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Trade / sale + 1000 items tapes astarot, sunwheel, veles....

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 09, 2014 6:57 am    Post subject: Trade / sale + 1000 items tapes astarot, sunwheel, veles.... Reply with quote

Trade or sale, send your trade list or your offers.

demos / tapes

0 (hol) - II
(V.E.G.A.) - "Alienforest - A Sick Mind's Hologram"
Aasgard - Ravens Hymns Foreshadows The End
Abigail-diabolical nights of infernal destruction
Absentia Lunae (Ita) "Marching Upon Forgotten Ashes"
Abusiveness / saltus - nowa era
Actum Inferni - The Embodiment of Death-
Ad Arma (Ger) - "Stalinegrad"
Ad noctem funeriis- of evil and torment-
Adragard-neverending necro void-
aesir-la estirpe del sol
Ah giliz-led astray
aisuragua-undiscouvered frontiers
Akramen (Chi) - "Esclavos del Nuevo Orden"
Aldaaron (Fra) - "Des Légendes et Anciens Dieux"
Aleph-Naught (Hon) - "Opus Nigrum"
Algol (USA) - "The Demon Star"
Ambience (Por) – “As Dez Esperas”
Amenofis (P. Rico)- "Wretched Soul Desertion"
Ammit-steel inferno-
Amos-confort in trouble-3
Ancestors (USA) - "Demo II"
Anhedonia (Swe) -"Der Schrei Der Natur"
Anthro Halaust - Правды осколок, кровоточит живым!!3
Anti life (bra) "anti vida"
Antiquus Scriptum (Por) – "Abi In Malam Pestem"
Antiquus Scriptum (Por) – “Immortalis Factus”
apofolis-geburt des todes
Arganork- dusios-
arkanis funebris-from the hand of my shadow
Arkenstone- hymns to our fatherland-
Arkonian (Mkd) "Arkonian Resurrection"
Armaghumil-those joyless years
Ars macabra-iter in obscuritates mentis-
Art maléfica/a chave do inferno
Aryan Art (Bul) - "...И Берем Плодовете На Нашето Неха"
Aryan Art / Furor- Return to the Battlefield - Split Tape -
Aryan Triuumph (Slk) – "Forging the Iron Will"
Aryanas (Can) - "Volkskrieg"
ash pool-genital tomb
Aska (Fra) - "Där Vanvett Gror"
Astarot - Raw Sensation Of Nostalgia And Nihilistic – 4
astarot/lapageria rosea/anti-society/annorvoth-split
Astaroth (Aus) - "Dead Moon"
Astrofaes (Ukr) "Idea. Form. Essence…"
Astrofaes-the attraction: heavens and earth-3
Astrofaes-those whose past is immortal-4
azathoth-spirits of a forgortten forest
Baal Zebuth (Rus) - "We are Sathanas"
beaten victoriouses-demo
beggotten in pain-pelas negras profundezas do abismo
begotten in pain-esquecimento
Beltain -Rehearsal MMXI- 4
Beltane (Rus) - "Malediction"
Beltane (Rus) - "Mirror Of Rotten God"
Berith-demo 99-4
Besatt (Pol) - "Hail Lucifer"
Bestial Lust/Hellharmony (Bra) – The Bestial Harmony “Split Demo Tape” 3
Bewitched (Chl) - "Dragonflight"
Bewitched (Chl) - "Hibernum in Perpetuum"
Bilskirnir (Ger)/Hunok(Hun) - "Allied by Heathen Blood"
Black Angel (Per) / Sadokist (Fin) - "Sadistik Angel Attack"
Black angel-beyond from beyond
Black Blessing (Fin) - "Black Metal Propaganda"
black folly-le fardean
black pest-heir nocmum pax
Black Plague (Por) - "Under the Black Flame"
Black wood-perpetuial ancient sky
Black wood-tamya pacha
Black wood-the cal of zephyrous
Blizzard winter-imperium-2
BLODSBAND (Swe) - "Svunna Tiders Sägner" MC
Blood Of Kingu (Ukr) - "De Occulta Philosophia" A
Blood of the Moon (NZ) - "Remnants of Forgotten Past"
Bloodstained Dusk (USA) "Continuance of Evil"
Bloodthirst (Pol) / Excidium (Pol) - "Infernal Thrashing Kömmandments"
Bloody Sign (Fra)- "Explosion of elements"
Blutenstrasse/ordodo templi orientis/winter depression/moloch-split – 6
Bluthunde - human tape (zwaertgevegt) 3
Bodhisatva (Rus) - "Overcoming the Sansara"
Brandhaard - wolves head tape (zwaertgevegt) 4
Branikald (Rus) – "Blikk Av Kald"
Branikald (Rus) – "Rumsjod Av Misantropie"
Brobdingnagian (USA) "TSD"
Brobdingnagian/Shores of Pluto (USA)
Bruma Obscura (Por) / Gorgonian-Inner Hell- split
Bruma obscura / heresia-split
bruma obscura-tormentos
Brumalis-ancestral spirits return...
Brume D´Automne (Can)/ Teutates(Can)) "split"
buio-antiche visioni
buio-dimension of spells
Burial Mist / Sekhmet “Pure Blasphemy Till Death”
Calth (Bul) "Towards the First Blasphemy"
Candlegoat (Hol) - "16 Candles"
Caostrupper (Ita) - "Inverted Church of Chaotic Desecration"
Caostrupper (Ita) - "Nocturnal Flames of Goatworship"
Casket Lair (UK) - "Ancient Curse"
Cast in Stone (UK/Swe) - "Paths in the Snow"
Celtic dance-godess of a thousand knights-14
Char (USA) - "Palaver"
Chimera-nothing but illusion-6
Chur – lykho 3
Chur \ oprich split 2
cold empty universe- euphoridife.pl
Coldness (Por) - "Poisoned Gift"
count shannath-unreleased
Crepusculo Maldito (Por) - "Necro Metal Punks"
Crepusculum (Pol) /Leichengott (Pol) "Split"
Cripta Oculta (Por) - "Ecos Dos Dòlmens Esquecidos"
Cripta Oculta (Por) - "Rios Que Correram... "
Crossodomizer-we need the ass of jesus
cryfemal (Spa) - "apoleosis oculta"
Cryfemal (Spa) - "Escucha... la muerte persigue!!"
Cryptal Spectres (Pol) - "Night fear from Ritual Crypt"
crypt-the cry of the northern winds
Crystalline Darkness (Por) - "Melancólica Nostalgia"
Ctanic (USA) /Nortavlaggh.377 (Sin) - "Split"
Cthulu Rises (Pol) - "Ku chwale mrocznych eonów I"
Cultus (Hol) - "Hymns of Descending"
Cultus (Hol) - "Promo 2007"
Cultus-de zwaarden
Cultus-our swords we raise
cyhiraeth-the druid path
D.T.D. (Fin) - "s/t"
daath-psychiatric ward
Dagor dagorath-times to distress
Dapnom (Fra) - "Makai"
Dark Ages (Ukr) - "Twilight of Europe"
Dark paramount-remphan rites
Darkthule (Ger)- "Wolforder"
Darkthule (Ger) /Massenvernichtung (Ger)- "split"
Dauw - duivelswerk tape (zwaertgevegt)
Dawn of Division (Gre) - Awaiting the Dawn
Dawn of Sorrow (USA) - "Pre-Emptive Strike: The Honor Gained and the Blood Spilled"
Dead Christ Cult (Ukr) - "Stigma"
Dead Reptile Shrine (Fin) "Burning Black Infinity"
Dead Reptile Shrine (Fin) "Isth Narai Ja"
Deadly carnage – decadenza -3
decadencia funebre-walk through
Decayed - chaos underground 1
Decayed (Por) - "Resurrectiónem Mortuórum"
decayed blasphemic offering
decayed-the ancient brethren
decayed-the beast has risen
decayed-the book of darkness
Demonomancy (Spa) - "Holocaustic Winds of Devastation"
Dér (Hun) - "Crust falls"
Deranger-broken heaven-3
Der-crust falls- 1
Desolation Triumphalis (Fra) - "Forever Bound to Nothingness"
Dethroned christ-roots of ancient evil
Deviator "Uruz"4
Deviator "Voice Of The Native Blood"4
Deviator (Rus) - "Black Stronghold/Чорна Мiць"
Devil Lee Rot (Swe) Forever Winter (Fin) - "Scandinavian Metal"
Devilish era-the deiphobic syndrome
Diabolical principles- beyond the horizon…”3
Dizziness-evocation of ancestral grandeur-1
Dod (Swe) - "Eternal Manifest"
Dommedagssalme (UK)- "Terra"
drowned in november-just killing me
Dump (Ita) - "Catacombe Dimenticate"
Dunkelheit (Hun) - "Eternal Curse Of The Carpathians"
Durthang-passage beyond the cold vales of desolation-6
Dwarka (Hol) - "Donkere Tijden"
Echoes of emptiness & forest of illusions - split tape
echos of emptiness-alone
Eldrit-ad nocendum potentes sumus
Eindig (Hol) - "Doodschrift"
Eindig (Hol) - "Want al het Leven is…"
Einsamtod (Slv)- "Grey days"
Empire of Hate (Aus) / Morthond (Usa) - "split"
Endlos - von sommernacht und winterfall –
Enecare (Ire) - "Servorum Sathanas"
Ereskhigal-black metal storm & shadows land-double
eschaton-burial hordes
Eterna Penumbra (Spa) - "Ceniza y Polvo"
Eterna Penumbra (Spa) - "Odio Antihumano"
eternal devastation- beware the doom
Eternum (Aus) - "promo 2009"
Evil (Bra) - "Arktogäa"
Evil-raw coldness
Evil/Drowning the light-split
Evil dead- fail of seraphs-4
everto Signum-enneachotomy
Excidium (Pol) - "Infernal Oath"
Exekrator (Den) "Ordo Bestiae"
Exetheris (Gre) – “Sick & Decadent Feelings”
Faarthkrag (Bel) - "The Station, The Passenger and The Vast Chasm"
Faethon (Gre) "Pagan Revival"
faulen - years of suicide
Fel (Uk) - Orynde De Yne Blaeke Kyninge
Fel (Uk) - The wanderer
fethuruz-…and natura begins
Firth of Damnation (USA)- Crossing the Unhallowed Path
Fjord-vor tru-1
Flagelador - "A Noite do Ceifador"
Flammersjel - the halls of starshining 2
Forest Grave (UK) - By the Glowing Lights of Old
Forest Grave (UK) - To bear the marks of time/Chronicles in the bark
Forest Grave (UK) / Noite "split II"
Forest Grave / Arete I
Forest Grave / Arete II
Forest mysticism/larmes d’hivers-split 5
Forest Silence - The 3rd Winter / Winter Circle
Forestdome (Spa) - "Foresthrone"
Forever winter-of battles unseen-2
Forever winter-towards the gates of hell
Foreverdark woods - .lost desires-4
forgot- burning down
Forgotten ruins/sepulchral moon-split
freezing-by blood and honour by satan
frontbeast-wicked wings of wartjalka
frosset skog-tape 2011
Frost (Can) - "The new prophecy"
Frozen Cruelty-masmorras-demo 1
Funeral chant-entrance to dimension unknown-4
Funeral Forest (Fra) - "Against the modern Black Metal"
Funeral Forest (Fra) "Hateful Visions"
Funeral forest/ravagar-split Funereal moon-lucifer dagger-3
funereal moon/holy mary's blowjob- split
Funereal moon - lucifers dagger
Gammal Sed - "Blót"
Gates of Carpathia (UK) - "Through the Gates"
Ghornumn (Rus) - "Misanthropical Dreams"
Gjallarhorn (Ukr)- Awakening
Gloria excelsis satani-solidao do anoitecer eterno – dt 08 – 3
Glorior Belli (Fra) - "Evil Archaic Order"
Gnieu / Lascowiec "Marching with the Blizzard's Rage"
Goatfukk (Swi) - "Demo I"
goatlust-the lust of goa
Goatsignal (Fin) - "The Dragon Speaks with Many Tongues / Death Mantra"
godless-therianthropic lust
Gold fur eisen-kein morgen-6
Gontyna Kry (Pol)- "The Blood of Our Fathers"
grauzeit-mein leben endet…
Grave Entity (aus) - A nightmare to last eternity
Greifenstein-ostarrichi bm
Grim destroyer-might and majesty-4
Grimlair (Fra) "L'appel de la Nuit Funeste"
Grimmoire de Occulte (Ger) - "Rehearsal November 2012"
Grimorc-under his great shadow
grimsvotn-over snow covered land
gromm-ferro ignigue
gromm-nails for gods
hagl-hagl-demo 3
Hakenkreuz nocturna-eternal introspective winter
Hammergoat-regeneration throght depopulation
Harag (Hun)- "Éber álmok útjain"
Hasserben-chants d’ automne-dt 06 4
Hate Forest (Ukr) - "Dead but Dreaming"
Hate Forest (Ukr) - "Resistance"
Hate Forest (Ukr) - "The Curse"
hatred-fist of death
Haunted Funeral (Aus) - "demo 1"
Havok (Bra) - "The Ostentation of the Eternal Chaos"
Heimnar (USA) / Beyond The Ninth Wave (Can) - "Split" H
Hate Kommand-kommand of hate
hekate-darkness enshrouds all
Hell Mary (Aust) - "Belanglo Burial"
Hell Militia (Fra) - "Canonisation of the Foul Spirit"
Hellhaunt - sea of nausea (re-release with hatecraft demo as bonus) tape 4
Hellsaw-sins of might-4
Helslakt (Swi) - "08.08.08 Rituel aux Forges"
Helslakt (Swi) - "D'une Mélomanie Perverse au Leitmotiv d'Helslakt"
Helslakt (Swi) - "Glu et Cul"
Heresiarch seminary - spill the cursed wine - 3
Heretic Blaze (Bel) / Eterna Penumbra (Spa)
Herici (USA) - "Of the Celtic Blood"
Herjan-eternelle melancolie
Hermitage - Hammer of Purity – 4
Hexenwald - Nordland Okkult Mysterium- 4
Hiems-the reaper
Highborne-the sandstorm
Holmgang-runens advarsel
Holocaustus (Ger) - "Virus"
Hrimthurten (Ger) /Ulfsbalir (Ger) "split promo"
Hydrargyrum-final method of solution-3
Hyperborean-promo tape 03-3
Ill Omen (Aus) - "Spear of Salvation"
In memory of dead and euronymous-compilation
In ruins-in the breath of wind
In ruins-the abyss stares back
Incorporea (Spa) - "Tongue of the Moribund"
Inferius torment (rus) "your god liar"
Inferivm (Por) - "Demo 2008"
Infernal goat-promo 999
Infernal Kingdom (Por) - "The Black Throne of Hell"
Inferno - Fucking Funeral Attack-1997-2004
Inferno - Fucking Funeral Attack-2006-2007
Inferno (Cze) - "Black Devotion"
inferno-chram nenavisti
Inhein (Rus) - "Dead Hush"
Inmitten des Waldes (Bra) - "Traum Und Sehnsucht"
inpitch/the end-split
inpitch-good days are gone forever
Insalubre (Por) - "Assim nasceu o odio ao tempo que vivemos"
Insalubre (Por) - "Vozes do passado"
Insidious Omen (Can) - "To Cast the Last Shadow"
Insidious Omen (Can) - "Upon This Throne of Waste and Decay"
Inthyflesh (Por) - "Claustrophobia"
Iscariot-the black square
Isolation- "hier am ende der welt" tape 4
Isolation (Ger) - "Hier am Ende der Welt"
Isolation (Ger) "A Prayer for the World to End"
Isolation (Ger) "Striding on the Path of Nihil"
Istidraj-blasphemous ritual
Jar (blr) / Lutavierje (blr)
Kabalah - vechnaya chern-4
Kailash (Ita) - "Kailash"
Kaiserreich (ita) "krrh"
Kamaedzitca "pyarune"
Kamaedzitca “dzieci lesa” 9
Karpathia / Perterricrepus / Igric "Elegies of Endless Horizons" 4
Kataxu (Pol) – "Hunger of Elements"
Kataxu (Pol) – "Roots Thunder"
Kay pacha /yana raymi-the time of revenge
Khors (Ukr) – "Cold"
Khors (Ukr) – "Mysticism"
Khors (Ukr) – "The flame of Eternity's Decline"
Kill the kristians-the final solution
Kingdom of Asgard (Blr) - "The Occult Path of Guido von List"
kolldbraakhel-bajo el crepusculo
Koltum (por) - "Funeral of Flesh"
koltum (por) - "the story of death"
Kommandant (USA) - "Iron Hands on Scandinavia"
korium-hradby samoty
Korium-mraziva noc prinasa pokoj 1
Korpblod-uraldrig samklang
kraft-where lost hope dies
Kroda – fimbulvinter
Kroda - live in lemberg. 2
Kryogh-my throne
Krypta (Fin) - "Satanic Possessions"
Kveste - war against humanity tape (achtung! Records) 3
Ladder to the Stars (UK) - "I"
Larva (Por) - "s/t"
Lebensborn (Blr) - "s/t"
Lechia - akt woli 3
Leichengott (Pol) - "Psalmy Przeklenstwa"
Lepra - Wounds of Past Centuries - 3
life under destruction-winter let it be
Lobo (Por) - "Uivo Negro"
lodge of the ancient order - veneficium
Lönndom (Swe) - "Fälen Från Norr"
Lord Foul (Bra) - "Triumph Wolffen"
Lord of the abyss (por) - "s/t"-3
Lord paymon-infernal destruction
Lord satanel-black moon prophecy-2
LOST - Burial Silence/Sunken
Luctíssono (Bra) - "Insignificance"
Lúgubre eclipse-o adociado e enjoativo aroma dos cropos cremados-4
lumiere nocturne-avant la nuit
lupulo-quero sangre, sudor y alkohol
Lutomysl (Ukr) - "Catharsis"
Lutomysl-the challenge-4
Lys & gurut - dawn of genocide tape (achtung! Records)4
M8l8th (Rus) - "Sturm - live 06.03.2005"
maledicus/moloch/lost in the shadow-split
Malign - totaler krieg
Mannfall (Aus) - "Join Der Kvlt"
Marblebog (Hun) - "Live in Chicago"
Marblebog (Hun)- "Forestheart"
Mare frigoris-hail victory
martyrium omnium - human darkness
midgaard-cemetery of sadness
Midwynter - Four Seasons of Frost / Into the Well of Wyrd - 4
Min kniv-av aske
Misanthropic Art (Rus) - "Lifeless Nothing"
Misanthropic art-homicides-4
misanthropic black legions - comp. Tape
Misanthropy (USA) - "A Monument of disgust"
Moloch - "a journey to the vyrdin"5
Moloch - "illusionen eines verlorenem lebens" 3
Moloch - "isolation der essenz" 3
Moloch - "misanthropie ist der einzige weg zur reinheit"5
Moloch - "traurer" 5
Moloch (Ukr) - "Ein düsterer Winter kommt"
Moloch (Ukr) - "II"
Moloch letalis-arkana chaosu-9
Moloch-by the wing of black
moloch-eine love grinnerune
moloch-in einer umarmung…
Mooncult (Gre) "Descend Upon Us"
Moontower (Pol) – "Antichrist Supremacy Domain"
Morbidlands (Fra) - Hail The Dying Star"
Mortal wish-dez crânios humanos em vossa oferenda-4
Morte Lune (Por) - "Into the Depths of the Mind"
Morte noire (hol) "in nomine tenebrae"3
Mortuus caelum (grc) “initium novum”3
Mortuus Caelum (Gre) / Hrizg (Spa) - "Split"
Morzhol - "morzhol" tape 6
Movimento D'Avanguardia Ermetico (Ita) - "Alle Frontiere Dell'Anima"
Movimento Perpétuo (Por) - "Raiz"
My dark sin-cogitatio
My self/maximum perversum-split part 1 e 2
Na Rasputje (Rus) - "The Throne of Immortal Ones/Hammer of Holocaust"
Naberus 666 (Bra) – Envolto Satânico “Demo Tape”-3
Nachtkult (Bra) - "Der sieg Des Stolzen Blutes"
Nahual-mysteries of the cosmic serpent
Nakkiga (Spa) - "Maketa' 05"
Nameless grave - s/t - 3
Namter (Ita)/ Gaszimmer (Ita) “Split”
Nargothrond (por) "promo'98"3
Nazxul (Aus) - "Iconoclast"
Nebelkorona (Ger) – "Reminiszenzen An Das Morgenrot"
neblina suicida-o fim
Necrocult-we re possessed by all that is evil
Necroplasma (Swe) - "Sit Gloria Domini In Saecvlvm"
Nenavist (Bul) - "Inhuman"
Nenavist (Bul) - "Nenavist"
Nerkroth (Chi) - "The Last Rebellion"
netzach-opus nigrum
Neurastenia (Bra) - "Languido"
Niedergang (Hun) - "Alámerulés"
Niedergang / Infectus (Hun) "Niedergang / Infectus"
Night Eternal- spitzer estrelares -4
Nigrum Ignis Circuli (BiH) - "Ritual Of Sabbath - Pt. 1 Lejda"
Nihil nocturne-necrohell
nirghal/vobiscum lucipher-split
Nitberg (Rus) – "Donner Wetter Donner Wyrd"
Nitberg (Rus) /Volkoten (Rus) – "Hammer Harte"
Noche eterna (ecu) "reino de guerra y muerte"3
nocturnal delirium-abyss
Nocturnal Fear (USA) - "Pagan Rites"
Nocturnal Feelings - Consecration of Evil Forces" Tape 2013-3
Nocturnal Feelings - Nocturnal Attack” Tape 2013-3
Nord (Can) - "Nord"
Nord (Can) - "Sombre Jour / Les saisons froides"
Northaunt / Vinterriket split
Northern fog "odin's day" 9
northern forest/satanic forest-split
Nostoi (Gre) - "Hellas H Tefra"
Nox Inferi (Aus/Por) - "Adverse Spheres"
nurnen-demo MMv
Oak (Hol) - "Their death, our Freedom"
ocultus sathanas/ gadereel-split
odal-einst verehrt…
Old Oak (USA) - "Spells and Starlight"
Old Pagan- battlecruiser old pagan- 6
Old throne (bra) "eu me arrasto…"
Omega (Gre) - "The Beginning of the End"
Omen / awicha / blackspell (...) "the misanthropic trinity"
Omission (spa) "thrash metal is violence"4
Omission (Spa) “Angelfuck”
Omitir-meu fado-2
Oprich "north, the boundless"-2
Orbis - the war trilogy tape (achtung! Records)3
Order of Tepes (UK) - "Kazikli Voyvoda"
order of tepes-anthology
ORDER OF THE DEATH'S HEAD (Fra) - "Antisémite" MC
Ordinul negru-poems of a rooted blade-7
Ordo Templi Orientis (Ukr) - "Eros Et Culto Thanatos".
Ordo Templi Orientis-the distances of cold
Ördög (Fra) "Miserere Mei Domine"
Osirion (Fra) /Vorkuta (Hun) "split"
Osirion- har sabbat-4
Oskal (Rus) - "Stahlkrieg"
Otargos (Fra)- Codex 666
Othar/Dark Fury-split
P.D. SS Totenkopf (Blr) "Northern Wind/Sny Wauka"
P.h.t.o. (fra) "affliction"
Pactum-ad majorem luciferi glorium
Pagan Hammer (USA) "Pagan Wolves / Foresight"
Pagan Hellfire (Can) - "Solidarity"
pagan heritage (Can) - the book of shadows
Paganblut – Rehearsal 06/02/2009 - 4
pain is a narcotic/annorvoth-split
Panzersoldaten (Blr)- "Aryan Man, Swing the Hammer of Discipline!"
Paymon- our burning flame…-4
Pest- vado mori-4
perpetrator- thermonuclear epiphany
Perverted Blasphemy (Aus) - "Demo I" - 4 €
Pestiferium (Por) - "In Honour Of Evil And Ancient Pride".
Pestilent grave - black majesty invoked (re-release) tape (zwaertgevegt))3
Piorun (Pol) - "Stajemy Jak Ojce"
Pogavranjen - "The Void Transmission" 5
Pogost (Rus) - "For those who Sleep Forever..."
Primeval Mass (Gre) "Atermon"
Profan (Por) - "Shamanic Invokations"
Profan (Por) - "Tales from the Sabbath of Equilibrium"
Profond Barathre (Swi) - "Snaar"
Profondis Requiem (Fra) - "Divine Nocturnal Torments"
Progeria Youth (UK)- "Little People of America"
psilocybe city life-drugtown
Raate (Fin) - "Sielu, Linna"
Raggradarch “Sbor”4
Raggradarh (Bul) - "Cold Foggy Hills"
Raining Forest (Bra) / Cold Abyss (Bra) - "Beyond the Dark Horizon"
Raven Dark (Rus) – "Autumn Roar"
Realm of carnivora - iii - noblefilth enigma4
rebirth-in the distant fields
Regnum umbra ignis-the cult to the night of the times
Revenge (Grc) - "Nail Them All"
Riddle of Meander (Gre)"End of All Life and Creation"
Rigor Sardonicous (USA) - "Vallis Ex Umbra De Mortuus"
Rites of Cleansing (Ger) - "Nemesis"
Ritualmord (Aut) / Matar (Fin)
Ritualmord (Rus) - "Cult of Luzifer & The Goat Sabbath"
saagal-from the plains
Sabbathan-the fury of the storms-2
Saltvind (Rus) - "Eternal Whisper of the Celestial North Chamber"
Satanhartalt (UK) - "Hæðenfolc" 4 €
Satanic corpse (us) "antichristum"
Satanic prophets-odio, guerra e supremacia
Satanik Blasphemy (Por) - "Live Necro Desecration"
Satanize (Por) - "Demonic Conquest in Jerusalem"
Satan-the fallen crow
Sathanas-flesh for the devil
saturn form space/deviator/winter depression-split
Scarificare (Por)- "Sulphurous Wrath"
Selonath (Hun) - "Light in Might"
Sentimen Beltza (Eus) - "Bizitza Osoan Zehar Sortu Den Etsipenaren Ondorioak"
Sentimen Beltza (Eus) - "Olabezarko Basoen Bakardadea"
Serpent lore-brandishing damnation sword-4
Shades of Deep Water (Fin) - "Underworld"
Shedim-the lord of this land
shoggoth-nahene hehabnctn
Silberbach - inferno tape. 4
silence the earth-as trhe winter ends
silva nigra-cerny kult
Sirin - moja otcina-4
SIRS/Deep-Pression - Marshland Murders 1
SIRS/Illness - Drowning in Schizophrenic...4
SIRS/Klver - Dysthymic Disorder 4
SIRS-outside border of the degenerate imagination-3
Slavland (pol) "lechita"
Sn-as life fades away
Solgrav (Fin) "Auringon Hauta"
solus/ice thunder-split
Sombre chemin - doctrine tape.3
Sombre chemin - notre héritage ancestral tape.2
Sønn av skogen (fra) "sehnsucht nach der vergangenheit"1
Sortsind (Den) - "Vanvid"
Spearhead-deathless steel command
Spectre (UK) - "Abyss"
Sterbend besungen-des todes..-
Stielas Storhett (Rus) "Vandrer..."
Stormheit - kvenland tape 3
Strigor (Slo) – "Povstaň rod Strigorov"
Stworz - po czasu kres 4
Stworz – synowie slonca 3
suicid solution-in suicide we trust
suicide emotions-mental disorder
Sump (UK) - "Taken Dead"
Sunwheel (Pol)- "Monuments of the Elder Faith"
Sunwheel (Pol)- "Prophecies of the aryan moon"
Svarthal (Ger) "Where the Shadows dwell"
svyatogor-energy freedom
svyatogor-with wolfish stalk…
Szarlem (Ger) - "Night of Blood"
Szron (Pol) – "Pure Slavonic Blasphemy/Cult of Death"
Tales of darknord-dismissed-5
Tangrycan-signing the flare up fires-5
Taranis (spa) "wotan& baldur"
tears of forgotten life-melancholia
Tenebrarvm-invoke wrathful lore
Tenebrous Infernal Abyss (Bra) - Blood Bath for the Gods “Dt 3
Terdor / Gheestenland split
terrorama-horrid efface
tetraskelion-walking on heathen soil
Teuta (Ita) – “Heathen Blood”
The Dead Musician (Fra) - "Anarcho Black Metal"
the end/dammerlicht/ when we live-split
The Frost (Cro) - "Damned and Forgotten"
The Frost (Cro) "Sounds of the Frozen Hate"
The frost…of the forest unknown 4
The second coming-opus i -7
The true dark lord-infernal black metal
The true endless /frostbeer-split
The true endless/malvento-split
the true endless-1888 from hell
the true endless-a climb to eternity
The true endless-live and raw-5
the wizard of doom-his eternal rage of inner nature
Thinking, feeling, willing-comp.tape
Thorns of evil-the pagan fire dominion-1
thou supreme art-sons of ayperos
thunderstorm-hatre burning northern sky
Thy Funeral - The End of Life-3
Tiwaz-the rune of victory-3
Tod-black vengeance-3
Todesreich (Por) / Void of the Serpent One (Por) split MC
Todestrier-ordo draconis-2
Tomb of... (Gre) "...The Rotting Break"
Tomhet (Can/USA) - "Desolate Palace"
tomhet-astral isolation
Torment-satanic black terror
Totenburg – endzeit 2
Totenkopf Kommando (Ger) - "Fight for the Sign of the Swastika"
Toxic Holocaust (USA) "Live - Only Deaf is Real"
triebtat-der weg indie depression
Trimberg (Bul) - "demo I"
Trimberg (Bul) - "demo II"
Triste (USA) - "Audial Suicide"
Triumphator-occulte maligni
Triumph-discord our impulse
Triumph-perverse kingdom
Triunfo vitoria a sata-demo Trollzorn- krieg…-1
Troth - "Darkened Light In World Of Pale Convictions" 5
Tundra (ita) "primordial"2
Twilight (Hol) - "Vreugdeliederen"
tymbos-…for the wars to come
Ulfhethnar (Arg) - "Essence of Superiority"
Ulfhethnar-beyond their mortal boundaries-3
Ulfsdalir (Ger) - "Baldurs Traum"
Ulvdalir (Rus) - "Soul Void"
Ulvegr-Where the icecols blood storms-
Unholy archangel – obsesed by war-
unholy cult/ wolf-split
unite the underground -w.w.black metal war -comp. tape
united in dark slavic blood-split
Uno Actu (Can) "Inexistence"
Uriburu (Arg) - "Picana"
Urt - saatanhark i - püha soda-
uruk-hai - tawantinsuyu-chapter 1-12
uruk-hai - tawantinsuyu-chapter 13-19
Urze (Por) - "Opus Crudo"
Valium (Bra) – "Scars from different times"
Vanyar - "Noldorin of Vanyarin Blood"
Vargleide (Rus) - " Лишь Прах,ОкалинуиВыжженуюЗемлюОставляя"
Various Artists: "Blutenstrasse/Ordo Templis Orientis/Winter Depression/Moloch" split
Veldraveth (Ven) - "temples of the black flame"
Veles (Pol) - "Black Hateful Metal"
Veles (Pol) - "Night on the Bare Mountain"
Velimor (Rus) "Ancestry"
Veneno (Por) - "D.L.M."
Verderben (Ger) - "Anti/Mensch"
Vergos di noctis (fra) "vorsegus"
Vernichtung- gewaltbereitschaft -
Vesano-pedaços de minha vida-
Vexillum (Ger) - "Templum interior"
Via Dolorosa (Ita) - "Total NSBM"
Via dolorosa-makabharata
Viento Patagonico (Arg) - "Esperando Por un Holocausto/Maldad"
Viento Patagonico (Arg) - "Taking roots in Grief"
Viento Patagonico (Arg) -"Para Illi Cum Vexillo Lupi"
Viha (Fin)- "From the mist"
Vindicta (Rus) - "Rising Star of Armageddon"
Vinterriket (Ger) - "Eiszwielicht / Firntann"
Vinterriket (Ger) - "Zeit-Los:Laut-Los"
Vinterriket/a forest-split
Vinterthron (Bra) - Reign Ov Opposites “Tape-
V-Kaos (Swe) - "Demo II"
Voido Quontur (Ita) "Wolves are Descending in Town"
Volkssturm-the descent to where
Vorkuta (Hun) - "Into the Chasms of Lunacy"
Vranorod (ser) "from the winter so close"
VRT 139 (Por) - "Demo 2009"
Vucub Came (Fra) "Goat mit uns"
Vultos vociferos-obscuro domínio
Vulturine (Bra) - "Um Cruel Destino Para Tudo que Respira"
Wacht - Wacht / Fin Chal Muond es Sfrachá -
Wangelen (Chi) - "El Camiño Pagano"
War front-die or march
War hammer command-slaughter is my regime
Warhammer (Ger) - "Curse of the Absolute Eclipse"
Warhammer (Ger) - "The Doom Messiah"
waste of life-submersed in past sorrows
Whipstriker (Bra) - "Crude Rock'N'Roll"
White Medal - "Heathen Ridings Return"
White Medal/Slægt - "Split"
Wilk (Pol) - "Hammer of Hate"
Windstorm - eternal gods forgotten
Winter Blasphemer (Pol) - "Legion Nienawisci"
Winter Decadence (Ita) – “Lacrime Di Solitudine Invernale”
Winterblut (Ger) - "Das Aas aller Dinge"
Witchcurse (Gre) - "Demon's Warning"
Wojnar - book of veles-
Wojnar - epos o woju z krainy mrozem spowitej
Wojnar - z najglebszych borow piesni wam niose
wolfdoom-black rituals
wolf-summum rituali
Wolfthorn-battle against humanity
Wolok-capul mortuum-
Woods of Belial (Fin) "Baxabaxaxaxaxabaxaxaxaxa! 666 Yndstr Draconis / Thy Unholy Pentagram"
Woods of Infinity (Swe) - "Lsujet"
Wotanorden (USA) – "Aryan Culture Preservation"
Wotanorden (USA) – "From the Storm come the Wolves"
wotans vrede-waldeinsamkeit
Xenofobia (Bol) - "demo 2004"
Xerion (Spa) - "Na Busqueda do Pimixenio"
Xerion-palida morte, negra sombra
zahrim-ultu muxxischa
Zavod31 (Bul) "Collection"
Zmrok-blukanni u ciemry
Zumtot (Fra) "Occident"
Zvartplaag (Hol) - "Nachtkwaad"


Aeons ov frost-cold front-cd
Aetherius obscuritas-ventus-cd 2012
Arcanum inferi/grimwald/northern tod-split cd
Black angel-cd
Cradle of filth(uk)-damnation and a day-cd 03 – 7 €
Cradle of filth(uk)-from the cradle to enslaved cd(sealed) 10€
Cradle of filth(uk)-midian-cd - 7 € Usado
Cradle of filth(uk)-nymphetamine-cd 04 - 7 € Usado
Eerie emotional music-prophecy sampler-comp. Cd
Emptiness soul(rus)-without you- cd 2012
Folkvang(bel)-on the wings of destiny-cd(5 euros)
Folkvang(bel)-world of wisdom cd(5 euros)
Inmortus(rus)-spirituality, orthodoxy and genesis-cd
Lucifuge rofocale-demonic transfixion-cd
Marduk(swe)-deathmarch tour 2004-2005—cd-ep10 €
Obscure torture-spilling the blood of the world-cd
Pagan fire-compilation cd + dvd 08(sealed) 15 €
Pentacrostic(bra)-the pain years-1989-2010-cd(selado)
Primal dawn-zealot-cd
quintessence mystica(ukr)-the 5th harmonic of death-cd
svardenvyrd(cze)-obycej slunovratu-dvd box
Trou noir(rs/fra)-echoes in black holes-cd 09
Turdus merula-herbarium-cd
tyranath/kuaathan/eingar-split cd
veer-the measure of waste-cd
vranorod – vranorod-cd
Xerion(spa)-cantares das loitas esquecidas-cd(5 euros)
Xerion(spa)-nocturnal misantropia-cd(5 euros)

Celtic dance- goddess- 7”EP – 6 €
Celtic dance- terror- 7”EP – 6 €
Somrak / Aesthenia - Split EP-3€
Morbid Funeral-lord of demons-7”ep -6
Mons veneris/morte incandescente-split ep-6

celtic dance - patch - 3E

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