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Nordreich T-Shirt for free!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 03, 2013 11:14 am    Post subject: Nordreich T-Shirt for free! Reply with quote

You can get a free Nordreich "Verschlungene Pfade" T-Shirt when you buy the 3 Nordreich vinyls:
Auf Heimischen Pfaden DLP 17€
Verschlungene Pfade LP 14€
...und es bleibt nur Aas LP 14€
==> 45 euro (plus postage). People without record player can also purchase the T-Shirt alone for 13 euro. Only sizes L and XL left.

Rare releases package - 69€
Releases came in highly limited and handnumbered editions only:
Abhor - Ab Luna lucenti, ab Noctua protecti 12" LP (lim. to 111 handnumbered copies)
Aeon Winds - Those who will remain silent forever 12" LP (lim. to 111 handnumbered copies)
Profezia - Oracolo Suicida 12" LP (lim. to 205 handnumbered copies)
Profezia - The Truth of Ages 12" LP (lim. to 200 handnumbered copies)
Winterblut - Eine Schlechte Tat 7" EP (lim. to 170 handnumbered copies)
Wolfsschrei / Shadows Under Arms split EP (lim. to 213 handnumbered copies)
Wolfsschei - Moriturus EP (lim. to 200 handnumbered copies)
Wolfsschrei - Risen from Fire and Obscurity 7" EP (lim. to 99 handnumbered copies)

Old releases package 49€
I dare to say that any of those LPs would have been sold out since ages if they had been released by a larger label with real advertisment instead of low-profile RBR. But so here is your chance to get them for a real nice price.
Eschaton - Causa Fortior 12" LP
Funeral Frost - Watch them Burn 7" EP
Jotunheim - s/t 12" LP
Nachtvorst - Stills 12" LP
SS-18 - Dead World's Whisper 12" LP
Wolfthorn / Erhabenheit 12" split mLP
Zahrim - Ia Zagasthenu 10" mLP

And here is the list with special offers, use this chance and fill the holes in your collection:

6x 12" LP = 55 euro
6x 12"DLP = 88 euro
6x 7" EP = 25 euro
6x CD = 35 euro
6x tape = 15 euro

A. Art - ...I Berem Plodovete Na Nasheto Nehajstvo LP
Aigro Mucifelam - Lost Sounds Depraved LP
Akerbeltz / Avangh Dhur / Morbid Yell / Hellthrone split LP
Akitsa - Au Crepuscule De L'esperance LP
Angel of Damnation - Carnal Philosophy LP
Angst Skvadron - Flukt LP
Angst Skvadron - Sweet Poison LP
Antiphrasis / Totenburg - Der Tod mit euch LP
Antisemitex/Selbstmord split LP
Arfsynd - Arfsynd LP
Ash Pool - for which he plies the lash LP
Aska - Dar Vanvett Gror LP
Barastir - Battlehymns of Hate LP
Black Flame - Conquering Purity LP
Blodsrit - The Well Of Light Has Finally Dried LP
Blodulv - II LP
Blood Red Fog - Death Cult LP
Capitis Damnare - Ex Regnum Spiritus In Manifestus LP
Celticmoon/Waffenweihe - My Illusion of an Eternal Winter / Ein Sturm zieht auf LP
Corpus Christii - The Torment Continues LP
Cultus / Meslamtaea - split LP
Daemonlord - The End Of The Era mLP
Darkmoon Warrior - In Fundis Inferiorum LP
Destruktor - Nuclear Storm mLP
Destruktor - Nuclear Storm Picture mLP
Diaboli - Invocation LP
Diaboli - Kirous LP
Dimhymn - Djavulens tid ar kommen LP
Dimhymn / Hypothermia split LP
Doomed - Doomed to Death and Damned In Hell LP
Drastus - Serpent's Chalice - Materia Prima mLP
Drastus - Taphos mLP
Draugsang / Mörker split LP
Dusken - Pyrimanes LP
Eisenwinter - Monumentales Scheitern LP
Emit/Vrolok Pic LP
End - End LP
Eschaton - Causa Fortior LP
Evil Angel - Unholy Fight For Metal LP
Flagellant - Monuments LP
Forefather - Deep Into Time LP
Forgotten Tomb - Negative Megalomania LP
Freitod - Nebel der Erinnerungen LP
Funeral - s/t LP
Förgjord - Ajasta Ikuisuuteen LP
Gauntlet's Sword - Theosophy LP
Glorior Belli - Meet Us at the Southern Sign LP
Goetia - Hail Satan LP
Gorath - Elite LP
Gospel of the Horns - Sinners / Monuments of Impurity LP
Graefenstein - Death Born LP
Grotesque Hysterectomy - Reek LP
Hell Militia - last station on the road to death LP
Hellbound / Ensamhet mLP
Hoath - Codex II: Kether LP
Homicide - Dale of Lost Souls
Horned Almighty - Contaminating The Divine LP
Horned Almighty - The Devils Music LP
Horned Serpent / Prevalent Resistance - Serpent Resistance split LP
Hypothermia - Veins LP
Hödur - Salve Sathanas
Impious Havoc - At the Ruins of the Holy Kingdom LP
Impious Havoc - Dawn of Nothing LP
Inferno - Uctivani temne zurivosti LP
Inferno / Tundra - Infernal Belief LP
Infernum - Taur nu fuin LP
Infinity - Enter Thy Labyrinth Of Hell LP
Insane Vesper - Abominations Of Death LP
Interitus - Der Traum von menschenleerer Schönheit gatefold Pic LP
Jotunheim - s/t LP
Joyless - Without Support LP
Kargvint - Seelenwerks Fortgang LP
Kathaaria - The complex void of Negativity LP
Kill - No Catharsis LP
Kilte - Absence mLP
Krohm - A World Through Dead Eyes LP
Krohm - Slayer of Lost Martyrs / Crown of the Ancients LP
Kältetod - Reue LP
Kältetod - Talpfade LP
Levifer - Tribute to the supreme beast Pic LP
Licht Erlischt - ...And Below, The Retrograde LP
Loits - Ei Kahetse Midagi LP
Luciferi Excelsi - s/t LP
Maleficarum / Jezabel split LP
Malkuth - Mutus Liber LP
Manes - Vilosophe LP
Masacre - Total Death LP
Matricide - Holy Virgin LP
Mor Dagor - Necropedofile LP
Morbosidad / Pseudogod - Vocifero Lucifer/Muerte split LP
Mord - Imperium Magnum Infernalis LP
Morte Incandescente - ...Relembrando um tumulo esquecido LP
Nachtfalke - Following the Wanderers Path LP
Nachtvorst - Stills LP
Nav - Halls Of Death LP
Necrofrost - Bloodstorms Voktes over Hytrunghas Dunkle Necrotroner LP
Nefandus - Death Holy Death LP
Nefarious - The Universal Wrath LP
Nucleus Torn - Nihil LP
Numinous - s/t LP
Nunslaughter - Hex LP
October Falls - The Streams Of The End mLP
Orcustus - Orcustus LP
Order Of Orias - Inverse LP
Paragon Impure - To Gaius (For the Delivery of Agrippina) LP
Pest - Pest mLP
Pest - Vado Mori LP
Primigenium - Faith Through Anguish LP
Profanatica - Profanatitas De Domonatia LP
Profundi - The Omega Rising LP
Purest - Renascence LP
Raspberry Bulbs - Finally Burst / Lone Gunman LP
Riddle of Meander - End of all Life and Creation LP
Runenblut - No Solution... LP
Sacrilegious Impalement - s/t mLP
Sadiztik Impaler - Sadiztik Syonan To Supremacy LP
Sarath - Siste indre LP
Satanic Blood - Satan Boven Alles LP
Selbstmord - Dawn of a New Era LP
Simple Existenz - Das Leben Vor Dem Tod LP
Sombre Chemin - Notre Heritage Ancestral LP
Spectre - Near Death Experience LP
Spetälsk - Perverted Commandment mLP
Spetälsk - Spetälsk LP
Spire - s/t LP
SS-18 - Dead World's Whisper LP black
SS-18 - Dead World's Whisper LP red
Strychnos - Lessons in Terror LP
Teloch - Morbid Prayer LP
Terrorama - Horrid Efface LP
The Ancient's Rebirth - Drain the Portal in Blood LP
the true Endless - A Climb To Eternity LP
The true Frost - In eternal strife LP
Thesyre - Resistance LP
Thesyre - s/t LP
Totenburg - Endzeit LP
Typhus - Grand Molesters Of The Holy Trinity LP
Typhus - Profound Blasphemous Proclamation LP
Ungod - In numele Metalului Est-European LP
Uruk Hai / Moloch split LP
Vargulf - Invading the Throne LP
Vargulf / Sagenland split LP
Veineliis - Strained Movements towards imminent Death LP
Vergeltung / Trollzorn - Gegen Feind und Verräter LP
Verhern - Verhern LP
Vinterriket / Orodruin split LP
Vorkreist - Sublimation XXIXA LP
Winterblut - Der 6. Danach, Opus I: Leidenswege
Winterblut - Der 6. Danach, Opus II: Geistermusik & Opus III: Orgelmusik
Winterblut - Leichenstandard LP
Wolfsschrei - The unknown spectre of evil mLP
Wolfthorn / Erhabenheit - mLP
Wolok - Servum Pecus LP
Woods of Desolation - Sorh mLP
Ygg - Ygg LP
Öde - Schimmenwoud LP

6x 12" DLP = 88€

Abigor - Fractal Possession DLP
Abigor / Blacklodge DLP
Apati - Eufori DLP
Averse Sefira - Advent Parallax DLP
Beherit - Beast of Beherit DLP
Corpus Christii - Rising DLP
Count Raven - Mammons War DLP
Darklord - Symphony Satanikka DLP
Demoncy - Joined in Darkness DLP
Enshadowed - Messengers of the Darkest Dawn + Demos DLP
Essenz - KVIITIIVZ - Beschwörung des Unaussprechlichen DLP
Limbonic Art - Phantasmagoria DLP
Osculum Infame - Manifesto From the Dark Age DLP
Secrets Of The Moon - Antithesis DLP
Spite Extreme Wing - Vltra DLP
Striborg - Black Desolate Winter / Depressive Hibernation DLP
Tha-Norr - Wolfenzeitalter DLP
Throne Of Katarsis - An Eternal Dark Horizon DLP
Todtgelichter - Was Bleibt / Schemen DLP
Valkyrja - Contamination DLP
Verdunkeln - Einblick In Den Qualenfall DLP
Void of Silence - Human Antithesis Gatefold DLP
Watain - Sworn to the Dark picture DLP
Winterblut - Das Aas aller Dinge DLP
Winterblut - Von den Pflichten Schönes zu vernichten DLP
Xibalba - Ah Dzam Poop Ek DLP

6x 7" EP = 25€
Angst Skvadron - The Alien EP
Antithesis - s/t EP
Apolion / Eswiel split EP
Ater Tenebrae / Ravenshades split EP
Audiopain / Dead to this World EP
Banished Spirits / Ensamhet split EP
Black Winter / Nethescerial split EP
Bliss of Flesh / Bloodhammer split EP
Burden - Man Of No Account EP
Ceremonial Execution - Black God Rising EP
Coitus Diaboli - Goat Kult EP
Corpus Mortale - Seize the Moment of Murder EP
Death Church - Unsilent Hate Anthem EP
Denial - Immense carnage vortex EP
Doombringer - Sevenfold Pestilence EP
Dunkel Nacht / Arimonium Rex - Bloodthirst / Lord of Bloodstained Forests EP
Excruciate666 - Warblood EP
Funeral Frost - Watch them burn EP
Furdidurke - Native EP
Gloria Diaboli - In Nomine Domini Incipit Omne Malum EP
Goatlord Corp. - Horns of Resurrection EP
Hatespawn / Charon split EP
Heretic / Capitis Damnare - Black Metal Overlords / the Cult of Omega split EP
Hyena - same EP
IAD - Die Prophezeiung Picture EP
Ill Natured / Axis Powers split EP
Impurity - Guests of the Infernal Pit EP
Inferno / Fagyhamu split EP
Instinct/Myrrdin - Split EP
Isänmaa - Yli Peltojen, Vetten ja Tunturien EP
Legacy of Blood / Revenge split EP
Lycanthropy's Spell - Sagatal EP
Magnanimus - Unchaining the Fever and the Plagues EP
Monarque / Evil Wrath - split EP
Mor - Tod dem Feind EP
Mordichrist - Dressed in Menace EP
Myrkraverk - Nordvegen EP
Nuklear Annihilation - Destruktive Warmachine EP
Osirion / The Black Death - Smashing the Symbols of Dead Religions EP
Pagan Heritage - Killing on Full Moon EP
Perisynti - Turmeltuneen Ihmisen Luonto EP
Plague - Visions of Twilight EP
Plague Bearer - Rise of the Goat EP
Primeval Mass / Ezgaroth - Amongst the ruins of Cosmos / Nightside EP
Rademassaker / Bloody Sign EP
Riddle of Meander / Warmarch split EP
Sarkom - Exit Terra EP
Sombre Presage - Rituel EP
Styggmyr - Gloria Sathanas EP
Todesweihe/Leichengott split EP
Torch of War / Rites of Cleansing - Ad Honorem Magnae Mortis EP
Ulvdalir - Blasphemer EP
Urgehal - Death is Complete EP
Warfare - Warfare EP
Weltbrand / Suicide Solution split EP
Wither - s/t EP
Wolves - s/t EP
Yersinia / Total Hate EP
Zarach'Baal'Tharagh / Karbonized Traitor - Life Illusion / Hatred Cumshot EP

6x CD = 35€
Accurst - A Phantom's Noctuary digi CD
Ad Hominem - Dictator CD
Allvater - Vater CD
Anaboth - Nie czas pomiotow CD
Angantyr - Sejr CD
Angmar / the true Endless - unholy virtues / the dirty raw experience split CD
Antichrist - Sacrament of Blood CD
Argar - Cwm Annwn CD
Asag - Asag CD
Ash Pool - For Which He Plies the Lash CD
Ash Pool - World turns on its hinge CD
Balberith/Krathornas - South East Goatworship CD
Barastir - Battlehymns of Hate CD
Black Beast / Bloodhammer - Unholy Finnish Black Horror Union CD
Black September / Ravenlord Darkstorm split CD
Black Vomit - The Faithful Servant CD
Blackwinds - Origin CD
Blessmon - Under the Storm of Hate CD
Blodsrit - The Well of Light has Finally Dried CD
Bloodhammer - The Passion of the Devil mCD
Bloodline - Hate Procession CD
Caina - Will Over Worlds CD
Cauldron Black Ram - Skullduggery CD
Charnel Valley - The Igneous Race CD
Craft - Terror Propaganda CD
Daemonlord / Lux Ferre / Malleus / Mortinatum - Accerbus Mortiis split CD
Dark Endless - Verlierer CD
Darkstorm - Hell Satan Blasphemy CD
Dawn of Division - Tears of the Ocean CD
Dawnfall - Drei Räume CD
Deathevocation / Mandatory / Kingdom - Altar of the old skulls CD
Defaillance - Contemplation misanthropique de l'humanite... digi CD
Destruktor - Nuclear Storm mCD
Detonator666 - At The Dawn Of Sadistic infernal Holocaust CD
Diapsiquir - Virus S.T.N. CD
Dimentianon - Hossanas Novus Ordo Seclurum CD
Doomraiser - Lords of Mercy CD
Drachenfels - Bow down before Death CD
Draugr - Nocturnal Pagan Supremacy CD
Draugsang - seil pa skyggans hav mCD
Elimi - Summoned from Ashes CD
Eljudner - daudingekvider mCD
Eschaton - Causa Fortior CD
Eschaton - Unshaken CD
Exordium - in wrath principle CD
Extinction - Down Below the Fog CD
Extinction - The Black Hex mCD
Faustcoven - The Priest's Command CD
From Beyond - Sounds of the Grave CD
Frozen Death - Ravenstorm CD
Funeral Fog - Channelling Ancient Shadows CD
Funeral Forest - Hateful Visions CD
Goatholocaust / Vociferian - Maitre Boue CD
Gosforth - V.H.E.M.T. CD
Gravdal - Sadist digi CD
Grim Funeral / Spectre - split CD
Grimburg - Naturherrschaft mCD
Grimlair - Locked up and forgotten CD
Grivf - Yggdrasil CD
Hailstorm - Death, Defiance, Decadence mCD
Heidenblut / Flammentod - Legacy of the Elvenqueen / Im Sturm split CD
HellLight - Funeral Doom CD
Holocaustia - The Sacrament Seed mCD
Holokaust Nachtigall - In The Ashes Of The Promised Land CD
Hordagaard - Anti Human Anti Life CD
Hordagaard - Made in Norway CD
Ignivomous - Blood and Mercury CD
Impious Havoc - Dawn of Nothing CD
Impious Havoc - The Great Day of Wrath CD
Insane Vesper - Abominations Of Death CD
Kratornas - Over the Fourth part of the Earth CD
Kriegsgott - Legion Ov Revenge CD
Kythrone - Kult des Todes CD
Labatut - Yeomanly CD
Lugburz (Pol) - Triumph of Antichrist CD
Mare Frigoris - The Odyssey CD
Martial Death / ContraProica - Ein neues Zeitalter / Lernen durch Entsetzen CD
Mind Propaganda / Ismark - Naturgewalten CD
Misanthropic Path - A bluntly description of the present CD
Moloth - Unbreakable Faith CD
Moontower - Unholy Rehearsals 1996 - 2006 CD
Mordgrund - Omnia Intereunt CD
Nachtruf - Geistwerdung CD
Nastrond - Muspellz Synir CD
Necrogoat - For the Glory of the Infernal Goat CD
Necros Christos - Doom of the Occvlt CD
Nefandus - Death, Holy Death CD
Nefastoreth - In Tenebris Radiorum CD
Nordreich - ...und es bleibt nur Aas digi CD
Nuit Noire - Infantile Espieglery CD
Obitiana - Pagan Crystal Spheres CD
One Master - Forsaking a dead World CD
Orcrist - Black Blood Raised CD
Perisynti - hiilenmusta lammas CD
Phlegein - Ancient Battlegrounds mCD
Prevalent Resistance - Eternal Return CD
Proclamation - Advant of the Black Omen CD
Profundis - Nokturn CD
Raate - Sielu, Linna digi CD
Regnum - Dem Entwirklichten CD
Riddle of Meander - End of all Life and Creation CD
Rigor Sardonicus - Principia Sardonica CD
Rites Of Thy Degringolade - An Ode To Sin CD
Rombolo - Köd CD
Ruho - s/t mCD
Rusting Sun - Behind the shadows CD
Sacrilegious Impalement - s/t mCD
Sanctus Daemoneon - Grey Metropolis CD
Sanctus Daemoneon - Nothingless Nothingness CD
Saturnian Mist / Creatura split CD
Shining - The Darkroom Sessions CD
Shroud - Chamber of Suicide mCD
Sieghetnar - Bewußtseinserweiterung CD
Sigillum Diabolicum - Chroniques de l'infamie CD
Sign of KatuMarus - ...In Nostro Onnium Fletu mCD
Snötarar - Trough time...behind light CD
Solgrav / F - split CD
Spiderpact - Goatspeed Into Magenta Vacuum mCD
Stillhet - gjemt i skyggene CD
Striborg - Misanthropic Isolation / Roaming the Forest CD
Striborg - Nefaria - A tragic journey towards the light CD
Sumeria - All Paths Lead to Insanity CD
Svafnir - The Heathen Chapters CD
Svartthron - Obscure Telepathy CD
Svartthron - Soundtrack to my Solitude CD
Svyatogor - with Wolfish Stalk and by Wings of Black CD
Symphonia Sacrosancta Phasmatvm - Path to Yirah CD
Taedium Vitae - War!!! CD
Testphasen Negativ - How I won the War CD
Tetraktys - Voreion Sellas CD
ThanatoSchizO - Schizo Level digi CD
The Black Death - s/t CD
The Martyrium - Todesrunen CD
Thou Shall Fall - The Path Of Memories mCD
Todesstoß - Abwegnis 121 CD
Todesstoß - Stelldichein CD
Todtgelichter - Schemen CD
Trayjen - Walking among the stones of fire CD
Tundra - Ansia CD
Tundra - In Cold Dimness mCD
Tyranny - in times of Tyranny mCD
Ulvdalir - Soul Void CD
Untergang - Of Pure Blood & Evil Pride CD
V/A - NWN fest volume I CD
Vardan - Hidden in a Tomb mCD
Vardlokkur - Med Doden til folge mCD
Visthia - Reditus Conscientia CD
Vrangbild - Wahn CD
War - Insanity of Faith CD
Warfare - Expression Of Power CD
Wings Of War - Battle Hymn mCD
Winterblut - Von den Pflichten, Schönes zu vernichten CD
Wojnar - The Dark Guard of the Slavonic Empire CD
Wolfsschrei - Demons of my Inner Self CD
Wolfsschrei - Torture of a Human Soul mCD
Wolfthorn - 10 years in his name mCD
Written in Torment - The Uncreation mCD
Zahrim - Liber Compendium Diabolicum CD

6x tape = 15€

A. Art / Furor tape
Aasgard - Behold tape
Ad Desolatum et Silentium - Itineris Exitium tape
Astromancer s/t demo Cdr
Aufkrema - Rehearsals 2002-2003 tape
Beleth/Wings Of War - The Flames Of Evil CDr
Black Angel - From the Darkness tape
Black Angel CDr
Deathmoor - Mors...Ultima Ratio tape
Deathmoor - Salvo honoris morte tape
Deathrow - the beginning of the end tape
Deofel - Buducynja Njaviecna CDr
Drachenfels - Passage for the previous history demo CDr
Evil Dead - Fall of seraphs tape
Excessum - Death Redemption tape
Forever Winter - demo '02 tape
Forever Winter - Towards the Gates of Hell tape
Gravenveld IX - Ad arma tape
Hellunited - Extra strenght of the obscure tape
Imago Mortis - Mors Triumphalis tape
Incinerator - Incinerator mCDr
Incorporea - Tongue of the Moribund tape
Internal Torment - promo '08 tape
Internal Torment - s/t demo tape
Isolation - A Prayer for the World to End tape
Lunatic Gods - mythus tape
Malleus - The Procreation of Sin tape
Manitu - Burning for Die tape
Meslamtaea - New era tape
Misanthropic Art - Homicides tape
Misantrok / Kingdom of Fog
Mortinatum - Demo 2003 tape
Mundilfarne - Gjennom mine... tape
Mystes - Land Of Satan tape
Nachtruf - Pulveris.Cinis.Cultus tape
Nordum - Old Chapter 1996/99 tape
Okvlvs Diaboli - Behold (the Devil's Eye)
One Master - Forsaking a dead World tape
Ovskum - tape '08
Pale Mist - Hate Wound
Pestifera - Evoking Chaos tape
Pime - Avanemine tape
Regnum / Svarthal split tape
Riddle of Meander - End of All Life and Creation tape LP
Sagn - Sur La Colline tape
Skeeltron - Fortress of Darkness tape
Svarthal - Silhouettes demo CDr
Thoreous - Modern Prays from the Olden Babylon tape
Titan Mountain - Above Fangs Of Majestic Stonetitans tape
Tod - Black Metal Manifesto tape
Totengott - Coffin Earth tape
Uno Actu - Inexitence tape
V/A - Obscure Current vol. 1 CDr
Wolfsgard - Mastery of the Pains CDr
Wolfthorn - Towards the Ipsissimus tape
Woods of Belial - Baxa...Draconis / Thy Unholy Pentagram tape
Woodsmarch - promo 04 tape
Xerion - Nocturnal Misantropia tape
Zornestrieb - Kalter Zeiten Ewigkeit demo CDr


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This topic is still hot as hell!
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PostPosted: Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:13 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

added wantlist.
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 22, 2013 6:33 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

updated, some prices added.
my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 21, 2014 8:55 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 16, 2014 3:14 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

large update
my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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PostPosted: Tue Apr 01, 2014 10:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 27, 2014 4:11 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

my trade/sale list: http://www.nwnprod.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=38035
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