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Hastur \"Secta Heretic\" LP+Booklet
Hastur "Secta Heretic" LP+Booklet
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HASTUR "SECTA HEREJE" 12'' VINYL (re edition of their 1987 demo)

After being delayed for 3 months, the long awaited re edition on 12'' vinyl of this great demo is out!!!! for all the freaks to adore. Lovecraft influenced satanic metal from Lima - Peru. This jewel of the Peruvian underground sees the light of luciferian darkness now with bonus tracks as well as a really cool looking Insert booklet in zine form (similar to the great releases of old bands by Nuclear War Now) with tons of pictures of the band from their years of conspiracy 1984 - 1989, extended biography, flyers, lyrics, interviews, essay like introduction to the cult plus commentary words etc.

This vinyl edition contains the 1987 demo "SECTA HEREJE" in its totality plus 4 live tracks from the bands presentation at "HOLOCAUSTO METAL" from July of 1988. also this vinyl presents 2 tracks from HASTUR rehearsal tape from 1984-85 "TEN TON OF NOISE" (see picture 2) that originally contained 5 tracks of pure mayhemic noise. In addition to all that sonic blasphemy on black wax the Insert Zine features the original covers for both tapes, the 1987 "SECTA HEREJE" as well as the 1984-85 rehearsal "TEN TON OF NOISE" Both covers were drawn by HASTUR guitar player Martin Morales.

HASTUR'S lyrical approach was undoubtedly satanic tinted with Lovecraftian tales of horror and desperation. The music itself is a very rare (to south American standards) combination of death thrash with doom metal very much influenced by bands like Hellhammer / Celtic Frost, Slayer, Mortuary Drape, Mercyful fate , Exorcist and other bands that transcended the borders of genres into a sonic wall of dark and blasphemous sound that was as evil as strange especially from a part of the world where metal heads were only used to the Brazilian sounds of bands like Sarcofago or Sepultura. 3 fast tracks plus 3 slow tracks featuring one of the best tracks ever written in the genre called "RITOS DE INCIACION" a monolithic song of approximately 9 minutes so slow and dark that will cause you to have nightmares after your first exposure to it. HASTUR wanted to break those molds of conformism and traveled into the weird and unique world of their own where Satan was the solely absolute king and master, and where nothing that arrived there was ever seen again by mortals. HASTUR'S music remains a staple of the Peruvian underground, unique, satanic and glorious, these servants of evil are once again summoned to bear witness to this glorious release and announce that to stand against evil means you stand alone.

check out 2 tracks from their 1987 demo

1. fast track "MONJA SATANICA"


2. Slow track "SECTA HEREJE"



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