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Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.) “Oppressive Liberation Spirit Volume 1″ Art Book Back In Stock

Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.) “Oppressive Liberation Spirit Volume 1″ Art Book Beast Arts Full color book of Sakevi Yokoyama art. Notorious singer and visionary of G.I.S.M. band. The book includes all ...


Tudor “Spalovna” 7″ Repress Out Now

Tudor “Spalovna” 7″ ANTI-GOTH 027 Ultra Black Metal by Tudor Limited to 300 copies on black red splatter vinyl. Review of the original “Ultra Black Metal” Double LP + “Spalovna” ...

OhuraMazdo_web 500

Ohura-Mazdo “The Incarnation of Sathanas” MLP Coming Soon

Ohura-Mazdo “The Incarnation of Sathanas” MLP ANTI-GOTH 527 The Incarnation of Sathanas by Ohura-Mazdo Cult Japanese black doom metal demo from 1992 reissued for the first time on vinyl. Limited ...


StarGazer “Psychic Secretions” LP/CD/MC/Digital Coming Soon

StarGazer “Psychic Secretions” LP/CD/MC/Digital ANTI-GOTH 539 Psychic Secretions by StarGazer 4th studio album of mystical death metal. Artwork by Zbigniew. Sample track coming soon. ETA: Feb. 2021


Trifixion (Venezuela) Demo LPs Coming Soon

Trifixion (Venezuela) “Crucificados” LP ANTI-GOTH 496 Crucificados by Trifixion Trifixion (Venezuela) “Demo 1996″ LP ANTI-GOTH 504 Demo 1996 by Trifixion Forgotten gems of Venezuelan deathcore in the old tradition of ...


Xantotol “Thus Spake Zaratustra” LP Coming Soon

Xantotol “Thus Spake Zaratustra” LP ANTI-GOTH 533 Thus Spake Zaratustra by Xantotol (Description by J. Campbell) While their output was limited to just two demos and a single album, Xantotol ...


Blasfemia “Guerra Total” LP Coming Soon

Blasfemia “Guerra Total” LP ANTI-GOTH 532 Guerra Total by Blasfemia NWN is extremely honored to be working with an Ultra Metal Legend, Blasfemia, on their 80′s discography release. This LP ...


Dark Opera LPs Coming Soon

Dark Opera “The Day of Pariah” LP ANTI-GOTH 535 The Day of Pariah by Dark Opera Dark Opera “Calling the Legend” LP ANTI-GOTH 536 Calling the Legend by Dark Opera ...


Isengard and Sigh LPs in Stock Now

Released by Peaceville Records and Distributed by NWN! Isengard “Vårjevndøgn” LP Isengard was the solo-project initially started in 1989 by Fenriz – one the key driving forces behind Norwegian legends ...


Proclamation T-Shirts Out Now

Proclamation “Advent Of The Black Omen” TS Advent of the Black Omen by Proclamation Proclamation “Messiah Of Darkness And Impurity” TS Messiah of Darkness and Impurity by Proclamation Proclamation “Execration ...