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MUSICAL GEAR cleansing siege

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PostPosted: Sat Aug 22, 2015 1:56 am    Post subject: MUSICAL GEAR cleansing siege Reply with quote

I have to dispose TWO guitars, TWO drumkits, TWO pedals, a drumrack from Pearl, THREE snaredrums and an Marshall all-valve 2x12" combo...

Bought the drumkit for a lifetime last december from Tama so I'm getting rid of my old Pearl Drums.

Kit #1

Pearl MMX (circa 2001) shell-set.
10x9,12x10,13x11,14x12 tom toms, 14x14, 18x16 floor toms, 22x16 bass drum, 14 x 5,5 snare.
Black Mist (#122 - see-thru-black).
Has toured for all its history, been in the studio MANY times. Sounds fantastic with the thin 4-ply shells with 4-ply reinforcement ring construction. Balanced attack with smooth low ends. Many battlescars on its skin but none of the constructions have any harm done on them. ALL the toms except 14x12 and 18x16 have die-cast hoops, these have Super Hoops, have been an add-on to this kit. These two also have not suffered that much on touring and assembling and such, but have some light scarring, too, which occures on every touring bands gear.

All except the snare and 18x16 have rather new Hardcases on them, and my asking price for this monster would be an even 2K€.

Kit #2,
Pearl MMX (circa 2004-2006) shell-set.
#126 Midnight Fade (quite common colour on Pearl kits, fades from blueish thru purple to black)
8x7,10x8,12x10,14x12,16x14 toms,22x18 bass drum; all mount drums, none of the "floor toms" have legs on them. With BLACK die-cast rims and Optimounts they look fantastic. Has been my ultimate add on since 2012 because I wanted to go double bass. Noticed on one studio session the bass drums differ in depth so I had to replace all my kit as I didn't want to buy another round of these drums any more.

Very clean and pretty condition over-all. I've looked thru everything as I got this kit and cleaned everything up and oiled up all the metal parts so It's all good to go.
These come with rather new padded Rockbags and have heads changed just an little while ago.

Asking price for these the same forementioned 2K€.

Snaredrums to go:

13x5 power Piccolo, african Mahogany. Omar Hakim signature. Comes with a brand new Hardcase as well. Nice, clean condition and pops quite clearly. Not my obvious choise for doing Black Metal, but for heavy blast beat oriented Death Metal and such this could work out just fine.
My asking price on this is 280€.

14x6,5 Super Gripper Brass snare
Just a little spot on the brass, all clean otherwise. Early model of real heavy weight drums on Pearl. Has been mentioned in weighting-in at 13lbs. Sounds FANTASTIC.......!
My asking price for this one is 380€ (they're rare to come by anyways)

14x6,5 Free-Floating Brass snare
Heavy pitting on chrome on this, but I'll try to restore it as I get into it... Sounds just fine, but was overpowered by the Super Gripper when I got it. This one's from the second generation of Free Floaters.
My asking price on this one is 250€.

Bass drum pedals...

Axis A21 Derek Roddy signature x2, have used them as singles, as the double pedal thing really sucks with Axis. There's no control on the lefty.
Have the trigger thingys and all that. I can't find the double pedal mounting gear right now but I'll look more into it.

These I'd part ways with for 620€

Pearl Demon Drive double pedals, direct drive.
These I got some years back when they were introduced in the market. Did sit around the house for some years but I got them into action for about a year, and was replaced by the Axis', and they were replaced by what I'm currently using...

Have the original beaters + wooden beaters + brand new felt beaters too.

My asking price for these would be 480€.

Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide (early version) with Cobra Coils fixed in them for some extra smooth working. Brand new felt beaters. Have been played a lot but have no clap and work just fine. I do have the grey plastic case for them, too.

Yours for 150€.

Drum rack Pearl DR501(503), has an curved front and two straight side bars, has the mounting pieces on the towers too, and some clamps for cymbals and tom mounts. Has a padded bag for carrying around.

My asking price for this would be 330€

Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Hi-Hat stand, around two years in use, mostly just rehearsals. All good.
Yours for 170€

Iron Cobra Lever Glide Hi-Hat stand, also used a couple of years. Basically new.
Yours for 200€.
Guitar hell...

Jackson Superlightweight soloist (made in Japan)

Velvet black, mahogany, neck-thru body, strings-thru body guitar with THICK neck (like in LP), EMG hz passive pick-ups and fixed bridge. Tonal monster.

Never really got around to this neck here, so I never really played this one. I got it from a friend who bought it brand new over a decade ago. Was last used by J.v.D. when we played the Godless North show here in Helsinki a few years back.

For this my asking would be 600€.

B.C. Rich Warlock (early 90's...)
NJ body with Platinum series neck. Licenced FR (or reduce the price for 25€ and I'll mount in another trem like this, which is fixed position..), with EMG 81/85 and AfterBurner. Put in the EMGs for this and the active thing was not really my style, this one tuned to C#, so due to buying some other guitars (eagle, mockingbird, an earlier Warlock...) this got never really into action.

My asking for this would be 275€, so an even 250€ without that licenceFR.

Marshall MA100 2x12" 100W all-valve COMBO.

Got it from a guy from work as back-up to my JMP and we used it for some rehearsals, but I got a guy in with an JCM600 that had pretty much the same valve type as my JMP so I never bothered to go really deep into this combo. Has all the original parts and the footswitch. Never really got into the twin-channel action so this one didn't get that much use and is good to go.

Yours for an even 500€.

Pictures of pretty much everything can be found @ http://s1304.photobucket.com/user/GN-I/library/Instruments%20for%20SALE?sort=3&page=1

Responsive media via impudicus ät elisanet döt fi

All of these are located in HELSINKI, FINLAND with pickup and cash only. If you are coming over here and would be interested just let me know in advance and I'll set them up and we take a look.

Got a lot of records and shirts too to go, and will try to get them listed asap.
Death is certain
Life is not
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