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Large Tradelist/ Wantlist

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:02 pm    Post subject: Large Tradelist/ Wantlist Reply with quote

Ahoy there, massive tradelist and wantlist for you all (well those of you that may be interested anyway). References can be found in the other thread or under XJeremyX on blackmetal.co.uk.
If there's something you want and you don't have anything on my wantlist just send your list anyway- you never know there may be something I'm after or feel free to make a cash offer.


Angel Witch- Angel Witch (Castle)
Anteus- Blood Libels (Noevdia)
Amputator- Deathcult Barbaric Hell (Foul)
Archgoat- The Whore Of Bethlehem 2cd (Hammer Of Hate)
Baptism- Grim Arts Of Melancholy (Northern Heritage)*ON HOLD*
Black Death Ritual- Profound Echoes Of The End (Hammer Of Hate)
Bloodhammer- The Passion Of The Devil (Hammer Of Hate)
Blut Aus Nord- Mort (Candlelight)
Dodsferd- Fucking Your Creation (Moribund)
Endstille- Endstilles Reich (Regain)
Forgjord- Henkeen Ja Vereen (Hammer Of Hate)
Funeral Mist- Salvation (Noevdia)
Hoath- Codex II Kether (Hammer Of Hate)
Horna/Behexen split 2nd press (Debemur Morti)
Horna- Aania Yossa (Debemur Morti)
IC Rex- Siehen Kadotuksen Sinfonia (Hammer Of Hate)
Ildjarn- Is Dead 2cd (Northern Heritage)
Katharsis- 666 (Noevdia)
Katharsis- Kruzifixxion (Noevdia)
Katharsis- Worldwithovtend (Noevdia)
Loits- Must Album (Nailboard)
Metsatoll- Hiiekoda (Nailboard)
Metsatoll- Terast Mis Hagund Me Linge 10218 (Nailboard)
Metsatoll- Iivakivi (Nailboard)
Mortician- Chainsaw Dismemberment (Relapse)
Mortician- Zombie Apocalypse (Relapse)
Necrophobic- Hrimthursum (Regain)
Nifelheim- Envoy Of Lucifer (Regain)
Sabbat (UK)- Mourning Has Broken (Noise)
Satanic Warmaster/Clandestine Blaze split (Northern Heritage)
Satanic Warmaster- Strength And Honour new version (Northern Heritage)
Strid- demo/7” collection (Kyrck)*ON HOLD*
The Freezing Fog- March Forth To Victory (stoner) (Roadkill)
Thorns- demo collection (Kyrck)*ON HOLD*
Vitsaus- Jahti Vihassa Ja Kunniassa (Hammer Of Hate)
Woods Of Infinity- Hamptjarn (promo- tray inlay folded in half) (Supernal)
Woods Of Ypres- Pursuit Of The Sun And Allure Of The Earth (Krankenhaus)

Oakenthrone #4
Oakenthrone #5 w/ cd


Abigor- Orkblut
Abigor- Verwurstung/ Invoke The Dark Age
Altaari/Kadotus split 7"
Arckanum- Trulen dlp
Black Goat s/t
Dissection- The Somberlain (Noevdia/Black Horizon)
Dissection- Storm of The Lights Bane (Noevdia/Black Horizon)
Dissection- Reinkaos
Enstille- Endstilles Reich
Horna- Kohti Yhdeksan Nousua
Horna- Aania Yossa
Immolation- Dawn Of Possession (Metal Mind repress)
Mord- Imperium Magnum Infernalis
Nastrond/ Myrkr split 10"
Nifelheim- Envoy Of Lucifer (sealed)
October Falls- The Streams Of The End
Ofermod- Mysterion Tes Anomias mlp (sealed)
Sargeist- Disciple Of The Heinous Path
Skyforger- Thunderforge
V/A- Suomesta Sataanale (Finnish comp)
Vordr- I
Watain- Sworn To The Dark (sealed but has a 1cm seam split on the top- but not bad at all)


Absu- Barathrum Vitriol
Absu- Tara
Alkonost- Songs Of The Eternal Oak
Alkonost- Between The Worlds
Alkonost- The Path We’ve Never Made
Alkonost- Stone Heart Blood
Annihilatus- Blood And War
Arckanum- Fran Marder (reissue or old)
Arckanum- Kohostoger (reissue or old)
Arckanum- Kampen (reissue or old)
Astrofaes- Ancestors Shadows
Astrofaes- Heritage
Astrofaes- Dying Emotions Domain
Azaghal- Of Beasts And Vultures
Baptism- The Beherial Midnight
Besatt- everything
Bloodhammer- Abedessian Satanalliset Houreet
Borknagar- The Archaic Course
Borknagar- Quintessence
Borknagar- Epic
Borknagar- Origin
Branikald- everything except Stormheit
Clandestine Blaze- Night Of The Unholy Flames
Darkthrone- Panzerfaust
Darkthrone- Total Death
Darkthrone- Plaguewielder
Darkthrone- Hate Them
Darkthrone- Preparing For War (jewelcase version only)
Diaboli- Unseen Age Of War
Diaboli- Kirious
Dissection- The Somberlain (Black Horizon/The End 2cd)
Dissection- Storm Of The Lights Bane (Black Horizon/The End 2cd)
Dissection- Starless Aeon
Dissection- Live Legacy digipack
Dissection- Live Legacy box
Forefather- Deep Into Time
Gehenna- WW
Graveland- The Celtic Winter
Hate Forest- The Most Ancient Ones
Hate Forest- Those Who Came Before Us
Hate Forest- To Twilight Thickets
Hate Forest- Nietzechism
Horna- Hiidentorni (Original)
Horna- Kohti Ydeksan Nousa (Original)
Horna- Sotahuuto
Incriminated- Miraacle Of Purity
Kadotus- Twilights Depths
MGLA- Further Down The Nest/Mdlosci
Minotaur- Power Of Darkness
Minotaur/Torment/Desert Storm split
Morningstar- As The Wolves Howl
Morningstar- Rivendell
Morningstar- Heretic Metal
Morningstar- Hell
Morningstar- Weight Of The Hammer
Morningstar- Kalevala Mysticism
Naglfar- Pariah
Naglfar- Harvest w/dvd (regular cd will do)
Nifelheim- Servants Of Darkness
October Falls- The Streams Of The End
Ride For Revenge- King Of Snakes
Root- Hell Symphony
Sargeist/Horned Almighty split
Satanic Warmaster/Gestapo 666 split
Satanic Warmaster- Opferblut digipack
Satanic Warmaster- Carelian Satanic Madness digipack
Satanic Warmaster- Revelation
Skyclad- Wayward Sons Of Mother Earth
Skyclad- Burnt Offerings For The Bone Idol
Skyclad- Prince Of The Poverty Line
Skyclad- Silent Whales Of The Lunar Sea
Skyforger- Latvian Riflemen
Solefald- The Linnear Scaffold
Solefald- Black For Death
Temnozor- Horizons
Thorns/Emperor split
Ulver- Nattens Madrigal
Uncreations Dawn- Deathmarch Over Gods Kingdom
Uncreations Dawn- Deaths Tyranny
Ved Buens Ende- Written In Waters (first press)
Warloghe- The First Possession
Warloghe- Womb Of Pestilence
Wyrd- Huldrafolk
Wyrd- The Ghost Album
Wyrd- Kammen
V/A Eastern Hammer
V/A Jatkosota compilation

Wanted Vinyl
Absu- Temples Of Offal 7"
Absu- Barathrum Vitriol lp/ pic lp
Absu- And Shineth Unto The Cold Cometh 7" (as good condition as possible)
Absu- The Third Storm... pic lp
Absu- The Collection dlp
Amorphis- The Karelian Isthmus lp/ pic lp
Amorphis- Tales From A Thousand Lakes pic lp
Amorphis- Black Winter Day mlp
Amorphis- Am Universum lp
Azaghal- Helvettin Yhdeksan Piiria lp
Azaghal- Ihmsviha lp
Azaghal- Of Beasts And Vultures lp
Borknagar- s/t malicious lp/ pic lp
Borknagar- Olden Domain pic lp
Borknagar- Quintessence lp
Borknagar- Empiriciam lp
Borknagar- Epic lp
Borknagar- Origin lp
Carpathian Forest- Strange Old Brew lp (not pic lp)
Carpathian Forest- Defending The Throne Of Evil dlp
Carpathian Forest- Fuck You All lp
Darkthrone- Total Death lp/ bootleg pic lp
Darkthrone- NWOBHM 7"
Darkthrone- F.O.A.D. lp
Deathspell Omega- Infernal Battles lp
Deathspell Omega- split w/ Moonblood lp
Deathspell Omega- split w/ Mutiilation mlp
Destruction- Sentence Of Death mlp (US Cover)
Dismember- Like An Everflowing Stream lp/ pic lp
Dismember- Massive Killing Capacity lp
Dissection- The Somberlain pic lp
Dissection- Storm of The Lights Bane pic lp
Dissection- The Past Is Alive pic lp
Drudkh- Forgotten Legends lp
Drudkh- Autumn Aurora lp
Drudkh- The Swan Road lp
Emperor- Wrath Of The Tyrant lp/ pic lp
Enslaved- Frost blue lp/ pic disc
Enslaved- Monumension lp
Enslaved Mardraum lp
Gehenna- The First Spell lp w/poster and booklet
Gorgoroth- Pentegram lp (original press)
Gorgoroth- Antichrist lp (original press)
Gorgoroth- Ad Majoram Gloriam Sathanas lp
Graveland- everything
Hate Forest- Darkness 7"
Hate Forest- Ritual 7"
Hate Forest- The Most Ancient Ones lp
Hate Forest- Sorrow lp
Hate Forest- Purity lp
Horna- Sota 7"
Horna- Haudankylmiden Mailla lp
Horna- Split w/Desplation Triumphalis 7"
Horna- Viha Ja Viikate mlp
Horna- Split w/ Woods Of Infinity 7"
Horna- Split w/Sacrificia Mortorium lp
Horna- Piemen Hetku mlp
Horna- Sotahuuto lp
Ildjarn- Strength And Anger dlp
Immortal- Battles In The North lp/ clear lp
Immortal- Blizzard Beasts- lp
Immortal Osmose pic lps/ Gatefold reissues
Immortal- Soms Of Northern Dakness pic disc
Kreator- Endless Pain lp (must be mint)
Kreator- Flag Of Hate mlp (must be mint)
Kreator- various picture discs
Malign- everything
Masters Hammer- Ritual (Osmose press, black vinyl) lp
Masters Hammer- Klavierstuck 7"
Minotaur- The Oath Of Blood 7"
Minotaur- The Slaughter Continues 7"
Minotaur- The Power Of Darkness lp
Minotaur- v/a Don't Burn The Witch mlp
Mortiis- Anden Som Gjorde Oppror lp
Mortiis- keiser Av En Dimension Ukjent lp
Mortiis- Blood And Thunder ep
Mortiis- Crypt Of The Wizard lp
Mortiis- En Sirkel Av Kosmik Kaos ep
Mortiis- Ferden Og Kallet ep
Mortiis- I Morket Drommende ep
Mortiis- Stjerenfodt ep
Mortiis- Vanderens Sang ep
Nifelheim- Unholy Death 7"
Nifelheim- Servants Of Darkness lp
Nifelheim- split w/ Vulcano 7"
Portrait- Into The Nothingness 7"
Sargeist- Satanic Black Devotion pic lp
Sargeist- Disciple Of The Heinous Path splatter lp
Satanic Warmaster- split w/ Stuthof red 7"/ pic 7"
Satanic Warmaster- Opferblut pic lp/ white lp?
Satanic Warmaster- Carelian Satanist Madness black lp/ white lp
Satanic Warmaster- split w/Aryan War green 7"
Satanic Warmaster- split w/ Evil red 7"
Satanic Warmaster- Revelation mlp
Satyricon- Rebel Extravaganza lp/ pic lp
Satyricon- Now Diabolical lp
Sentenced- Shadows Of The Past lp
Sentenced- North From Here lp
Sentenced- Amok lp
Sodom- In The Sign Of Evil mlp (must be ex++ at least)
Sodom- Obsessed By Cruelty lp (must be mint)
Sodom- Expurse Of Sodomy mlp (must be mint)
Tarot- first 2 lps
V/A- Crusade From The North dlp
Warloghe- The First Possession lp
Watain- split w/ Diabolicum 7"

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