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Selling my whole archive! RARE STUFFS + DEMOS etc...

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 05, 2017 6:47 pm    Post subject: Selling my whole archive! RARE STUFFS + DEMOS etc... Reply with quote


And Oceans-Mare Liberum 10
Absent Silence- Same 10
Accursed- A curse called life 10
Agathodaimon- Blacken the Angel 10
Agathodaimon - Near Dark - 10
Amortis- Memories of ancient time 10
Amortis A- Kiss from the dusk 10
Anaon Tenvalijenn 10
Annwn- Promo Tape 40
Anorexia Nervosa - Nihil Negativum 15
Aquila/ Charogne/ Veratyr - Split 15
Arckanum- Demo 93 40
Arckanum - Boka Vm Kaos 40
Arckanum - Trulen 45
Arkona - Imperium 10
As You in Agony Cry - Christian Blood Stains The Battefield 10
Astrofaes- The ATTRACTION 10
Ater - Baptisma Umbrae 10
Atropia Red Sun - Painfull Love 15
Auri Sacra - Klucz Do Zatrzmania 10
Autumnal Discord - The Quest 15
Bal Sagoth - Black Moon brood... 5
Bal Sagoth - Demo 94 40
Bayt Gadol - Clemency 10
Beherit - Beherit (Cass, Comp, Unofficial) 20
Bethel - Northern Supremecy 25
Bethlehem - Bethlehem Demo 1992 50
Black Sunrise - Under a moonlight sky 25
Blazing Eternity - Der Hviler En Nat... 25
Blood Tears - The Beggining... 10
Brocken Moon - Pain-Rehersal 20
Carrion Of Torrent - Inituum Calamitatis... 10
Celestial Season - Promises 30
Cold Northern Vengance - Domination And Servitude
Cradle Of Filth - The Princess of Darkness 15
Cradle Of Filth - Sodomizing the Virgin Vamps 15
Crimson Evenfall - Nocturnal Storms of Infinity 40
Crimson Evenfall - Ad Inferos Ante Christum Natum 40
Cryogenic - Ignis Occultus In... 20
Dark - Endless Dreams Of Sadness 5
December Wolves - Wolftread 20
December's Fire - Across The Sorrowfields Of Baltic 25
Depressive Silence - Mourning 50
Depressive Silence 7" 100 (MINT- NEVER PLAYED, SIGNED BY THE BAND)
Depressive Silence / Mightiest - The Recreation Of The Shadowlands 50
Depressive Silence - The Darkened Empires 50
Dismal Euphony - Spellbound Demo '95 40
Dissolving Of Prodigy - Lamentations Of Innocents 20
Dissolving Of Prodigy - Echoes Of My Sadness 20
Dodenstorm - Verdoemd Door Tijd En Wanhoop 10
Dogon - The Ancient Land Of War 10
Drastic - Creator Of Feelings 20
Dying Passion - No Time 10
Eternal Deformity - Nothing Lasts Forever 10
Eternal Sleep - Eternal Sleep 10
Evol - The Dark Dreamquest Part I 30
Fall Of The Leafe - Storm Of The Autumnfall 15
Fear My Solitude - Dancing With Solitariness 10
Flauros - Chapter II 10
Flowing Tears & Withered Flowers - Swansongs 10
Forbidden Site - Sturm Und Drang 10
Forest Of Souls - War and Poetry 25
Forgotten Woods - The Curse Of Mankind 20
Forgotten Woods - Promo Adv'94 40
The Forgotten - To Walk The Forest Black 5
Forlor - War & Perdition 10
Fourth Monarchy - Solstitium 10
Funeral - Tristesse 25
Funeral Ceremony - By Fear We Suffer 10
Funeral Chant - Entrance To Dimensions Unknown 10
Funereum - Re-Velatio 10
Gates Of Ishtar - A Bloodred Path 10
Gontyna Kry - Na Pohybel Chrześcijaństwu 10
Gontyna Kry - Krew Naszych Ojców 10
Gothic Sky - Open Your Mind For Insanity 10
Gothica - Gothica 25
Gratzug / Virvatulet - Gratzug / Virvatulet 10
Grok - A Spineless Descent 10
Grom - No Granicy Dwoch Swiatow 10
Gromm - Sacrilegium 10
Grotesque Ceremonium - Blasphemous Goat Observance 10
Haemorrhage - Grotesque Embryopathology 20
Hateful - Key To Immortality 5
Hateful Agony - Alcoholocaust 5
Hefeystos / Abusiveness - Vilce Sjen / Watrajar 15
Hellveto - Medieval Scream 10
Hellveto - Horned Sky 10
Hellveto - Hellveto 10
Hellveto - Winterforest 10
Hermh - Crying Crowns Of Trees 10
In Somnus - Somnus Est Imago Mortis 10
Inquisition - Forever Under 10
Iuvenes - The Empyrean Call's Of Wolves 5
Kavier Kavalier - Dreams of Caviar 15
Kyprian's Circle - In The Mystique Of The Moonbeams 40
Kyprian's Circle ‎– Käärmeenkantaja - Demo '97 40
Lake Of Tears - Forever Autumn 5
Leviatan - Demo 1999 25
Lunar Aurora - A Wandering Winterdream Beneath The Cold Moon 70
Lunar Aurora - Auf Dunklen Schwingen 35
Lux Occulta - Dionysos 5
Mastiphal - Seed Of Victory 10
Mastiphal - Sowing Profane Seed 10
Melancholy Cry - Lacryma Christi 10
Moonsorrow - Metsä 25
Mortuum - For Those Who Left 10
Mystic Forest - Third Requiem 25
Mystical Fate - Evernal Storm Nocturn 25
Mystical Frost - As The Freezing Winds Caress 25
Nahash - Nocticula Hecate 5
Nattvindens Gråt - Där Svanar Flyger 25
Necrophagist - Necrophagist 40
Nightward - Beyond the Golden Gates 10
Noctis - Demo'98 - Out Of The Shadow Of Legend 25
Nocturnal Werewolf - Howl Of Frozen Graves 20
Non Serviam - The Witches Sabbath/The Second Vision 15
Nordlys - Foelg Nordlyset 20
Nordwind - Nordwind (Cass) 20
Nordwind - Walk To The Woods 20
Nox Mortis - Wald Der Angst 15
Nox Mortis - Im Schatten Des Hasses 15
Oath Of Cirion - King Of The Dragonthrone 10
Ordinul Negru - Poems Of A Rooted Blade 5
Ordo Draconis - When The Cycle Ends 5
Osculum Infame - I'a Aem'nh S'ha-t'n 25
Osgiliath - Ainulindalë 25
Osgiliath - L'Ombre Du Passé 25
Paradigma - As Autumn Dies 25
Paranormal Waltz - Church Of Torments 10
Perished - Through The Black Mist 25
Perunwit - W Kręgu Dębów 10
Piorun / Stara Pieśń - Z Piesnią Na Ustach... Z Mieczem W Dłoni! 10
Popravčí Vrch - Král Šibenice 10
Profanum - Under A Black Wings Of Emperor 50
Pyreficativm - Phosphorvs - Demo MMXV 10
S.C.A.L.P. - Through Eternity 5
Sacrilegium - Sleeptime 20
Sacrilegium - Recidivus 20
Sacrum - Res Sacra Miser 5
Sadness - Danteferno 5
Saltus - Słowiańska Duma 10
Secrets Of The Moon - Vanitas 30
Serenade - Let Loose The Beauty Within 10
Sermon - Sea Of Meanings 10
Severoth - Winterfall 8
Shadows Toward My Sky - Nightwaves 25
Shatargat - Wolfe Der Nacht 10
Suffering Souls - When Silence Cries Eternally 10
Taatsi - Season Of Sacrifice 5
Themgoroth - Highway Into Unknown 8
Thirst - ...Darkness... 8
Thy Serpent - Into Everlasting Fire 25
Thy Serpent - Frozen Memory 25
Titan Mountain - Above Fangs Of Majestic Stonetitans 20
Toil - Demo I 5
Unclean - Ten, Který Se Vyhýbá Světlu 5
Unclean - Tam Kdesi V Hlubinách 5
Valar - The Arrival Of The Dragonlord - 15
Vargas - Promo / Demo '97 10
Virvatulet - Demo'11 10
Vordven - When The Wind Blew For The First Time 25
Vritrahn-Werwolf - Demo 1 25
Vritrahn-Werwolf - Demo 2 25
Wallachia - From Behind The Light 5
Wanderer - Surrounded By These Firs 25
Welter - Als Het Licht Vervalt 15
Winterblood - Spettri 5
Wintermoon - Reh. Demo 1/1995 22
Wintershadows - Arrakis 20
Witcher - Boszorkánytánc 10
Ygfan - Köd 5
Zaratustra - It Was A Night 8
Zaratustra - ...In Bleakness 8


Aaskereia - Mit Dem Eid... 45
Ancestors Blood - When The Forest Calls 15
Ancient Rites - Dim Carcosa 15
Arckanum - Fenris Kindir 22
Arckanum / Contamino - Kosmos Wardhin Dræpas Om Sin / Emptiness Enthralls 35
As You In Agony Cry - Laudator Temporis Acti 10
Behemoth - Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) 20
Bethlehem / Benighted In Sodom - Suizidal-Ovipare Todessehnsucht 10
Brain Implosion - Sandgrains 15
Celestial Season - Solar Lovers 22
Cradle Of Filth - Scars And Stripes Tour 1999 25
Cradle Of Filth - Dusk And Her Embrace 70
Cradle Of Filth - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh 80
Covenant - In Times Before The Light (MORDGRIMM RELEASE!!!!) LISTENED ONLY ONCE! 150
Dawn - The Eternal Forest - Demo Years '91-'93 20
Depressive Silence - Depressive Silence 7"- 100
Diabolical Masquerade - The Phantom Lodge 20
Diabolical Masquerade - Nightwork 20
Dies Ater - Rausch Der Macht 10
Empyrium - 1994 - 2014 (9xLP) 300
Forgotten Woods - Forgotten Woods / Through The Woods 30
Furthest Shore - Cronicles Of Hethenesse Book 1: The Shadow Descends 15
Graveland / Kreuzfeuer - Tribute To The King Of Aquilonia (7", Ltd, Num) 10
Haemorrhage / Gutalax - 911 (Emergency Slaughter) / Shit Evolution (7", EP, Ltd) 10
Helheim - Jormundgand 20
Hadanfard - Destruktiva Reflektioner 15
In The Woods... - Heart Of The Woods (6xLP, Comp, RE) 80
Jim Williams - Kill List - Original Soundtrack Recording 15
Lunar Aurora /Secrets Of The Moon - Auf Einer WanderungDurch Goldene Sphären 40
Minotaur - Beast Of Nations 20
Monte Penumbra, Half Visible Presence - Split EP (7", EP, Ltd) 15
Nefarious - Diabolorum (7", EP, Ltd, Num) 25
Nomad - Tetramorph (12", S/Sided, EP) 15
Non Serviam - Play God (7", Ltd 15
Nox Mortis - Im Schatten Des Hasses (LP, Album) 15
Nærvær - Nærvær (7") 22
Perished - Kark (LP, Album) 20
Risk - The Reborn (LP, Album) 15
Sacrilegium - Sleeptime (LP, Comp, Amb, Gre + CD + Cass) 20
Sacrilegium - Wicher (2xLP, Album, RM) 20
Saltus - Slavonic Pride 20
Scanner - Mental Reservation (2xLP, Album, Ltd, Num, Red) 20
Semper Fidelis / Werewolf (2) - Fidelity Of Ideology (7", EP, Ltd, Num) 10
Shining - Within Deep Dark Chambers (LP, Album, Ltd, RE, Gat) 15
Supremative - Servitude Of The Impurity (7", EP, Bla) 10
Tears Of Christ - Within My Forgotten Woods Of Mystery (7") 10
Thy Worshiper - Popiół (Introibo Ad Altare Dei) (LP, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Gol) 20
Vemod - Venter På Stormene (LP, Album, RE, Gol) 60
Vordven - Towards The Frozen Stream (LP, Album, Ltd) 50


Nhor - Towards A Light That Dwells Within The Trees (3xCD, Album, RE + Box, Art)


...and Oceans - Cypher (CD, Album)
...and Oceans - A.M.G.O.D. (CD, Album)
...and Oceans Vs. Bloodthorn - War Vol. I (CD)
A Forest Of Stars - A Shadowplay For Yesterdays (CD, Album)
Aaskereia - Zwischen Den Welten... (CD, MiniAlbum)
Abstinenz - Altes Blut (CD, Album)
Abusiveness / Biały Viteź / North (3) / Saltus - Dziady W Kozim Grodzie (CD, Comp)
Abusus - Lichter, Gedanken Und Lieder Schicken Wir Weit, Weit Hinüber Zu Euch Durch Dunkelheit (CD, Album, RE)
Adversam - Insight (CD, Album)
Adversam - Proclama (CD, Album)
Aendria - Jadis (CD, Album)
Agathodaimon - In Darkness (CD, Album)
Agatus - Dawn Of Martyrdom (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM)
Ainulindalë - The Lay Of Leithian (CD, RE)
Alastis - Revenge (CD, Album)
Albez Duz - The Coming Of Mictlan (CD, Album, Dlx)
Alcest - Le Secret (CD, EP, RE)
Alcest - Le Secret (CD, EP, Ltd, Dig)
Algaion - Oimai Algeiou (CD, Album, RP)
Altar Of Oblivion - Barren Grounds (CD, EP)
Amorphis - Skyforger (CD, Album)
Amortis - Summoned By Astral Fires (CD, Album)
Anaon - Les Rites De Cromlech (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd)
Anathema - Serenades (CD, Album, RE, Sup)
Anathema - Eternity (CD, Album)
Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit (CD, Album)
Ancestors Blood - When The Forest Calls (CD, EP)
Ancestors Blood - A Moment Of Clarity (CD, Album)
Ancestors Blood - Return Of The Ancient Ones (CD, Album, RE)
Ancient - Det Glemte Riket (CD, Comp, Jew)
Ancient Ceremony - Cemetary Visions (CD, Mini, Ltd)
Ancient Ceremony - Synagoga Diabolica (CD, Album)
Ancient Rites - Dim Carcosa (CD, Album)
Andras - Warlord (CD, Album)
Anorexia Nervosa - The September E.P. (CD, EP, Dig)
Anu - Opus Funaerum (CD, Album)
Apolokia - MCMXCV . MCMXCVII (CD, Comp, Ltd, Dig)
Apostle Of Solitude / Rituals Of The Oak / The Flight Of Sleipnir - Apostle Of Solitude / Rituals Of The Oak / The Flight Of Sleipnir (CD, Album)
Aptorian Demon - Libertus (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Arathorn - Treue & Verrat (CD, Album)
Archgoat - The Apocalyptic Triumphator (CD, Album)
Arckanum - Antikosmos (CD, Album, Ltd)
Arckanum - ÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞÞ (CD, Album)
Arcturus - Constellation (CD, Album, RE, Ltd, Red)
Argar - CWM ANNWN (CD)
Arkha Sva - Gloria Satanae (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
Àrsaidh - Roots (CD, Album)
As Divine Grace - Romantic Beatitude Of Faded Dawn (CD, EP)
Asgaroth - The Quest For Eldenhor (CD, EP)
Asgaroth - Trapped In The Depths Of Eve... (CD)
Astel Oscora - Эridan (CD, Album)
Astray - Until I'm Cold Enough (CD, MiniAlbum)
Astrofaes - The Attraction: Heavens And Earth (CD, Album, Enh, Dig)
Asyndess - L'Accomplissement (CD, Album)
Ataraxia - Arcana Eco (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Wit)
Atomkraft - Cold Sweat (CD, MiniAlbum, Enh, Ltd)
Attic - The Invocation (CD, Album, Ltd)
Aurvandil - Thrones (CD, Album)
Autumn - Осень Вечна... (CD, Album)
Autumn - And We Are Falling Leaves... (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Autumn Tears - Love Poems For Dying Children... Act II: The Garden Of Crystalline Dreams (CD, Album, RE)
Autumn Verses - Tunes Of Disconsolation (CD, Album)
Autumnblaze - Bleak (CD, Album)
Avrigus - The Secret Kingdom (CD, Album, Jew)
Azmodan - Evil Obscurity (CD, Album)
Bal-Sagoth - Starfire Burning Upon The Ice-Veiled Throne Of Ultima Thule (CD, Album, Enh)
Bal-Sagoth - A Black Moon Broods Over Lemuria (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Bal-Sagoth - Apocryphal Tales (Demo 1993) (CD)
Bal-Sagoth - The Chthonic Chronicles (CD, Album)
Be'lakor - Vessels (CD, Album)
Before The Rain - Frail (CD, Album)
Behemoth - Sventevith (Storming Near The Baltic) (CD, Album) 1
Belenos - Kornôg (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Belenos - Spicilège (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM)
Belenos - L'Ancien Temps (2xCD, Comp, RE, Ltd, A5 )
Belenos - Yen Sonn Gardis (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Belphegor - Necrodaemon Terrorsathan (CD, Album)
Belphegor - Goatreich - Fleshcult (CD, Album)
Bergrizen - Autism (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Besatt - Hellstorm (CD, Album)
Besatt - Impia Symphonia (CD, MiniAlbum)
Beseech - ...From A Bleeding Heart (CD, Album)
Bethlehem - Schatten Aus Der Alexander Welt (2xCD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
Bethlehem - Dark Metal (CD, Album, RE + DVD-V)
Bethlehem - Profane Fetmilch Lenzt Elf Krank (CD, Single)
Bethzaida - Nine Worlds (CD, Album)
Bishop Of Hexen - Archives Of An Enchanted Philosophy (CD, Album)
Black Rain - Bez Ohne (CD, MiniAlbum, RE)
Black Sunrise - The Shadowelf's Poem (CD)
Blaze of Sorrow - Echi (CD, Album)
Blood Red Fog - On Death's Wings (CD, Album)
Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell - Blood Red Fog / Funerary Bell (CD, MiniAlbum)
Blood Stained Host - Individual Theatre (CD, Album)
Blood Stronghold - The Immortal Past (CD, Ltd)
Born for Bliss - Flowing With The Flue (CD, Album)
Brian Tyler - The 4th Floor (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, Album)
Brocken Moon - Das Märchen Vom Schnee (CD, Album)
Bums - Räumt Auf! (CD, Album)
Cantique Lépreux - Cendres Célestes (CD, Album)
Castrum - In The Horizons Of The Dying Theatre (CD, Album)
Castrum - Black Silhouette Enfolded In Sunrise (CD, Album)
Casus Belli - Sequel Of Generations (CD, EP)
Cebren-Khal - A Mass Of Despair (CD, Album)
Celestia - Frigidiis Apotheosia : Abstinencia Genesiis (CD, Album)
Celestial Season - Solar Lovers (CD, Album)
Cemetery Of Scream - The Event Horizon (CD, Album)
Cemetery Of Scream - Sameone (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Ceremonial Embrace - Oblivion (CD, Album)
Christ Agony - Moonlight - Act III (CD, Album)
Chroma Key - Dead Air For Radios (CD, Album, Jew)
Cinema Strange - Cinema Strange (CD, Album)
Cinema Strange - Quatorze Exemples Authentiques Du Triomphe De La Musique Décorative
Cinema Strange - The Astonished Eyes Of Evening (CD, Album, RE, Dig)
Cold Northern Vengeance - Maelstrom (CD, Album)
Colorless Forest - White Abysmal Tomb (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Con-Dom - How Welcome Is Death To I Who Have Nothing More To Do But Die (CD, Album)
Countess - Hell's Rock & Roll (CD, EP)
Cradle Of Filth - From The Cradle To Enslave (CD, EP, RE)
Craft - Terror Propaganda (CD, Album, RE)
Crimson Midwinter - Random Chaos (CD, Album)
Crown Of Autumn - The Treasures Arcane (Transfigurated Edition) (CD, RE)
Crown Of Autumn - Splendours From The Dark (CD, Album)
The Crown - Hell Is Here (CD, Album)
Crypt Of Silence - Beyond Shades (CD, Album)
Cultus Sanguine - The Sum Of All Fears (CD, Album)
Cumdeo - The Threads Of Imagination (CD, Album)
Daemonium - Dark Opera Of The Ancient War Spirit (Or Search The Light) (CD, Album)
Dagorlad - The End Of The Dark Ages (CD, Album)
Daily Terror - Apocalypse (CD, Album, Promo)
Dark Forest - Aurora Borealis (CD, Album, RE)
Dark The Suns - In Darkness Comes Beauty (CD, Album)
Darkenhöld - A Passage To The Towers (CD, Album, RE)
Darkenhöld - Echoes From The Stone Keeper (CD, Album)
Darkenhöld - Castellum (CD, Album)
Darkwoods My Betrothed - Autumn Roars Thunder (CD, Album)
Darzamat - Oniriad (CD, Album)
Dawn Of Dreams - Fragments (CD, Album)
Decapitated - Carnival Is Forever (CD, Album)
Den Saakaldte - All Hail Pessimism (CD, Album, RE, A5 )
Depressed Mode - Ghosts Of Devotion (CD, Album)
Desire - Crowcifix (CD, EP)
Desire - Locus Horrendus - The Night Cries Of A Sullen Soul (CD, Album)
Desire - Infinity... A Timeless Journey Through An Emotional Dream (CD, Album, Ltd)
Desolation (1Cool - Call The Storm (CD, Album)
Devilish - Possession (CD, Album, Ltd, Num)
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Pandora's Piñata (CD, Album)
Diamond Eyed Princess - Korlguelaal (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Diary Of Dreams - Freak Perfume (CD, Album, RE)
Die Form - Extremum (CD, Album + Box, Ltd)
Die Kunst Der Finsternis - Das Geheimnis Des Vampirs (CD, Album, RE)
Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - L-Kaida (CD, Album)
Dies Ater - Chanting Evil (CD, Album)
Dies Ater - Hunger For Life (CD, Album, Med)
Dies Ater - Reign Of Tempests (CD, RM)
Dimmu Borgir - Godless Savage Garden (CD, MiniAlbum, Jew)
Dissolving Of Prodigy - Time Ruins Also Beauty (CD, Album)
DoomSword - Let Battle Commence (CD, Album)
Dornenreich - Her Von Welken Nächten (CD, Album)
Downfall Of Nur - Umbras De Barbagia (CD, Album, RP, A5 )
Drawn - A New World? (CD, Album)
Dreadful Shadows - Beyond The Maze (CD, Album)
Dreadful Shadows - Buried Again (CD, Album)
The Dreamside - Mirror Moon (CD, Album)
Drudkh - Forgotten Legends (CD, Album)
Dub Buk - Иду На Вы! (CD, Album) (NO BACK COVER!)
The Dust Of Basement - Remembrances (CD, Album)
The Dust Of Basement - Re-Membrances 1998 (CD, Album)
Eat Your Make Up - Things As They Should Be (CD, Album)
Eat Your Make Up - First Dinner (CD, Album)
Edge Of Sanity - Crimson (CD, Album)
Elend - Weeping Nights (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
Elffor - Into The Dark Forest (CD, Album, RE, A5 )
The Elysian Fields - Adelain (CD, Album, RE)
Emperor - In The Nightside Eclipse (CD, Album, RE, RM, Enh)
En Velours Noir - La Danse Interdite (CD, Mini)
Endraum - Herzklang Spiegelt Am Strassenrand (CD, Album, RE)
Enslaved - Frost (CD, Album)
Enslavement Of Beauty - Traces O' Red (CD, Album)
Ensoph - Bleeding Womb Of Ananke (Il Sangue E L'Inchiostro Di Fredegisio) (CD, Album)
Estatic Fear - Somnium Obmutum (CD, Album)
Eternal Passion - The Sleeping River (CD, EP)
Evenfall - Cumbersome (CD, Album)
Evenfall - Evenfall (CD, MiniAlbum, EP)
Everlasting (2) - March Of Time (CD, Album)
Evilfeast - Mysteries Of The Nocturnal Forest (CD, Album)
Evils Toy - Angels Only! (CD, Album)
Evol - The Saga Of The Horned King / Dreamquest (2xCD, Comp)
Falkenbach - Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty (CD, Album)
Falkenbach - ...Magni Blandinn Ok Megintiri... (CD, Album)
Falkenbach - ...En Their Medh Riki Fara... (CD, Album, RP)
Fall Of The Leafe - Vantage (CD, Album)
Fall Of The Leafe - Aerolithe (CD, Album)
Fall Of The Leafe - Volvere (CD, Album, Dig)
Fall Of The Leafe - Fermina (CD, Album)
Fear Factory - The Industrialist (CD, Album, S/Edition, Dig)
Finnr's Cane - A Portrait Painted By The Sun (CD, Album, Dig)
Firtan - Innenwelt (CD, EP)
The Flight Of Sleipnir - V (2xCD, Album, Ltd)
The Flight Of Sleipnir - Algiz + Berkanan (CD, Album)
The Flight Of Sleipnir - Essence Of Nine (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Forest Stream - The Crown Of Winter (CD, Album)
Forest Stream - Tears Of Mortal Solitude (CD, Album)
Forgotten Woods - Race Of Cain (CD, Album, Dig)
Frostseele - Saat Der Sterne (CD, EP, Ltd, A5 )
The Frozen Autumn - Is Anybody There? (CD, Album)
Funeral - To Mourn Is A Virtue (CD, Album)
Furvus - Deflorescens Iam Robur (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, Dig)
Goatpsalm - Downstream (CD, Album, Ltd)
Gothica - Night Thoughts (CD, Album)
Gratzug / Virvatulet - Gratzug / Virvatulet (CD, Ltd, Num, Dig)
Graveland - The Celtic Winter (CD, RE)
Graveland - Will Stronger Than Death (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Graveland - Immortal Pride (CD, Album, RE)
Graveland - Fire Chariot Of Destruction (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Graveland - Drunemeton (CD, RE)
Graveland - Raise Your Sword ! (CD, MiniAlbum)
Graveland - Carpathian Wolves (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, RE, RM, A5 )
Graveland - Following The Voice Of Blood (CD, Album)
Graveland - Dawn Of Iron Blades (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Graveland - Spears Of Heaven (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Graveland - Dawn Of Iron Blades (CD, Album)
Graveland - Blood Of Heroes (CD, EP, RM, Ltd, Dig)
Graven - Reborn Misanthropic Spirit (CD, Comp)
Graveworm - Scourge Of Malice (CD, Album)
Grievance - The Phantom Novels (CD, Album)
Grievance - Grievance (CD, EP)
Grifteskymfning - Djävulens Boning (CD, Ltd, RE)
Grimoire - A Requiem For The Light (CD, Album)
Grimoire - À La Lumière Des Cendres (CD, Album)
Grond - Winterkrieger (CD, Album)
Guidance Of Sin - 6106 (CD, Album)
Halgadom / Tears Of Othila - Äon Des Hammers (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Hate Forest - The Most Ancient Ones (CD, Album)
Hateful - Hatred Heritage (CD, Album, Ltd)
Hateful - Valkyries (CD, Comp, Ltd, Num)
Hecate Enthroned - Kings Of Chaos (CD, Album)
Hecate Enthroned - Miasma (CD, MiniAlbum)
Hecate Enthroned - Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters) (CD, EP)
Hecate Enthroned - Redimus (CD, Album)
Heiden - A Kdybys Už Nebyla, Vymyslím Si Tě (CD, Album, Ltd, Num)
Helgedom - Den Mörka Skogen Af Ondo (CD, Album, Ltd, RE)
Helgedom - Svartkonst (CD, Ltd, RE)
Helheim - Av Norrøn Ætt (CD, Album, RE, dig)
Hellsaw - Phantasm (CD, Album)
Hellveto - Wiara, Nadzieja..., Potępienie (2xCD, Album)
Hellveto - Neoheresy (CD, Album)
Hellveto - Kry (CD, Album)
Hermh - Angeldemon (CD, Album)
Hexedene - Choking On Lilies (CD, Album)
Hrossharsgrani - The Secret Fire (CD, Album)
Hunting Season - The Haunting (CD, Album)
Hädanfärd - Avoghetens Besvärtade Åkallelser (CD, Comp, Ltd)
Hädanfärd - Vederstyggelsens Uppväckelse Part.II (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd)
Hädanfärd - Smutsiga Sinnen (CD, Ltd)
Hädanfärd - Vederstyggelsens Uppväckelse Part.I (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd)
Ice Ages - This Killing Emptiness (CD, Album)
In Utero Cannibalism - Butcher While Others Obey (CD, Album)
Inarborat - Inarborat (CD, Album)
Inferno - Omniabsence Filled By His Greatness (CD, Album)
Infernum - ...Taur-Nu-Fuin... (CD, Album, RE)
Inhuman - Strange Desire (CD, Album)
Inquisition - Into The Infernal Regions Of The Ancient Cult (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, A5 )
Inquisition - Invoking The Majestic Throne Of Satan (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, Dig)
Isengard - Vinterskugge (CD, Comp, RE)
Ishtar - Krig (CD, Album)
Israthoum - Black Scenery Avatar (CD, MiniAlbum)
Isvind - Intet Lever (CD, Album, Ltd, A5,)
Iuvenes - Towards Sources Of Honour And Pride (CD, Album)
Iuvenes - Riddle Of Steel (CD, Album)
Janus - Schlafende Hunde (CD, Album, RE)
Joyless - Wisdom & Arrogance (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Joyless - Wild Signs Of The Endtimes (CD, Comp)
Katatonia - Brave Murder Day (CD, Album, RM)
Kaviar Kavalier - Music Aus Ordinationen (CD, Album)
Kaviar Kavalier - Studio Y (CD, Album)
Kawir - Πάτερ 'Ηλιε Μήτερ Σελάνα (CD, Dig)
Kawir - To Cavirs (Προς Κάβειρους) (CD, Album, Ltd, A5)
Khors - Mysticism (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, Dig)
Khors - Cold (CD, Album, RM, Dig)
Kladovest - Winterwards (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, A5 )
Kladovest - Atmosphere (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, A5 )
Korium - Strazcovia Hradu (CD, Album, A5 )
Kraina Bez Wiatru / Perunwit - Niechaj Przemówią Runy / Łzy I Krew (CD, Ltd)
Kvalvaag - Malum (CD, Album, Ltd, Num)
Kvist - For Kunsten Maa Vi Evig Vike (CD, Album, RE)
Kyprian's Circle - Noitatulen Vartija (CD, MiniAlbum)
KZOHH - Trilogy: Burn Out The Remains (CD, Album, Dlx, Ltd, dig + DVD-V)
KZOHH - Rye. Fleas. Chrismon. (CD, Album, Ltd, Num)
KZOHH - IAOLTDOTAD (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, A-5)
L'Ordre Du Temple - In Hoc Signo Vinces (CD, Comp, Ltd, A5 )
Lacrimosa - Fassade (CD, Album)
Lacrimosa - Sehnsucht (CD, Album)
Lacrimosa - Echos (CD, Album, Dig)
LatroDectus - Altered Flesh (CD, Album)
Lebensnacht - Raging Storm Of Apocalypse (CD, Album)
Les Discrets - Septembre Et Ses Dernières Pensées (CD, Album, Ltd, Art + DVD-V, Ltd)
Les Discrets - Ariettes Oubliées... (2xCD, Album, Ltd, Art)
Lethe - When Dreams Become Nightmares (CD, Album, Gat)
Lifelover - Erotik (CD, Album, Ltd)
Limbonic Art - Epitome Of Illusions (CD, Album)
Limbonic Art - 1995-1996 (CD, Comp, Ltd, A5 )
Love History - Desires (CD, MiniAlbum)
Love Lies Bleeding - S.I.N. (CD, Album)
Love Lies Bleeding - Demos 1997 - 1998 (CD, MiniAlbum, EP, Comp, Ltd, RM, Dig)
Lunar Aurora - Zyklus (CD, Album)
Lunar Aurora - Weltengänger (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi (CD, Album, RE)
Lunar Aurora - Mond (CD, Album)
Lunar Aurora - Seelenfeuer (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Lux Occulta - Forever Alone. Immortal (CD, Album)
Lux Occulta - Maior Arcana (The Words That Turn Flesh Into Light))
Łza Zeschniętej Róży - Majestat Mgieł Nocnych (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Dig)
Mactätus - Blot (CD, Album, RE)
Mactätus - Provenance Of Cruelty (CD, Album)
Magnifiqat - Il Piu' Antico Dei Giorni (CD)
Make A Change... Kill Yourself - Make A Change... Kill Yourself (CD, Album, RE)
Manes - Solve Et Coagula (2xCD, Comp, Ltd, A5,)
Manes - Svarte Skoger (CD, Comp, RM, RE, A5,)
Manes - Under Ein Blodraud Maane (CD, Album, RE, Ltd, A5 )
Manes - Teeth, Toes And Other Trinkets (CD, Comp)
Mastiphal - Damnatio Memoriae (CD, Enh + CD + Comp)
Matutina - Ille Cedens (CD, Album, Enh)
May Result - Svetogrđe (CD, Album, Ltd + CDr, Enh, Ltd)
Mayhemic Truth - In Memoriam (CD, Comp)
Mefitic - Woes Of Mortal Devotion (CD, Album)
Melancholy Cry - Lacryma Christi (CD, Album)
Melankoli - Wind (CD, Album)
Memorium - Memorium (CD, EP)
Mid Autumn Nights - And I Entitled It: "A Dirge..." (CD, Album)
Mirrorthrone - Gangrene (CD, Album)
Misery Index - Traitors (CD, Album) 1
Monte Penumbra - The Black Realm Vigil (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Dig)
Monte Penumbra - Heirloom Of Sullen Fall (CD, Album)
Monumentum - Metastasi (CD, Comp)
Moon - The Nine Gates (CD, Album)
The Moon And The Nightspirit - Ősforrás (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
The Moon And The Nightspirit - Regő Rejtem (CD, Album, Dig)
Moonsorrow - Jumalten Aika (CD, Album)
Moonspell - Wolfheart (2xCD, Album, RE, RM)
The Morningside - TreeLogia (The Album As It Is Not) (CD, Single, Ltd)
The Morningside - Moving Crosscurrent Of Time (CD, Album)
Morok - Fiery Dances Of Dying (CD, Album)
Morowe - Piekło.Labirynty.Diabły (CD, Album, RE)
Mortiis - The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost (CD, Ltd, RE, RP, Pur)
Mortiis - Keiser Av En Dimensjon Ukjent (CD, Album, RP)
Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation (CD, Album)
Munruthel - Эпоха Водолея (CD, Album, RE)
My Dying Bride - Turn Loose The Swans (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, RM, Dig)
My Insanity - Scattered Soul Puzzle (CD, Album)
My Insanity - Solar Child (CD, Album)
Mysterium - The Glowering Facades Of Night (CD)
Mystic Circle - The Great Beast (CD, Album)
Mystic Forest - In The End... (CD, Album)
Mystic Forest - Romances (CD, Album)
Månegarm - Havets Vargar (CD, Album)
Mörk Gryning - Tusen År Har Gått (CD, Album, RE, Dig)
Mörker - Höstmakter (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Nachtmystium - Assassins - Black Meddle Part 1 (CD, Album)
Nagelfar - Hünengrab Im Herbst (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Nasheim - Evighet/Undergång (CD, Comp)
Nattvindens Gråt - Chaos Without Theory (CD, Album)
Necromicon - Sightveiler (CD, Album)
Nefarious - The Universal Wrath (CD, Album)
Negură Bunget - Zîrnindu-să (CD, Album, RE)
Negură Bunget - Măiastru Sfetnic (CD, Album, Ltd)
Nerthus - Escape From Suction (CD, Album, Ltd)
Neun Welten - Valg (CD, EP)
Nhor - Towards A Light That Dwells Within The Trees (CD, Album + 3xCD, Album, RE + Box, Art + Ltd)
Nhor - Momenta Quintae Essentiae (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
No Dawn - Dark Aura (CD, Album)
Nocte Obducta - Mogontiacum (Nachdem Die Nacht Herabgesunken...) (CD, Album)
Nocte Obducta - Umbriel (Das Schweigen Zwischen Den Sternen) (CD, Album)
Nocte Obducta - Galgendämmerung - Von Nebel, Blut Und Totgeburten (CD, Album, RE, Ltd)
Nocte Obducta - Sequenzen Einer Wanderung (CD, Album)
Nocte Obducta - Verderbnis - Der Schnitter Kratzt An Jeder Tür (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Nocte Obducta - Stille - Das Nagende Schweigen (CD, MiniAlbum)
Nocte Obducta - Aschefrühling (CD, Single, Ltd)
Nocternity - Onyx (CD, Album)
Noctes - Vexilla Regis Prodeunt Inferni (CD, Album, Dig)
Nokturnal Mortum - 22 Years Among The Sheep (5xCD, Comp, Ltd)
Nokturnal Mortum - Weltanschauung (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Nomad - Tetramorph (CD, EP, Dig)
Non Serviam - Between Light And Darkness (CD, Album)
Novembers Doom - The Pale Haunt Departure (CD, Album)
Nox Mortis - Im Schatten Des Hasses (CD, Album)
Nucleus Torn - Nihil (CD, Album)
October Falls - Marras (CD, Album)
Officium Triste - Ne Vivam (CD, Album)
Old Corpse Road - Tis Witching Hour...As Spectres We Haunt This Kingdom (CD)
Old Corpse Road - Of Campfires and Evening Mists (CD, Album)
Old Corpse Road / The Meads Of Asphodel - The Bones Of This Land Are Not Speechless / English Black Punk Metal (CD, Album)
Old Forest - Tales Of The Sussex Weald (CD, Album)
Old Forest - Into The Old Forest (CD, Album, RE, Dig)
Old Man's Child - Revelation 666 (The Curse Of Damnation) (CD, Album, Dig)
Old Man's Child - In The Shades Of Life (CD, EP)
Old Man's Child - In Defiance Of Existence (CD, Album)
Old Man's Child - Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion (CD, Album)
On Thorns I Lay - Eternal Silence (CD, Album, Enh)
On Thorns I Lay - Orama (CD, Album, Dig)
On Thorns I Lay - Crystal Tears (CD, Album, Dig)
Onirik - Casket Dream Veneration (CD, Album)
Opeth - Damnation (CD, Album)
Opeth - Blackwater Park (CD, Album)
Ordo Draconis - In Speculis Noctis (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Num)
Ordo Draconis - The Wing & The Burden (CD, Album)
Orenda - Only Death Lives Here (CD, Album) promo cut from the right corner
Orkrist - Reginae Mysterium (CD, Album)
Orkrist - Grond (CD, Album, Sli)
Ormgård - Ormblot (CD, Ltd)
Orth - Feed The Flames (CD)
Pandemonium (5) - The Ancient Catatonia (CD, Album, Num, RE)
Pandemonium (5) - Misanthropy (CD, Album)
Paragon Of Beauty - The Spring (CD, Album)
Paul Chain / Johar - Paul Chain / Johar Split (CD, Comp)
Pest - Dauðafærð (CD, MiniAlbum)
Posthum - .Posthum (CD, Album)
Power Symphony - Evillot (CD, Album)
Power Trip (3) - Manifest Decimation (CD, Album)
Profanum - Musaeum Esotericum (CD, Album)
Profanum - Profanum Aeternum: Eminence Of Satanic Imperial Art (CD, Album)
Profanum - Misantropiae Floris (CD, Comp)
Profanum - Flowers Of Our Black Misanthropy (CD, Album)
Promethean - Somber Regards (CD, Album)
Pyogenesis - Love Nation Sugarhead-EP (CD, EP)
Raate - Menetyksen Tie (CD, Album)
Ragnarok - Arising Realm (CD, Album)
Razed In Black - Overflow (CD, EP)
Reusmarkt - Эхо (Echo) (CD, Album, Ltd)
Rhymes Of Destruction - Requiem / In Remembrance Of Your Gods... (CD, Album)
Bosse* - Visions Of The End (CD, MiniAlbum)
Romuvos - Romuvan Dainas (CD, Album)
Romuvos - Infront Of Destiny (CD, Album, Dig)
The Ruins Of Beverast - Rain Upon The Impure (CD, Album, RE)
S.C.A.L.P. - Чужая Война (CD, Album)
S.C.A.L.P. - Tears And Blood (CD, Album)
Sacrilegium - Sleeptime (CD, Album)
Sacrilegium - Embrace The Darkness (CD, Comp)
Sacrilegium - Wicher (CD, Album, RE, RM)
Sacrilegium / North (3) - Jesienne Szepty (The Autumn Whispers) (CD, Maxi)
Sacriversum - Beckettia (CD, Album)
Samsas Traum - Vernunft Ist Nichts, Gefühl Ist Alles (3xCD, Comp + DVD + Box, Ltd)
Samsas Traum - Wenn Schwarzer Regen (CD, Album + CD + Box, Ltd)
Samsas Traum - Anleitung Zum Totsein (CD, Album)
Samsas Traum - 13 Jahre Lang Dagegen - Anti Bis Zum Tod (CD, Album, Ltd)
Sanctus - Aeon Sky (CD, Album)
Sangdragon - Requiem For Apocalypse (CD, Album)
Sapfhier - Under Eternally Grey Skies (CD, Album)
Sapfhier - Trollskogen (CD, Album, RM)
Sargeist - Satanic Black Devotion (CD, Ltd, A5 )
Satanic Warmaster - Carelian Satanist Madness (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Saturnus - Saturn In Ascension (CD, Album, RP)
Satyricon - Live At The Opera (DVD-V + 2xCD + Ltd, Dig)
Scanner - Scantropolis (CD, Album)
Schattenthron - Der Alte Thron, Siechend Im Schatten (CD, Album)
Sculpture - Like A Dead Flower (CD, MiniAlbum)
Sear Bliss - Forsaken Symphony (CD, Album)
The Second Sight - Tomorrow (CD, Maxi)
The Second Sight - Look Down On Me (2xCD, Album)
The Second Sight - Everything Is Broken (CD, Album)
The Second Sight - From The Dark Into The Sun (CD, Album)
Selvans - Lupercalia (CD, Album, RP)
Shining - III - Angst - Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (CD, Album)
Shining - I - Within Deep Dark Chambers (CD, Album) no back cover
Shroud Of The Heretic - Unorthodox Equilibrium (CD, Album)
Sick - Satanism Sickness Solitude (CD, Album)
Siechtum - Gesellschaft:Mord (CD, Album)
Silent Scythe - Suffer In Silence (CD, Album)
Silke Bischoff - Northern Lights (CD, Album, RP)
Skogen - I Döden (CD, Album)
Skogyr - Rainchants (CD, Album, Enh)
Slumber - Fallout (CD, Album)
Solefald - Neonism (CD, Album, O'B)
Sorgeldom - ...From Outer Intelligences (CD, Album)
Sort Vokter - Folkloric Necro Metal (CD, RE, Album, Dig)
Spire - Spire (CD, EP, Ltd)
Spirit Descent - Doominion (CD, Album)
Stryvigor - Забуте Вiками (Forgotten By Ages) (CD, Album)
Stryvigor - До Прірви Холоду (Into The Abyss Of Cold) (CD, EP)
Subreality - Endless Horizons (CD, EP, Ltd)
Suffering Souls - Cries Of Silence (CD, MiniAlbum)
Suffocation - The Best Of Suffocation (CD, Comp)
Svartblodgard - Nedenfor (CD, MiniAlbum, Ltd, Num)
Sylvaine - Wistful (CD, Album, Dig)
Taarenes Vaar - Demo Sessions 1996-1998 (CD, Comp, Dlx, Ltd, Dig)
Taatsi - Amidst The Trees (CD, Album)
Tears Of Mankind - Silent Veil Of My Doom (CD, Album)
Tears Of Mankind - Memoria (CD, Album)
Temnozor'* - Folkstorm Of The Azure Nights (CD, Album)
Tenhi - Hallavedet (CD, Single)
Themgoroth - Highway Into The Unknown (CD, Album)
Themgoroth - Gate To The Unknown (CD, Album)
Theosophy - Eastland Tales - Part I (CD, Album)
Therion - Lepaca Kliffoth (CD, Album, Dig)
Thulcandra - Ascension Lost (CD, Album, Ltd, Dig)
Thy Catafalque - Sgùrr (CD, Album, Ltd, Num, Med)
Thy Serpent - Christcrusher (CD, Album)
Thy Serpent - Death (CD, Album)
Thy Winter Kingdom / Permixtio - Thy Winter Kingdom / Permixtio (CD)
Thy Worshiper - Popiół (Introibo Ad Altare Dei) (CD, Album)
Thy Worshiper - Winter Dream / Tym z Krainy Cieni (CD, Comp)
Thyrfing - Thyrfing (CD, Album, RE)
Trancelike Void - Where The Trees Can Make It Rain (CD, MiniAlbum)
Triptykon - Shatter (CD, EP)
Triptykon - Melana Chasmata (CD, Album)
Trist - Willenskraft (CD)
Tulus - Evil 1999 (CD, Album)
Tulus - Biography Obscene (CD, Album)
Tulus - Pure Black Energy (CD, Album, RP)
Twin Obscenity - Where Light Touches None (CD, Album)
Ugluk - Hveralundr (CD, Album, A5)
Ulfsdalir - ...Auf Einer Wanderung (CD, EP, Ltd)
Ulver - Svidd Neger (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD, Album)
Umbra Et Imago - Memento Mori (CD, Album)
Umbra Et Imago - Davon Geht Die Welt Nicht Unter (CD, EP)
Umbra Et Imago - Die Unsterblichen (CD, Album + CD)
Umbra Et Imago - Opus Magnus (CD, Album, Dig)
Umbra Et Imago - The Hard Years (CD, Album)
Umbra Et Imago - Mystica Sexualis (CD, Album)
Umbra Et Imago - Dunkle Energie (CD, Album)
Umbra Et Imago - Gott Will Es (CD, EP, Enh, Dig)
The Unchaining - Ruins at Dusk (CD, Album)
Vargavinter - Frostfödd (CD, Album)
Various - Forseti Lebt (CD, Comp, Ltd)
Various - Aural Conception (2xCD, Comp)
Various - Visions - A Tribute To Burzum (2xCD, Comp)
Various - Åsgårdreien Vol. #1 (CD, Comp)
Various - Gothic Compilation Part XII (CD, Comp)
Various - Ván Compilation 2013 (CD, Comp)
Various - Legend And Lore - Dark Folklore And European Myths (CD, Comp)
Various - Oskorei Magazine Compilation CD #2 (CD + , Comp)
Various - Talvisota - Finnish Dark / Black Metal Compilation (CD, Comp)
Various - As We Die For...Paradise Lost (CD, Comp, Dig)
Various - Hex Files - The Goth Bible Vol. 2 (2xCD, Comp)
Ved Buens Ende - Those Who Caress The Pale (CD, Comp, Ltd, A5,)
Veil - Dolor (CD, Album)
Veil - Sombre (CD, Album)
Veles - The Black Ravens Flew Again (CD, Album, Ltd, RE, A5-)
Velvet Thorns - Where Demons Rise (CD)
Vemod - Venter På Stormene (CD)
Vendemmian - Transition (CD, Album)
Venedae - Dekada Słowiańskiej Supremacji 1993-2003 (CD, Album)
Vindsval - Imperium Grotesque (CD, Album, RE)
Vinterriket - Zwischen Den Jahren (CD, EP, Ltd, Num)
Vintersorg - Ödemarkens Son (CD, Album)
Violation - Moonlight's Child (CD, Album)
Vordven - Towards The Frozen Stream (CD, Album)
Vulpecula - Fons Immortalis (CD, EP)
Vàli - Forlatt (CD, Album, RE)
Vàli - Skogslandskap (CD, Album)
Wallachia - Shunya (CD, Album)
Wallachia - Ceremony Of Ascension (CD, Album)
Wanderer / Wintermoon - Wanderer / Wintermoon (CD, Comp)
The Wanderer... - Aura Nocturnal & Mysterium (CD, Comp, Dig)
Warnungstraum - Mirror Waters (CD, Album)
Warnungstraum - Eripe Ferrum (CD, Album)
Wasara - Hehku (CD)
Wasara - Kaiken Kauniin Loppu (CD, Album)
Wedard - Wo Die Ewigkeit Die Zeit Berührt (CD, Album)
Werewolf - The Order Of Vril (CD, Album)
Winds Of Sirius - Beyond All Temples And Myths (CD, Album)
Witcher - Csendes Domb (CD, Album, Ltd)
Woodlawn - Save My Soul (CD, Album)
Woodtemple - Sorrow Of The Wind (CD, Album, Ltd, A5 )
Wyrd - Vargtimmen Pt.1 (CD, Album, RE)
Yendri - Broken World (CD, Album, Enh)
Your Shapeless Beauty - Terrorisme Spirituel Insoumission Complete
Zargof - Departure For The Cosmic Twilight (CD, EP)
Zgard - Totem (CD, Album)
ZINVMM* - Beltaine (CD, Album, Dlx, Ltd, Num, S/Edition, Dig)
Янтарные Слезы - Откровение Отречённых (CD, Album)
Янтарные Слезы - Ключ К Декабрю (CD, Album)
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