Demoncy faustian dawn LP cover

Demoncy “Faustian Dawn” LP/CD Coming Soon

DEMONCY “Faustian Dawn” LP/CD Coming Soon on NWN! ANTI-GOTH 327 Along with such masters as Profanatica, GBK, Von, and Black Funeral, Demoncy helped introduce Black Metal into the U.S. scene. ...

Black Witchery evil shall LP cover

Black Witchery “Evil Shall Prevail” DLP/CD Coming Soon

Black Witchery “Evil Shall Prevail” Double LP/CD Coming Soon on NWN! ANTI-GOTH 323 A complete collection of ancient black metal atrocities against humanity unearthed from the grave. Dark, evil and ...


Demonomancy / Witchcraft Split LP/CD Coming Soon

Coming Soon on NWN! DEMONOMANCY Archaic Remnants of the Numinous 8:40 Underground Church 4:51 WITCHCRAFT At the Diabolus Hour 4:36 Grave Immolation 3:22 Perverted Temple of Goatsodomy 5:34 CD out ...

Vice article

Interview I Did

I did this interview with my friend Yoshi for Vice Japan while I was there last winter. It’s in Japanese but you can use Google translate to get the gist ...

NWN Bunker

NWN Bunker Update!

To NWN customers and supporters: Since the last update, a couple of important milestones have been reached in progress towards NWN!’s move into its long-awaited, permanent warehouse headquarters in East ...


Perverted Ceremony “Demo 1″ Tape Out Now

Perverted Ceremony “Demo 1″ Cassette Tape ANTI-GOTH 320 (Description by C. Conrad) In 2016, it is relatively rare but refreshingly authentic to discover a band that has nurtured its craft ...


Abigail “The Final Damnation” New Album Coming Soon!

Abigail “The Final Damnation” LP/CD/Digital/TS ANTI-GOTH 326 The Japanese black metal perversors are back with their 5th studio album. This time a lot more back to the roots black metal ...


Cauchemar “Chapelle Ardente” LP and CD Out Now

Cauchemar “Chapelle Ardente” LP/CD ANTI-GOTH 309 Regular LP: Wholesale red LP: Die Hard clear LP: CD: Being a musical style that enjoyed its greatest heyday and period of development in ...


Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP Out Now

Howls of Ebb “Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows” LP ANTI-GOTH 316 Regular LP: Wholesale grey LP: Die Hard clear LP: (Description by J. Campbell) Led by Zee-Luuuvft-Huund, the alter ego ...


Howls of Ebb “Denial Rites” T Shirt Out Now

Exclusive artwork by Timo Ketola printed on Gildan brand TS with discharge ink. Available in sizes S to XXL. Click here to order.