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Funeral Winds “Screaming for Resurrection” and “The Unholy Saviour” LP/MC Out Now

Funeral Winds “Screaming for Resurrection” DLP/MC ANTI-GOTH 541 Screaming for Resurrection by Funeral Winds (Description by C. Conrad) Funeral Winds formed in 1991 as a trio composed of Hellchrist Xul ...


Funeral Winds “Godslayer XUL” LP and “Koude Haat” LP in Stock Now

Released by New Era Prod and officially distributed in the USA by NWN: Funeral Winds “Godslayer XUL” LP Godslayer XUL by Funeral Winds 1998 debut album on LP. Heavy vinyl ...


Mystic Charm LPs Coming Soon

Mystic Charm “Shadows Of The Unknown” Double LP + Booklet ANTI-GOTH 577 (Description by J. Campbell) On the strength of their 1992 demo and 1993 7” EP, Dutch death doom ...


Eastern Front Records – Big Clearance Sale

The store will remain open until the move to Texas in a few months (yes EF will be re-opened in TX). Everything in the physical store will be marked down ...


Ancient Necromancy “Diabolical Forest Alchemy” LP Coming Soon

Ancient Necromancy “Diabolical Forest Alchemy” LP ANTI-GOTH 581 Demo reissued on 12″ vinyl. Raw black metal under the sign of Cultus Caliginous. ETA: Winter 2021


Abortofacient “In the Crypt of Gore” MLP Coming Soon

Abortofacient “In the Crypt of Gore” MLP ANTI-GOTH 579 Abortofacient plays disgusting underground death metal in the style of early Cenotaph, Rippikoulu and Lord of Putrefaction. 20 minutes of decrepit ...


Requiem “1985-1988″ LP Coming Soon

Requiem “1985-1988″ LP ANTI-GOTH 578 The story 1985-92 by REQUIEM Italian heavy doom horror! Originally released on tape by Minotauro Records in 1989, this LP collects the earliest studio recordings ...


New Poster Flags Out Now

StarGazer “Psychic Secretions” Poster Flag Abigail “Intercourse and Lust” Poster Flag NWN “Gunmen” Poster Flag Click here to order.

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Online NWN Wholesale Account

If you’re running a record store, label, or distro, you can now have your NWN account enabled for wholesale rates. This means that you will be able to purchase almost ...


Deviant Records Releases in Stock Now

IN STOCK NOW! Released by Deviant Records and distributed by NWN: Odal “Zornes Heimat” LP Odal “Zornes Heimat” CD Thorybos “The Foul and the Flagrant” 10″ Blood Red Fog “Thanatotic ...