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NOMOS DEI distribution

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Nomos Dei

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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2013 11:03 pm    Post subject: NOMOS DEI distribution Reply with quote

Distro update 17.05.2013

KULTO MALDITO - Jodete Jesus [Nomos Dei] A5 digi CD 450 руб. / 12 euro
SEKTARISM - Le Son Des Stigmates [BeBlessedTheCursed] Pro tape 166 руб. / 4 euro

Apocalypse Command - Apocalypse Command [Gospel Of Death] MCD
Demoncy - Enthroned Is The Night [Forever Plagued] Digisleeve
Diapsiquir - A.N.T.I.[Necrocosm]
Dark Opus - Ignominious Fundamentals [Battleskrs] Digifile MCD
High Priest Of Saturn - The Protean Towers Crawling King Snake [selfreleased] Occult rock/psychedelia, recommended (http://highpriestofsaturn.bandcamp.com/album/2011-demo) CDR 6 euro / 240 руб.
Necros - Procession of Heretics [Gospel Of Death] MCD
Neo Inferno 262 - Hacking The Holy Code [Necrocosm] Digi CD
Nightbringer - Death And The Black Work [Forever Plagued] Double digi CD 12 euro / 450 руб.
Ophidian Forest - Redbad [selfreleased] CD in DVD box, atmospheric Ildjarn worship (http://ophidianforest.bandcamp.com/album/redbad)
Ophidian Forest - Plains [selfreleased]
Purge - Sordid Preludes To Purgatory [Gospel of Death] First full-length of these french veterans - Killer Death metal featuring members from Merrimack and Ritualization
Urna - Liber Lelle [Abgvrd] Occult ambient/ritual meditative music with some Endvra influence. Limited CDR, sold out from label 240 руб. / 6 euro

Amon - Realm Of Evil [Osiris]
Angst - Divine Wrath [Death Propaganda]
Arminius - Piroclastic Siege [Maltkross]
Black Angel / Evil - Infernal Rituals [Suicide Taste / Hexencave]
Black Mass - Hell War [Maltkross]
Daemonolith - By Order Of Decimation [Angels Of The Apocalypse] Pro tape
Do Skonu - Womb of Primeval Darkness [Omega]
Doomhammer - Ghouls From Ginnungagap [Maltkross]
Epydemic - Obscure Death [Maltkross]
Extinction Agenda / Oppression [Nihilistic Holocaust] Split tape
Extinguished Temples - Empty Light [Abysmal Sounds] Ambient. Pro tape
Frostmoon Eclipse - Gathering The Dark [Darkness Shade] Pro tape
Gronde - Gronde [Impious Desecration] Pro tape
Habsyll - MMVIII [Zanjeer Zani] Pro tape, satanic easy listening, ABSOLUTELY UNHUMAN! Total fucking recommended! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e73i_ecFlBY
Infest - Onward To Destroy [Terror Blast]
Khaoz - Salvation Through Bloodshed [Infernal Kommando]
Koltum - Funeral Of Flesh [Herege Warfare]
Korium - The Pendulum Of Sorrow [Suicide Taste / Hexencave]
Kozeljnik - Deeper The Fall [Darkness Shade]
Kult ov Azazel - Order of the Fly [Sephiroth]
Madman - Force Of Sound [War]
Mal-Etre - Rituals [Infernal Kommando]
Morbid Spell - Blasphemous Ritual [Deathrash Armageddon] Pro tape
Necrowitch - Into The Temple Of Nar Matarru [Black Vomit]
Neftaraka - Morts [Eldritch Lunar Miasma] Pro tape
Nox Inferi - Adverse Spheres [Ruin]
Lugubre - Bloodshedding War Hymns [Hell War]
Ominous - Death... The Beginning [Impious Desecration] Pro tape
Posmrtna Liturgija - Vama Marg [War]
Rise Of Malice - Rise Of Malice [War]
Sanctophoby - Satanic Ceremonies Of Imperfection [Silver Key] Pro tape
Sathanas - Flesh For The Devil [Sabbathid]
Sektarism - L'Offrande [Zanjeer Zani] Pro tape
Sex Blasphemy - Scars Of The Offering [Silver Key] Pro tape
Sick Rites - Praise The Dawn Of Desecration [Deathrash Armageddon] Pro tape
Spitehowling - Born To Die For Evil [Osolon]
Stone, The - The Fog [Terror Blast]
Terrorama - Crimes Against Humanity [Blazing Obscurity]
Thou Shalt Fall - Shoot Hallelujah [The Throat] Nekrorehearsal recording of some tracks from upcoming EP
Tod - Black Metal Manifesto [Bylec Tum]
Triumphus Mortis - Crepusculo Spirituale [Bylec Tum]
Tumulus Anmatus - Demo MMVII [War]
Vahrzaw - Live at the Gashouse 1995 [Behest zine]
Verwustung - Contra Humanum [Omega]
War Hammer Command - Slaughter Is My Regime [Arcano Musica]
Xerion - Palida Morte, Negra Sombra [Wolfram]

Antediluvian / Temple Nightside - Cogitating Vacuous [Nuclear Winter]

Temple Nightside - Prophecies of Malevolence [Nuclear Winter] Another projekt of Mitchell Keepin (Ill Omen / Nazxul / Pestilential Shadows). 16 euro / 650 руб.

Darvulia logo
Hate Forest - Scythia
Temple Nightside
Nomos Dei productions
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PostPosted: Fri May 17, 2013 9:12 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Total support!!!
Fucking russian post, where are the posters?!!
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