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Nuclear Texas Now!

NWN is now fully operational in the new Austin TX location! We are working tirelessly to get the Eastern Front store ready for its grand opening on August 14th. More ...


Mystifier “Aleister Crowley” LP/CD Out Now

Mystifier “Aleister Crowley” LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 547 Aleister Crowley by Mystifier Mystifier’s status as one of the most celebrated and respected black metal bands ever to have risen from the Brazilian ...


Ixtlahuac “Teyacanilitztli Nahualli” LP Out Now

Ixtlahuac “Teyacanilitztli Nahualli” LP ANTI-GOTH 560 Teyacanilitztli Nahualli by Ixtlahuac (Description by P. Lautensleger) IXTLAHUAC emerged in 2018 from San Leandro, CA and Medellin, Colombia. After two exceptionally refined demos, ...


Xibalba “Ah Dzam Poop Ek” and “Ancients” LP Out Now

Xibalba “Ah Dzam Poop Ek” Double LP ANTI-GOTH 062 The highly praised early 90′s Mexican black metal album will be available again on vinyl format with proper packaging. Included are ...


Antichrist “Sacrament of Blood” 3rd Press LP Out Now

Antichrist “Sacrament of Blood” LP ANTI-GOTH 193 Sacrament of Blood by Antichrist Limited repress of 250 copies with 3mm jacket and 12″ insert. All on red/gray vinyl. (Description by J. ...


Satanchist “Drtiči Kacířských Pohlaví” LP/MC Out Now

Satanchist “Drtiči Kacířských Pohlaví” LP/MC ANTI-GOTH 548 Drtiči kacířských pohlaví by Satanchist (Description by J. Campbell) Among the more curious entries in the annals of underground Czech black metal obscurities ...

YK 2

MPR Distributed by NWN

All future MPR releases will be exclusively distributed by NWN: Upcoming releases: Enthroned Promo 94 12″ Orkblut 7″ Crypts of Wallachia demo II Selenite Scrolls demo II Evilfeast Thy abhorrent ...


Grimm “Nordisk Vinter” MLP Out Now

Grimm “Nordisk Vinter” MLP ANTI-GOTH 530 Nordisk Vinter by Grimm The 1993 studio demo of raw, cold and obscure Norwegian Black Metal, now presented as single-sided 12″ with screen printed ...


Varathron “Walpurgisnacht” LP Repress Out Now

Varathron “Walpurgisnacht” LP ANTI-GOTH 266 Walpurgisnacht by Varathron -4th pressing of 250 copies on blue and clear splattered vinyl, with 3mm jacket, and 12″ insert. (Description by J. Campbell) Beginning ...

The Dance of Death (Danse Macabre), after Hans Holbein. The Old Woman


25% off on anything added to the shop before July 2020! Please help us reduce our inventory before the big migration to Austin Texas in about 2 weeks. IMPORTANT: WE ...