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Pagan \"(to) the Black Star\" CD
Pagan "(to) the Black Star" CD
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WW 12 PAGAN "(to) the Black Star" CD (2012)
8 tracks with the new sound and evil atmosphere.
The most extreme black metal and most original material ever, far away from the cloned tendencies. Primitive and sick guitar riffs. For those who worship underground black evil metal.
Mixed and mastered by A. P. at Tuianti Studio (the Netherlands).
8-page b/w booklet with ascetic design.
"The sword from the side of nonexistense...."
1. (to) the Black Star
2. Rectilinear Geometry
3. Illusion of Creation
4. Angel
5. Insight
6. Tenet
7. The Gate of Transcendentality
8. Black Raw Magic


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