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Bands you never gave a fuck about
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:08 pm    Post subject: Bands you never gave a fuck about Reply with quote


Armored Saint




Bal Sagoth

Vicious Rumours






Running Wild
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:13 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Darkthrone, Anthrax, Flotsam & Jetsam, Tankard, Obituary, any project by Pete Helmkamp after OFC, Goat Vomit and all other new bestialwarfago.
- Will there be vinyl?

- When comes the vinyl??

- Who is stocking the vinyl in Europe???

- What distros have the vinyl in North America????

- Looks like the vinyl is sold out everywhere.

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Joined: 02 Aug 2009
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dhorshonkari wrote:
Anthrax, Flotsam & Jetsam, Tankard

Absolutely, forgot these.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

99% of war metal bands
Metal Archives is the place legends are born.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:26 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

minge-eater wrote:
99% of war metal bands


Regressive Muerta Metal: https://sadistikus.bandcamp.com/album/desekrehearsal-march-21-2015
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

anthrax, metallica, manowar, emperor, enslaved, ulver, dark funeral
𝔙𝔦𝔫𝔶𝔩𝔰 𝔬𝔣 𝔇𝔬𝔬𝔪
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Scott K

PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

too many to list
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Scott K wrote:
too many to list

Not true.

!T.O.O.H.! - Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore
(god-rot) - Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore
100 Knives Inside - Progressive Death Metal
16 Stitches - Progressive Rock/Metal
20 Grit - Heavy Metal / Progressive Hard Rock
2112 - Progressive Rock / Heavy Metal
2Excess - Gothic Metal (early), Dark/Progressive Metal (later)
3 Headed Monster - Progressive/Power/Thrash Metal
4Fourty - Progressive Rock/Metal
54 - Extreme Progressive Metal
66crusher - Progressive/Thrash Metal
7 Months - Progressive Metal
7days - Progressive/Power Metal
7th Circle - Progressive Metal
7th Nemesis - Extreme Progressive Metal
7th Overture - Progressive Metal
7th Symphony - Progressive Heavy Metal
A Dawn Within - Progressive Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
A Hellish Digest - Black/Death/Progressive Metal
A Legend Falls - Melodic/Progressive Metal
A Losing Season - Progressive / Death Metal
A Love Ends Suicide - Progressive Heavy Metal/Metalcore
A Prelude to Tragedy - Progressive Metal
A Psychic Opera - Progressive/Thrash Metal
A Scapegoat's Faith - Progressive Gothic Metal
A Season in Hell - Progressive/Death Metal
A Shattered Dream - Progressive Metal
A Silent Ascent - Progressive Metalcore
A((wake)) - Melodic Progressive Metal
A.A.S. - Melodic/Progressive Metal
A.B.E.A. - Progressive Metal
A.T.T. - Progressive Metal
Aaen Anima - Avant-garde Progressive / Doom Metal
Abaddon (Tto) - Progressive/Death Metal
Abaddyon - Symphonic Progressive Metal
Abandon Hope - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Abaton - Heavy / Progressive Metal
Abdicate - Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Abed - Progressive/Technical Death Metal
Abel & Caďn - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Abhcan - Progressive Metal
Abinitio - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Above Our Distance - Metalcore/Progressive Death Metal
Absence Falling - Heavy Metal with Progressive elements
Abside (Ita) - Progressive Heavy/Gothic Metal
Absinthe - Progressive Death Metal
Absorbed in Thought - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Abstract (Ita) - Electronic Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Abstract Essence - Black/Doom/Progressive Metal
Abstract Shadows - Progressive Heavy Metal
Abstracta - Progressive Metal
Abstracto - Progressive Metalcore
Abstrakt - Progressive Metal
Abstrusa Unde - Progressive Black Metal
Absurd (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Absynth (UK) - Progressive/Groove Metal
Absyntho - Progressive Metal
Abydos - Progressive Metal/Rock
Abysmal God - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Abysmalia - Progressive Thrash Metal
Abyss (Esp) - Progressive/Power Metal
Abysse - Experimental/Progressive Metal
Acacia (Ita) - Progressive Heavy Metal
Acantha (Can) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Access Denied (Ger) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Accomplice - Progressive Metal/Rock
Aceria - Power/Progressive Metal
Achilleus - Progressive Heavy Metal
Aching Beauty - Progressive Metal
Achiral - Progressive Thrash/Black Metal
Acid Black - Progressive Power/Thrash Metal
Acid Death - Death/Thrash/Progressive Metal
Acid Rain (Arg) - Progressive Metal
Acid Rain (Esp) - Progressive Metal
Acid Rain (Ser) - Power/Progressive Metal
AcidBrain - Progressive Metal
Ackros - Progressive Death Metal
Acrid Tones - Progressive Metal/Rock
Acrimönia - Progressive Jazz Death Metal
Acron (Bra) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Acron (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Acronos - Progressive Metal
Acronychal Ritual - Progressive Ambient/Folk/Black Metal
Across Tundras - Progressive Psychedelic Doom/Stoner Metal/Rock
Act of Metal - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Actual Time - Technical/Progressive Metal
Ad Astra (Hun) - Progressive Power Metal
Ad Sidera - Progressive Death Metal
Adagio (Fra) - Progressive Symphonic Metal
Adam R. Bissing - Progressive Rock/Metal
Adamantra - Progressive/Power Metal
Adamind - Progressive Metal
Adiaphoria - Progressive Metal
Adonai - Progressive Metalcore
Adorn - Progressive Thrash Metal
Adramelch - Power/Progressive Metal
Adrian Raso - Progressive Metal/Shred (early), Acoustic/Folk (later)
Adrift (US) - Progressive Death Metal
Advent (Mex) - Melodic Progressive/Death Metal
Adytum (Can) - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Aeneas - Progressive Metal
Aeon Dragon - Progressive Metal
Aeon of Horus - Progressive/Technical Death Metal
Aeon Zen - Progressive Metal
Aeonic Dream - Progressive/Power Metal
Aesacus - Progressive Metal
Aesir (Esp) - Power/Progressive Metal
Aetas - Progressive Melodic Death / Doom Metal
Aeterna Hystoria - Progressive Metal
Aetherius - Progressive Metal
Aevum (Ita) - Gothic Metal with Progressive Influences
Afiqme - Progressive Metal
After Image - Symphonic Progressive/Power Metal
After the Silence - Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal
After@All - Progressive Metal/Rock
Afterage - Progressive Thrash Metal
Afterdeath (Prt) - Death / Thrash / Progressive Metal
Afterglow (Swe) - Progressive Metal
Afterglow (Hun) - Progressive Metal
Afterlife (US) - Progressive Metal/Rock
Aftermath (US) - Technical Progressive Thrash Metal
Afubad - Progressive metal/rock
Against All (UK) - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Against Nature - Progressive/Doom Metal
Agatta - Progressive Heavy Metal
Age of Illusion - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Age of Kings - Progressive Metal
Age of Nemesis - Progressive Metal
Age of Rebellion - Progressive/Power metal
Age of Silence - Progressive / Avant-garde
Age One - Progressive / Speed / Heavy Metal
Agents of Oblivion - Sludge, Progressive
Aggressive Mind - Extreme Progressive Metal
Aghast (UK) - Progressive Death Metal
Aghora - Progressive/jazz metal
Agnosia (Grc) - Progressive Metal
Agnostica - Progressive Metal
Agnus Dei (Fin) - Power/Progressive Metal
Agon (Esp) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Agonhymn - Progressive Drone Sludge/Doom
Agonized (Chl) - Death/Progressive
Agony Bag - NWOBHM with Progressive / Punk influences
Agony Within - Progressive Death Metal
Agora (Mex) - Progressive Metal
Agorar - Progressive/Death Metal
Ahasverus - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Ahriman (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Aiaibunch - Progressive Metal
Akashic - Symphonic Progressive Metal
Akercocke - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Akhenathon - Progressive Metal
Akhtamar - Progressive Metal
Akin - Progressive/Atmospheric Metal
Akphaezya - Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal
Akroma - Symphonic Progressive Black Metal
Akron - Atmospheric Doom/Progressive Metal
Akrosom - Progressive/Psychedelic Metal
Ala Drama - Progressive/Power Metal
Alaghom - Progressive Metal
Alan Azar - Progressive Metal/Rock, Shred
Alarma - Progressive Heavy Metal
Alarum - Progressive/Thrash Metal/Fusion
Alas - Operatic Progressive Metal
Alaska (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Albion Kross - Power/Progressive Metal
Alchemist (Aus) - Avant-garde/Progressive Metal
Alchemy Room - Progressive Metal
Alchemy X - Progressive Metal
Alchemysteria - Progressive Metal
Alcyon - Progressive Heavy Metal
Aldébaran - Progressive Metal
Alef - Progressive Thrash Metal
Alegionnaire - Progressive/Stoner/Sludge Metal
Alek - Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Alerion - Progressive Metal
Alesys - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Aletheia (Esp) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Alexandria (US) - Progressive/Gothic metal
Algol3 - Progressive Metal
Aliansa - Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
Alien Forcep - Progressive/Thrash Metal
AlienZ - Progressive Metal
Alister (Hol) - Progressive Metal
Aliy Rassvet - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Alkimya - Progressive Metal
All About Fear - Heavy/Progressive Metal
All Dreams Dying - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
All That I Bleed - Progressive Metal
All Too Human - Power/Progressive Metal
Alley - Progressive Death Metal
Alliance (Bra) - Progressive Metal
Alluminia - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Alluress - Heavy Metal, Progressive
Alogia - Progressive/Power Metal
Alpha Drakonis - Extreme Progressive Metal
Alpha III - Symphonic Progressive Rock/Metal
Alpine Fault - Melodic Progressive Metal
Alter - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Alter Ego (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Altera Enigma - Progressive Metal
Altered State (US) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Altered Vision (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Althea - Progressive Metal
Altona - Progressive Metal/Rock
Altruist - Extreme Progressive Metal
Altura - Progressive Metal/Rock
Alzir - Progressive Metal
Am Tuat - Progressive Death Metal
Amadeus - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Amalek (Isr) - Progressive Death Metal
Amalthys - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Amaran's Plight - Progressive Metal/Rock
Amarna Sky - Doom Metal with Industrial / Middle Eastern / Progressive influences
Amaryllis - Progressive Rock/Metal
Amaseffer - Progressive Metal
Ambeon - Ambient, progressive
Amberdawn (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Amboog-A-Lard - Power/Thrash, Avant-garde Progressive Metal
Ambrazura - Progressive/Brutal Death Metal
Amen (Hrv) - Death Metal (early), Progressive thrash/psychedelical (later)
Amentes - Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Amentet - Progressive Death Metal
America Gomorrah - Progressive Melodic Metal
Amethyst (Aus) - Traditional / Progressive Metal
Amethyst (Swe) - Progressive metal
Amethyst (US) - Progressive Metal, Shred
Amidst Haze - Progressive Black Metal
Amnesis - Progressive Metal
Amoebe - Progressive Metal
Amogh Symphony - Progressive Death Metal
Amorphis - Progressive/Death/Doom Metal (early), Modern Rock/Melodic Metal (later)
Ampast - Progressive Death Metal
Amphion (Hun) - Progressive Metal
Amplified - Melodic Death Metal/Progressive
Amyris - Progressive Power Metal
An Handful of Dust - Progressive/Power/Thrash Metal
Anachronic - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Anaconda (Mar) - Progressive Metal
Anacrisis - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Anacrusis - Thrash Metal (1986-1990), Progressive Metal (1991-1993)
Anactoria - Progressive Thrash Metal
Anaemia (Rus) - Progressive Groove Metal
Analgesia - Epic Progressive Metal
Analgin - Heavy / Progressive Rock/Metal
Anarhia - Thrash/Death Metal (early), Groove/Progressive Metal (later)
Anarkía (Gtm) - Progressive Metal
Anatomiae Occultii - Progressive Gothic Metal
Anaxim - Melodic/Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore
Ancient Cross - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Ancient Curse (Ger) - Progressive/Power Metal
Ancient Dawn (Fin) - Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal
Ancient Season (Che) - Progressive Metal
Ancient Serpent (Mex) - Progressive Death Metal
Ancient Tale - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Andeavor - Progressive Metal
Andere - Progressive Metal
Andersen - Laine - Readman - Progressive Power Metal/ Hard Rock
André Andersen - Symphonic/Power/Progressive Metal
Andre Tonelli - Progressive Metal, Shred
Andrea Torretta - Progressive Metal/Shred/Fusion
Andres Alvarez - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Andrew W. Bordoni - Progressive Rock (early), Progressive Power Metal/Shred (later)
Andromeda (Arg) - Hard Rock, Heavy/Progressive Metal
Andromeda (Swe) - Progressive Metal
Anemnesi - Progressive Death Metal
Angband (Irn) - Power/Progressive Metal
Angel Blanco - Progressive Metal
Angel Fallen - Progressive Death Metal
Angel of Disease - Progressive Death Metal
Angel of Pain - Progressive Metal
Angel Smile - Neoclassical Progressive Metal
Angel's Last Breath - Progressive/Power Metal
Angellic Rage - Power/Progressive Metal
Angels Decay - Progressive/power metal
Angels Grace - Progressive Metal
Angertea - Progressive Metal
Angra - Power/Progressive Metal
Angrist (Esp) - Classical/Progressive Heavy Metal
Anguish (Ger) - Melodic Progressive Metal
Anhead - Doom Metal (early), Progressive Metal/Rock (mid), Rock (later)
Anima (Ser) - Progressive Atmospheric metal
Ánima Barroca - Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
Anima Vilis - Progressive Metal
Animals as Leaders - Progressive Metal
Animations - Progressive Metal
AnJ - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Anken - Progressive Metal with electronic elements
Ankh of Gloria - Progressive Doom/Folk Metal
Anksylion - Progressive Death Metal
Anlace - Progressive Death Metal
Annalist - Death Metal (early), Progressive Rock (later)
Annex - Progressive Metal
Anno Domini (US) - Progressive Metal
Annon Vin - Progressive/technical metal
Anomaly (Hol) - progressive/avant-garde metal, fusion
Anomaly (US) - Progressive Rock
Anomalya - Progressive Metal
Anomy - Progressive Dark Metal
Anorexia (Tur) - Progressive Metal
Another Day - Progressive Death Metal
Another Life - Progressive Metal
Another Side - Progressive Metal / Psychedelic Rock
Ansata - Progressive Metal
Ansur (Nor) - Progressive Extreme Metal
Antares (Fra) - Progressive/Melodic Heavy Metal
Antares (US) - Symphonic Progressive Black Metal
Antartide - Progressive Metal
Ante Meridiem - Power/Progressive Metal
Antedeum - Progressive Heavy/Doom Metal
Anthelion (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Anthems of Gomorrah - Atmospheric Pagan Black Metal (early), Progressive Black/Death Metal (later)
Antheus - Progressive Heavy Metal
Anthriel - Progressive Metal
Anthropia - Progressive/Speed Metal
Anti-Depressive Delivery - Progressive Metal
Antibody - Progressive Metal
Antifreeze - Progressive Metal
Antigua y Barbuda - Progressive Metal
Antípoda - Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
Antiquus (Can) - Progressive Metal
Antithesis (US) - Power/Thrash/Progressive Metal
Antropophobia - Avant-Garde Death Metal (early), Avant-Garde/Progressive Rock (later)
Anubis Gate - Progressive/Power Metal
Anublar Cetro - Progressive Metal
Anubyss - Progressive Metal
Anwynn (Bel) - Melodic/Progressive Metal
Anzio Bridgehead - Thrash Metal/Progressive
Aone - Progressive Metal
Apathetic Discharge - Progressive Death Metal
Apathy (Swe) - Death/Progressive/Doom Metal
Apeiron (Bra) - Progressive Metal/Progressive Rock
Apeirons - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Aphasia (US) - Progressive Metal
Aphelion (Ita) - Technical/Progressive Rock/Metal
Aphelion (Sgp) - Progressive Metal
Aphelion (Tur) - progressive/power metal
Apocalypse (US) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Apocryphos - Progressive Heavy Metal
Apokatastasia - Experimental/Progressive Metal with Jazz Elements
Apoplexy (Tur) - Progressive Metal
Aporia - Progressive Metal
Apothys - Blackened Progressive Death Metal
Appearance of Nothing - Progressive Metal
Appendix (Ger) - Thrash/Speed/Death Metal with progressive touch
Appomattox - Progressive Metal
Approx - Traditional Metal, Progressive Metal
April Ethereal - Dark progressive metal
Apshait - Progressive Heavy Metal
Aptera - Progressive Death Metal
Arabesque (Hol) - Progressive Metal
Arachnophobia (Ger) - Progressive/Power Metal
Aragon (Aus) - Progressive Metal
AraPacis - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Arashk - Middle Eastern Folk / Experimental Progressive Metal / Rock
Arbor Vitae - Melodic Progressive Metal
Arborea - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Arcana Major - Progressive Metal
Arcane (Aus) - Progressive Metal
Arcane Visions - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Arcas - Celtic / Progressive Metal
Archaean Harmony - Avant-garde Progressive Metal
Archaeon (Can) - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Archaic Guilt - Progressive Death Metal
Archangel (Ita) - Progressive Metal/Rock
Archdragon - Progressive/Power Metal
Archetype (US) - Power/Progressive Metal
Arconova - Progressive Heavy Metal
Area 5.1 - Progressive Thrash Metal
Arenah - Progressive / Traditional Heavy Metal
Argals - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Arge (Mex) - Progressive Metal
Arghon - Progressive/Power Metal
Argon - Melodic/Progressive Heavy Metal
Argonath (Arg) - Progressive Death Metal
Aria (Ven) - Melodic Progressive/Power Metal
Arioch - Progressive/Power Metal
Arion (US) - Progressive Metal
Arisah - Dark Progressive Metal
Arise from Oblivion - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Arise from Thorns - Doom/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Ark - Progressive Metal
Arkaina - Progressive Power Metal
Arkangel (Bol) - Progressive Power Metal
Arkeronn - Progressive Metal
Arkhamian - Progressive Death Metal
Arkhč - Progressive Metal
Arkngthand - Progressive/Power Metal
Armageddon (Cyp) - Progressive/Power Metal
Armageddon (Ser) - Progressive/Symphonic Metal
Armored Assault - Progressive Thrash Metal/Metalcore
Army of Hades - Death/Power/Progressive/Thrash/Shred
Arpia (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Arret's Odyssey - Progressive Metal
Arriaz - Progressive/Power Metal
Ars Amatoria - Gothic Metal/Progressive Rock
Ars Nova - Progressive/Power Metal
Art in Motion - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Art Metal - Progressive Metal/Jazz Rock/Fusion
Art of Creation - Progressive Power Metal
Art of Simplicity - Progressive Metal
ArtCell - Progressive Power Metal
Arte - Progressive Metal
Arte Sacra - Progressive Death Metal
Artemist - Heavy Metal / Progressive
Artension - Progressive Metal
Artex - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Arthur Falcone - Shred/Progressive Metal
Artica - Melodic Progressive Metal
Artificial Limb - Melodic Death Metal (early), Progressive Rock/Metal (later)
Artmania - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Artrach - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
As I Am - Progressive/Power Metal
As the Tide Consumes - Progressive Sludge Doom / Ambient
Asaian - Progressive Metal
Ascension Theory - Progressive Metal
Asgard (Rus) - Power/Progressive Metal
Asgaut - Progressive Death Metal
Ashen Dawn - Progressive Metal
Ashent - Progressive Metal
Ashes and Dust - Progressive Heavy Metal
Ashes of Atrocity - Progressive Metal
Ashes Reburnt - Progressive/Power Metal
Ashigaru - Progressive Death Metal
Ashler - Progressive, Gothic Metal/Rock
Ashley Cook - Progressive Metal/Shred
Ashtar - Progressive Folk Metal
Askesis - Progressive Metal
Aslan - Progressive Metal
Aslan - Progressive Metal/Rock
Asmodeus (Cze) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Aspect (Hrv) - Progressive Metal
Asperity - Progressive Heavy Metal
Asphyxiate (Bel) - Progressive Death Metal
Aspid (Rus) - Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal
Assailant (Swe) - Power/Progressive Metal
Assailant (US) - Progressive/Power Metal
Assassinate the Following - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Asseedio - Progressive/Power Metal
Assignment - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Power Metal (later)
Astarte Syriaca - Progressive Metal
Asteria - Progressive Black Metal
Asteroidea - Progressive Metal, Shred
Astomatous - Progressive Death Metal
Astoroth - Progressive Power/Thrash Metal
Astra (Bra) - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Astra (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Astral (Fin) - Progressive Death Metal
Astrogence - Progressive Death Metal
Astronomy - Progressive Metal
Asylum Pyre - Progressive/Power Metal
At Domine - Gothic/Death Metal (early), Progressive metal (later)
At War with Self - progressive rock/metal
Atake del Dragon - Progressive Power Metal (early), Hard Rock/Heavy Metal (later)
Atalja - Progressive metal
Atávica - Progressive/Power metal
Athanor (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Atheist - Death/Thrash Metal with Jazz and Progressive Influences
Athela - Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Athem (Ita) - Heavy/Speed Metal with Progressive Elements
Athem (US) - Extreme Progressive Metal
Athena (Ita) - Progressive/Power Metal
Athenic - Metalcore/Thrash/Progressive
Athlos - Progressive Rock/Metal
Atisha - Progressive/Power Metal
Atlanthea - Progressive Epic Heavy Metal
Atlantica (Ven) - Progressive Power Metal
Atlantida (Bra) - Progressive Rock / Metal
Atlantida (Ser) - Heavy Metal with Progressive and Power influences
Atlantis (Prt) - Progressive Metal
Atlantis (Swe) - Progressive/Power Metal
Atma - Progressive/Death Metal
Atmosfear (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Atmosfear (Svk) - Progressive/Thrash Metal (early), Dark/Melodic Metal (later)
Atmosfearia - Power/Progressive Metal
Atmosphear - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Atomic Clock - Progressive Rock/Metal
Atomic Odyssey - Progressive Metal
Atomica (Rus) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Atomixynergy - Progressive Metal
Atraphine - Progressive/Power Metal
Atraxy - Progressive Metal
Atrophia Red Sun - Doom Metal (early), Progressive Death/Industrial Metal (later)
Atrox (Nor) - Avant-garde Gothic/Progressive Metal
Atroz - Heavy Metal, Progressive
Attic Dust - Progressive Metal
Attitude (Ita) - Progressive Metal/Shred/Fusion
Atto IV - Progressive Metal/Fusion with '70s Rock influences
Audience - Progressive Metal
Audio Kombat Arsenal - Progressive Metal
Audioblack - Experimental/Progressive Metal
Auditory Imagery - Progressive Metal
Augur (Aus) - Progressive Death Metal
Augury (Can) - Progressive Death Metal
Augury (Ger) - Progressive Metal
August Förster Reservation - Progressive Metal/Rock
Auhra - Epic Heavy Metal with Progressive elements
Aura (Hol) - Progressive Metal
Aura (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Aura Spectra - Progressive Heavy Metal
Aurea - Progressive/Power Metal
Aurion - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Aurora Empire - Progressive Metal
Aurum (Col) - Progressive/Power Metal
Autarchy - Power/Progressive Metal with Harsh Vocals
Autarquia - Power/Progressive Metal
Auticada - Progressive/Power Metal
Autism (Ukr) - Progressive Metal
Autumn Equinox - Progressive metal
Autumn Hour - Progressive Metal
Autumn Inspiration - Progressive Metal
Autumn Silence - Power/Progressive Metal
Autus - Power/Progressive Metal
Auvernia - Progressive Power Metal
Avacost - Progressive Metal
Avalanch - Power Metal / Progressive Melodic Metal
Avalon (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Avalon (Ger) - Melodic Progressive Metal
Avant Garde - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Avatar (Esp) - Progressive metal
Avec Tristesse - Dark/Extreme Progressive Metal
Averna - Progressive Death Metal
Averse - Progressive Black Metal
Avgvrio - Neoclassical Power/Progressive Metal
Avidost - Progressive Metal
Aviva Omnibus - Progressive Metal/Rock
Avsky - Progressive Dark/Doom Metal
Awacks - Progressive Heavy Metal
Awaiting Dawn - Progressive Melodic Metal
Awake (UK) - Progressive Metal
Awake (US) - Progressive Metal
Awakening (Mex) - Progressive Death Metal
Away Turns Face - Progressive, Death
Awol - Jazzy Progressive Rock/Metal
Ax'n Sex - Progressive Power Metal
Axe La Chapelle - Progressive Power Metal
Axiom (Ita) - Power/Progressive Metal
Axiom (US) - Progressive Metal
Axya - Progressive metal
Ayin Aleph - Progressive/Symphonic/Gothic Metal
Ayreon - Progressive Metal/Rock
Azazello - Progressive Metal
Aze - Progressive Metal
Aziola Cry - Progressive Metal
Azoth (US) - Technical/Progressive Death Metal
Azra-el - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Azrael's Ashes - Progressive Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Aztec Jade - Progressive Metal
Azure Agony - Progressive Metal
Azure Emote - Death Metal, Industrial, Avant-garde
Azylum (Pol) - Progressive Metal
B.E.N.T. - Progressive Power Metal
Babylon Fading - Progressive Thrash Metal
Back Pain - Progressive Metal
Backmask - Progressive Death Metal
Bad Ambition - Progressive Metal (early), Hard Rock (later)
Bad Blood (US) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Bagheera - Progressive Metal
Baht - Progressive Death Metal
Balance of Power (UK) - Power/Progressive Metal
Balder & Forseti - Experimental/Progressive Metal
Balfor (Rus) - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Baliset - Progressive Metal/Rock
Balistic - Progressive Metal
Balistixx - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Ballerina - Progressive Metal
Baptiste Brun - Progressive Metal
Bardik Ragnarok - Progressive Death/Power Metal
Barock (Dnk) - Symphonic/Progressive Metal/Rock
Baron d'Estigny - Progressive Melodic / Gothic Metal
Barroquejón - Progressive/Power/Classical
Bartok - Progressive Metal
Basalisk - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Basic Dreams - Melodic Thrash/Death Metal with Progressive elements
Battalion (US) - Progressive Power Metal
Battlecry (US) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Beautiful Chaos - Progressive Metal
Beckonsale - Progressive Thrash Metal
Becoming Divine - Atmospheric Progressive Death Metal
Becoming the Archetype - Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore (early), Progressive Death Metal (later)
Bedlam (US) - Technical/progressive death metal
Before Dawn - Progressive Death Metal
Before Eden - progressive metal / power metal
Before Silence - Progressive Power Metal
Behind Chaos - Progressive Power/Thrash
Behind the Curtain - Technical Progressive Metal
Behold... the Arctopus - Technical Progressive Metal
Believer - Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Bellicist - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Beltane (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
Beltane (Mex) - Death/Progressive/Electronic Metal
Benea Reach - Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore
Beneath Flowers - Progressive Death Metal
Beneath the Hands of War - Progressive Deathcore
Beneath the Red Dawn - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Beneath Under - Progressive Melodic Thrash Metal
Benign - Progressive / Hardcore / Alternative Metal
Bestija - Progressive Rock/Metal
Betalmand - Progressive Death Metal
Betrayal (US) - Progressive Thrash Metal
Between Worlds - Progressive Heavy Metal
Beyond (Can) - Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
Beyond Death (Can) - Dark Progressive Death Metal
Beyond Eternity - Progressive Melodic Metal
Beyond Glory - Power/Progressive Metal
Beyond Infinity - Progressive Metal
Beyond of Delusion - Progressive/Technical Thrash Metal
Beyond Reality (US) - Progressive/Power Metal
Beyond Symmetry - Progressive Death Metal
Beyond Twilight - Progressive Metal
Beyond Vision - Progressive Heavy Metal
Beyonders - Progressive Metal
Bezerker - Progressive Thrash Metal
BFH - Progressive Metal/Shred/Fusion
Big Trouble - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Biomech Race - Progressive Metal
Biomechanical - Progressive/Groove Metal
Biovore - Progressive Thrash Metal/Crossover
Biscaya - Progressive Rock/Metal
Bisclavret - Progressive Death Metal
Bitching Sluts - Progressive/Groove/Thrash Metal
Bittencourt Project - Progressive Metal/Rock
Bizzarra - Progressive metal
Black Babylon - Heavy/Progressive/Thrash Metal
Black Chapel - Power/Progressive Metal
Black Cowboys - Progressive/Southern Metal
Black Crane - Progressive Metal
Black Diamond (Ita) - Power / Progressive Metal
Black Fabula - Progressive Metal
Black Fate (Grc) - Power/Progressive Metal
Black Hole (Fra) - Progressive/Power Metal
Black Jester - Neoclassical/Progressive Metal
Black Pharaoh & Providence - Progressive Metal
Black Sugar - Progressive Metal
Black Symphony - Power/Progressive Metal
Black Tears (Bel) - Death/Black/Progressive Metal
Black Tears (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Black Verses - Progressive Doom/Death Metal
Black Warrior Metal - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Black Wings (Ita) - Progressive/Power Metal/Hard Rock
Blackalexxx - Heavy Metal/Progressive
Blackcircle - Experimental Progressive Metal
Blackend (Arg) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Blackeye - Progressive Thrash/Power Metal
Blackfield Asylum - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Blackkout - Progressive Power/Thrash Metal
Blackland (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Blackmail (Swe) - Progressive Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Blacksky - Dark Progressive Metal
Blacksmith (Mex) - Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
Blackthorn (Hrv) - Progressive Metal
BlackWine - Progressive metal
Blade of Spirit - Power/Doom Metal with Progressive Elements
Bleak Destiny - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Blind Aspect - Progressive Rock/Metal
Blind Defeat - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Blind Guardian - Speed Metal (early), Power/Progressive Metal (later)
Blind Illusion - Heavy Metal (1979-1985), Progressive Thrash Metal (1986-1989)
Blind Mirror - progressive metal/rock
Blind Secrecy - Progressive Metal
Blind Tharm - Progressive Death Metal
Blindead - Progressive Doom Metal
Blindraft - Progressive Metal
BlindSeven - Progressive Metal
Bliss (Ger) - Progressive/Dark Metal
Blockheads (Pol) - Progressive Doom Metal
Blood & Iron (Ind) - Progressive/Power Metal
Blood & Time - Progressive Sludge/Ambient
Blood Dress - Progressive/Death Metal
Blood Harvest - Progressive Death Metal
Blood Justice - Progressive Metal
Blood Star Oblivion - Progressive Melodic Metal
Bloodseal - Progressive Metal
Bloodshot Dawn - Progressive Death Metal
Bloodstone (Aus) - Progressive metal
Bloody Anatomies - Progressive Death Metal
Bloodychrist - Progressive Metal
Blorgalakt - Progressive Metal/Jazz
Blotted Science - Progressive Metal
Blower - Progressive Thrash Metal
Blue Coconut - Progressive metal
Blue Skies Bring Tears - Progressive Metal
Blue Thunder - Progressive/Power Metal
Bluefire - Progressive/Power Metal, Shred
Blueprint Human Being - Experimental Death/Doom Metal (early), Progressive Rock (later)
Bob Katsionis - Progressive/Neoclassical Metal/Shred
Bobby Trates - Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock
Bodies Left Burning - Progressive Death Metal
Bodragaz - Progressive Metal
Body Bag (Rus) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Bog Master - Progressive/Black/Doom Metal, Experimental Metal
Bokor - Progressive/Modern Rock/Metal
Bolthard - Thrash/Death/Progressive Metal
Bolts - Progressive/Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Boozaa - Progressive Metal
Borknagar - Black Metal / Progressive Viking / Folk Metal
Born from the Ashes - Progressive Death Metal
Born in Winter - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Born of Osiris - Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore
Bother - Progressive Metal
Bozzio Levin Stevens - Progressive Rock/Metal
Bradford - Progressive Metal/Rock, Shred
Brain Connect - Progressive Metal/Rock
Brain Heart Infusion - Progressive Metal
Brainchild - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Brainstormy - Progressive/Avant-garde Thrash Metal
Braintoy - Progressive Heavy Metal
Braintrust (Pol) - Doom metal (early), Progressive Melodic metal (mid), Progressive Rock with Jazz influences (later)
Brave (US) - Progressive Rock/Metal
Bravura - Progressive Metal
Bravus - Progressive Power Metal
Brayndance - Progressive Metal
Breadwinner - Technical Progressive Metal
Breno Teixeira Trio - Progressive Metal/Rock
Brett Miller - Progressive Metal, Shred
Brian Loyd Band - Progressive Metal, Shred
Bright Ophidia - Progressive Metal
Broadmoor - Progressive Metal
Broken Faith - Progressive Metal
Broken Glazz - progressive/power metal
Broken Grace - Progressive Metal
Broken Mirror - Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
Broken Windows - Progressive Metal
Brothers Grimm - Progressive Metal
Bruno Teodori - Progressive/Power Metal, Shred
Buddy Lackey - Progressive Metal
Budgie - Traditional Heavy Metal/Hard Rock/Progressive Rock
Burden Excess - Progressive Death Metal
Burgul Torkhaďn - Progressive Death Metal
Burn Down the Kingdom - Experimental Progressive Metal
Burst (Swe) - Hardcore (early), Progressive Metalcore (later)
Busolley - Progressive Metal
Butcher (Bra) - Progressive Thrash Metal
Butterfly Noir - Thrash Metal with Progressive influences
Buzzard (US) - Progressive Metal, Avant-garde Metal
By Blood Alone - Progressive Gothic Metal
Byproduct - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Byron Nemeth - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
C-One - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Cadaveryne - Progressive Death Metal
Cadenz in Black - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Caer Ibormeith - Symphonic Gothic / Black Metal (early), Death Metal with Progressive Rock influences (later)
Calhoun Conquer - Progressive Thrash Metal
Calico - Progressive Metal
Camerata - Progressive Metal
Camp Loco - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Candela (Ger) - Melodic Metal with Progressive Rock Elements
Cant - Melodic Progressive Metal
Canvas Solaris - Progressive Metal
Capricious Alchemy - Death/Progressive Metal
Carbonized (Swe) - Progressive Death Metal, Progressive Rock/Metal (on Screaming Machines)
Carcharoth (Aus) - Progressive/Melodic Death/Black Metal
Carillon - Heavy/Speed/Progressive Metal
Carina Alfie - Melodic Progressive Metal/Shred
Carisma - Melodic Progressive Metal
Carl August Tidemann - Progressive Metal, Shred
Carlos Osnaya - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Carnifex (Est) - Progressive Death Metal
Carolina Cadenazzo - Heavy/Progressive Metal, Shred
Carpadium - Progressive Heavy Metal
Carpathia (UK) - Progressive Black/Thrash Metal
Carpe Diem (Mex) - Progressive Metal
Carpe Diem Envy - Stoner/Sludge Metal with Progressive Influences
Carpocrade - Symphonic Black Metal/Avant-garde
Carslay - Progressive Thrash Metal
Carthago (Hol) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Cassandra Cross - Progressive Metal/Shred
Cassiopeia (US) - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Cast Asunder - Progressive Heavy Metal
Cast of Shadows - Progressive Heavy Metal
Castaway (Svk) - Progressive Metal
Castillion - Power/Progressive Metal
Casual Silence - Progressive Metal / Classic Rock
Catamount - Progressive Metal
Cataria - Progressive Thrash Metal with Industrial elements
Category V - Progressive/Power Metal
Cathis Ord - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Cattle Decapitation - Progressive Death Metal/Grindcore
Cautiva - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Cavum - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Cea Serin - Progressive metal
Celelalte Cuvinte - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock , Speed/Thrash Metal (1991-1993), Heavy Metal/Hard Rock (1994-)
Celestial Voyage - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Celestine - Progressive Sludge Metal
Cellblock 8 - Progressive Heavy Metal
Cemetary 1213 - Progressive
Cemican - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Cenolorn - Black/Death/Doom/Progressive Metal
Cenotaph (UK) - Progressive Death Metal
Centrica - Progressive Metal/Rock
Centurio - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Century Sleeper - Progressive/Gothic/Doom Metal
Cerebral Onslaught - Power/Progressive Metal
Cerosin Cowboys - Progressive/Power Metal
Chain (US) - Progressive Metal
Châlice (Ger) - Melodic Progressive Rock/Metal
Challenger (Pol) - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Chamoix - Progressive Speed Metal
Changing Sunrise - Progressive Metal
Chaos Among Nameless - Progressive Technical Deathcore
Chaos and Clockwork - Progressive Metal/Rock
Chaos Divine (Aus) - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Chaosstar - Progressive Metal
Chaoswave - Progressive Metal with Groove influences
Chapter Seven - Progressive Power Metal
Charisma (Ger) - Power/Progressive Metal
Charme - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Chased Crime - Progressive Metal
Chastaine - Progressive/Black Metal
Cherub - Alternative/thrash/progressive metal
Chiaroscura - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Chiaroscuro - Progressive Metal
Chickadeedickcheez - Progressive Thrash Metal
Chickenhawk - Experimental Sludge/Stoner Metal, Metalcore, Progressive Metal
Children - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Child’s Play - Progressive/Power Metal
Chiliblain - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Chimaera (Bra) - Progressive Metal
Chingalera - Progressive/Thrash/Doom Metal
Chirurgia - Progressive/Thrash/Death Metal
Chordewa - Progressive Black Metal
Chort - Progressive Metal
Chosen by Force - Progressive Heavy Metal
Chowder - Progressive/Groove Metal
Chozzen Phate - Progressive Power Metal
Chris Brooks - Progressive Heavy Metal
Chris Caffery - Progressive Power Metal
Chris Poland - Heavy Metal, shred, progressive metal
Chris Veleris - Progressive/Experimental Metal
Christabel - Gothic/Death Metal with Progressive influences
Christian Andersen - Progressive Metal
Christine Hell - Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal
Chromatic Shades - Progressive/Power Metal
Chrome Shift - Progressive Metal
Chromium Blitz - Progressive/Power Metal
Chronicle Shadows - Progressive/Power Metal
Chronicles - Progressive/Power/Thrash Metal
Chrysalis (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Chrysalis (US) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Chuan-Tzu - Progressive Thrash Metal
Chyld - Melodic Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Ciborium (Prt) - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Cipher (US) - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Circadian Rising - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Circle II Circle - Progressive Power Metal
Circle of Believers - Heavy/Progressive/Power Metal
Circle of Emotions - Progressive Metal
Circle of Moebius - Progressive Metal
Circle of Nero - Progressive Metal, Doom Metal
Circle of Pain - Progressive / Heavy Metal
Circles in Autumn - Progressive Death Metal
Circular Motion - Heavy/Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Circus Maximus (Nor) - Progressive/Melodic Metal
Cirrha Niva - Progressive / Gothic Metal
Ciryam - Progressive/Gothic Rock/Metal
Ciryon - Progressive Thrash Metal/Metalcore
Civil Defiance - Progressive / Experimental Metal
Civillian - Melodic/Progressive Metal
Clairvoya - Progressive Metal
Clairvoyance (US) - Progressive Death Metal
Clangforge - Progressive Death Metal
Clarity - Progressive Metal
Classica - Progressive Metal
Clay Withrow - Progressive Metal
Clayskin - Progressive Gothic Metal
Cloakwheel - Progressive Metal
Clockwork (US) - Progressive/Jazz Metal
Clouds Disperse - Melodic Death Metal/Progressive
Cloudscape - Progressive Metal
Clover Haze - Progressive Death Metal
CMKY - Progressive Metal
Cobzweb - Progressive Metal
Coda (US) - Progressive Metal
Coercive - progressive metal
Coexistence - Progressive Heavy Metal
Coldown - Progressive Heavy/Death Metal
Collapsar - progressive metal
Collapse (UK) - Progressive Metal
Collateral Damage (Hol) - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Collibus - Progressive Metal
Collusion - Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal
Colony (Bra) - Progressive Metal
Coma of Loss - Progressive Death Metal
Comma - Progressive Metal
Common Social Phenomenon - Progressive Metal with Gothic influences
Communic - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Company of Strangers - Progressive Metal
Complex 7 - Progressive Technical Power/Speed Metal
Complex Fiction - Progressíve/Thrash Metal
Con-Fusion - Progressive/Power Metal
Concept (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Concept (UK) - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Concept Insomnia - Progressive Metal
Concept of Time - Dark/Progressive Metal
Conception - Progressive/Power Metal
Concrete Prophet - Progressive Metal
Condemption - Progressive Death Metal
Condition Red - Progressive Rock/Metal
Conditioned Response - Progressive Power Metal (early), Melodic Heavy Metal (later)
Confusic - Melodic progressive metal/rock
Conquest (Fin) - Progressive Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Conrad Hultermans - Progressive Metal
Conscience - Power/Progressive Metal
Consecration (Ser) - Progressive/Stoner Metal
Conspiracy (US) - Progressive Metal
Conspiracy (US) - Progressive Death Metal
Constancia - Progressive Heavy Metal/Rock
Constant Motion - Progressive Metal
Consumned - Progressive Death Metal
Contagion - Progressive Death Metal
Continuo Renacer - Progressive Death Metal
Continuum (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Continuum (US) - Progressive Metal
Contracultura - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Control Denied - Technical Progressive Power Metal
Controlled Mind - Progressive Metal
Convulsus - Progressive Metal
Corbă - Melodic Progressive Metal
Core9 - Progressive Metal
Corey Smith - Progressive Metal/Rock
Corpse Brigade - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
coRPus (Bel) - Progressive Metal
Corrodal - Atmospheric Sludge / Progressive Metal
Corum - Progressive Metal
Cosmics - Progressive Metal
Cosmosquad - Progressive Metal/Rock
Cos˙ns - Progressive Metal/Shred
Council of the Fallen - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Count Sinister - Technical Progressive/Power Metal
Count Thy Days - Progressive Death Metal
Countdown - Progressive Heavy Metal
Counter World Experience - Progressive Jazz Metal
Countervela - Progressive Rock/Metal
Course of Fate - Progressive Metal
Coventide - Progressive Black/Death/Gothic/Folk Metal
Cover My Sigh - Progressive Metal
Co_Conspirator - Progressive Metal/Jazz Fusion
Cranium (US) - Progressive Metal
Crash the System - Progressive Heavy Metal/Rock
Creation of Pain - Progressive Death Metal
Creature of Habit - Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
Credo (Rus) - Progressive heavy metal with classical influences
Creed (UK) - Progressive Thrash/Power Metal
Creepmime - Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Cretecism - Progressive/Folk Metal
Cri d'Ames - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Crimeny - Progressive Metal / Grunge / Shred
Crimfall - Symphonic/progressive power/viking/folk metal
Crimson Dawn - Epic Progressive Metal
Crimson Glory - Progressive Heavy/Power Metal
Crimson Lotus - Progressive metal
Crimson Orchid - Progressive metal/rock, metalcore
Crimson Roots - Progressive Rock / Metal
Crimson Sky (US) - Progressive Metal
Crimson Sunrise - Progressive Metal/Rock
Crimson Sunset - Heavy Metal with Progressive elements
Crimson Tears (UK) - Symphonic Progressive Metal
Crinitus - Progressive Symphonic Metal
Crisalida - Progressive Metal
Crises - Progressive Metal
Cristal Negro - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Critical Stage - Progressive Metal
Criva - Progressive Power Metal
Cronian - Progressive Metal
Cronium Mare - Progressive/Power Metal
Cronos (Arg) - Progressive Power/Doom Metal
Croskill - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Cross (US) - Power/Progressive Metal
Crossfaith (Prt) - Progressive/Power Metal
Crossroads Edge - Progressive Metal
Crossthreaded - Progressive/Power Metal
Crotalo - Heavy/Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
Crowned - Progressive Death Metal
Crowpath - Grindcore/Progressive Metal
Crrombid Traxorm - Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Crucervix - Progressive Death Metal
Crucible - Progressive Metal
Crucifixion (UK) - Progressive/Melodic Death/Gothic Metal
Cruoris (Swe) - Progressive Doom Metal
Crusader (Svk) - Power/Progressive Metal
Cruz de Hierro - Progressive Metal
Cry Cin - Progressive Metal
Cry of Swan - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Cryogen (Ita) - Progressive Death Metal
Cryogenic (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Cryopsis - Progressive Death Metal
Cryptameria - Progressive / Melodic Metal
CrypTECH - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Cryptic Shade - Progressive Metal
Crysalid - Progressive Metal
Crystal Empire - Power/Progressive/Epic Metal
Crystal Lake (Pol) - Progressive Rock/Metal
Crystal Phoenix - Progressive Rock/Metal with Folk influences
Crystalic - Progressive Death/Heavy Metal
Cuarto Obscuro - Progressive Heavy Metal/Rock
Cube - Progressive Metal
Cubical Sphere - Progressive Death Metal
Cudfish - Progressive Metal
Cult of Luna - Atmospheric Sludge/Progressive Metal/Post-Hardcore
Cupola - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Cutting Edge (US) - Progressive Metal
Cyanide Breed - Progressive Death Metal
Cybicus - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Cyborg (Rou) - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Cyclic Creation - Progressive Metal
Cyclone (Jpn) - Progressive Metal
Cyclops (Hrv) - Progressive Metal
Cycorax - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Cydonian - Progressive Metal
Cymoryl - Progressive Metal
Cyndustry - Progressive Metal
Cyneris - Progressive Metal
Cynic (US) - Thrash Metal (early), Technical Progressive Death/Fusion (later)
Cynical Limit - Progressive Power Metal
Cyperus - Traditional Heavy/Progressive Metal
Cypher16 - Symphonic/Progressive Metal
Cyrcle IX - Progressive/Power Metal
Cyril Lepizzera - Progressive Metal
Cyrish - Progressive Metal
D-Lusion - heavy/power/progressive metal
D. Tendency - Progressive Death Metal
D.C. Cooper - Progressive Metal
D.E.C. - Heavy/Thrash/Progressive Metal
Da Capo - Progressive Metal
Da Vang - Progressive Metal
Dacast - Progressive Death Metal/Deathcore
Daddó - Progressive Metal, Shred
Daedalus (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Daemonizer - Progressive Metal
Daily Reign - Progressive metal
Daisy Cutter - Dark Progressive Metal
Dakryon (Ita) - Progressive Death Metal
Daksha - Progressive/Power Metal
Dale - Progressive Metal
Dale Blazing - Progressive Metal/Rock
Dali's Dilemma - Progressive Metal
Damascus (Can) - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Dame en Noir - Doom/Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Damien Steele - Progressive Power Metal
Damn the Machine - Progressive Metal
Damnation (Arg) - Progressive Power Metal
Damnesia - Progressive Death Metal
DamnNation - Power/Progressive/Thrash Metal
Dan Swanö - Death Metal, Retro ('70s) Progressive
Dangel - Heavy Progressive Metal
Daniel J - Shred/Progressive/Heavy Metal
Daniele Liverani - Progressive Metal/Rock
Dante (Ger) - Progressive Metal
DarCloud - Power/Heavy Metal (early), Progressive Rock/Metal (later)
Dargoron - Power/Progressive Metal
Dark Arena - Progressive Power/Melodic Thrash Metal
Dark Crown - Progressive Metal
Dark Dream (Ger) - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Dark Embrace (US) - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Dark Empire (US) - Power/Speed Metal (2004-06), Progressive/Thrash Metal (2008-)
Dark Energy - Blackened Power/Progressive Metal
Dark Erial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dark Fantasy - Progressive Metal
Dark Fate (Ger) - Progressive/Power Metal
Dark Horse - Progressive Metal
Dark Legend - Progressive/Power Metal
Dark Light Spectrum - Melodic Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Dark Mass - Progressive Metal
Dark Quarterer - Progressive/Epic/Doom/Heavy Metal
Dark Side (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Dark Sign - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Dark Suns - Progressive Dark Metal
DarkEmpire (Col) - Progressive Metal
Darkland (Bra) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Darklight (Ita) - Progressive Gothic Metal
Darklight (Pol) - Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal
Darkmalkin - Progressive Metal
Darkmere - Progressive Metal
Darkside (US) - Progressive Heavy Metal
Darkside Symphony - Progressive Power Metal
Darksky - Speed/Progressive Metal
Darkstalker - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Darkstar - Progressive Metal
Darkwater - Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
Das War - Experimental Progressive Metal
Dave Cardwell - Progressive/Thrash/Industrial Metal
Davide Dal Bň - Progressive Metal/Shred
Davidian (Swe) - Progressive Metal
Dawn After Death - Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
Dawnfall (Tur) - Progressive Power Metal
Dawning - Progressive Black/Doom Metal
Day Six - Progressive Metal
Dayan-Same - Progressive Metal
Daybreak (Hun) - Progressive Metal
Days of Demise - Progressive Death / Thrash Metal
Days of Perversion - Death Metal/Progressive
Dazed (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
De Profundis (UK) - Progressive Extreme Metal
De Ros - progressive metal/rock, shred
Dead Garden Cult - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Dead Leaves - Power/Progressive Metal
Dead Letter Opener - Extreme Progressive Metal
Dead Man's Root - Progressive Metal
Dead Poetry - Death/Thrash/Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dead Poets Society - Power/Progressive Metal
Deadly Fate - Melodic Progressive Metal
Deadly Trap - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Deadsoul - Melodic/Progressive Death Metal
Deadsoul Tribe - Progressive metal/rock
Deadstream - Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal
Deadweight - Progressive/Death Metal
DeadXheaD - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Dean Cascione - Progressive Metal, Shred
Dean Clea & Emir Hot - Progressive/Power Metal, Shred
Death - Death Metal (early), Death/Progressive Metal (later)
Death by Stereo - Progressive Metal
Death Hunter - Progressive Death Metal
Death Machine - Progressive/Industrial Metal
Death Rattle (Rus) - Progressive Death / Thrash Metal
Death's Boundaries - Technical/Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Deatharium - Progressive Thrash Metal
Deathbringer - Progressive Death Metal
Deathre - Progressive Metal
Deathroes - Progressive Death Metal
Decadence (Mkd) - Progressive Metal
Decay of Humanity - Progressive Death/Gothic Metal
December (Isr) - Progressive/Power Metal
Decembrance - Progressive Metal, Gothic Rock
Deception (Can) - Progressive/Thrash
Decharge - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Dedom Vash - Progressive Heavy Metal
Deep Silence (Ger) - Progressive Metal/Rock
Deep Sorrow (Blr) - Progressive Death Metal
Defcon 5 - Progressive Thrash Metal
Defector (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
Defender (Rou) - Progressive/Power Metal (early), Pop/Rock (later)
Defending the Faith - Progressive Power Metal
Deforming Mirrors - Progressive Metal
Defyance - Progressive Metal
Degree Absolute - Progressive / Technical Metal
Dehuman (Bel) - Progressive Death Metal
Dejmor - Power/Progressive Metal
Delian League - Progressive/power metal
Delirium Endeavor - Progressive/Technical Metal
Delirium Tremens (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Deliverance (US) - Power/Progressive/Thrash Metal
Delphian - Progressive Metal
Delpht - Melodic Progressive Metal
Delta - Neoclassical/Progressive Metal
Delusion (US) - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Delusional Mind - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Dementia (Ger) - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Demento - Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Demis - Progressive Metal
Demise (Mex) - Progressive Death / Doom Metal
Demised (US) - Progressive Death Metal
Demiurg (Rus) - Progressive Thrash/Death Metal
Demon Seed - Progressive/death metal
Demonication (US) - Progressive/Black Metal
Demonikus - Progressive Death Metal
Demonolatry - Progressive Death Metal
Den of Decadence - Progressive Death Metal
Dendura - Progressive Metal with Middle Eastern influences
Denial (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
Denied (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
Denis Vlachiotis - Progressive Metal, Shred
Denizen (US) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Depression (Grc) - progressive metal
Depth Beyond One's - Progressive Metal
Der Tod (Ita) - Progressive/Industrial Metal
Der-Untermensch - Progressive Metal with Death Metal influences
Derek Sherinian - Progressive Metal/Rock
Derelict - Progressive Death Metal
Descending Fate - Progressive Metal
Descent into Madness - Progressive Metal
Desecrate (US) - Thrash/Heavy/Progressive Metal
Desecrator (US) - Power/Progressive Metal
Desertomen - Heavy/Power/Progressive Metal
Desire One - Progressive/Heavy Metal
Despair Tears - Progressive/Death/Thrash Metal
Destination: Empty - Progressive Metal
Destiny Dreaming - Progressive Metal
Destra - Power/Progressive Metal
Desultor - Progressive Death Metal
Detachment - Progressive Death Metal
Deterrent (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Dethera - Melodic Death Metal (early) Alternative/Progressive Death/Thrash Metal (later)
Dethless - Progressive Death Metal
Detoura - Progressive Melodic Heavy Metal
Deus Irae (Ven) - Progressive Metal
Deus.Exe - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Devangelist - Progressive Death Metal
Deventter - Progressive Metal/Rock
Devil Doll - Avant-garde / Symphonic / Progressive with Rock and Metal Elements
Devil's Fate - Progressive Death/Thrash/ Power Metal
Devil's Interval - Progressive Metal
Devilmakesthree - Progressive/Death Metal
Devin Townsend - Progressive/Industrial/Atmospheric Metal
Devin Townsend Project - Experimental / Progressive Rock
Devius - Progressive Death Metal
DeVore - Progressive Death Metal
Devour (US) - Death Metal with Progressive influences
Dezember - Progressive Death Metal
DGM - Progressive/Power Metal
Dharma (Col) - Progressive Metal
Diabolos in Musika - Progressive Metal/Rock
Dial - Progressive Metal/Rock
diapAson - Progressive Metal
Die (US) - Progressive Death metal
Difenbachia - Progressive Metal
Different World - Symphonic Progressive Metal
Digital Ruin - Progressive Metal
Dilemma (Hol) - Progressive Rock/Metal
Diluvial - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dim the Lights - Progressive Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore
Dimaension X - Doom/Progressive Metal
Dimension (Mex) - Progressive Metal
Dimension 34 - Progressive/Power Metal
Dimension X - Progressive Metal
Dimension Z - Progressive Metal
Dimeyes - Progressive Metal
Dimitris Pantazis - Progressive Metal
Dimćon - Progressive Death Metal
Dionysos (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Dionysus (US) - Progressive Metal
Diphtheria (Cyp) - Heavy/Power/Progressive/Doom Metal
Direwolf - Technical Progressive Black Metal
Dirge (US) - Progressive Power Metal
Dirty Game - Progressive Metal
Dis (Hol) - Progressive Death / Doom Metal
Disaffected - Death/Thrash Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later)
Disarmonia Mundi - Progressive Death Metal (early), Melodic Death Metal (later)
Disassembled - Progressive Death Metal
Discanto - Progressive Metal with Electronic elements
Discidium - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Discombobulation - Progressive Sludge/Doom Metal
Discordant (Cze) - Progressive Death Metal
Discrete Magnatude - Progressive/Power Metal
Disenchant (Tur) - Progressive Metal
Disentropy - Progressive Metal
Disharmonic Orchestra - Death Metal/Grindcore (1987-90), Progressive Death Metal (1992), Avant-garde Metal (1994, 2002-)
Disharmony (Fra) - Progressive Metal
Disharmony (Pol) - Jazzy Progressive Death Metal
Disillusion (Ger) - Melodic Death/Progressive Metal
Dismal (Fra) - Progressive death metal
Disorder (US) - Progressive/Power Metal
Dissident Saint - Progressive Metal
Dissimulated - Progressive Death Metal
Dissolve - Progressive Thrash Metal
Dissonance (Can) - Progressive/Power Metal
Dissonance (US) - Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal
Dissonant (Isr) - Progressive Metalcore
Distance - Progressive Metal
Distant Light - Progressive/Power Metal
Distant Warning (US) - Progressive Metal
Distilling Pain - Progressive Extreme Metal
Distopia - Doom Metal (early), Progressive Death Metal (later)
Distorted Reality (Fin) - Progressive heavy metal
Distream - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Distributor - Melodic Progressive/Groove Metal
Disturbed Angel - Power Metal/Progressive Rock
Disturbed Kaos Society - Progressive Death Metal
Dive in Minds - Progressive Death Metal
Dive Into Infinity - Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal
Divercia - Dark Gothic Progressive Metal
Diverge (Swe) - Progressive Power Metal
Divertigo - Progressive Metal
Divided Multitude - Progressive Metal
Dividing Horizons - Progressive Metal
Divina Enema - Avant-garde
Divine Ascension - Progressive Metal
Divine Embrace - Progressive Death Metal
Divine Intervention - Progressive metal
Divine Regale - Progressive Metal
Divine Ruins - Progressive Metal
Divine Symphony (Ger) - Neoclassical/Progressive Metal
Divine Tragedy (Bel) - Progressive/Symphonic Metal
Divine X - Progressive Death Metal
Divinitus - Progressive Metal
Divinity Destroyed - Melodic/progressive heavy metal
Divinus (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Division by Zero - Progressive Rock / Metal
Djizoes - Progressive Metal
Doctor Weird - Progressive Metal
Dod Aernst - Progressive Death Metal
Dol Ammad - Progressive/Symphonic/Operatic Metal with Electronic music influences
Dol Theeta - Progressive/Symphonic Metal with Electronic music influences
Dollmen - Epic Progressive Metal
Dominant Chain - Melodic Progressive Metal
Dominici - Progressive Metal
Dominion Red - Progressive Metal
Dominium (Per) - Progressive Heavy Metal
Dominium (Pol) - Progressive Death Metal
Donor (Hol) - Progressive Metal
Doom - Progressive Thrash Metal, Avant-garde Rock
Doom Society - Progressive Metal
Doomsday (Ger) - Progressive Metal
Doomsday Cultz - Progressive Metal/Rock/Fusion Jazz
Doppel Gänger - Progressive Death Metal
Dorian Grey - Progressive Metal
Doriath - Progressive Metal
Dork - Progressive Death Metal
Dornfall - Dark Progressive Power Metal
Dorso - thrash metal, progressive avant-garde grind/rock
Dosel - Technical Progressive/Thrash Metal
Double Heart Project - Progressive Metal, Shred
Doubleblack - Progressive Metal
Dr. Pretorious - Progressive/Doom Metal
Drachen - Thrash/Power Metal with Progressive elements
Dracmas - Progressive Metal
Draco Hypnalis - Progressive Technical Death Metal
Draconis Sanguis - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Dragón de Hierro - Heavy Metal (early), Progressive Metal (later)
Dragon Wing Begonia - Progressive Black/Death Metal
Dragoons - Power/Progressive Metal
Drakon - Progressive Thrash Metal
Dramatic Irony - Progressive Metal
Draw the Curtains - Progressive Metal
Dread Veil - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Dreaded Silence - Melodic / Progressive / Doom Metal
Dreadnaught - Progressive Thrash Metal (early),Heavy/Groove Rock (later)
Dreadnot - Progressive/Avant-garde Metal
Dream Child - Power/Progressive Metal
Dream Devoid - Power/Progressive Metal
Dream of December - Progressive/Doom/Death Metal
Dream or Nightmare - Traditional/Progressive Metal
Dream Smashers Inc. - Melodic Progressive Thrash Metal
Dream Struter - Extreme Progressive Metal
Dream Theater - Progressive Metal
Dream Toys - Progressive Metal
Dreamline - Progressive Metal
Dreamlore (US) - Progressive/Technical Metal
Dreamlost - Progressive Metal
DreamReaver - Progressive Power Metal
Dreams N' Lies - Progressive Heavy Metal
Dreamscape (Ger) - Progressive Metal
DreamsEnd - Progressive Death Metal
Dreamstate (US) - Progressive Metal
Dreamtone - Progressive Metal
Dreamtone & Iris Mavraki's Neverland - Progressive/Power Metal
Dreamworks - Progressive Power Metal
Dred (UK) - Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore
Dreemwich - Progressive Metal
Dreyelands - Progressive Metal
Drive - Progressive metal
Drivhell - Progressive/Power Metal
Drown in Oblivion - Progressive Metal
Drowning in Real - Progressive Metal
Drowning in Red - Progressive Metal
Drunk Horse - Progressive stoner metal
Druul - Progressive doom metal
Drvall - Progressive Metal
Dryad's Tree - Progressive Metal
Dryade - Progressive Heavy/Speed Metal
DSP - Progressive Metal
Duelo Eterno - Melodic Power/Progressive Metal
Dug Pinnick - Progressive/Hard Rock/Metal
Dune (Aus) - Power/Progressive Metal
Dune (Ita) - Progressive Metal
DuraMadre - Progressive Metal
Durnovariah - Progressive Metal
Dusk (Pak) - Death/Doom (early) Progressive Metal (mid) Death/Thrash (later)
Dustynation - Progressive Metal
Dvinity - Progressive Metal
Dwar - Progressive Melodic Metal
Dyers Eve (US) - Progressive thrash Metal
Dying Balance - Progressive Death Metal
Dying to Live - Progressive Metal
Dyluvian - Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal
Dynahead - Progressive Thrash Metal
Dynamic Lights - Progressive Metal
Dyroxium - Progressive Death Metal
Dysentery (Svk) - Progressive Death Metal
Dysrhythmia - Technical Progressive Rock/Metal
Dystopia (Hun) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Dystrophy (US) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
DZ Project - Progressive Heavy Metal
Dämon Mörder - Progressive Death Metal
E Nora - Progressive/Symphonic Metal
E-Lane - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Early Warning - Progressive Metal
Earth Majesty - Heavy/Doom/Progressive Metal
Earthbound - Progressive Metal
Earthcubed - Progressive/Power Metal
EarthPulse - Progressive Metal
Ebonheart - Power/Progressive Metal
Ebony Ark - Power/Progressive Metal
Echidna (Grc) - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
Echo Hollow - Progressive Metal
Echoes of Eternity - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Echosilence - Progressive Metal
Eclectic Spawn - Death/Progressive Metal
Eclipse (Can) - Progressive/Power Metal
Eclipse (Fra) - Progressive Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
Eclipse (Hun) - Progressive/Thrash Metal
Eclipse Hunter - Progressive Power Metal
Eclipsis - Progressive Dark Metal
Ecliptica (Ita) - Progressive/Power Metal
Edain - Progressive Death Metal
Eden (Jpn) - Progressive Metal/Rock
Eden Obscured - Progressive Metal
Edenmyst - Progressive Death Metal
Edera - Progressive Metal (early), Art Rock (later)
Edge (US) - Progressive Metal
Edge (US) - Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal
Edge of a Circle - Progressive Metal
Edge of Sanity - Progressive Death Metal
Edgend - Progressive Power Metal
Edifice - Progressive/Brutal Death Metal
Edwin Dare - Progressive Heavy Metal
Ego (Esp) - Progressive Metal
Egoist - Technical/Progressive Extreme Metal
Eidyllion (Arg) - Heavy/Progressive metal
Eject - Progressive Heavy/Thrash Metal
EK - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Ekidna - Progressive Dark/Black Metal
El Dańo Está Hecho - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
El Lado Oscuro - Power/Progressive Metal
El Nińo - Progressive Death/Thrash Metal
El Que Saluda Con Fuego - Progressive Heavy Metal/Hard Rock
El Reloj - Progressive / Hard / Jazz Rock (70s & 80s), Progressive Metal / Hard Rock (later)
Elation - Power/Progressive Metal
Elctrikchair - Progressive Death/Black Metal
Eldgammel - Power/Progressive Metal
Eldritch (Ita) - Progressive/Power Metal
Eldritch Rite - Progressive Power Metal
Electro Quarterstaff - Technical/Progressive Metal
Electrocution 250 - Progressive Metal, Shred
Elegacy - Progressive/Power Metal
Elegy (Hol) - Progressive Power Metal
Elegy of Madness - Gothic/Progressive Metal
Eleidhas - Gothic Metal with Progressive elements
Elemental (Bra) - Progressive Metal
Elements of Chaos - Progressive Metal
Elemiah - Progressive Metal
Elemment - Progressive Metal
Elenium (Fin) - Progressive/Melodic Death Metal
Elenium (Pol) - Symphonic Metal (early) - Symphonic/Progressive Death Metal (now)
Elephant Road - Progressive Metal
Eleventh - Progressive/Death Metal
Eleventh Hour (US) - Progressive Metal
Elficus - Progressive Metal
Elfonía - Progressive Rock/Metal
Elias Viljanen - Progressive Metal
Elliott's Keep - Progressive/Doom/Death Metal
Ellipsis - Progressive Metal
Elma - Progressive/Sludge Metal
Elsesphere - Progressive Metal
Elsewhen - Melodic Progressive Metal/Rock
Eltharia - Power/Progressive Metal
Elvaron - Progressive Thrash Metal
Elvenfire - Power / Progressive Metal
Elyon - Progressive/Power Metal
Elysium (Ger) - Progressive Death Metal
Embers from Cremation - Progressive/Death/Thrash Metal
Embers of Euphoria - Melodic Power/Thrash/Progressive Metal
Emberstorm - Power/Progressive Metal
Embittered - Progressive Death Metal
Emerald Edge - Progressive/Power Metal
Emir Hot - Progressive Metal
Emissary (US) - Progressive/Power Metal
Emissary (US) - Progressive Melodic Death Metal
Emotion - Progressive Melodic Metal
Empire (Aus) - Progressive Death Metal/Metalcore
Empire of Dreams - Melodic/Classical/Progressive Metal
Empiria - Progressive Gothic/Black Metal
Empty Cage - Progressive Metal
Empty Tremor - progressive metal
Empyreal (Can) - Progressive Metal
Empyrean (Are) - Progressive Metal with harsh vocals
Empyrean Sky - Progressive Death Metal
Empyria - Progressive Metal
Empyrica - Progressive Metal
Empürios - Dark/Power/Progressive Metal
Empyrios - Progressive Metal
En Force (US) - Power/Progressive Metal
Enamored - Black/Progressive Metal
Enchant - Progressive Metal/Rock
Enchantment (Esp) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Enchiridion - Progressive Metal
Encompass - Progressive Metal
Encounter Darkness - Progressive Power Metal
Encryption - Thrash, Progressive, Power
End Amen - Progressive Metal
End Zone - Progressive Death Metal
Endangered Reign - Power/Progressive Metal
Enditol - Progressive Metal
Endless Cycle - Progressive Death Thrash Metal
Endless Distrust - Progressive Death Metal
Endless River - Progressive Death/Doom Metal
Endless Tears - Progressive/Power Metal
Endless Tide - Progressive/Gothic Metal
EndOfGrace - Progressive Metal
Endomorphism - Progressive metal
Endorphine - Technical/Progressive Thrash Metal
Endtyme Inc. - Dark Progressive Metal
Enemy at the Six - Progressive Metal
Enemy of My Enemy - Thrash, melodic death, progressive
Enemy of the Sun - Progressive Thrash Metal with Death/Black influence
Energía - Melodic/Progressive Metal
Engine (US) - Progressive metal
Eniac Requiem - Progressive Metal
Enigma (Chl) - Progressive Metal
Enigma (Ven) - Progressive Heavy Metal
Enigmatic Paranoia - Progressive Death Metal
Enlightenment - Progressive Metal, Shred
Enneade - Progressive Heavy Metal
Enochian Theory - Progressive Metal/Rock
Enorhted - Progressive Metal
Enshrine Cry - Progressive Metal
Enslaved (Nor) - Progressive Black/Viking Metal
Ente (Esp) - Progressive Sludge Metal
Ente (Mex) - Progressive Power Metal
Enter the Hunt - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Enthral (US) - Progressive Thrash Metal
Enthrall (Ind) - Heavy/Progressive Metal/Rock
Entirety (UK) - Progressive Thrash Metal
Entrance - Progressive Metal
Entropia (Col) - Progressive Metal
Entropia Utopia - Progressive Rock/Metal
Entropy (US) - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Entropy (US) - Progressive Death Metal
Entwined (Ita) - Progressive/Gothic Metal
Envy (US) - Progressive / Symphonic Metal
Ephel Duath - Progressive Post-Black Metal (early), Avant-Garde Jazz/Metal (later)
Ephemeral Sun - Progressive metal
Ephrat - Progressive Rock/Metal
Epic (Pol) - Thrash/Progressive Metal
Epic (US) - Neoclassical Progressive Metal / Rock
Epica (Arg) - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Epicurean - Symphonic Progressive Metal/Melodic Death Metal
Epilogue (Can) - Death/Progressive Metal
Equal Vector - Power/Progressive Metal
Equilibrium (Hol) - Progressive Symphonic Metal
Equinox (US) - Progressive Metal
Equirhodont - Progressive Metal
Equiseti - Progressive / Melodic Metal
Era (Ita) - Progressive Metal
Era Vulgaris - Progressive metal
Eradication (Fin) - Progressive Heavy Metal
Eren Komurlu - Progressive Metal/Rock
Eric Meyer - Progressive Metal
Erich Zann (Ita) - Progressive Thrash Metal
Erik Norlander - Progressive Metal/Rock
Errant Society - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Escalation (Grc) - Progressive Metal
Escape Mortality - Progressive Death Metal
Escapism - Progressive Metal / Rock with Industrial / Psychedelic influences
Esfinge de Gizeh - Progressive Folk Heavy/Black Metal
Esicastic - Progressive/Jazzy Death Metal
Esoteria (Swe) - Progressive Thrash
Esqarial - Technical/Progressive Death Metal
Essential Genre Obsession - Progressive Metal
Estigia (Col) - Progressive Death 'n' Roll
Estigia (Esp) - Melodic Progressive Metal
Estigia (Mex) - Progressive Metal
Estrum - Melodic Progressive Metal
Esucarys - Progressive Metal
Etánisis - Progressive Metal
Etched in Stone - Progressive Death Metal
Etelantulet - Progressive Heavy Metal
Eterna (Bra) - Progressive Power/Speed Metal
Eternal Essence - Progressive Metal
Eternal Faith - Heavy/Progressive Metal
Eternal Recurrence - Progressive Metal
Eternal Subordination - Progressive Metal/Hard Rock
Eternal Symphony - Progressive/Power Metal
Eternal Tragedy - Progressive Death Metal
Eternal Twilight (Fra) - Progressive Metal
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:37 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Diamond Head

Metal Church


almost everything with Rob Halford

Yngwie Malmsteen

Quiet Riot

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:38 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Eva, ave Isis. Vade Lilith, vade retro Mirzam! Jesus Bethlemitus maledictus est! Gloria tibi, Domine Lucifere, per omnia saecula, saeculorum. Amen.

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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:39 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This is a bit pointless though, if we don't give a fuck, why are we posting about them?
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:40 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Anathema, MDB and all the other sissy Doom Metal-Bands.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

minge-eater wrote:
99% of war metal bands

Agree 100%
BLAZING OBSCURITY TAPE LABEL| http://blazingobscurity.blogspot.com/
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:42 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Conqueror,Revenge,Black Witchery and the list goes on. Out of all the ''essential'' Wargoatchrisbeheadingritualfuck bands i think that only Blasphemy, Beherit and Archgoat are the only worthy.
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PostPosted: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:43 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Cannibal Corpse
Toxic Holocaust
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