutter Ballet Price: $8.00
Taist Of Iron CD - Resurrection Price: $8.00
The Obsessed CD - Lunar Womb Price: $8.00
Triumph CD - Edge of Excess Price: $5.00
Virgin Steel CD - The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part One Price: $10.00
The Following CDs are Compilation Albums:

A Tribute To Iron Maiden CD - 666 The Number One Beast Price: $5.00
(Featuring: Paul Dianno - Killers, Steve Grimmet - Grim Reaper, Doogie White - Rainbow, Paul Quinn - Saxon, and others...)

Metal Massacre 5 CD Price: $5.00
(Features: Omen, Voivod, Attacker, Overkill, Fates Warning, Metal Church, Lethyl Synn, and others...)

Molten Metal Monsters CD - Volume One Price: $4.00
(Features: Mystic Force, Coldsteel, Ghost Story, Vigilante, Kronin, Oblivion Knight, and others...)

Rising Metal CD - s/t Price: $4.00
(Features: Death Angel, Slayer, Overkill, Nuclear Assault, Megadeth, Exodus, Trouble, and others...)


Cimmerian Shadows Zine Issue #1 Price: $6.75 (2 copies left) Imported from England.
Price includes shipping for the USA and Canada only!
Features: 40 Watt Sun, Argus, Briton Rites, Cauldron Born, Crom Dubh, Eliminator, Rich Walker, Russ Smith ( Black Tears),
and Slander.

Cimmerian Shadows Zine Issue #2 Price: $6.75 (2 copies left) Imported from England.
Price includes shipping for the USA and Canada only!
Features Interviews With: John Arch, Convixion, Dark Forest, Perry Grayson, Manilla Road, Bruce Pennington, Wrathblade,
and Wytch Hazel.

Hell Bent For Metal Zine Issue #5 Price: $6.25 (1 copy left) Imported from Portugal - Printed in English.
Price includes shipping for the USA and Canada only!
Interviews and Reviews: Featuring: Portrait, Argus, Midnight Priest, Cruz Del Sur, Eliminator, Borrowed Time, Condenados,
Cauchemar, and Inquistor.

All Prices are in US Dollars plus shipping, except for magazines listed and shipping is included in that price!

We will not subject you to mass emails, but if you wish to unsubscribe, please send an email to: unsubscribe@echoesofcromrecords.com.

Echoes Of Crom Records
P.O. Box 1614
Cumming, GA 30028 USA
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