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Drowning the Light - "A Pact with Madness" LP
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 31, 2009 11:47 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

willtopower wrote:
cannibal_riot wrote:
willtopower wrote:
da666 wrote:
Gangraen wrote:
Are you planning to make a compilation with the material of all the splits, ep's ? There are some great songs on them.

And I have to say that I donīt like the new album. It's the same to me like your ambient tapes. Not THAT bad but not really worth to me to spend so much money. So when will be the next REAL Full Length out ?

I guess we will see what happens in the future, the material from the splits with: empire of tharaphita, sargeist, lone suffer, eternum, possession ritual/nihasa - were all recorded at the same time (a few months after the blood of the ancients) and would sound quite good and fitting together, but we will see what the future holds. I would only do such a thing when all splits are totally sold out etc. So it would not be for a few years yet i think if ever.
The next "real" full length "An alignment of dead stars" will be out late this year, sept-nov. through Avantgarde Music. This album is the only material recorded this year (apart from the material i recorded while in Finland and an ambient demo).
We wrote this album between Jan - April this year, and recorded it in April. It is around 70 mins long and i think by far our strongest work to date. The first 2 tracks on the myspace page are from this album.

any news on when your split with empire of tharaphita is coming out. just listened to the sample on your myspace and I quite liked it

You can pre-order it from Obscure Abhorrence


oh cool, it must have just got put up then. but fuck I need to find a way to get 24 eur

Mad the special version of the split sold out already?!

if someone got an extra copy and is willing to sell it for a reasonable price let me know.
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