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Witchcraft / Aske “Dead Christ Prayer” Split LP 2nd Press Out Now

Witchcraft / Aske “Dead Christ Prayer” Split LP ANTI-GOTH 501 Dead Christ Prayer by Witchcraft / Aske 2nd pressing to 250 copies on white vinyl with 3mm white jacket and ...


Varathron “Genesis of the Unaltered Evil” CD Out Now

Varathron “Genesis of the Unaltered Evil” CD ANTI-GOTH 204 Genesis of the Unaltered Evil by Varathron Tracks 1-2 : Demo 1 1989 Tracks 3-7 : Demo 2 1990 Tracks 8-9 ...


Mystifier “Wicca” CD Out Now

Mystifier “Wicca” CD ANTI-GOTH 543 Wicca by Mystifier Mystifier’s status as one of the most celebrated and respected black metal bands ever to have risen from the Brazilian underground is ...


Mystifier “T.E.A.R. / T.T.H.T.” CD Out Now

Mystifier “T.E.A.R. / T.T.H.T.” CD ANTI-GOTH 546 T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns) / Tormenting the Holy Trinity by Mystifier Tracks 1-3: T.E.A.R. (The Evil Ascension Returns) Tracks 4-13: Tormenting the ...


Sarcofagus “Envoy of Death” LP Coming Soon

Sarcofagus “Envoy of Death” LP ANTI-GOTH 570 I am extremely excited to be working with one of the legends of Finnish metal, Sarcofagus! Anyone who has been to the NWN ...


DHL eCommerce is Available Again

International customers will now be able to use DHL eCommerce for cheaper shipping. This option is significantly cheaper than USPS International (still available). This is especially the case with small ...


Funeral Winds LPs in Stock Now

Released by New Era Prod and officially distributed in the USA by NWN: Funeral Winds “Godslayer XUL” LP Godslayer XUL by Funeral Winds 1998 debut album on LP. Heavy vinyl ...

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Online NWN Wholesale Account

If you’re running a record store, label, or distro, you can now have your NWN account enabled for wholesale rates. This means that you will be able to purchase almost ...


Nuclear Texas Now!

As some of you may already know, NWN will be relocating to Texas later this year. The exact timeline for the move has not been determined yet, but the goal ...


New Online Store Updates

The new NWN shop is now online at the same URL. UPDATE 3/21: 💥Sort by new is now the default setting in all categories. 💥GUI updated to look better. 💥Performance ...