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Gateway Of The Sun discography/Winter Solace Podcast 1-8-18

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:50 pm    Post subject: Gateway Of The Sun discography/Winter Solace Podcast 1-8-18 Reply with quote

Winter Solace Podcast from 1-8-18

Topics discussed

Music PR companies AKA "Pay for Press" underground Music Journalism
Copyright Strikes/YT Censorship
Interdimensional Kali-Yuga


Solace262 - Gateway Of The Sun "Wiñay Pacha" Sample: - https://youtu.be/fIzpG88xh2g
Solace269 - Gateway Of The Sun "Tanpi K'ala" Sample: - https://youtu.be/jf6mmhM3lo4
Solace271 - Gateway Of The Sun "Armanen Futharkh" Sample: - http://youtu.be/H6-_B3Nufvs
Solace272 - Gateway Of The Sun "Trespassing The Bridge Towards A Higher Threshold" Sample: - https://youtu.be/-K7kdw34GoM
Solace273 - Gateway Of The Sun "Soldatenlieder" Sample: - https://youtu.be/BJfhF5FjgYA
Solace274 - Gateway Of The Sun "My Folk Is My Faith" Sample: - https://youtu.be/6HXEBchbwbI
Solace275 - Gateway Of The Sun "Fight For The Aryan Race" Sample: - https://youtu.be/JnJRoHgEq70

Gateway of the Sun is the most controversial band on this label's roster. Almost a decade ago I released there first demo “Blood & Soil” onto cassette only to be immediately castigated by bewildered distributors, South American contacts and customers for releasing a supposed White Separatist/Peruvian NSBM band. Years later that demo would be seized by the German authorities in a raid on either a distributor or a customer over there, only to be banned by the BpjM for content within the insert. This band was ahead of it's time back then and people probably still aren't ready for a band like this, however Winter Solace has become a vehicle for an obscure/controversial “borderline reality” within the worldwide NSBM movement, so now almost 10 years later we can come around full circle and advance onward.

Musically G.O.T.S is as advanced as it is simple, with demos ranging from traditional underground anti-establishment NSBM, to metal covers of NS marches and the first NS Dungeon Synth records this band has progressed beyond the traditional Aryan Internet Warrior model into something that will shatter the norms for years to come. The album “My Folk Is My Faith” has already been banned by the German Authorities before it was even released (for no apparent purpose) as can be evident by this correspondence e-mail I was sent shortly after the album was added to the obvious SJW den of discogs. These limited cassette reissues are the first in a new long standing collaboration between myself and the artist that will last for years to come.



Blut Und Boden "Waiting For Death" (Single Copy)
Darkthule/Massenvernichtung "Magna Europa Est Patria Nostra" (Single Copy)
Swastyka "Prophecies Of Aryan Moon" (Single Copy)
Ülven 88 "Ülven 88" (Single Copy)
Via Dolorosa/Eternal Krieg "In The Time Of War"


88/Sturm Kommand/Uriburu/Ravendark's Monarchal Canticle "BulgAryan-Southern Radikal War Propaganda"
Aesir "Runatal"
Burial Sun "Burial Sun"
Defeat "The Winds Have Changed"
Dödgaldr ‎"Ruined And Forgotten"
Goat Worship "Doomsday"
Khephra "I 9 Volti del Demonio"
Khephra "I 9 Volti del Demonio" (Die Hard in Blu-Ray box)
Liturgia Maleficarum "Totus Tuus"
Malaflame "Cá Del Diaol"
Malauriu "Semper Ad Mortem Cogitantes"
Mortuary Drape "Into The Drape/All The Witches Dance"
Propaganda "Corri Alle Armi..."
Ravnkald "Solsnudag"
Ravnkald "Ancestral Steel"
Sturmgewehr "Aufhetzung Des Hakenkreuz-Volkes"
Varathron "Live At The Swamp 1990"
Via Dolorosa/Wintercold "Extreme Aggression" (Hot Shower Edition in DVD Box)
Via Dolorosa "Via Dolorosa è vostra amica - Complete Discography Vol.1" (Hot Shower Edition in DVD Box)
Via Dolorosa ‎"Ha Sempre Ragione! - Complete Discography Vol. 2"
Via Dolorosa "E' Tempo Delle Decisoni Irrevocabili ‎- Complete Discography Vol.3"
Von Hexe "Ord-o Acausa Caenaculum"


Cryptorsatan "Summoning The Banner Ov Hate"
Death Plague "Death Is For Everyone"
Kristallthron "Demo 2017"
Reveres Darkness "Unholy Wolves"
Rituais Profanos "A Face Do Mal"
Samgabial "Cry Of Despair"
Samgabial "Put’ K Nesuŝemu Svet"
Saturn From Essence "Extrasolar Planet 43tir-8-sd-78"
Wreckage "Embrace of Solitude"

Seven Inch Vinyl

Via Dolorosa/Nation War "Sah/Key of the Creation" (Black Vinyl)
Ofermod "Serpents Dance"
Wolfthrone/Silberbach "Parto De Fuego/Symphony Of Soul Demise"
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PostPosted: Mon Jan 15, 2018 7:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

"Borderline reality" doesn't need proper grammar or editing apparently.
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