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HUGE Black Metal Sale List - 30th January 2015 BIG UPDATE
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 5:34 am    Post subject: HUGE Black Metal Sale List - 30th January 2015 BIG UPDATE Reply with quote

you can also contact me per mail: misanthrophic-violence AT web DOT de


Label-releases of Ratten Im Gemäuer:
RAT001: Profundis Tenebrarum: Devoted Black Metal Ritual - XV Years Of Darkness (4 tapes in wooden box with poster, button, patch + insert limited 39) 40Eur
RAT002: Hirntod: I - Gefängnis (carbon disc in wooden box limited 66) 15Eur
RAT003: Astarium - Reverie (tape with sticker in handmade cardboard limited 27) 3,5Eur
have a look here: http://nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=42048


Ancestral Fog/Temple Of Baal: Split (limited ep) 10Eur
Beastcraft: Dawn Of The Serpent (3-ep-box with poster + patch limited 500 - # 119) 28Eur
Blutschrei: Voice Of The Forbidden Pride (green/black splatter lp limited 100) 30Eur
Dark Fortress: Tales From Eternal Dusk (2lp with bt limited 486)
Dark Fortress: Stab Wounds (2lp with bt limited 500)
→ both Dark Fortress 2LPs only be sold together 66Eur
Dark Fury: After The Battle (ep limited 500 – # 182) 6Eur
Deathgate Arkanum/Todesstoß: Split (ep limited 400 - # 277) 16Eur
Deathgate Arkanum: Stillhallen (bind gatefold transparent lp with poster limited 150 - # 85) 45Eur
Dornenreich: Flammentriebe (box with digipak + 7'' + flag limited 1000) 27Eur
Eternity: Funeral Mass (lp with poster limited 500) 14Eur
Fornicatus: Down Again (ep limited 300 - # 210) 6,5Eur
Garden Of Grief/Neige Et Noirceur: Split (black ep limited 200 - # 151) 7,5Eur
Hacavitz: Ojpanna (ep limited 300) 5,5Eur
Hellsaw: Phantasm (lp with poster limited 500) 11Eur
Impious Havoc: The Good Shepherd (ep limited 500 – # 297) 4,5Eur
Kältetod/Regnum: Split (ep limited 400 - # 216) 10Eur
Kawir/Nocternity: Split (ep limited 400, no insert) 22Eur
Korgonthurus/Musta Kappeli: Split (lp limited 500) 16Eur
Malhkebre/Aosoth: The Truth Through Salt (ep limited 666) 8Eur
Morte Incandescente: ...Relembrando Um Túmulo Esquerido (clear lp limited 90) 20Eur
Musta Kappeli: Saatanassa Ulvoneet (mlp with poster) 8Eur
N.K.V.D.: Diktatura (lp) 8Eur
Nartvind: Until Their Ruin (lp limited 500 - # 367) 10Eur
Negură Bunget: Vîrstele Pămîntului (white/black splatter 2lp limited 888 with bt) 30Eur
*Nihasa/The Red Angle: Vessels Of The Aetheric Void (ep limited 300) 7Eur
Nocturnal Depression/Kaiserreich: Split (ep limited 500) 7Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Pathogenesis (lp with poster limited 500 - # 38) 8Eur
*Profundis Tenebrarum: Apocalypchrist (lp with poster) 9Eur
Sacrificia Mortuorum: Les Vents De L'Oubli (2lp limited 500) 16Eur
(*)Seelenfrost: Nostalgia: Zwischen Zukunft und Vergangenheit (splatter lp with poster limited 100 - # 57) 10Eur
Skeletonwitch: Forever Abomination 15Eur
Todtgelichter: Was bleibt.../Schemen (white 2lp with bt limited 500) 16Eur
Tudor: 1558 (ep limited 1000 - # 355) 2,5Eur
V.A.: United By Blood, Gathered By Iron (ep limited 300) 6Eur
Vital Remains: Icons Of Evil (Century Media 2LP) GONE
*Wolfsschrei: Risen From Fire And Obscurity (ep with download-code limited 99 - # 56) 8Eur

CDs: (I don't grade jewelcases, they also can be easily replaced or shipped without the case)

*Abbadon: Godless Demo 2001 (vinyl-style-disc in sleeve) 4Eur
Agathodaimon: Blacken The Angel (golden disc in digipak limited 2000 - # 122) 10Eur
Alastor: Noble North (digipak, sealed) 6Eur
Aparthate: Walking The Path Of Warrior (cardboard) 4,5Eur
Arctic Frost: Kill Yourself, Express Yourself... 4Eur
Asofy: Percezione (sealed) 6,5Eur
Atomtrakt: Sperrstelle Nordost (digipak) 7Eur
Blessed In Sin: Eritis Sicut Dii (wooden box with shirt, 2 patches, cd limited 100) OFFER
Blodarv: Linaria Amlech (with bv) 6Eur
Buried God: Dark Revelation 3Eur
Bustum: Demonic Awakening (cardboard/digisleeve) 3,5Eur
*Cernunnos: Promo 2012 1Eur
Chaoscraft: Procreation Through Disaster (digipak limited 50 - # 2) 10,5Eur
Cities Of Sleep: Fear:Suicide:Life 3Eur
Conspirator: Exorcism 4Eur
Cradle Of Filth: Midian (light scratches on disc, plays fine) 4Eur
Cultus: Promo 2007 (in sleeve with bt of Sagenland) 4,5Eur
Dauden: I (limited 50 - # 27) 6Eur
*Death And Glory: Wotans Söhne 6,5Eur
Deathrow: Primordial Lifecode 5Eur
Demonizer: The Essence Of War 4Eur
*Demorian: Frost (promo) 2Eur
Den Nordiske Sjel/Nidhogg: Jotunheimen 3Eur
*Deviator: Fehu-Fohat-Fire (limited 101) 5Eur
Dimmu Borgir: Enthrone Darkness Triumphant deluxe with bt + bonus video)
Dimmu Borgir: Godless Savage Garden (deluxe edition with bt)
Dimmu Borgir: Spiritual Black Dimensions (deluxe edition with bt)
-> all three deluxe versions only sold together: 30Eur
Dimmu Borgir: In Sorte Diaboli (limited digibook with mirror,bt+dvd) 12,5Eur
Dornenreich: Nachtreisen (dvd in limited digibook) 15Eur
Dunkelheit: Mors Aeterna (limited 1000) GONE
*Dust Of Eden: Dust Of Eden (lightscribe) 2Eur
Eismond: Behind The Moon We Are Looking Into The Distance (blue dvd-case limited 200) 8Eur
Eisregen: Zerfall (with bt) 9Eur
Eisregen: Schlangensonne (limited digipak with bt, sealed) 10Eur
*Eminenz: Nemesis Noctura (signed) 6Eur
Endless Battle: Brotherhood Of Hate (limited 1000) 5,5Eur
Erhabenheit: Missgediehen 5Eur
Erhabenheit: Vom Tempel Zum Throne 6Eur
Eternal: Satanic Templars Of The Dark Age 2,5Eur
From The Bogs Of Aughiska/Dark Ages: Split 5,5Eur
Furze: Reaper Subconscious Guide (hologram cover, sealed) 6,5Eur
*Gergovia: Si Vis Pacem Para Bellum (2cd with bt + bonus video) 10Eur
Gonfanon: Call To Arms 6Eur
Gravesideservice: Masters In Lunacy (signed) 7Eur
Gravesideservice: Masters In Lunacy (self-released version) 5Eur
every order with Gravesideservice-stuff will contain free-stuff that I've got directly from the artist
Häive: Saimaata Ei Sanoilla Selitä (sealed) 7Eur
Hat: The Demise Of Mankind (digipak) 8Eur
Hell In A Cell/Hatework/Vexed/Alea Jacta - Hellblasting Revenge #1 5Eur
Hermitage: Blood Of The True (limited 1000) 6Eur
Heroina: Demo 2007 [Remastered 2011] (limited 100) 3Eur
Hrefnesholt: Heidensturm (slim-dvd-case limited 50 - # 49) 10Eur
Iceland: Old Temples Of Pagan Gods 5Eur
Ignis Uranium: Promo 3,5Eur
Ildhur: The Wandering (limited 1100) 4,5Eur
*Impetus Malignum: When Darkness Devours The Light 2Eur
Imperial Darkness: Nekysia And Perversion 3Eur
Infinite Hatred: Hateful Spell 4Eur
Johnston: Welcome To The Weaseldome (limited 1000) 4Eur
Kalki Avatara: Mantra For The End Of Times (limited 1000) 4Eur
Ketelens' Brukke: Graeueltaten / Memories Of Life 5Eur
Kill The Client: Cleptocracy 6Eur
Kirlian Camera: Ghlóir Ar An Oiche 3,5Eur
Legion Of The Damned: Cult Of The Dead (limited digipak with dvd) 6Eur
Lepra: Tongue Of Devil Prayers (limited 1000) 6Eur
Lifesenseless: Bleak Year Lead My Years (limited 200) 5Eur
Limbonic Art: The Ultimate Death Worship (slipcase) 5Eur
Lupus Nocturnus/Infernal Hate: Night On The Dark Forest (limited 500) 5,5Eur
*Marduk: Babylonian Death Gods Live (dvd) 10Eur
Marduk: Deathmarch Tour EP (limited) 6,5Eur
*Martyrium Christi: Reward 4Eur
Martyrum Omnium: Soul Wandering 7Eur
Martyrum Omnium: Human Darkness (limited 100 – # 7) 8Eur
Min Kniv: Av Aske (limited 1000) 7,5Eur
Mithras: Worlds Beyond The Veil 5Eur
Moloch: Somewhere On The Forgotten Paths (# 10) 6Eur
Moloch: Spectral Shades Of The Spiritual Negativism (promo in digipak limited 20) 14Eur or OFFER
*Momentum Mortis: Fabulas (promo limited 55) 4Eur
Morholt/Ogmios: Outre-Monde 3Eur
Mystic Prophecy: Satanic Curses 4Eur
Nailgunner/Wounds: Thermonuklear Thrash Metal Warfare 6Eur
Nebula VII: The Damaged Hope... 3Eur
Necrophagia: Nightmare Scenarios (dvd) 11Eur
Nex: Zero 5Eur
Njaalkeme: Windzeit, Wolfszeit 6Eur
Nocte Obducta: Aschefrühling (limited 1500 - # 652) 10Eur
Nocturnal Poisoning: A Misleading Reality (signed digipak) 15Eur
*Noldor: Lorien (cd-r in blu-ray-case limited 37 - # 26) 12Eur
Norden: Blood On The Sky (digipak limited 200, sealed) 15Eur
O: O (limited 1000 – # 0378) 4Eur
Officium Triste: The Pathway (with bt) 6,5Eur
*Opera IX: Strix - Maledictae In Aeternum 0Eur
Oskal: Stahlkrieg/Blazes Of Sunset (limited 1000) 4,5Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Pathogenesis (sealed) 12Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Apocalypchrist (sealed) 12Eur
-> or buy both Profundis Tenebrarum-CDs for 20Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum/The Last Twilight: Hell Bestial Conjuration 7Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Hate Decade (limited 500) 9Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Pathogenesis 9Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum: Apocalypchrist 9Eur
-> or buy all 4 Profundis Tenebrarum-CDs for 32Eur
Redreom/Styxian Industries: Der Befehl lautet: TOETE/Manifestation Exaltation... (limited 1000) 6Eur
*Retarded Noise Squad: Plastic Surgery And World Domination Promo EP 1Eur
Rotting Christ: Non Serviam – A 20 Year Apocryphal Story (2cd+2dvd) 18Eur
Seclusion: Skies Veiled In Black (with bt) 3Eur
Seelenheil: Проснись... (limited 500) 3Eur
Sekhmet: Okularis Infernum 4Eur
Severe Storm/Slavecrushing Tyrant: We Will Drown The Dawn In Blood 6,5Eur
Shrapnel: Sturm (digipak limited 500) 6,5Eur
Sieghetnar: Bewußtseinserweiterung² 6,5Eur
Sieghetnar: Kältetod (white tray - signed edition limited 7 - # 3) 18Eur
Sieghetnar: Die Asche eines Geistes (sealed digipak) 5,5Eur
Sink: The Process (cross-digi limited 1000) 4Eur
Snowfall/Benighted In Sodom: Split 3,50Eur
Sodom And Gomorrah: Black Sovereignty (limited 1000 - # 144) 4Eur
Sol Negro: Hellish Furnace 6,5Eur
*Sons Of Satan: Encantos Libertinos (limited 120) 5Eur
Soulgrind: Kalma 5Eur
Spire: Spire 4Eur
Spüolus: Behind The Event Horizon (special disc limited 500) OFFER
Strydegor: Back On Ancient Traces 3Eur
Sturmkaiser: Mors Tua, Vita Mea 8,5Eur
Свентояр (Sventoyar): Наша Cила (Our Strength) 7Eur
*Tenebrous Shadow: Follow The Signs (limited 230 - # 74) 4Eur
Terdor/Waffenträger Luzifers: Promo 3,5Eur
The Konsortium: The Konsortium (digipak) 5Eur
*The Martyrium: Promo 3,5Eur
*The True Endless: Live At Cesar Palace (sleeve limited 50 - # 8) 4Eur
Thehappymask: Thehappymask (dvd-case limited 50) 8Eur
Thermal Pulse: Cult Of Enchanted Rage 4Eur
Thormesis: Vergangene Asche 9Eur
Todesstoß: Jenseitslüge 8Eur
Todesstoß: Stelldichein 6Eur
Todesstoß: Abwegnis 121 (golden disc) 6Eur
Tronus Abyss: Kampf (digibook with bt limited 1000, sealed) 5Eur
Tyskland: Cild (dvd-case limited 1000) 6Eur
Ulver: February MMX (cardboard, sealed) 20Eur
Ulver: Messe I.X-VI.X (digipak, sealed) 14Eur
V.A.: ...For All Hate In Man! #6 (limited - # 71) 6Eur
V.A.: ...For All Hate In Man! #10 6EUr
-> or buy both together for 10Eur
V.A.: A Black Metal Statement (cardboard) 3Eur
V.A.: Apocalyptic Art - Label Compilation Nr. 1 5Eur
*V.A.: Atramentum Zine Compilation #1 1Eur
V.A.: Better Undead Undead Than Alive 2 (+transparent sticker) 3,5Eur
*V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation # 1 5Eur
*V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation # 2 5Eur
V.A.: Black Devastation Records Label Compilation #5 5Eur
-> or all three BDR-sampler for 12Eur
V.A.: Chronicles Of Tyranny And Blood – Tribute To Graveland 8Eur
V.A.: Death To Mental Slaves (dvd + cd) (low price because of signs of wear) 5Eur
V.A.: Embers Of Faith 8Eur
V.A.: Ewigkeit I 8Eur
V.A.: Followers Of The Ancient Path 3Eur
V.A.: Forgotten Wisdom Productions - CD Sampler - Volume I (carboard) 1Eur
V.A.: La Vita E Meravigliosa (limited 23) 18Eur
V.A.: Mit Streitaxt und Gewehr (sealed jewelcase) 5Eur
V.A.: Nawak Posse - Sampler Vol. 11 (cardboard limited 2000) 1Eur
*V.A.: Oskorei: Die ewige Jagd 5Eur
V.A.: Pagan Folk And Apocalyptic Psychedelia - Kapitel II (cardboard) 2Eur
*V.A.: The Ishteda Vinyl Productions 5Eur
*V.A.: Tollwut Sampler I (limited 50 - # 30) 16Eur
V.A.: Tribute To Kreuzfeuer 8Eur
V.A.: Trollzorn - Label Compilation (cardboard) 3Eur
Velvet Cacoon: Dextronaut (limited 150) 20Eur
Vesania: God The Lux 5Eur
Vredehammer: 4. September 5Eur
*Water: Tempest (Carboard) 4Eur
Weena Morloch: Amok 5Eur
*Winterblood: Anelli (a5-digibook limited 100) 12Eur
Wir Sind Thule: Arbeit Macht Frei 12Eur
Withering Night: Withering Night (limited 200) 5Eur
Woods Of Infinity: Förlåt 5,5Eur
Wotanorden: Aryan Culture Preservation 9Eur
*Xordeal: Introspective 5Eur


Ad Desolatum Et Silentium: Itineris Exitium 1,50Eur
Anhedonia: Cluster I (limited 100 - # 62) 3Eur
Arkona: Chaos.Fire.Ice (pro-tape limited 100 - # 98) 6,5Eur
Arkonian: Арконско воскресение (limited 300 - # promo) 3Eur
Aryan Blood: Demo 1/'98 (tape) 5,5Eur
Aura Noir: Out To Die (pro-tape limited 200) 6Eur
Blodulv: Diatribe 3Eur
*Bosque:Nowhere (white pro-tape with download code without poster, but therefore with logo patch, limited 100) 6Eur
Cernunnos: Trollfjord 7Eur
Cultus: Promo 2007 2,5Eur
Dead: Hanging Illusions (limited 500) 4Eur
Deathkey: Segmented God Plane Extrapolation (2-tape in oversized case lim. 100 - # 32) 60Eur
Der Blutharsch: Discography (12-pro-tape-box limited 188) GONE
Dimmu Borgir: Spiritual Black Dimensions (pro-tape) 6Eur
Dyster: Fallen, Suicided & Forgotten (limited - # 80) 2,5Eur
Epitimia: О Ты, Чье Имя Мрет На Трепетных Устах (Demo 2008) (pro-tape limited 150) 3Eur
Földalatti Alakulat: Fóbia (limited - # 111) 3,5Eur
Folteraar: Untitled (2014) (limited tape) 5Eur
Habsyll: MMVIII (pro-tape limited 100) 5Eur
*Havohej: Unholy Antichristian Perversion 5Eur
Hiver Noir: From The Dead Times Of Depression (limited 348 - # 51) 3,50Eur
Hruodolf: Naturklang 1 4Eur
Ilsa Koch: Hard Boiled 3,5Eur
Impaled Nazarene: Latex Cult (pro-tape with bt of Motörpenis) 9Eur
*Железный Поток (Jelezny Potok): Знамение (sealed) 3Eur
Les Orphelins Duplessis: Demo I (tape in oversized case limited 100 - # 32) 15Eur
Lunatic Gods: Sitting By The Fire 3Eur
*Maleventum: Rotten & Fucked Bastards (Our Bestial Redesecration Of... (limited 250) 3Eur
Menschentod: Staub (limited 250) 3Eur
Mhönos: Miserere Nostris (pro-tape limited 100 - # 15) 5Eur
Moloch: Чернее Чем Тьма (Blacker Than Darkness (1st press! by Osolon limited 500) 5Eur
Moloch: Чернее Чем Тьма (Blacker Than Darkness (Unholy War-version limited 1000) 3,5Eur
Moonblood/Nema: Split (by Rampant Evil) 7Eur
Mortal God: Letting Moonlight Into You 5Eur
Niedergang: Alámerülés (limited 300 - # 89) 3Eur
*Noldor: Lorien (limited 14 - # 4) 8Eur
*Oakenshield: Forgotten Tunes (limited 300) 3,5Eur
Raggradarh: Rise The Pagan Forest / Гибелта Донесена От... (limited 150 - # 141) 3Eur
Rautavaris: Suden Lapset (pro-tape limited 300) 4Eur
Reichweitenlos: In ewiger Leere treibend (tape limited 25 – # 6) 5Eur
Rotting Christ: Triarchy Of The Lost Lovers 9Eur
*Satanachist: Crown Of The Black Sun (pro-tape limited 333) 7Eur
*Saturn Form Essence: Where Time Does Not Matter Any More (tape with golden paper limited 88 - # 7) 5Eur
Сокира Перуна (Sokyra Peruna): Перунова Рать (For All We Have And Are 6Eur
*Spikes/Merciless Onslaught: Merciless Spikes (tape limited 500) 2Eur
Thundra: Ignored By Fear (sealed) 5Eur
Uno Actu: L'éveil De L'Ombre (tape limited 200 - # 109)
Uno Actu: Inexistence (tape limited 500 - # 90)
Uno Actu: Nihil Est (limited tape - # 43)
Uno Actu: Hors Des Chemins De La Raison (tape limited 500 - # 351)
Uno Actu: Splendeurs Putrides (white pro-tape)
-> all Uno Actu-tapes only be sold together: 20Eur
*V.A.: Chapel Of Death Compilation # 3 (limited 333 - # 100) 3Eur
V.A.: Czarne Zastępy: W Hołdzie Kat (pro-tape) 6Eur
*V.A.: Followers Of The Ancient Path 2,5Eur
*V.A.: Maltkross Compilation Vol. 1 2009 3Eur
Vernichtung: Gewaltbereitschaft (limited 288 - # 81) 3,5Eur
Vestibulum Vacuüi: Leegte (tape limited 50 - # 25) 5Eur
Vinterriket: Winterschatten (limited 1000) 3Eur



Absurd: old Logo GONE
Apati: Logo 3Eur
Austere: white Logo + orange Logo 3Eur
Black Hate: Logo 3Eur
Blodarv: Pentagram Of The Raven (limited) 3Eur
Bosque: Logo 3Eur
Briargh: Logo + shield 2,5Eur
Cradle Of Filth: Dusk And Her Embrace Superstripe (used) 1Eur
Darkspace: blue Logo GONE
Darkthrone: silver Logo 3Eur
Defaillance: Logo + 'Contemplation Misanthropique'-picture (limited 100) 3Eur
Dimmu Borgir: old Logo (used) 1Eur
Dødkvlt: purple Logo (limited 100) 3,5Eur
Drowning The Light: Logo 3Eur
Express Yourself – Just Say Yes: Picture 4Eur
Forgotten Darkness: Logo + Pandemonic Occult Propaganda (limited 100) GONE
Funeral Mist: Logo 4Eur
Gorgoroth: Antichrist 3Eur
Kältetod: Logo 4Eur
Khold: Logo 4Eur
Leraje: Logo (printed, limited 100 - # 32, also stamped by label) 5Eur
Loits: Logo 4Eur
Moloch: Logo 3Eur
Moontower: Logo (printed) 2Eur
Mordheim: Logo (printed) 3Eur
Myrd: Logo + Myrd Dig Selv! 3Eur
Myrkgrav: red/golden emblem 3Eur
Never Stop The Madness: Logo 4Eur
Ofermod: Logo 4Eur
Ohtar: Logo 2Eur
Sektarism: Logo 3Eur
Selbstmord: Logo 3,5Eur
Self Mutilation Services: Logo 3Eur
Solar Rosette: Logo 1,5Eur
Todestrieb: Logo round (printed) 3Eur
Ulver: Shadows Of The Sun (printed cover) 3,5Eur
Vagrond: Logo + butterfly 3Eur
Vlad Tepes: Logo with iron crosses 4Eur


Blodarv: Gâst (shirt size L limited 66) 15Eur
Blutkult: Logo + print on sleeve (white shirt size L limited 50) 20€


Ephel Duath: The Painter's Palette Tour 0Eur
Terdor: Levi 1Eur
Ulver: Vargnatt GONE
Waffenträger Luzifers: Satan Is Power 2Eur


Azagatel - Logo 1Eur
Blodarv - Logo 1Eur
Dark Fury - Ashes To Ashes 1Eur
Dark Fury - Eagle 1Eur
Granskog (big button) - Logo 1Eur
Martyrum Omnium - Logo 1Eur
Moloch - Logo 1Eur
Negura Bunget - Logo 1Eur
Profundis Tenebrarum - Logo 1Eur
Sõjaruun - Logo 1Eur
The True Endless - Logo 1Eur
The True Endless - Suicide Journey 1Eur
Umbra Noctis - Logo 1Eur
Valse Sinistre - Logo 1Eur
Virus Productions - Logo (big) 1Eur
Werewolf - Logo 1Eur
Wolfsschrei - Logo 1Eur

Der Blutadler: III (with button limited 128 - # 106) 6,66Eur
Dungeon Grease: Issue One 3Eur
Garm: 1. Akt – Vom Wahnsinn 5Eur

Blodarv - printed guitar pick 1Eur



Deep-Pression: I Walk The Life In... (tape lim. 19 of 2nd edition - # 16 + white tape lim. 100)
Deep-Pression: The Critical State Of Loneliness (cd lim.300+tape lim.19 of 3rd edition - # 15)
Deep-Pression: Travelling Through Grey Walls Of Existence (tape limited 200 - # 117)
Deep-Pression/Black Hate: Dwellers In An Infertile World (cd in dvd-case limited 1000 - # 29)
Deep-Pression/All The Cold: Deep Cold (cd-r in dvd-case limited 500)
Deep-Pression: 4: Void Of A Morning (cd limited 1000 + tape in slipcase limited 20 - # 10)
Deep-Pression/Cold June: Cold Floors To Embrace, Wet Soils To Dig In (cd-r limited 100)
Deep-Pression/Koldvoid: Treasures From The Dead Seas (cd-r limited 100)
Deep-Pression: Dead Witches And Living Ghosts (tape limited 50 - # 13)
Deep-Pression: Blunt Razor (cd-r limited 100)
Deep-Pression: An Endless Seas (cd-r limited 50 with alternate cover)
Deep-Pression/All The Cold: Deep Cold 2 (cd-r limited 200)
Deep-Pression: One Day.One Room (tape limited 77)
Deep-Pression: Postmortem (cd-r limited 7Cool
Deep-Pression: Northern Pomerania's... (cd-r lim.50, mispress + repress + tape lim. 100 - # 15)
Deep-Pression: Atlantis' Emerge (cd-r limited 100 - # 21)
Deep-Pression: The Blackest Horizon (limited vinyl-style cd-r)
Deep-Pression/S.I.R.S.: Marshland Murders (tape limited 66)
Deep-Pression: Vegtelen Tenger (cd-r limited 100)
Deep-Pression: The Marsh (cd-r)
Mental Cage/Deep-Pression: Split (white tape limited 50 - # 22)
Sleep Deprived/Deep-Pression: Animus Ager Semper Errat (cd-r limited 50 - # 7)
V.A.: Abstract Dreamscape (2cd-r in sleeve)

40€ for all tapes and 120€ for all CDs - or 150€ for everything


I'm selling all of the very first Fallen Angels Productions Releases!
FAP001 - FAP009:


FAP001: Deep Forest: Hymns Of Deep Forest (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black-cd-r limited 45 - # 4)
FAP002: Ares/Extol Vice: Split (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black-cd-r limited 51, A-Type - # 23)
FAP003: Whispering Wind: For This Addicting Pain (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd-r limited 66, B-Type - # 59)
FAP004: Doomsday Axe: Total Holocaust (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-back cd-r limited 44, B-Type - # 38 )
FAP005: Deep Forest: Eternal Night (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-gold cd-r limited 44, B-Type - # 2)
FAP006: V.A.: The Beginning Of A New Legend Vol. 1 (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd-r lim. 114 - # 32)
FAP007: Moloch: Somewhere On The Forgotten Paths (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd-r lim. 50 - # 47)
FAP008: Wolfenhords: The Flame Of Pagan War (covers made of hanji-paper, vinyl-style-black cd-r limited 114 - # 60)
FAP009: Dies Nefastus: The Hour Before The Dawn (covers made of hanji-paper, cd-r limited 114 - # 31)

They're all long sold out and exclusive releases.

Wholsale price: 99€


I'm also selling my Vinterriket-collection:

Northaunt/Vinterriket: Split I + II (tape limited 500 - # 475)
Vinterriket: ...Gjennom Takete Skogen (tape with bt limited 800 - # 739)
Vinterriket/Lebzul: Split (tape limited 500 - # 370)
Vinterriket: Stürme der letzten Stille (tape with bt limited 500)
Vinterriket: …und die Nacht kam schweren Schrittes (digipak in slipcase lim. 1000+tape)
Vinterriket/Orodruin: Split (tape limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Finsternis (tape with bt limited 500 - # 415)
Vinterriket: Winterschatten (slipcase limited 1000 - # 686 + tape limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit (a5-jewelcase lim. 2000 + tape lim. 1000)
Vinterriket/Uruk-Hai: Landschaften ewiger Einsamkeit/Stille/Nazgul (tape limited 400)
Vinterriket: 7-Zoll Kollektion 2002 (tape limited 200 - # 193)
Vinterriket/Northaunt: Split III (tape limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Der letzte Winter (digipak limited 1000 + tape limited 500 - # 279)
Vinterriket: Weisse Nächte des schwarzen Schnees (digipak with bv limited 1000)
Vinterriket: ...durch neblige Wälder (tape with bt limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Von Eiskristallen... und dem ewigen Chaos/Das Winterreich (tape lim. 500)
Vinterriket/Vannvid: Split (tape limited 200 - # 124)
Vinterriket: Lichtschleier (tape limited 400 - # 30)
Vinterriket: Retrospektive (tape limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Kontemplative Antagonismen des Augenblicks (a5-digibook-dvd limited 750)
Vinterriket: Berglandschaften 2001-2004 (digipak with slipcase limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Kälte, Schnee und Eis - Rekapitulation der Winterszeit (digibook limited 500)
Vinterriket: Eiszwielicht (digipak with bv limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Firntann (digipak with bv limited 500)
Vinterriket: Zeit-Los:Laut-Los (digipak limited 1000 + tape limited 500)
Vinterriket: Horizontmelancholie (digipak w/dualdisc cd-dvd lim.1850+tape lim.100-#21)
Vinterriket/Uruk-Hai: Nachtschwarze Momente/The Uruk-Hai (tape limited 66 - # 17)
Vinterriket: Zwischen den Jahren (cd in 7”-sleeve limited 1000 - # 124)
Vinterriket: Eiszwielicht/Firntann (tape limited 500)
Vinterriket: :::grauweiss::: (dvd in digipak limited 1000)
Vinterriket: Garðarshólmur (big digibook limited 250 - # 240)

Vinterriket: Momente ambivalenter Ebenbilder der Zeit (book limited 500)
Vinterriket: Spiegel der Wirklichkeit–Impressionen eines Wanderers II (book limited 250)

Vinterriket: Horizontmelancholie (limited 500)
Vinterriket: Lichtschleier (limited 500)
Vinterriket: Zwischen den Jahren I (limited 100 - # 8)
Vinterriket: Zwischen den Jahren II (limited 100 - # 10)
+ Logo Sticker

Just make me an serious offer. You can also buy only all tapes together or all CDs or posters together, but wholesale is very welcome. No sales for single releases at the moment.

CDs + Books: http://fs2.directupload.net/images/150121/zjbymvmr.jpg
Tapes: http://fs1.directupload.net/images/150121/3jsqpx4s.jpg


The very most vinyls are played once maximum, some are still never played, just ask about the condition if you're unsure.
I can also make pictures.

I'll always look for the cheapest shipping price for you, you don't have to pay for packaging etc. - shipping is from Germany.

I'm mostly looking for sale at the moment, but trade would be okay too.


Black Witchery Blasphemous Onslaughts 2005-2008 DVD
Flammentod Chattenkrieg Special CD 25
Flammentod Feuersturm VHS 9
Flammentod Heeresgruppe Kurland Paket (or only Patch + Longsleeve)
Korgonthurus Marras Digi 100
Leichenzug Das letzte Gebet Metal-Box 300
Monarque Fier Heretique Digibook 2CD 100
Striborg Misanthropic Isolation/In The Heart Of The Rainforest Digi 25
Wedard/Symbiosis A5 300
Wedard/Blackstream A5 30

Good traders: Blacksun, Matsch, Zegers (3x), LordPuke, Mysticus, Perverted Necrofucker, Funestus, Doedsengel

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PostPosted: Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

recommended seller/trader.
successful deals with: bMz, Warghoul, Grav, 61514, Somberlain, Lyset_forsvinner, THANORR999, Wavin, DTD, Weltbrand, the_flesh, Golgotha, Humus, Kerker_aus_zeit, Lucko, Division_Lykanthrop, addison, $$, Iscariah, Manta, krall, siax2.0, Magui, Vampallens
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 09, 2012 4:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

CDs + Taped added

Wantlist coming in some days.
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 13, 2012 5:22 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wantlist added.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 14, 2012 4:18 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Wholesale added!
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 16, 2012 12:04 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

titles added, especially CDs
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PostPosted: Sat Aug 18, 2012 1:20 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Order arrived today; well packaged, accurate description and fast! Highly recommended seller!
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 22, 2012 6:32 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some titles gone, a few added.
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

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PostPosted: Thu Sep 06, 2012 12:20 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Some tapes added and prices changed.
Wholesale for LPs only a few more days, after that I'll delete a lot of the LPs from this list. I'd just need money for my move NOW Cool
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 16, 2012 4:46 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

some titles gone, some new added.
a lot of LPs will be deleted from this list in one week.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 20, 2012 1:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Recommended trader/seller!
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 29, 2012 12:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

some more gone, few added, Leraje, Vordr, Horna etc. - prices changed.
also some LPs deleted from the list because my move is over.
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PostPosted: Sat Oct 13, 2012 1:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

few added, some gone again.
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 17, 2012 4:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


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