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LP'S SALE LIST W/PRICES (marduk,mutilator,electrocution etc)

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PostPosted: Mon Nov 05, 2012 5:10 am    Post subject: LP'S SALE LIST W/PRICES (marduk,mutilator,electrocution etc) Reply with quote

CONTACT: chaoticend_gr@hotmail.com


1.BATHORY - blood,fire,death (under on flag) NM/EX+ [25euro]
2.ANTHROPOMORPHIA - necromantic love songs DLP (the crypt) MINT [25euro]
3.DESPAIR - decay of humanity (century media) EX/EX+ [12euro]
4.GENOCIDE - down to kill DLP (horror recs) EX/NM [20euro]
5.HELLOWEEN - high live DLP (raw power/castle) NM/NM/NM [40euro]
6.ELECTROCUTION - inside the unreal (rosemary's recs) EX/EX [50euro]
7.AMORPHIS - elegy (nuclear blast) EX/EX [40euro]
8.MARDUK - live in germania DLP (osmose) [35euro]
9.NEBIROS - guerreros de lucifer (black vomit) NM/NM [12euro]
10.INDESINENCE - neptunian (me saco un ojo) NM/NM [15euro]
11.MUTILATOR - into the strange (cogumelo) VG+/EX+ [30euro]
12.ABHOTH - the tide + demo's DLP white vinyl (the crypt) MINT [25euro]
13.TROUBLE - the skull (cyclone empire) NM [12euro]
14.KATATONIA - discouraged ones (avantgarde) EX/EX [25euro]
15.HYPORCISY - hypocrisy (nuclear blast) EX/NM
16.AMON AMARTH - once sent from the golden hall (metal blade) VG-/VG
17.IRON MAIDEN - the wicker man pic disc w/cover (emi) EX/NM [25euro]
18.BLACK OATH - the 3rd aeon (horror recs) MINT [10euro]
19.DEATH SS - the cursed concert pic. disc (horror recs) MINT [12euro]
20.NECRO - gore ceremony (iron bonehead/terror from hell) MINT [10euro]
21.ACTIVE MINDS - welcome to the slaughterhouse (loony tunes) EX/VG+ [5euro]
22.DECADENCE WITHIN - soulwound (peaceville) VG/VG+ [5euro]
23.LORD CRUCIFIER - the focus of life (metalworks) VG-/VG [8euro]
24.DIMMU BORGIR - spiritual black dimensions (nuclear blast) EX/EX [25euro]
25.DIMMU BORGIR - puritanical euphoric misanthropia DLP (nuclear blast) EX/VG+/EX [20euro]
26.DIMMU BORGIR - enthroned darkness triumphant (nuclear blast) EX/VG+ [30euro]
27.ROTTING CHRIST - sleep of the angels (century media) VG/VG+ [20euro]
28.ANATHEMA - the silent enigma (peaceville) NM/NM [40euro]
29.ANATHEMA - judgement (music for nations) EX/EX [30euro]
30.AFTER THE BOMBS - relentless onslaught (the total end records) MINT [10euro]
31.GALLOW GOD - false mystical prose (psychedoomelic/terror from hell) VG-/EX [10euro]
32.RAGE - extended power (noise) VG/EX+ [12euro]
33.ABYSMAL GRIEF - misfortune (horror recs) MINT [10euro]
34.ABYSMAL GRIEF - foetor funerereus mortuorum (horror recs) MINT [10euro]


1.HOODED MENACE/ASPHYX - split picture disc (doomentia) MINT [15euro]
2.FUNEBRARUM/UNDERGANG - the dead of winter -black vinyl- (doomentia) [10euro]
3.ABYSMAL GRIEF - the samhain feast (horror recs) MINT [5euro]
4.BLACK OATH - portrait of the dead (horror recs) MINT [5euro]
5.BLACK OATH - cursed omen (horror recs) MINT [5euro]
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