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Angst Skvadron \"Flukt\" LP (Kvist, Urgehal)
Angst Skvadron "Flukt" LP (Kvist, Urgehal)
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Angst Skvadron is the brainchild of Norwegian musician T. Nefas, known for his work in Urgehal, Kvist, In Lingua Mortua, Vulture Lord and Beastcraft, among others. ---- The "solo" album of T.Nefas (Urgehal/Beastcraft) brings you a eerie mix of 70`s prog rock/metal blended with early 90`s black metal. These 8 tracks is the true sound of disharmony, misantrophy, melancoly and insanity. Angst Skvadron plays depressive, psychedelic, alien death metal. Or "what ever the hell you like to call it music"!!! This album will fuck you up one way or another....Now available on vinyl with 1 bonustrack !!.Lim. 500 1. U.F.O. (Intro) 2. Silent Light, Alien Night 3. A Song to the Sky 4. Negativitetens Kveletak 5. The Astroid Haemorhoids and the Drunken Sailor 6. Slaves of Mental Distortion 7. Beyond Andromeda 8. Satan (Outro) 9. The Boats (LP Bonus)


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