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The Exhumator

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 12:42 pm    Post subject: NOCTURNAL GRAVES interview!!! Reply with quote

It's only interview will be published in Spanish ... Let some interviews will be published only in Spanish not to lose ... Enjoy!!! Twisted Evil


1- Hail Jarro!!! First of all, we should say that Nocturnal Grave's compositions are supreme, good work! Put a good-metal record and begin with a brief Nocturnal Grave's bio. What was the reason for starting this new and ghoul project?

Jarro: I started the band about one year after I left Destruktor, in 2004. So far we have released 3 demo tapes, 1 pic 7"EP and have recorded an album that will be out ion 2007 on Nuclear War Now! Productions. The reason to start the band was that I wanted to play dark Satanic Black/Death/Thrash Metal and the result was Nocturnal Graves.

2- Tell us about why you left Destruktor. What was the reason? Are you still being comrades or you no longer have a relation with the band?

Jarro:I left Destruktor because myself and Glenn had a lot of different ideas on how the band should work at the time. There are no hard feelings from me leaving the band, we just had different ideas so yes we are still friends.

3- Recently, a new 7" called Necromancer has been released; tell us something about the details of the recording and the main differences between N.G 's new and old themes.

Jarro:The pic 7" was released late in 2006 by Deathstrike Records. The recordings for this 7" were completed as a 2 piece, just myself and R. handling everything to do with the recording. It was an interesting way to record and will probably be something we will do again in future. The 7" tracks were similar to the demo tracks I think, there's not much development in Nocturnal Graves... We already know how the band is to sound so there's no need to change that. I think the main difference now is that we are writing better songs, better arrangements etc. But the riffs are basically the same.

4- You also have a record label called "Apocalyptor records", make a comment to us about the latest releases and how was that you contact Torturer to release its record "Rise from the ashes", Have you always liked Torturer?, How long do you know them?

Jarro: The last release i did was the Denouncement Pyre "Under the Aegis of Damnation" 7"EP in 2006. A great 7" in my opinion but as for news from Apocalyptor, the only thing I can say is that the label is now closed and I am just selling out my remaining stock through the Nocturnal Graves website. I don't have any plans to release anything else because I am far to busy now with Nocturnal Graves and my regular day job... I contacted Torturer because I was into their first album. They told me they wanted a label to release their last album at the time so I offered them a deal for 500 lp's. I really like that record a lot but it wasnt a very good seller and I lost some money on it, but what the hell... it's a cool record so I don't mind!

5- Talking about Chilean bands, tell us what you know about old and new Chilean bands, is there any new band that had made a good impression?

Jarro: Yeah the last Chilean band I thought was really KILLER is Force of Darkness. Great stuff... Chainsaw is also good. Pentagram, Torturer, Death Yell, Atomic Aggressor, bands like this rule. Chile has/had a lot of great and bestial bands. If you have some old and new killers you can copy for me let me know and we can do some trades!

6- From your point of view, how do you see the South American scene? Do you consider the bands of this part of the world like exotic? Which current South American bands you think will leave an impression at the worldwide Underground?

Jarro: I think the old South American scene in particular was amazing... Bands like Sarcofago, MX, Expulser, Sepultura, Holocausto, Mutilator and of course the mighty Vulcano. These bands are legendary. Yes it's sounding exotic because these bands play with a bestial ferociousness that bands from most other countries don't capture. The old South American stuff sounds unique. I think that Force of Darkness will get a strong name in the underground. the stuff I heard from their latest album is really killer.

7- You have played bass for Zemial, tell us your experience like bass player in the Europe tour they made. Which one and why was the best date of all the tour?

Jarro: Yes I did 2 tours as bassist for Zemial. Both were great times, I met a lot of great people and made some good friends. The best gig I think we did would have been out of the first show in Greece (2003) and the gig in Helsinki Finland (2006) with commerades Archgoat. The crowd in Finland were 110% maniacal, really die hard attitude. We want to go to Finland in 2008 with Nocturnal Graves, it will be a killer.

8- You are in charge of saying the blasphemies in Nocturnal Graves and to saw with your Yamaha Gibson style guitar. However in Zemial you support them playing the bass and smashing the drums in Destruktor and Crucifire, in fact you are an entire musician. How have you learned to play all these instruments? Have you take any courses or classes? Which one makes you feel more comfortable if we talk about performance?

Jarro: I am self taught on guitar, bass and drums. My father is a drummer, so I took some early lessons from him but I always wanted to go my own way and rehearse with people making Metal music rather than taking lessons and practicing alone all the time. Drums is my main instrument, it's the one that I dedicate the most time to practicing but I also play guitar on average 2-3 hours per week.

9- If you are able to play all kind of instruments, why you decided to join in with other musicians (Sadistic Reaper and R. Destructor)? Did you always think about creating this band to play in live performances?

Jarro: Because I like to rehearse as a full band and play gigs etc. If I do this band on my own, we'll never play live shows again and things would most likely be a longer process in order to write and record albums. When we started the band the idea of playing live wasn't really considered, we wanted to make some music so we could do some demos and then see what happened. Now we have a strong line-up and we'll do some tours in 2007 and 2008.

10- How are Nocturnal Grave's gigs? How many bands have you shared the stage with? Which has been your best gig? Why?

Jarro: The gigs in the past were not too bad but not the most satisfying gigs I've played. The reason was that the line-up wasnt as strong as it is now and thus the atmosphere wasn't quite right. The best gig we played so far would have been one small show in Bendigo, the hometown of Destruktor. We played in a small pub and the place was packed with manaics who went wild. We are currently preparing to tour with Denial of God in Australia this July and these gigs will be something quite extreme.

11- Which would be the perfect gig for Nocturnal Graves? Detail us the place, bands and kind of audience that will assist to this perfect witches' Sabbath.

Jarro: Fire, blood, spikes, chains, inverted crosses, baphomet flags, candles, bullets, a crowd of possessed old school Black/Death Metal freaks and a killer line up is the ultuimate vision for a Nocturnal Graves gig. It will be great to to play with any bands like Denial of God, Watain, Necros Christos, Black Witchery, Archgoat, Destroyer 666, Kill, Pagan Rites, Nifelheim, Desaster, Sabbat, Church Bizarre, Grave Miasma, Adorior etc.

12- For the fact of managing a record label, you keep quite updated of last hordes that they have appeared ... tell us about your last acquisitions and findings.

Jarro: Hmm the last records I got for the label which I kept a copy for myself was in a package from Hell's Headbangers: Sabbat "Envenom" LP, Gravewurm LP, Chruch Bizarre LP, Profanatica DLP... Cool releases.

13. Tell us something about the preparation of you record. The rumours say that its tentative name would be "Satan's Cross", tell us some details of the new record. How many songs? New songs? New influences? Is it safe to release it by Apocalyptor?

Jarro: The album is already recorded and will be entitled "Satan's Cross" so it's no rumour. The album is 8 tracks of Bestial Blackened Death/Thrash Metal with clear influences from the old German and old South American scene (the period of '83-88 when the bands from both scene's had a raw sound and played with rough animalistic aggression and power!!!!). Nuclear War Now! Productions will release the album. It was never a plan to release it through Apocalyptor.

14- Talk to us about the lyrics of the band, Do you believe that they are good lyrics? Do you care to create a message out of the common or you are rather based on clichés that have been used by other bands?.

Jarro: My lyrics are based on various topics. Some are historically based, ancient tales of battle, Satanism, the Occult, aesthetic explorations of morbid feelings etc. I enjoy the lyrics, but to decide how good they are is somewhat of a subjective experience. What one man finds appealing another may find to be complete trash, so decide for yourself. Making up your own mind is an attribute of the strong, so exercise it!

15- Regarding the message of the band. Is it possible to create lyric with topics never used before? What do you think about texts of bands like DEATH SPELL OMEGA for example?, Are there any bands that impress you more for his lyrics than for his music?, What is the most interesting that you could have read in a metal record?.

Jarro: I find the lyrics of bands like Deathspell Omega, Watain, Funeral Mist etc to be interesting, aesthetically they are very well written but not necessarily 100% to my agreement. I don't share the anti-cosmic views of these bands, but I draw my own interpretation from them and it is fitting to degree's of my personality and feelings. I think it is possible to write lyrics about topics never used before in perhaps Metal music but that does not assume a prog rock band from the 70's for example haven't written about the same topic before. Originality isn't the key for me. It's more important that a band sounds/writes lyrics that is/are personal and with conviction. I love for example the old Slayer or Sodom lyrics ("Obsessed by Cruelty" LP) and I also enjoy the lyrics from the last Watain LP "Sworn to the Dark" very much, there is a lot of room for interpretation in them. In regards to some lyricist who's lyrics I find better than the music, I can't say that I have found one. If the music is terrible then my attention is immediately culled and I can't recall reading lyrics of a band I'm not interested in. It's entirely possible tho, as there are so many shit bands out there that I have chosen to ignore on a musical basis alone.

16- Now tell us about the present-day Australian scene. Being Australia such a big country, what differences can you notice between the bands that come from the East coast ( New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria ), against the ones that come from the West ...

Jarro: The Australian scene is small, very few bands I enjoy play live regularly, nor do they record often and move forward with a fighting spirit. Australian's are habitually lazy and it's hard to find serious and dedicated members. I can't notice a difference in where the bands originate from in this vast land because the bands that I like all sound different (whether they come from the same state or not). The common thread they have is that the majority of members from these bands are traditionally old fashioned metal fans and thus come from the same "school" of hard music.

17- What's your opinion of Stargazer? What opinion do you have related to the mystic influences from Oriental countries in his lyrics? Are these kinds of influences common in Australia?

Jarro: The guys in Stargazer are friends, they're really cool people but I'm not into their new stuff personally. I like their 1st demo and 7"EP, but for me their music is a bit too "technical". They have an interesting concept and I give them the thumbs up for forging their own path but musically it's not really to my liking. They are a very intense live-band though and good musicians so I can certainly appreciate what they do.

18- Do you think that some day Nocturnal Grave would be able to come to South America? If you go that way. Which South American bands would you like to play with?

Jarro: I will never say it's not possible. If we get a good offer to come to South America we would certainly do it. We would like to play with Atomic Aggressor and Force of Darkness, it would be killer!!!

19- Which were the inspirations that caused Nocturnal Graves's creation? Which sound is the one that inspire your notes? Who is the main composer in the band?

Jarro: The main musical inspirations came from bands like Sarcofago, Sodom, Kreator, Messiah, Mutilator, Sepultura, Morbid, Voivod, Bathory, Possessed, MX, Holocausto, Sadistik Exekution "The Magus" etc. I am the main composer in the band but each member has the right to contribute ideas of course.

20- Make a comment to us about the lyrics of your songs What lyric represents in better measure Nocturnal Grave's spirit?, Do the members of the band have an ideology of life?

Jarro: I like the lyrics to "Aggressive Exterminator" and "Satan's Cross" very much. Of course each member of Nocturnal Graves have a philosophy, how strongly each one adheres to the necessity of choosing a philosophy that works best for them varies as that is a personal decision.

21- Rank the best 10 demos and 10 Lp's in the history of Australia that you consider that they have left legacy. Which bands of your country have not had recognition outside of Australia? Is it important for you and your music to cross over your land's frontiers?

Persecution "Tortured Existence" Demo
Disembowelment "Deep Sensory Procession into Aural Fate" Demo
Corpse Molestation "Descension of a Darker Deity" Demo

Incubus "Sinful Dreams" Demo
Spectral Birth "The Turbulence" Demo
Spectral Birth "Raze" Demo
Hobbs Angel of Death "Virgin Metal Downunder" Demo
Abyssic Hate "Cleansing of an Ancient Race" Demo
Vomitor "Roar of War"
Destoyer 666 "Six Songs with the Devil" Demo

Hobbs Angel of Death "House of Death" LP
Sadistik Exekution "The Magus" MLP
Bestial Warlust "Vengeance War 'Til Death" LP
Vomitor "Bleeding the Priest" LP
Destroyer 666 "Violence is the Prince of this World" LP
Destroyer 666 "Unchain the Wolves" LP
Destroyer 666 "Cold Steel for an Iron Age" LP
Gospel of the Horns "Eve of the Conqueror" MLP
Abominator "Damnations Prophecy" LP
Rose Tattoo "Scarred for Life"
Rose Tattoo "S/titled"
Rose Tattoo "Assault and Battery"

There are more but that's a decent list of essential of Aussie releases.

22- Some say that metal is a lot of fantasy and not much reality.. How do you accomplish metal and its ideology in the real world?, We know that is not possible to live by means of profaning cemeteries and inverting crosses every day, What is metal for you and the band?

Jarro: I'm not even interested in profaning cemetaries and so forth so it's not something I feel like I am "missing out on" in life haha. But to answer your question, for me the music that I play and listen to goes hand in hand with my appreciation of philosophy, it reflects the way I am feeling at any one moment (hence why I don't limit myself to one style of music). Music is a soundtrack to life. When I am walking in a city full of people heading to work I don't feel part of the mass herd of humanity, in fact very alien from it. I suppose the music that I listen to reflects some of this. I'm not interested in popular human culture, I like things that have a uniqueness that a lot of others fail to find. But I also don't want to limit myself by referring to myself as a "metalhead". I listen to and worship metal music but I would be thinking this way even if I was heavily involved in another music scene. I'm drawn to anything that is unique and that common place thinkers find "frightening" or "hard to understand".

23- Which one of the records released by Apocalyptor leave you with bigger pride? Why?

Jarro: Watain "Rabid Death's Curse" Pic LP because the music, packaging and presentation of that release kills.

24- Regarding that Nocturnal Graves is a new band (2004) you have suffered many changes in your alignment. What are the reasons for these changes? What is the relation with the former members of the horde?

Jarro: The reason we have gone through several members is simply that we have tried to secure the right line-up of people that have the same ideals and vision for the band. We have the right line-up now and things are creeping along perfectly. The relations with former members are fine, we are still friends. We went separate ways due to musical differences, not personality differences.

25- How do you take part of Zemial in their live tour? How did you make contact? What is your opinion of their last work on studio? Do you consider a supporter of the Greek scene?

Jarro: I had been in touch with Zemial since 1994 and in 2003 they asked me to tour with them. It was a great opportunity to get to Europe so I took the offer and had a great time on both occassions (2003 and 2006). I think their last album is really good, very different in most parts from their old style but the point of that album was a tribute to the late Quorthon and the influence he had on Zemial from the beginning. So it's a very good effort to capture some of that old Bathory feeling (just listen to "Born of the Crimson Flame", a classic!!!). I really like the old Greek scene ('88-'92) specifically. They had their own sound and unique style of playing Black/Death Metal. Now it's not so exiting, too many bands now are influenced by Norwegian bands and lost their Hellenic sound. Of course good bands exist there, just check out Goatvomit!

26- What's your opinion of the recent death of several icons of Metal ( Quorton, Schuldiner, Pintado, Nôdtveit , Baloff, etc ) Do you think that it is necessary to "corrupt" new minds to perpetuate the true spirit of Metal?, How do you believe that metal will be within 20 years?, How did you live the moment you knew each one of these deceases?.

Jarro: Ok the only death in the metal scene that affected me in some way was the death of Quorthon. It was so unexpected and it wasnt as if the guy lived a lifestyle where death was hovering close above his head (like Pintado and Baloff). When I heard he died I spoke on the phone with Vorskaath of Zemial for several hours just reflecting on the memories we have connected with listening to Bathory's music. Then I picked up my guitar and wrote some music in the Bathory style! The suicide of Nodtveidt had no impact on me, he made some good records in his time but he killed himself and when someone kills themselves, the carefactor sinks to zero. There's no "tradgedy" in blowing your brains out, it's a choice.

27-Tell us a little about you. Do you have wife or children to transfer your moral values? Do you believe in family union and couple's love for example?, Tell us about your daily life, your age, something else on your lifestyle in Australia

Jarro: No wife, no children, no girlfriend. Doesn't mean I am not interested, just means I never met anyone thus far whom I could envision staying with and doing something like starting a family with. I have considered starting a family one day but I have no interest in starting a family with just "anyone", it has to be the right woman with the right ideals and philosophies already in place, with the brains to help raise children giving them the best possible chance at succeeding in life and growing into strong people. To deny the emotion of love is to deny your instincts. When you deny your instincts you become insane.

28- Hey Jarro, How is Australian woman? Do you believe that they have any characteristic that makes the difference compared to women of other countries? What do you think of women immersed in metal scene? Do you enjoy something of the metal heads of your country?

Jarro: Hmmm, this is such a broad question. It really depends upon which sub genre of society you wish me to expand on. On one hand we have glamour girls into disco and nightclubs like any other western society and on the other we also have street level women into metal and punk haha. Regarding Australian women into Metal I've only ever met a small handful that have any brains of their own and share an appreciation of metal music that I can. The ones I have met I still consider as good friends and our friendships are personality based anyway (I don't "like" someone because of what music they listen to). Same goes for "ejoying something of the metal heads of your country". If people are metal heads and have a brain and a personality that appeals to me then sure. If they are metal heads who are stupid losers with retarded ideas but worship godly bands then they can leave me alone and listen to their records without me assosciating with them haha.

29- Do you use to go to Night Clubs? Is it possible to find in Australia some sort of red neighborhood? How is your country like in that aspect? Very reserved? With moral laws imposed by the church? What are the places that any maniac should visit when visiting your country?

Jarro: I hate nightclubs. Melbourne has somewhat of a "red" area (St Kilda, about 10 minutes out of the city centre) but it's nothing on the red district in Amsterdam or Hamburg for example haha. Australian's are actually very reserved when it comes to topics of sex etc. I for one AM NOT reserved in that department and yeah, sometimes my free speaking on this subject intimidates people. But I can tell you this; the women of Australia go wild when they find someone so open about sex and the pleasures of the flesh. Bring them out of their shell and they have no problem letting their instincts take over.

30- Tell us something about the stuff you have for sale, some merchandising of the band ready to be released?

Jarro: Right now we have shirts, hoodies, girlie shirts, patches, tapes and pic EP's. Get in contact for a list or you can take a look on our website www.nocturnalgraves.co.nr.

31- Hey Jarro, What's your opinion about Mp3's? Do you believe that it could help in a way to your band and to metal in general? Which is the format you like it most? Tell us something about your personal collection

Jarro: I have no problem with MP3's, it's a way to hear new bands (like tape trading in some way I guess). But if there is a release that I heard some mp3's of that blows me away I go and buy the LP or whatever is available because I want to have the cover, the lyrics etc. I personally prefer to listen to my music on vinyl/casette and still buy LP's/tapes whenever possible. I rarely buy CD's but I don't have anything against them. I think it's funny when people say they "HATE" CD's, it's not as if a CD will ever beat them up or pose a threat to their lives haha.

32- What are the next plans with Nocturnal Grave? Do you have in mind to get involved with other bands? How do you do to manage your time, between band, label and daily life things?

Jarro: The next plans are to do some more recordings, and tour as much as possible in the next 12 months. I manage the time by spending a couple of hours per day taking care of things for the band (whether that is doing emails, interviews, packaging or working on new songs). Sometimes it grows tiresome to manage the emails and packing but it's something we choose to do with the band so...

33- At the moment of evaluating your label, How do you think is your work with it? Is it lack of something? How do you evaluate the print run of the records that you edit? Is the deal that you offer to the bands the same for all? What happens if a band you like, sells little and is not a very good dealing for your label? Would you hold them in Apocalyptor only for your pleasures?

Jarro: The label is closed. I have no time for it anymore.

34- Ok Jarro, thank you for answering the interrogatory, the confession has ended up, now it's time of making any discharge, explanation or promotion you want to do, the space is yours... DESTROY IT!!

Jarro: Thanks a lot for the interview, it really was one of the longest ones I have answered haha. Anyone interested in Nocturnal Graves, take contact and check it out. Enter our Chamber and BOW TO OUR CROSS!!!!

Ok man hope the interview is ok for you! Please check our website www.nocturnalgraves.co.nr, there u can download a promo pack with photo's, logo etc.

Hear from you soon my friend!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 08, 2008 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great long interview!
Always great to have humor along with the Q&A.
Addicted to Leather and Speed!
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PostPosted: Wed Apr 09, 2008 10:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Great interview!
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The Exhumator

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 12:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

thanks..good bands tooo...
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