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Cheap stuff for sale Cds, 7" and some 12"

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mucupurulent cuntkiller

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PostPosted: Wed May 27, 2015 10:10 am    Post subject: Cheap stuff for sale Cds, 7" and some 12" Reply with quote

Im located in Spain. No trades.


Anaemia "Stupidy of the lambs"
Angelcorpse "of lucifer and lighting" 7 euros
Angel Witch "Resurrection" 3 euros
Armour "Sonichouse tape" 4 euros
Bestial Raids "reverse black trinity" 5 euros
Blackthorned "arrival of the firedemon"
Blood Ritual "at the mountains of madness" 5 euros
Brodequin "methods of execution" 8 euros
Chaostar "chaostar" digi 7 euros
Chaostar "Threnody" digi 7 euros
Coffin texts "gods of creation" 8 euros
Dahmer "The studio sessions" 4 euros
Death Yell "Morbid Rites" 5 euros
Denouncement Pyre "hells infantry" 4 euros
Disgorge (Mex) Gorelics 5 euros
Fistfuck "23 songs in the same hole" 4
Fetus Eaters/Brainchoke Split 3 euros
Fleshgrind "destined for defilement" 9 euros
Gae Bolg and the church of Fand (digi) 8 euros
General Surgery/The County medical examiners 14
Grimuack "A.G.L.A"
Hemdale "Rad Jackson" 4
Hemdale/Exhumed Split 12 euros
Human Remains (compilation 2 cd) 6 euros
Impetigo "Horror of the zombies" firmado por los 4 miembros (Razorback) 15
Kill "Burning Blood" 4 euros
Lost in Misery "Carousel of memories" 4 digi
Lutemkrat "never surrender" Lim 66 copias slipcase 6 euros
LA GUNS "the very best of" 3
lugubre "anti-human black metal"
Macabre "Murder Metal" 6
Malignancy "Cross Species transmutation" 5
Martyvore "possessed by mayhemic slaughter" 5
Mesrine "Jack is dead" 5 (recopilatorio discografia)
Morpheus (Spa) "elohim" 4 Drama&Sin company
Mucupurulent "Sicko Baby" 6 euros
Proclamation "Messiah of darkness" 6 euros
Primigenium "faith through anguish" 6 euros
Prostitute disfigurement "embalmed madness" 5 euros
Raven "Walk throuh fire" 3
Revenge "Attack.blood.revenge" 6 euros
Skyforger "semigalls warchant" 4
Surrender of divinity "oriental hell rhytmics" 3
Velocidad Absurda "fisico tortura emocional" 5 euros
Victimizer "The final assault" 4
Viral load "backwoods bludgeoning..." 4 euros
Witchtomb/Martyvore 4 euros
Wildfire "brute force and ignorance" 3
VVAA -Relapse extreme music sampler

Singles 7" Eps- vinilos

Agoaraphobic Noseebleed/total fucking destruction 3
Cripple Bastards/sublime cadaveric descomposition 4
Denak "aquellos a los que nadie quiere" 3
Hemdale/Exit 13 10 euros
Dahmer/Mesrine 4
Dahmer "the 9 song 7 ep" 4 euros
Dahmer/jeansxseberg" 4 euros
Dahmer/parade of the lifeless 5 euros
Dahmer/Suppression 4 euros
Dahmer/IRF 4
Dahmer/IRF great samu is back/infinite radical freaks 4
Dahmer/Undinism 13 euros
Gut/Morphea 18 euros
The tomb of grind (compilation 7 ep) 4 euros
Tu Carne "carnes muertas" split 3
Machetazo/Cianide Split 7 euros
Mesrine/Glaucoma 3
Mesrine/Neuro-visceral exhumation 3
Nunwhore commando 666 "world whore 3" 4
Revenge "Retaliation doom eradication" 5 euros
Running guts/flatulation 3
Squash Bowels/Neuropathia 3
Iron Maiden "El numero de la bestia" 7"Ep 25 euros
Umigliazione "fist sucking" 2
Urine Specimen/Tapasya 3
VVAA Peaceville 7 ep (Global genocide/Pitch Shifter/Darkthrone/Amnesia) 5
VVAA "sOUNDS of betrayal presents te bloodbath is coming" 2x7"Ep

12" vinilos:

Axis of Advance "Landline" 7
Burzum "Belus" 14
Conqueror "War cult supremacy" 15
Dahmer "Dahmerized" 23 euros
Exhumed "gore metal" 15 euros pic 12"
Impetigo "Giallo" 10" PicEp Morbid Rec 20 euros
Impetigo "Horror of the zombies" Lim 111 copias 60 euros
XXX Maniak "Harvesting the cunt nectar" 7
Wizards of Gore (Tribute to iMpetigo) 2x12"Lp 8

Cintas (todas a 3 euros salvo que se indique precio):

Abigail/korihor "Alcoholic metal blasphemies"
Beastcraft "Crowning the tyrant" 5
nocturnal vomit "divine profanation"
Nocturnal Vomit "DEMO II
Spearhead "deathless steel command"
Cult of daath "under the cover of darkness"
Samael "live in to the pentagram" 13
Tanat/Briargh split tape
grimfaug" defloration of life essence"
revenge "ultras"
imperial "aggresors not followers"
perisynti "turmeltuneen ihmisen luonto"
darknened nocturn slaughtercult "hora nocturna"
Martyrum omnium "soul wandering"
Borgia "et ibi fundo"
korgonthurus "s/t"
kladovest "s/t"
Warhammer "Deathcrist"
Warhammer "the doom messiah"
Warhammer "Curse of the absolute eclipse"
Kraft "Twilight halls of sorrow"
Hell Throne "Sentimen Bellza"
slavia "gloria un exelis sathan"
Abysmal lord "rehearsal MMXI"

DVDs/Xbox 360:

Alguien Vol sobre el nido del cuco 5
cadena perpetua 2 euros
Jackie Brown (Tarantino) 2 euros
Obscene extreme 2006 2xDVD 5 euros
Forza Motorsport 1
Battlefield 2 Bad Company 2 euros
Dead Island 5 euros


Invocation of evil #1 5 euros
Invocation of evil #2 (split) 4 euros
Wantlist ---> http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=921076#921076
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