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CHEAP zines/magazines for sale!

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:09 am    Post subject: CHEAP zines/magazines for sale! Reply with quote

Buy more to save on the postage!!!
Buyers from Europe preferred, a bunch of few zines could be really heavy and shipping overseas might be higher.

Payment banktransfer or paypal (buyer pays fees).

For EU customers I can offer cheap economy shipping:
up to 500 grams - 2,80€
501-1000 grams - 6,90€
1001-2000 grams - 11€

BURNING ABYSS - issue 7 / 2011/2012 - 2,50 €
- The Death Metal feast is about to begin! On the menu you’ll find: Thomas Skogsberg of Sunlight Studios vs. Dan Swanö of Unisound Studio/ex-Edge Of Sanity/ex-Bloodbath etc. (Sweden), Inferno of Behemoth/Azarath/Witchmaster/Deus Mortem/Christ Agony (Poland), Mortem (Peru), a massive 6-page interview with Nominon (Sweden), Weapon (Canada), Reyash of Supreme Lord/Witchmaster/Christ Agony/ex-Vader/ex-Incantation/ex-Union (Poland), Necromaniac fanzine (Germany), Runemagick (Sweden), Blasphemy Rites (Poland), Agnes Vein (Greece) plus Canada’s VoiVod 4-page special, 300+ reviews (!!!) of CDs, demos, vinyls, ‘zines, and Classic Death Metal albums as well as a few live reports, TOP 5 playlists, and Excerpts From The Abyss. All this on 72 A4 professionally printed pages, written entirely in English.

FORGOTTEN CHAPEL - issue 9 - 2,50 €
Proffesional A4 - 60 pages. In English. EXCELLENT fanzine ! Too rare these days... Contains interviews of Swamp, Veinen, Sartegos, Graveyard, Evil Machine, Abysmal Grief, Infernal Curse, Det Gamle Besatt, Paragon Records, Fistbang Records, Temple of Adoration, Aggressive Mutilator, and reviews !!!!!!! And in a cool layout full of stuff and humor. It's a voyage back 10 years ago.

FORGOTTEN PATH - issue 6 / 2014 - 2,50 €
- 132 b/w professionally printed pages - the thickest issue so far! Interviews with: Nivlhel [Swe], Anthro Halaust [Ukr], Living Altar [Ltu], Pestilential Shadows [Aus], Drunemeton (ex-Heresiarch Seminary) [Rus], “Oaken Throne Zine” [Usa], Gorrch [Ita], Necrohell [Gre], Thorybos [Ger], Graveborne [Fin], Devlsy [Ltu], Saligia [Nor], Inthyflesh [Por], Serpents Lair [Den], Popravčí Vrch [Cze], Inquisitor [Ltu], Zargof [Bra], “Grom Records” [Ser], Slidhr [Irl], Grave Miasma [Gbr], Norman Shores [Fra], A.M.S.G. [Can], Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult [Ger] - 23 interviews, three special articles, reports from local festivals and tones of reviews.

FORGOTTEN PATH - issue 7 / 2015 - 2,50 €
- 112 b/w professionally printed pages - solid, dark, professional, underground! Interviews with Kjeld [Ned], LVTHN [Bel], Luctus [Ltu], Kafirun [Can], Verräter [Usa], Tortorum [Nor], Mortifera [Fra], Amestigon [Aut], Tharaphita [Est], Darkestrah [Ger], White Death [Fin], Dissimulation [Ltu], Earth and Pillars [Ita], Embrace of Thorns [Gre], “Burning Abyss” magazine [Pol], as well as other usual stuff - reports, articles, reviews.

FORGOTTEN PATH - issue 7 / 2016 - 2,50 €
- 134 b/w professionally printed pages - the spirit, knowledge and aura of Black Art! Interviews: Qrixkuor [Gbr], Nidsang [Swe], Hegemon [Fra], Awe [Gre], Lathspell [Fin], Inexorable End [Esp], Thou Shell of Death [Est], Permafrost [Ger], Katechon [Nor], “Hells Headbangers Records” [Usa], Valdur [Usa], “Ledo Takas Records” [Ltu], Lifestream [Fra], Khashm [Rus], Kringa [Aut], “The Sinister Flame” [Fin], Mefitic [Ita], Nahash [Ltu], LvxCalis [Chi]. Interviews, special reports, reviews. The price - 6 Euros + shipping. For all ordering info - see Order section.

HELLFUKKING METAL - issue #4 / 2014 - 2 €
- Great underground zine done in the real UG tradition - cut'n paste. 60 pages, english writen, interviews with: Hierophant's Descent, Manzer, Necrolepsy, Dark Messiah, Obscure Burial, Pustulation, Nocturnal Vomit, Diabolical Demon Director, Complete Necro Zine, Balmog + tons of reviews.

IRON HAMMER - issue 5 / 2014 - 2 €
- Back after three years of deathlike silence, Iron Hammer Zine returns with its 5th issue. Forged in 80 A4 pages, Iron Hammer #5 is the most massive issue so far including innumerous articles from the rotten bowels of the underground. Interviews with: Varathron (Grc), Domains (Esp), Anaboth (Pol), Ghast (UK), Heretic/Abyssous (Ger), Scythian (UK), Tunjum (Per), Convent Guilt (OZ), Morbid Funeral (Cri), Propoved (Ser), Of Crawling Shadows Records (Ger), Bells Of Acheron Zine (Col), Ravencult (Gre), Offence (Pol), Aggressa (OZ), Supplicium (Mex), Vulcano (Bra), Paganfire (Phi), Lord Of Pagathorn (Fin). Apart from that, a massive review section and the usual demented live reports will make you bleed. Everything is written in English and attacking in b/w cut'n'paste style layout.

- Balls will drop and eyes go "pop" because the new, seventh issue of WITCHCRAFT is here to please your eyes. Behold the 92 colored pages full of useless crap, drug-fueled layout and pointless writing! It's thick, it's brutal, it's annoying - it's GREAT! We wasted everybody's time again by sending our superficial questions to bands like CAUCHEMAR (CAN), TOEXIK DEATH (NOR), MIRTHLESS (PERU) and EURYNOMOS (GER) while exhuming more rotten interviews with ORDER FROM CHAOS (USA) and DUNKEL:HEIT (NOR). In between we filled the gaps with tons of waste like classic METAL pictures, updates on current NWN! releases, another whopping label feature about THE CRYPT RECORDS, a nice bunch of articles and oddities and what not! Oh, let's not forget the big ass 30 page TWILIGHT ZONE OF ZINES column including tons and tons of fanzine related things, freakin' VINYL CORPS stuff, bits and pieces of each and everything, articles AND even reviews. All this and more, housed in a whopping presentation map including two vibrating posters of Canada's one and only CHAUCHEMAR as well as german 80s blacking-metal, sons-of-evil POISON!
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