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Angst Skvadron \"Sweet Poison\" LP (Kvist, Urgehal)
Angst Skvadron "Sweet Poison" LP (Kvist, Urgehal)
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Angst Skvadron is the brainchild of Norwegian musician T. Nefas, known for his work in Urgehal, Kvist, In Lingua Mortua, Vulture Lord and Beastcraft, among others. ---- New album of T. Nefas (Urgehal, Beastcraft, Kvist,...) & co. Mature, melancholic full of negative emotion soundscapes. Best album to the date. It won't let down even the sophisticated fans of Arcturus or Ulver!Lim. 500 1. Valium Holocaust 2. Aerophobia 3. Posttraumatic Stress Syndrome 4. Dolcontine Blues 5. Fucking Karma 6. The U.F.O. is Leaving 7. Rivotril Matja 8. We Miss Them 9. The Eyes Among Stars 10. Sweet Poison


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