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Pustulation/Ligfærd \"Into the Abyss\"/\"Af Råddent...\" Split LP
Pustulation/Ligfærd "Into the Abyss"/"Af Råddent..." Split LP
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Pustulation/Ligfærd "Into the Abyss"/"Af Råddent Blod og Ilde Mod" LP The LP is limited to 500 copies on black vinyl with gatefold cover. Pustulation plays ritualistic death metal from deep within the grave. This conjures up images of Beherit and Necros Christos. Ligfærd delivers 4 tracks of haunting black metal, an eerie haunting atmosphere mixed with the fury of hell. Tracklist: Side Pustulation 1. Intro 2. Into The Abyss 3. The Ritual Has Begun 4. Nyarlathotep 5. He Who's Not To Named Side Ligfærd 1. De Hedenfarnes Hævn 2. Mod Afgrundens Dyb 3. I Tredje Time (Døden At Finde) 4. Ved Galgebakkens Fod


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