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Old 'zines for sale/trade - DEMOS ADDED

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PostPosted: Sat Sep 21, 2013 12:37 am    Post subject: Old 'zines for sale/trade - DEMOS ADDED Reply with quote


The following list of ‘zines is for sale only. Condition has been fairly graded as follows

VG – No overt signs of wear. Staples and pages are still in good, un-creased, condition. No page yellowing.
G – Minimal wear. Pages still in good condition, though possible that there could be slight foxing.
F – Signs of wear. Possible creasing or issues with staples (e.g. pages falling out).

I do not grade ‘zines as “Mint” or “Near Mint”, as all have been read from time to time, even if it’s just leafing through the pages!

For the benefit of those that are not familiar with any of the following, I have included an overview of the bands included, the year of production and country of origin. Some may be highlighted with information of interest.

Offers to – fenrirsson@gmail.com

This list is currently under construction, and more 'zines will be added when I have the time.

Northern Heritage 1 (F) (Fin) (A5) – Warloghe, Pest Nightside, Bloodhammer. Articles on Clandestine Blaze, NH label. Sold

Carrion Banquet 2 (G) (Nzl) (A5) – Azazel (Nzl), Exulceration, Rotting Christ, Corpse Grinder, Revoltage, Impetigo, Leukemia, Conscious Rot, Entombed, Human, Necrotomy, Tension. Reviews, bios etc. 1993 Sold

Hammer of Damnation 2 (VG) (Fin) (A4) – Impaled Nazarene, Tiamat, Mayhem, Demigod, Beherit, Therion, Beheaded, Blasphemy, Possessed, Sentenced. Demo reviews, band articles etc. 1992. (Really cool ‘zine by Niko from Thergothon.)

Dark Summoning 1 (G) (Swe) (A4) – Ancient, Decortication, Rotting Christ, Sorhin, Necromancy, Dragon Rouge (organisation), In the Woods…, Beherit, Entity, Deinonychus. 1994. Sold

Fallout Cerebral (G) (Pol) (A5) – Samael, Disharmonic Orchestra, Necromantia, Desultory, Genital Deformities, Garbage Pail Kids, Balance of Terror. Reviews, band articles etc. 1993. Sold

Sombre Eve (G) (Aus) (A4) – Cradle of Filth, Acheron, Absurd, Bestial Warlust, Godsend, Gorgon, Necromantia, Astral Rising, Katatonia, Amon Hen, Merciless, No Fashion Records, Mythos, , Gospel of the Horns, , Unholy, Whores of Babylon, … (Partly written/edited by Shane of Gospel of the Horns.) 1993. Sold

Purefaction #6 (G) (Swe) (A4) – Fester, Entropy, Dissection, Sinoath, Nocturnal Soul, Pandemonium, Rotting Christ, Embalmer, Misanthrope, Incantation, At the Gates, Necropsy, Bestial Summoning, Sarcoma, Ceremonial Oath, Occult, Samael, Massacra, Vital Remains, Necromantia, Perdition Hearse. Demos reviews, scene report. 1992. Sold

Stregoica #4 (G) (Fra) (A4) – Apator, Denial of God, Mortuary Drape, Malefic Oath, The Black, Necromantia, Barathrum, Hordes, Lullaby, Perdition Hearse, Choronzon, Twilight, Rotting Christ, Hellfrost, Crucifier, Monumentum, Alatis, Inverted Pentagram, Demonic Christ, Emperor, Entrapment, Moonspell, Varathron, Immortal, Zemial, Thou Art Lord, Mutiilation, Grand Belial’s Key. LHP articles, reviews, articles. Great old cult BM ‘zine. 1993. Sold

Charontaphog #2 (G) (Hol) (A4) – Equimanthorn, Archgoat, Damoncy, Inquisitor, Eternal, Adramelech, Grand Belial’s Key, Mortuary Drape, Obsecration, Timeghoul, Cradle of Filth, Mindfart, Necrophobic, Vomitory, In the Woods, Lullaby, Dissection, Krabathor, Eterne, Moonspell, Lords of the Stone, Gehenna, Forgotten Woods, Necrotion, Depravity, Thergothon, Eternal Darkness, Enslaver, Ancient Rites, Necromantia, Necro Schizma, Pandemonium, Wings, Varathron. Reviews etc… 1993. Sold

Agranathos #1 (G) (Bel) (A4) – Acheron, Einherjer, Necromantia, Naked Whipper, Gorgoroth, Avatar, Sorhin, Demoniac, Bifrost, Mjollner. Heretical articles. 1994. Sold

Moribound #3 (G) (Ita) (A4) – The Black, Sceptical Schizo, Opera IX, Necromantia, Bestial Summoning, Acid Death, Alastis, Varathron, Mutation, Cenotaph, Lobotomy, Anarchus, Nightfall, Necromass, God Forsaken, Excruciate… Demo reviews. 1993.

Goathrone #1 (G) (US?) (A4) – Necromantia, Emperor, Katatonia, Throne of Ahaz, Absu, Decayed, Cradle of Filth, Alastis, Burzum, Moonspell, Samael, Ungod, Ancient Rites, Malefic Oath, Agatus, Entrapment, Anubi, Inverted Pentagram, Varathron, Carpathian Fullmoon, Tormentor, Crucifier, Dark Tranquillity, Impaled Nazarene, Mortuary Drape, Grand Belial’s Key. 1993. Sold

Niflheim #1 (G) (Pol) (A4) – Martyrium, Hordes, Ungod, Burzum, Rotting Christ, Samael, Emperor, Impaled Nazarene, Gorgoroth, Inverted Pentagram, Necromantia, Abigail, In the Woods, Dawnfall, Unholy, Graveland, Choronzon, Occult, Mortiis, Equimanthorn, Ancient Rites, Countess, Bifrost, Disharmony, Varathron. 1993. Sold

Krenmaut #2 (G) (Mal) (A4) – Absu, Acrimony, Ancient Wisdom, Catarrh, Chorus of Ruins, Ignorance Dirge, Emperor, Eternal Oath, Goatpenis, Impaled Nazarene, Narsamum, Necromantia, Profane Creation, Senseless, Shub Niggurath, Sil Khannaz, Vrykolakas. Reviews. 1993. Sold

Occult Grinder #3 (G) (Japan) (A4) – Mystifier, Impetigo, Satanic Hell Slaughter, Human Remains, Colemesis, Vermin, Disabled, Maggoty Corpse, Solitude, Rottrevore, Dispatched, Deiphago, Eroded, Pugnacity, Oliver Magnum, Maimed, Nocturnal Rites. Reviews, flyers… 1993.

List updated, more to come this week.

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Joined: 26 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 3:52 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Bit of a bump.... As above, the list will be updated later this week.

A list of demos will also be sporadically added - again, mostly stuff from the early 1990's. Some for example - Grand Belial's Key, Mortify, the Black, Gorgoroth, Helheim (Society), Brisen, Abigail... Will be approximately 500 or so - just need to find the time.
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Joined: 26 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 3:16 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

New list - found that I had more than one copy of some.

See above for contact details - please don't PM me!

Only a small handful of further 'zines to come.


Aaaarrghh #6 (G) (Nzl) (A4) – Voivod, Das Unter Mensch, Adonis, No Warning, Viking, Anacrusis, Realm, Mass Confusion, Arcane, Solitude, Doomwatch, Sieges Even, Slammer, Zonte, Cyperus, Resistance. Reviews, bios. 1989. - SOLD -

Aaaarrghh #7 (G) (Nzl) (A4) – Gammacide, Anthrax, Forced Entry, Dr Shrinker, Mercenari, Condemnation, Sedition, Incubus, Sadistic Intent, Immolation, Axegrinder, Shihad, Merciless, Therion. Reviews. 1990. - SOLD -

Acrid Soul #4 (G) (Bel) (A4) – Destroyed Youth, Mind-Ruin, Suhrim, Putrid Offal, Steinbock, Shannah, Grave, Acrostichon, Occult, Pandemonium, Questionmark, Criminal Judge, Molest, Exoto. Reviews, scene reports. 1991. - SOLD -

Agaliarept #1 (G) (Nor) (A4) – Gorgoroth, Enslaved, Esoteric, Gehenna, Behemoth, Amon Hen. Band bios, flyers. 1995. Done by Obtained Enslavement member. - SOLD -

Arise from the Underground #1 (F) (Nzl) (A5) – Belial, Exceed, Putrid, Stygian, Harbinger, Shihad, Corpus. Reviews etc. 1992. - SOLD -

Arise from the Underground #2 (G) (Nzl) (A4) – Human, Revoltage, Bolt Thrower, Entropy, Sawchain, God Forsaken, Azazel, Tension, Cyrrhosis, Allegiance. Reviews, band bios. 1992. (2 copies available.) - SOLD -

Balance of Terror #3 (G) (Can) (A4) – Impetigo, Inverted, Agathocles, Bolt Thrower. Articles on KKK, band bios, reviews. 1992.

Bewitchment #1 (G) (Par) (A4) – Rotting Christ, Sadistic Intent, Misanthrope, Pyathrosis, Samael, Dreft, Darkened, Witchhunter, Delirium, Eversor, Sinister, Old Funeral, Massacra, Bloody Mind. Reviews, band bios etc. 1991. - SOLD -

Blasphemer #5 (F) (Chi) (A4) – Possessed, Atrocity, Autopsy, Baphomet, Devastation, Sinister, Paradise Lost, Hexx, Nocturnus, Messiah. Reviews, band bios etc. 1992. - SOLD -

Carrion Banquet #1 (G) (Nzl) (A5) – Burzum, Selefice, Prophecy of Doom, The Nod, Psychorrhexis, Vandals, Sepultura. Reviews, flyers etc. 1992. - SOLD -

Charontaphos #1 (G) (Hol) (A4) – Sentenced, Absu, Malefic Oath, Necropsy, Cartilage, Gorgon, Ceremonial Oath, Decayed, Burzum, Dark Tranquility, Belphegor, Nembrionic Hammerdeath, Monumentum, Nuclear Death, Spina Bifida, Apator, Pyrexia, Katatonia, Nightfall, Gorement, Mordor, Sigh, Sathanas, Inverted, Throne of Ahaz, Elbereth, Belial. Reviews etc. 1993. - SOLD -

Confluent Intentions #1 (G) (Swi) (A4) – Necrony, Fleshcrawl, Furbowl, Gorefest, My Dying Bride, Impetigo, Supuration, Stigma Diabolicum, Disastrous Murmur, At the Gates, Fear of God, Hetsheds, Samael, Pythrosis, Macabre End, Nergal. Demo reviews, articles. 1991. - SOLD -

Dark Moon #1 (G) (Fin) (A4) – Unholy, Barathrum, Varathron, Depravity, Vital Remains, Mordor, Archgoat, Mortal God, Beherit, Decoryah, Obsfuscation, Denial of God, Morningstar, Cradle of Filth, Rotting Christ. 1993. - SOLD -

Dark Moon #2 (G) (Fin) (A4) – Apostasy, Rippikoulu, Sephiroth, Abyss, Bundeswehra, Curse, Throne of Ahaz, Mythos, Thus Defiled, Necrobiosis, Graveland, Adramelech, Ungod, Sigillum Diaboli, Bethlehem, Gorgon. Reviews, flyers. 1994. - SOLD -

Erupted Evil #2 (F) (Pol) (A4) – Falkenbach, Illska, Summoning, Darkwoods My Bethrothed, The Ancient’s Rebirth, Mysticum, Konkwista 88, Enthroned, Ungod, Bound for Glory. Band bios etc. 1995. Dead Christ Commune. - SOLD -

Final Holocaust #5 (G) (Bel) (A4) – Chemical Breath, Exit 13,Funeral Nation, Penetrator, Protected Illusion, Vital Remains, Incubus, Agathocles, Cadaver. Reviews, band bios. 1991.

In My Veins #5 (G) (Fra) (A4) – Carbonized, Malaphar, Vital Remains, Assorted Heap, The Gathering, Impaled Nazarene, Disembowel, Cronos, Deadly Dislocated, Nomicon, Tribulation, Immortal, No Return, Infernal, Nightfall, Sin-Eater, Spectral Birth, Dark Opera, Astral Rising, Torchure, My Dying Bride, Dark Phase, Disharmonic Orchestra, Cadavrosity, Demilich, Hazy Hill, Experimental Symphony, Entrails Massacre, Oddmongers, Disembowelment, Objector. Reviews, scene reports etc. - SOLD -

Into the Nighty I #3 (G) (Pol) (A4) – Crucifer, Insanity Reigns Supreme, Satanarchy, Secrets of the Moon, The Nomads, Valinor, Vicious Crusade, Forgotten Silence, Varathron, Decayed, Pagan Rites, Grand Belial’s Key, The Forgotten, Furze, Anima Damnata, Non Opus Dei, Absu, Darkthrone, Exorcist, Wolfpack. Reviews, articles etc. 2003. - SOLD -

Meganecropsy #3 (G) (Gre) (A4) – Desultory, Mortify, Protected Illusion, Putrid Offal, Goreaphobia, Kronin, Sadistik Exekution, Abruptum, Ancient Rites, Nordor, Nightfall, Legion of Doom, Nocturnal Death, Afflicted, Nergal. Reviews, flyers. 1992. - SOLD -

Moonlight #1 (G) (Mal) (A4) As Sahar, Mortuary Drape, Angelkill, Nordor, Beheaded, Rotting Christ, Nebiras. Articles, reviews. 1992. - SOLD -

Moribound #4 (G) (Ita) (A4) – Monumentum, Unholy, Thergothon, Ras Algethi, Grand Belial’s Key, Decoryah, Azhubham Haani, Ungod, Winged, Brisen, Eternal Darkness. Reviews, flyers. 1994. - SOLD -

Necrotomy #3 (G) (Ita) (A4) – Thergothon, Sigh, Sinoath, My Dying Bride, Godsend, Decoryah, Ceremonial Oath, Cartilage, Thou Shalt Suffer. Lots of reviews, band bios etc. 1992. (Done by guys behind Wounded Love Records.) - SOLD -

Nocturnal Slaves #1 (G) (Mal) (A4) – Impiety, Cultus Sanguine, Sinistrous Diabolus, Abyssic Hate, Misanthrope, Ancient’s Rebirth, Darkthrone, Gorugoth, Anubi, Cremation, Sorath, Typhon, Barathrum, Withering God, Gospel of the Horns, Sigillum Diaboli, Lamia, Abigail, Twilight, Convulsion, Funeral Winds, Eternal Oath. Band bios, reviews, Mayhem poster. 1995. - SOLD -

Peccatus Altar #1 (F) (Lit) (A4) – Impetigo, Phantasm, Malediction, Impaler, Nybase, Burzum (including a lesser seen pic), Ripped, Thou Shalt Suffer, Excidium, Damnatory, Sacrificial, Conscious Rot. Reviews, scene reports. 1992. - SOLD -

Requiesce in Pace #1 (G) (U.K) (A4) – Decomposed, Benediction, At the Gates, Impaler, Chorus of Ruin, Maimed, Bolt Thrower, Anathema, Devoid, Morgue, Autopsy, Eucharist, Morbid Symphony, Blood, Eternal Darkness, Absolution, Exhume. Reviews, live show reports. 1992. - SOLD -

Ruptured #2 (G) (Swe) (A4) – Cannibal Corpse, Atrocity, Massacre, Tribulation, Repulsion, Brutality, Samael, Acheron, Grave, Macabre End. At the Gates, Suffer, Afflicted, Asphyx, Baphomet, Darkthrone, Crematory, Blasphemy, Catherdral, Carbonized, Vital Remains, Impetigo, Epitaph, Morgoth, Merciless, Dismember, Pungent Stench, Sinister, Sadus. Reviews, flyers. 1991. - SOLD -

Sepulchral Noise #6 (G) (Nor) (A4) – Decay Lust, Thorns. Lots of band bios, “occult articles”, reviews etc. Long Venom article. ‘Zine of Cultoculus. - SOLD -

Sepulchral Noise #7 (G) (Nor) (A4) – Mercy, Sadistik Exekution, Mortuary Drape. Band bios, “occult articles” etc. - SOLD -

Shadows of Ancient Darkness #1 (G) (USA) (A4) Absu, Thorns of the Carrion, Hour of the Goat, Accursed, Moonburn, Masochist, Sorath, Fleurety, Sephiroth. 1994. - SOLD -

Thy Kingdom Come #3 (G) (Pol) (A4) – Ungod, In the Woods, Abigail, Belphegor, Disharmony, The Black, Behemoth, Mortuary Drape, Pagan Rites, North, Mayhem, Graveland, Azhubham Haani, Runemagic, Bethlehem, Ancient’s Rebirth, Immortal, Agatus, Mordor. Band bios etc. 1993. - SOLD -

Totaler Krieg #1 (G) (Aus) (A4) – Anatomy, Dissection, Natassja, Infinite Black, Funeral, Gospel of the Horns, Vassago, Itnos, Zemial, Abigail. Reviews. Done by Jarro (ex Destroyer 666 etc). 1996. - SOLD -

Unholiness #1 (G) (Gre) (A4) – Disharmonic Orchestra, God Forsaken, Desultory, Pandemonium, Nightfall, Order from Chaos, Burzum, Zemial, Beyond Dawn, Deadly Dislocated, Exterminance, Dead Christ, Burial, Rator, Cadaverous Condition, Desecrate, Winged, Rotting Christ, Impaled Nazarene. Band bios, reviews. 1992. - SOLD -

Unholy Prophecies #1 (G) (Sin) (A4) – Cremation, Nergal, Mortal God, Bifrost, Pan-Thy-Monium, Nebiros, Sinistrous Diabolus, Solemn Assembly, Funeral Winds, Funerality, Aradia, Anatomy, Setherial, Shadowcaster. Reviews, band bios. 1994. - SOLD -

Warhammer #1 (G) (Hol) (A5) – Mercy, Samael, Hordes. Occult and BM articles. - SOLD -

Zine of Sins #2 (G) (Swe) (A4) – Human Remains, Gorefest, Dismember, Therion, Unleashed, Afflicted, Desultory, Entombed, Autopsy, Traumatic, Samael, Darkthrone, Cynic, Altar. Reviews etc. 1991. - SOLD -

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Joined: 26 Jun 2012
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PostPosted: Fri Sep 27, 2013 6:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some demos also available - this list will grow over the next several weeks.

ALL items are in NM condition. Pictures are available ON REQUEST.

**** UPDATED 31 October 2013 (New Zealand Time) ****

A Mind Confused (Swe) Poems of a Darker Soul Demo 1995
Abigail (Japan) Blasphemy Night Demo II
Abigail (Japan) Demo 1
Abigor (Aut) Moonrise Promo 1994
Aborym (Ita) Worshipping Damned Souls Demo 1993
Absurd (Swe) Storm of Malevolence Demo 1991
Accursed (USA) A Curse Called Life Demo 1993
Accursed (USA) Satanic Ritual Demo 1993
Adornment (Fin) …And Love Perished Demo 1994
Alastis (Swi) Black Wedding Demo 1990
Another Day (Ita) Youth (The Castle of Illusions) Demo 1996
Aphasia (Aus) The Battle of Armageddon 1994
Apostasy (USA) Accuser of Brethren Demo 1993
Aradia (Mal) Alive… The Gospel of the Draconian Blackhearts Live Album 1998
Armagedon (Pol) Dead Condemnation Demo 1991
Armaggedon (Fra) The Wrath of the Black Empire Demo
Atavism (Gre) Corpses Cataclysm Demo 1998
Athotorgh (Mal) Promaster Dieyana Demo 1997
Beelzebul (Col) The Black Return of Leviathan Demo 1995
Behemoth (Pol) …From the Pagan Vastlands Demo 1993
Berith (Ger) Ia Adveni Demo 1994
Blacksstorm (Fra) Night, Death and the Devil Compilation Demo 1998/2000
Blot (Nor) Furore Normannorum Demo 2000
Canopic Jar (U.K) Demo 1994
Cased (Den) Promo 1993
Celtic Frost (Swi) Into the Crypts of Lamours Live Bootleg 1986
Cemetery of Scream (Pol) Sameone 1993
Cerebrum (Fin) Demo 1993
Ceremonial Doom (Ita) Prophecy of the Apocalypse Demo
Chapel of Rest (U.K) A Twilight Serenade Demo 1994
Chapel of Rest (U.K) Memorium Grief Demo 1992
Chemical Nurslings (Can) How Will You Breathe? Demo 1995
Coarse (Fin) Demo 1993
Coercion (Swe) Headway (Remix) Demo 1994
Concrete Sleep (Swe) As I Fly Away Demo 1992
Congestion (Fin) Bed of the Ancient River Demo 1993
Corpsevomit (USA) Gathering Chemical Children/Bastards of Foreverfilth Demo
Cremation (Can) Hail the Rise of Med Pe Gal Demo 1994
Cremation (Can) Pire Gah Hoath Raclir Od Ialpor Demo 1993
Crimson Midwinter (Fin) Just Another Cold Wasteland Demo 1995
Crucifier (USA) By Disgrace of God Demo 1993
Crucifier (USA) Unparalleled Majesty Demo 1993
Cultus Sanguine (Ita) Rehearsal 1994
Dark Decade (Ger) And the Sun is Shining Black Demo 1993
Dark Opera (Pol) The Day of Pariah Demo 1992
Darkstyle (Fin) Cold Charisma Demo 1995
Darkwoods My Betrothed (Fin) Dark Aureoles Gathering Demo 1994
Dawn (Ger) The Darkness Within Demo 1993
Dawn of Azazel (Nzl) Vita Est Militia Super Terram Demo 2000
De Occulta Philosophia (Ita) Obscura Simphonia Demo 1995
Deceiver (Fin) Rules of Conduct Demo 1993
December Wolves (USA) Wolftread Demo 1994
Deformity (Swe) Sickly Obsessed Demo 1992
Demoniac (Ger) Demoniac Demo 1994 (pre-Moonblood)
Demonic Christ (USA) Deceiving the Heavens Demo
Denial of God (Den) The Dawn of Aemizaez Demo 1993
Der Sturmer (Gre) Europa Erwache! Demo 1999
Desultory (Swe) Visions Demo 1991
Dew-Scented (Ger) Symbolization Demo 1993
Dion Fortune (Swe) Tales of Pain Demo 1994
Disbelief (Ger) Promotion Tape 1992
Discomposure (Den) Conquest of Darkness Demo 1993
Disembodied (USA) Demo 1991
Disembody (Aus) Demo 1993
Dornenreich (Aut) Mein Flügelschlag Demo 1997
Ebitalium (Ger) Forgotten Gods of Darkness Demo 1994
Ebonsight (Tur) The Ocean Ebon Demo 1994
Einherjer (Nor) Aurora Borealis Demo 1993
Eterne (U.K) As the Silence Fades EP 1993
Eve of Mourning (USA) Acheronian Winter Demo 1993
Everdark (USA) Gravesite Rite Demo 1994
Everdark (USA) Gravesite Rites Demo 1994
Evol (Ita) The Dark Dreamquest Part I Demo 1994
Evol (Ita) The Tale of the Horned King Demo 1993
Exempt (Swe) Ill Health Demo 1992
Fallen Temple (Hol) Shrines of the Past Demo 1992
Forgotten Silence (Cze) Senyaan Cassette LP 1997
Forneus (Pol) Time of Apocalipse Demo 1998/99
Genetic Deformation (Bra) Contaminated World Demo 1993
Goat Emperor (Bra) Announcing the Neo-Aeon Demo 1995
Gontyna Kry (Pol) Pusty Wieczor Demo 1998
Gorgoroth (Nor) A Sorcery Written in Blood Demo 1993
Gravewurm (USA) Reherasal 1993/1996
Grimoire (Isr) In the Darkwoods Sovereignty Demo 1995
Hades (Nor) Alone Walkyng Demo 1993- SOLD -
Hastur (Ita) Live in Fear Demo 1994
Havorum (Gre) Sirius-Draconis-Capricornus Demo 1995
Heretic Angels (Tha) Exterminate the Respiration EP 1993
Hodur (Pol) The Majesty Demo
Hordes (Hol) Songs to Hall Up High Demo 1993
Hybernoid (U.K) Well of Grief Demo 1992
I Rise in Flames (Fin) Demo 1995
Immured (Ger) Torture Master Demo 1995
In Memorian (Bra) Centuries of Sortilege Demo
In Memorian (Bra) Centuries of Sortilege Demo 1994
In the Dark Pit (Pol) In the Dark Pit Demo 1992
Indulgence (Nzl) Enigmatic Through Demo 1995
Infernal Beauty (Bel) Drakensquar Demo 1995
Infinite Black (Aus) Rehearsal Demo 1995
Infinite Black (Aus) Rehearsal Demo 1995 (bonus rehearsal on b-side)
Inflammation (Cze) Demo 1996
Inner Fear (Gre) Fear Within Demo 1991
Insatanity (USA) Ad Majorem Satanae Gloriam Demo 1993
Kranium (Per) Mundo Interior Demo 1992
Lamentation (Gre) Fullmoon Over Faerhaaven Demo 1995
Langsuir (Mal) Occultus Mysticism Demo 1993
Langsuir (Mal) The Eastern Cruelty Demo 1995
Lord Foul (USA) Killing Raping Burning Demo 1993
Lullaby (Bra) Lullaby Demo 1990
Lux Occulta (Pol) Forever Alone Immortal Tape LP 1996
Lux Occulta (Pol) The Forgotten Arts Demo 1995
Lycanthia (Aus) Rapture’s Embrace Promo
Maleficarum (Col) The Dust of the Real Path Demo 1995
Malevolence (Por) Pleasure of Molestation Demo 1994
Malicious Hate (USA) Bring Forth Hate… Demo 1995
Malkuth (Bra) Glory and Victory Demo 1995
Maniac Butcher (Cze) The Incapable Carrion Demo 1994
Memorium (Swe) Deepest Woods Demo 1993
Mistery (Mal) The Mistery of the Dark War Come True Demo 1995
Molested (Nor) Unborn Woods in Doom Demo 1993
Monastery (Hun) Far from Christ Tape LP 1992
Moonblood (Ger) Moonblood Demo 1994
Moonburn (USA) Promo/Rehearsal 1994
Moonburn (USA) Promo/Rehearsal 1994
Moonshadow (Pol) The Time of Pagan Triumph Demo 1996
Moonspell (Por) Anno Satanae Demo 1993
Morbid Insane (Pol) Sicken Crazy Demo 1991
Morningstar (Fin) Inside the Circle of the Pentagram Promo Demo 1993
Morpheus (Fin) The Unbearable Wretchedness of Existence Demo 1992
Mortal Profecia (Bra) Escathogyc Times Demo 1992
Mortal Slaughter (Pol) Destiny Demo 1991
Murder Rape (Bra) In Liaison with Satan Demo
Naglfar (Swe) Stellae Trajectio Demo 1994
Nastrond (Swe) From a Black Funeral Coffin Demo 1993 - SOLD -
Necrology (USA) Physical Decay Demo 1995
Necromancy (Bol) Into Apocalipsis Demo 1995
Necromancy (Swe) A Dark Unholy View Demo 1994
Necromicon (Swe) Through the Gates of Grief Demo 1994
Nergal (Gre) Ijus Morker Demo 1994
Nifleheim (Por) Onde Outrora Velhos Corvos Negros Meditavam 1995
Nuit Noire (Fra) Black Form Demo 2001
Nuit Noire (Fra) Somwhere in the Nightpast Demo 2002
Obscure (Spa) Curse the Course Demo 1991
Opera IX (Ita) Demo 1992
Order From Chaos (USA) Crushed Infamy Demo 1989
Ossuary (Lit) Desert Demo 1993
Perdition Hearse (Nor) Mala Fide Demo 1992
Prestidigitator (Nzl) Cheese Grater Demo 1992
Prophanity (Swe) Demo #1 1994
Putrid Mass (USA) Stripped of my Flesh Demo 1993
Ragnarok (Nor) Pagan Land Demo 1995
Sage (Pol) Sage Demo 1993
Sanctimony (Lat) When the Sun Was God Demo 1996
Sargatanas (Ita) Demo 1995
Sectarium (Cub) God’s Wrath Demo 1993
Shrouded Deity (USA) Omens Demo 1995
Sigillum Diaboli (Fin) Demo II 1994
Sil-Khannaz (Mal Pendita Gita EP 1995/Assassin Led By Blasphemy Demo 1992
Sil-Khannaz (Mal) Conception of Madness Cassette LP 1993
Sil-Khannaz (Mal) Gerbang Kayangan Cassette LP 1997
Solemn (USA) Exiled Demo 1992
Solstice (Hol) Poems of Petulancy Demo 1992
Songe D’Enfer (Bra) My Vision in the Forest Demo 1995
Symphony of Grief (USA) Infernal Creation Demo 1993
Temple of Tiphareth (Ger) Strange New Order Demo 1999
The Other Side (Pol) Demo 1993
The Reign (U.K) Act of Penance Demo 1991
The Reign (U.K) This Silent Nation Demo 1992
Thornium (Swe) North Storms of the Bestial Goatsign Demo 1993
Thorny Wreath (Fin) Behind the Gates Demo 1994
Thy (Den) In the Darkness Forgotten By Life Demo 1993 - SOLD -
Thy Serpent (Fin) Frozen Memory Demo 1994
Thy Serpent (Fin) Into Everlasting Fire Demo 1995
Timeghoul (USA) Tumultuous Gatherings Demo 1992
Torture Krypt (USA) Bestial Mutation Demo 1994
Tyrant Trooper (USA) Mortal Extinction Demo 1993
Tzaphkial (Fra) Anahata Chakra, Kundalini... Luciferi... Demo 1994
Unpure (Swe) Demo 3 1994
Unsilence (U.K) Shadows Cast in Stone Demo 1994
Uranus (Gre) The Clang of Lances Demo 1997
Vahrzaw (Aus) Black Resplendent Waters Demo 1995
Vornat (Fin) The Flame of Satan Demo
Winterlord (Hol) Black Blood Demo 1995
Wolfnacht (Gre) Night and Fog Demo
Xantotol (Pol) Cult of the Black Pentagram Demo 1993
Xantotol (Pol) Thus Spake Zaratustra Demo 1995
Zephyrous (Gre) Entrance and Wandering on the Seven Zones Demo 1994

*** - Apologies to those people that have contacted whom I have not replied to yet, I have misplaced several email addresses - ***

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 29, 2013 2:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


Email fenrirsson (at) gmail (dot) com with any offers or requests for pictures.
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50 further demos added!
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 09, 2013 12:44 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Fanzine list updated, with only a few remaining.

Demo list to be updated again. My apologies to people who are presently awaiting pictures - unfortunately I have been very busy over the past several days.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 30, 2013 11:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Up - demo list updated.
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