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for trade or sale

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:16 pm    Post subject: for trade or sale Reply with quote


Summoning:dol guldur(napalm)

In Battle:the rage of the northmen.(napalm)

Behemoth:sventevith (storming near the baltic)

Scald:will of the gods is great power (wroth emitter)

Stutthof:and cosmos from ashes to dust

Black Funeral:moon of characith (fullmoon)

Inquisition:incest of rest (defiled records)

Darkthrone:F.O.A.D (ltd edition w/cardboard)

Mortiis:crypt of the wizard (earache)

Vond:the dark river


Secrets of the Moon:the exhibitions ep

Thorr's Hammer - Dommedagsnatt (southern lord)

Of the wand & the moon:emptiness emptiness emptiness

Arditi:marching on to victory

Orodruin:epicurean mass

Radio Werewolf:songs for the end of the world

Ahab:call of the wretched sea (napalm)

Goastnake:dog days

Burning Witch:crippled lucifer

Cathedral:forest of equilibrium (earache 1991)

Cathedral:soul sacrifice (earache 1992)

Paradise Lost: as i die(musicfornations)

Winter:eternal frost

Ysigim:whispers (wild rags)

Cenotaph:the gloomy reflections of our hidden sorrow(oz)

Dusk:morning...resurrect (lost disciple)

Silent Stream of Godless elegy:Iron

Silent Stream of Godless Elegy:behind the shadows

The Chasm: procession to the underworld(dwell records)

The Chasm:from the lost years

In Flames:lunar strain (wrong again records)

Blood:impulse to destroy(morbid records)

Nausea:extinction the second coming

Nailed Down:violent distortion

Anal Cunt:morbid florist (relapse)

Expulser:the unholy one


V/A Warfare Noise I (cogumelo)


Vulcano:anthropophagy (rock brigade 1987)

Dorsal Atlantica/Metalmorphose split lp

Sepultura/Overdose split lp

Dismember:like an ever flowing stream (rock brigade)

Darkthrone:a blaze in the northern sky hellion

Death:how we die part I and II dlp

Rot:almighty god (maggot recs)

Katatonia:saw you drown 10''

Equimanthorn:nindinugga nimshimshargal enlillara pic lp (unisound)

Death SS:the 666 box (lucifer rising)

Sabbat:psychedelic pounding pain (100/128)


Blasphemy:gods of war (osmose)


Mordor: prayer to... (artic serenades)

Winter:eternal frost

October Tide:grey dawn

some wants:

Carpathian Forest:through chasm,caves and titan woods mlp

Agatus:dawn of martyrdom cd (hyperborea),rite of metamorphosis ep,demos...

Zemial:sleeping under tartarus 7''

Thou Art Lord:eosforos lp

Rotting Christ: non serviam lp

Nightfall: parade into centuries lp

Mortuary Drape:into the drape

Sigh/Kawir ep

Setherial/Sorhin tape


Thornium:dominions of the eclipse cd

Mayhemic Truth:cythraw ep,demos...

Pact of Solitude:passion and pain

Carpathian Forest:journey through the cold moors... demo (dub is fine)

Vlad Tepes/Torgeist split lp

Vlad Tepes:war funeral march cd or tape

Vlad Tepes:march to the black holocaust cd (embassy)

North:from the dark past cd

Deinonychus:a blaze over darkland demo

October Tide:rain without end cd

Katatonia:jhva elohim meth...the revival cd


Bethlehem: 7'' ep

Demigod:unholy domain demo

Convulse:world without god cd or lp

Purtenance:member of immortal damnation (drowned)


or send your list...
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