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Departure Chandelier “Dripping Papal Blood” 10″/Fan CD Out Now

Departure Chandelier “Dripping Papal Blood” 10″/Fan CD ANTI-GOTH 528 Dripping Papal Blood by Departure Chandelier *First press of 666 copies as 10″ EP. Never to be repressed on this format ...


Necromantic Worship TS Out Now

COMING SOON! Released in conspiracy with Iron Bonehead: Necromantic Worship “Spirit of the Entrance unto Death” TS (Full color) Necromantic Worship “Necromancer” TS (2 color) Discharge and aqueous ink printing ...


Necromantic Worship “Rites of Resurrection” LP/CD/MC Out Now

Necromantic Worship “Rites of Resurrection” CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 627 Rites of Resurrection by Necromantic Worship -A compilation release consisting of both demos from 2015 and 2016. -160 gram vinyl with Gatefold ...



NWN Fest Volume VI was a total success! This ambitious project started as just an idea between myself and @bornforburningla late last year. It was a lot of work but ...


Poisoned Blood “Sign of Final Massacre” LP Coming Soon

COMING SOON! Poisoned Blood “Sign of Final Massacre” LP ANTI-GOTH 660 Sign of Final Massacre by Poisoned Blood Poisoned Blood is a new band helmed by Abigail mastermind Yasuyuki. Containing ...


Imprecation “Theurgia Goetia Summa” LP/CD/MC Coming Soon

COMING SOON! Imprecation “Theurgia Goetia Summa” LP/CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 663 Theurgia Goetia Summa by Imprecation It is with great pride that NWN! welcomes Imprecation into its ranks. The Texas Death Metal ...


Venusberg Cardinal “Atlas Of Dungeons” LP/CD Coming Soon

COMING SOON! Venusberg Cardinal “Atlas Of Dungeons ” LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 656 Atlas of Dungeons by Venusberg Cardinal Venusberg Cardinal’s Atlas of Dungeons was recorded winter 2010—the same sessions as Departure ...

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Eastern Front Records

Eastern Front Records is NWN’s physical store. We have the BEST selection of used and new black, death, thrash, heavy, doom METAL vinyl, tapes, CDs, clothing, patches, pins, zines, books ...


New Black Gangrene Titles In Stock Now

IN STOCK NOW! Released by Black Gangrene and distributed by NWN: Obskuritatem “Arogantni Nihilizam” Double LP/CD Obskuritatem is dead! Obskuritatem returns! Darkness has many shapes and one of the most ...


Vadhakarmadhikarin “Vikramana Mahamedha Sandhya” Tape EP Out Now

Vadhakarmadhikarin “Vikramana Mahamedha Sandhya” Tape EP ANTI-GOTH 637 Vikramana Mahamedha Sandhya by Vadhakarmadhikarin After slowly tuning their ancient oscillators and strategized vibratory attacks of their debut compilation entitled ‘Anvastra Svara ...