Cauchemar “Chapelle Ardente” LP Out Now

Cauchemar “Chapelle Ardente” LP ANTI-GOTH 309 Regular LP: Wholesale red LP: Die Hard clear LP: Being a musical style that enjoyed its greatest heyday and period of development in the ...


Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP Out Now

Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP ANTI-GOTH 316 Regular LP: Wholesale grey LP: Die Hard clear LP: (Description by J. Campbell) Led by Zee-Luuuvft-Huund, the alter ego ...


Howls of Ebb “Denial Rites” T Shirt Out Now

Exclusive artwork by Timo Ketola printed on Gildan brand TS with discharge ink. Available in sizes S to XXL. Click here to order.



Nearly everything in the NWN Webstore is on sale now to reduce the inventory further, and to raise more money for the warehouse move/construction projects. . Please spread the news ...


Holocausto “War Metal Massacre” LP/CD Coming Soon on NWN!

Holocausto “War Metal Massacre” LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 324 We are proud to announce the signing of Holocausto, the original war metal commandos from Brazil, to the ranks of the NWN regiment. ...

NWN Boot

NWN Patches: 4 New Designs Out Now

4″ wide woven patches. NWN “Boot of Destiny” Patch NWN “Quote” Patch NWN “Hammer” Patch NWN “Rok Logo” Patch Click here to order.

NWN Bunker

NWN Warehouse Update!

To NWN customers and supporters: As recently reported, NWN has secured its long-term, future location in East Oakland. This 14,000 sq. ft. (1300 sq. meters) warehouse will include approximately 6000 ...

Ulver Bergtatt LP

Ulver – First 3 LPs Back In Stock Now

Back In Stock Now! Ulver “Bergtatt – Et Eeventyr I 5 Capitler” Black Vinyl LP Ulver “Kveldssanger” Black Vinyl LP (Gatefold Black LP + Booklet) Ulver “Kveldssanger” Lilac Vinyl LP ...


Xibalba “Ah Tza” 7″ Out Now

Xibalba “Ah Tza” 7″ ANTI-GOTH 304 Regular version 7″: Die Hard version 7″: (Description by C. Conrad) In the modern world of black metal, where countless bands seem to arise ...

Revenge icon

Revenge “Behold.Total.Rejection” LP NWN Edition Coming Soon

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