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FPR; Unbegotten "Proem Of The Unborn" demo Cassett

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PostPosted: Sun Aug 21, 2016 5:49 am    Post subject: FPR; Unbegotten "Proem Of The Unborn" demo Cassett Reply with quote


Were down to the last 115 copies out of 150 of these already!

"Proem Of The Unborn"
Pro Cassette


Black blessings are upon us again with the debut offering of UNBEGOTTEN entitled "Proem Of The Unborn. Spewed forth from the catacombs of Spain, an anonymous group of hateful energy explodes through our audial receptors as we try to take in the black metal there in. FPR has seen yet again that not all individuals have lost the true ways of this art and UNBEGOTTEN are no exception! Powered by darkness and raw obscurity, we present to you here 4 tracks & 1 intro of raw and uncompromising black metal that stands the test of time! There is a coldness within the hateful riffs and raw sounds of UNBEGOTTEN that cannot be denied and should not be! being you are looking for real blackened hateful energy and not a waste of mockery within spacetime with true spiritual emptiness!

UNBEGGOTTEN "Proem Of The Unborn" is their debut release and is presented in Cassette format only! limited to 150 hand numbered copies.



Good evening UNBEGOTTEN and many thanks for giving me your precious time for this interview! Since you are a new and largely unknown band from beautiful Spain, let’s start rather simple: In the English language “unbegotten” means as much as “not having a beginning; eternity”. As far as I know it is a word that is seldom used. Could you tell us a little bit about why you chose this name for your band and in what way it reflects the overall aesthetics behind your art?

Hails. The name existed for several years, but has been materialized with this project. The purpose of the name was reflect the cyclicality of everything existing, at the end nothing is begotten but continually transformed. The insignificance of every material or ego in front of the infinity of time and universe.

If I understand the title of your first album/demo correct then “Proem Of The Unborn” is basically going into the same direction as your band name – the demo/album serves as an introduction to that which is not (yet) born. Could you elaborate the relationship between your bandname and your album title in detail?

Correct: proem to represent a prelude or preface (instead of demo) of the unborn (instead of unbegotten).

The artwork for you first tape shows a dead (?) child and a dark, ghostly entity either leaving the body or entering into it. To start with a simpler question: Who is responsible for the artwork and how much information did you give him/her about how you want the artwork to look like?

In fact, this is an entity emerging from a foetus that never has been born alive. We entrusted the artwork to Raquel Sánchez Castellanos, a close artist living in Norway. We proposed the idea to her, and she, with a lot of patients, developed as we conceived. Here is her webpage, if someone is interested in her artworks: www.raquelconcafe.com

On to a more difficult question: In what way does the artwork sum up the overall lyrical layers of your album, if it does? In what way do the songs of the album recur to the artwork – the child and the ghostly entity?

Indeed the lyrics existed long before the artwork. Although the demo is a 'proem', the lyrics deepen into existentialist thematics. Reflecting both, not having place in this sick world of globalized masses, and the repulse to all these sick egos competing to highlight themselves, whose attempt to evolve in fact generates a greater involution. A 'roller coaster' of frustration and hate.

The entity of the artwork is a metaphorical reflect of this frustration and hate (it doesn't represent any phantasmagorical thematic).

Musically, you mix brutal and straightforward black metal with spherical element which gives “Proem Of The Unborn” quite a unique and ethereal feeling and vibe. Could you describe for our readers what kind of sound or atmosphere you had in mind when you composed and recorded your first demo? Did you have a clear vision of how it all should sound?

Conceptually we pretended to create a little bit atmospheric music, althought putting it into practice on the rehearsal room we obtained this plus of brutallity. We also had in mind a more dark sonirities, but due to technical limitations and recording media we didn't get it at 100%.

I really like the dark ambient intro ,Grey Aureole’ and I consider such pieces of music as essential for an atmospheric album. Could you imagine using these kinds of ambient pieces more regularly on upcoming releases?

We decided to include this piece after the mixing process, due mainly to two reasons: to avoid an abrupt start of the song we decided to be the first; and to reflect the concept of cyclicality, because the melody of this piece is connected with the notes of the last riff of the last song. But it has been something punctual.

Could you tell us in general a bit about the song writing and the recording process? How long did it take you to finish the compositions and where was your music recorded?

Previously we prepared the base of the songs (by different entities), then at the rehearsal room we worked on the rest of the instruments and arrangements. And over the music we added the appropiate lyrics. The process was lengthened due to some difficulties to gather and prepare the songs for the recording.

We recorded the instruments on different places by ourselves. Except the drums, for what we rely on the help of an experienced and very professional technician, Simón Da Silva (www.theemptyhallstudio.com).

We also did by ourselves the mixing and mastering despite not having previous experience, because we considered that for a demo we didn't need an ultra proffessional sound. It was a very long process, but we had total freedom to the necessary adjustments.

Even though it often turns into some kind of namedropping, could you explain to our readers which bands inspired you most to create for yourself such art? And what were the key characteristics of these bands that made them special?

We don't feel inspired by any band, we compose what leave the inside in this moment. After so many years into black metal there are hundreds of bands that could have influenced us unconsciously. But in spite of don't be very original, listening to the final result we don't see any particular band influence reflected.

is possible to talk about your musical background – have you guys been active in other metal bands before? And if so, why did you choose to channel your artistic visions now in UNBEGOTTEN? What are you trying to express which you couldn’t have expressed in your other bands/projects?

In the past, separately, we took part of some projects (some recordings haven't seen the light). In the middle of 2014 it comes up the possibility of join forces to express new restlessness. Our past projects had different thematics and sonority, it was better to start a new project.

Most interestingly, you guys are from Spain, but you have made a deal with the American label Forever Plagued Records. How did it come to this? How did you get to know Tomas and his label?

We decided to edit the demo with some serious label outside Spain to ensure a better distribution; and to guarantee that this label make the edition by the music itself, not simply for support the national scene or for having any previous relationship. It's also the reason for what we want to stay in the shadows: we don't like the so called scene, where the people support the bands due to friendship or idolize attention-seeking musicians. Instead of the music itself.

We wanted an edition on tape format, and FPR was a referent label for us due to his editions and bands which work with; and continues editing in this format. We contacted with Tomas, who quickly accepted to edit our demo. His treat has been always very professional, and we connected a lot in our conception of the underground black metal.

Is there any chance that we will eventually also see UNBEGOTTEN live on stage?

No, never. We don't feel identified with the called scene, so it has no sense for us.

Last question: What books are currently lying on your nightstand?

Some books of Sartre, Albert Camús, Jacobo Gómez Morais, Delibes or Bukowsky.

Many thanks again for your time and your effort! I wish you personally and for UNBEGOTTEN only the very best!

Thank you for the interview.
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Joined: 28 Aug 2011
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 8:30 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

25% sale going on now site wide!
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 25, 2016 11:25 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Unbegotten souds really good !!

I was about to place an order a couple days ago but I decided to wait until this week end, I'm lucky...

Support !
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 9:43 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

My copy came today. Great demo. Looking forward to more from this band.
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PostPosted: Wed Sep 07, 2016 2:21 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Copies in stock: http://www.nebularcarcoma.com/distro.html

Another FPR titles available:

-INCURSUS "Eternal Funeral Trance" Digipack CD 8€
-ESOTERICA "Aseity" CD 8€
-DEMONCY "Enthroned is the Night" Digisleeve CD 8€
-KRIEG "Blue Miasma" Digipack CD 8€
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