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Humanity's Plague Prod. **SALE** & News

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Humanity's Plague Prod.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 25, 2013 3:23 am    Post subject: Humanity's Plague Prod. **SALE** & News Reply with quote

Hails...first the news...Humanity's Plague Prod. have 3 releases confirmed, another 2 unconfirmed (and will be revealed later once confirmed). Here are the artists we are in conspiracy with for the confirmed releases... go listen to them all at their pages listed below...

SKOGR (US) - In Obscure Darkness
The divine and the grotesque often walk a fine line, one not being aable to exist without the other. From the depths of the underground comes forth a band that exemplifies this contrast, this duality…SKOGR. SKOGR play a morbid & reprehensible style of pagan influenced black metal yet are not confined to this lone assault as their vision takes them into realms of the melodic and serene…beauty amidst obliterating chaos. It is a blend that is not disingenuous but seemingly necessary in their attack. For fans of Goatmoon, Walknut, Black Funeral, and Nargaroth.

PAIMONIA (Ser) - Disease Named Humanity
There were once two labels back in the mid-late 90's that cultivated a certain style and sound that was blossoming in Sweden. Those labels were No Fashion Records and Necropolis Records. Both brought to the world genre defining releases and while the labels and most of the artists are gone to the corridors of time, they are still revered today (and always will be)...artists like Dissection, Unanimated, Dawn, and many more. PAIMONIA have tapped into this period of time and have resurrected the flame of this era bringing forth a punishing assault of beautiful, blasphemous decimation, wearing their influences on their sleeve but having their own essence of distinction. Assaulting your senses with melodic black metal and a slight melodic death metal influence, this release will explode unto the world and make it remember of an exciting time that once was...for fans of Dissection, Ophthalamia, Dawn & Unanimated.

WOLVES WINTER (Arg) - Anima Saturnvs Serpentis
Occult, depraved and arrogant…all the traits that black metal was built upon. Black metal infused with lust, magik and war, sounding the trumpet for the final fall of man and ushering a new dark age…primitve, elite and grim…Truly Satanic imperial chaos hailing from Argentina. For fans of Satanic Warmaster, Drowning the Light, Horna and Urgehal.

We still have our last 2 releases making their mark worldwide...

PESTREITER (Ger) - Todesweihe
Cruel and barbaric black metal from Germany. An unrelenting and unforgiving display of speed and abrogating emotions that blends proficiency with raw power akin to the stylings of Merrimack, Setherial and Belphegor. It's as if to experience the bloodlust of a wolf pack devouring its prey after the hunt. PESTREITER stands as a blitzkrieg strike in the war against all religions!!

SUICIDAL WINDS (Swe) - Devil's Feast
Kult legends celebrating 20 years of sickness and filth! This release will be their long out of print demos Aggression (1996) and Definitely War (1997) along with rare, live and unreleased tracks! This is NOT a clean, produced collection…this IS unpolished, bestial, raw as fuck thrashing Black Metal, capturing the essence of youth, darkness and aggression! For fans of Destroyer 666, Impiety, Nifelheim and Bestial Mockery.

And now onto the sale...from now until 9/30 we will have a sale...EVERY title is 20% off, cd or vinyl! Go to our storefront at http://www.discogs.con/seller/humanitysplagueprod to see what we have available and EMAIL us your order, HumanPLagueProd@aol.com. We will then invoice you showing the discount savings and total. DO NOT ORDER FROM THE STOREFRONT OR YOU WILL FORFEIT THE SALE! Patches are not part of this sale yet we do have 3 available...AVSKY, IMPIETY and NOKTURNE. Email for prices.
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Humanity's Plague Prod.

Joined: 13 Aug 2011
Posts: 441
Location: MA, USA

PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

this link will work...the other has an error...

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 28, 2013 7:46 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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