Beherit “The Oath of Black Blood” LP/CD/MC + Merch Coming Soon

Beherit “The Oath of Black Blood” LP/CD/MC/Digital ANTI-GOTH 500 Through the years, NWN! has had the honor of releasing some of the most significant works in the canon of Bestial ...


Proclamation Reissues Coming Soon

Nuclear War Now!/Ross Bay Cult is proud to announce the reissues of all four Proclamation albums on all formats! Proclamation “Advent Of The Black Omen” LP/CD/MC ANTI-GOTH 50 / COMMAND ...

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Never Surrender Fest Vol. III Postponed Until Nov. 2021

It is our extreme disappointment to write in order to announce that the Never Surrender Fest originally scheduled for November 2020 in Berlin has been postponed until November 2021. The ...


NWN “Keep Distance” LS and “Gasmask” Bandanna Out Now

NWN “Keep Distance” LS NWN PSA design for the viral era. Discharge ink on gildan brand LS. Available in sizes Small to XXL. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA. ...


Blasphamagoatachrist “Bastardizing the Purity” LP Out Now

Blasphamagoatachrist “Bastardizing the Purity” LP ANTI-GOTH 485 Bastardizing the Purity by Blasphamagoatachrist (Description by C. Conrad) In 2018, Blasphamagoatachrist was first summoned by the gods of war to continue the ...


Antichrist “Sacrament of Blood” LP Out Now

Antichrist “Sacrament of Blood” LP ANTI-GOTH 193 Sacrament of Blood by Antichrist Limited repress of 250 copies with 3mm jacket and 12″ insert. All on black vinyl. (Description by J. ...


Lucifer’s Hammer “The Burning Church” LP Coming Soon

Lucifer’s Hammer “The Burning Church” LP ANTI-GOTH 509 Lucifer’s Hammer was a US black death metal band, active from 1986 until 2004. Part of the Michigan metal underground, they shared ...


Lurker of Chalice Tapes Out Now

Lurker of Chalice “Lurker of Chalice” MC ANTI-GOTH 380 Lurker of Chalice by Lurker of Chalice (Description by J. Campbell) Like Leviathan, Lurker of Chalice is a project conceived of ...


Detonator “Demo 1990″ LP Coming Soon

Detonator “Demo 1990″ LP ANTI-GOTH 508 Demo 1990 by Detonator From the town of Mezőkövesd, Hungary, arose Detonator. Spawned from the same black blood as Tormentor and Angel Reaper in ...


Agathocles “If This is Gore What’s Meat Then?” LS Out Now

Discharge white ink on Gildan brand TS. Available in sizes Small to XXL. Printed by Inferno Screen Printing from NOLA. Click here to order.