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Sun of the Blind \"Skullreader\" LP
Sun of the Blind "Skullreader" LP
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Sun of The Blind - Skullreader LP ( Black Vinyl )
Grösseres Bild
Atmospheric Black Metal
Essential Purification Records, 2014

Zhaaral – Vocals, All Instruments

1. Cursed Universe 10:00
2. Lord of Mind 08:16
3. Fire and Thirst 08:52
4. Ornaments 07:29
5. Vanitas 10:02

Total playing time 44:39
The riffs featured on "Skullreader" are often hypnotic in their nature, trancelike and monotonous with a raw edge. Space-synths are a prominent feature, creating psychedelic soundscapes and an otherworldly signature sound. At its most epic, Sun of the Blind sounds a lot like Blut Aus Nord,Midnight Odyssey, Darkspace but with a decidedly more melancholic tint. With the song "Ornaments" the shroud of Funeral Doom is employed to further push this bleak palette of grays, and synthesized female choirs are added into the mix.
Zhaaral is able to create emotive aural landscapes and solid melodies without losing the rawness inherent in Black Metal. Fans of Darkspace and Blut Aus Nord should be head over heels for this release, as the mid-paced psychedelic sounds makes you lose yourself in the vastness of space.


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