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Black Crucifixion \"Satanic Zeitgeist\" LP (Beherit)
Black Crucifixion "Satanic Zeitgeist" LP (Beherit)
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Live recording from the early 90's when they were still black metal.

''A long time ago, before no-one was wacky enough to burn down churches or kill anyone, Death Metal ruled the underground scene & Black Metal was something really obscure. In these circumstances, BLACK CRUCIFIXION was conceived in the year 1991. In fact the pioneering band in the realm of Dark Music, BEHERIT, was certainly not the most insignificant factor in the conception of BLACK CRUCIFIXION; Sodomatic Slaughter was one of the founding members of BEHERIT, & Holocausto Vengeance, who can also be heard on this demo ('Intro' & 'Outro' by Holocausto), was the brains behind BEHERIT. At that time, we were excited teenagers, as was almost every guy on the scene back then-- as you might guess, this means that the music on this album was written & recorded with a very serious frame of mind.
''Back in the early 1990's, we were living in the Arctic Circle where in the winter the temperature may drop under -50 Celsius & there's only a few hours of daylight. Of course, these natural conditions are reflected in the gloominess & coldness of BLACK CRUCIFIXION's music! In all it authenticity ('True Black Metal' as our flyers manifested), the music of BLACK CRUCIFIXION is something that had to evolve... '' --Fornicator, December 1999

Sodomatic Slaughter - Drums
Holocausto Vengeance - Intro & Outro
Fornicator - Whispers, Bass, Guitar, Sound Effects
Blacksoul - Guitar, Bass, Keyboards


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